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WA Delegate: The United Imperial Commonwealth of Aeuria (elected 234 days ago)

Founder: The Westphalian Reich of The House of Petain

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Founded 06.18.11

Welcome to Westphalia, a prosperous and peaceful region located between the rivers Rhine and Weser, where the grass is always greener and the honey ever so sweeter.

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Emperor The Westphalian Reich of The House of Petain
Regent The Free State of Catholic Prussia
Chancellor The United Imperial Commonwealth of Aeuria

The government is currently under revision. A new constitution is being worked on. In the interim, The United Imperial Commonwealth of Aeuria will serve as Chancellor.

WA Nations please endorse our delegate The United Imperial Commonwealth of Aeuria . The more endorsements the WAD gets the greater Westphalia's say in the World Assembly!

LinkRegional News: The Westphalian Diplomat (Vol. 1 Issue 1)

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Embassies: Right to Life, One big Island, Gay, The Illuminati, Deutschland, Philosophy 115, The Commonwealth of Kings, The Cannabis Alliance, and Islam.

The embassy with Right to Life is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 16 hours.

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Westphalia contains 23 nations, the 511th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Beautiful Environments in Westphalia

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Westphalia is ranked 2,211th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Socialist Federation of TekkeDemocratic Socialists“Let the victor be justice.”
2.The Caliphate of AkhbaliaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Exordium adques Exitus”
3.The United Imperial Commonwealth of AeuriaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tremunt posterum respiciam”
4.The Bundesrepublik of Nouvelle-QuebecDemocratic Socialists“Durch Fortschreiten Werden Wir Siegen”
5.The Kingdom of LavenovaDemocratic Socialists“In People of our Country we trust”
6.The People's Republic of EteamasFather Knows Best State“Vive le Consul”
7.The Disputed Territories of LexvictumDemocratic Socialists“For God, Consul, and Country!”
8.The Principality of VasphereLeft-Leaning College State“Pour la Liberté, le Royaume, et l'Empire”
9.The Kingdom of AbariltirWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Somos juntos”
10.The Archbishopric of Cologne of Jesuit PriestFather Knows Best State“Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!”
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Regional Happenings


Westphalia Regional Message Board

Alright, apologies for not posting this last night, I fell asleep. This is the final draft of the constitution:

The member states of the Empire of Westphalia, in the interest of fostering a region of equality, justice, and unparalleled freedoms, do hereby establish and abide by this Constitution.


Section 1: Freedom of Expression
All member states of the Empire are entitled to the right to free speech and liberty in matters of religion and conscience.

Section 2: Freedom of Participation

All member states of the Empire are entitled to the right to vote in public elections in accordance with such reasonable rules and regulations as the Imperial Government may establish, and they are also guaranteed freedom of association; the freedom to join or found political parties, trade alliances, religious institutions, or any similar group.

Section 3: Freedom of Travel

All member states of the Empire that are compliant with regional law are guaranteed the right to reside within the Empire as well as the right to enter and leave the Empire as they please.

Section 4: Legal Rights

All member states of the Empire are entitled to legal equality and protection from unjust discrimination. All member states of the Empire that are charged with misconduct shall have the right to due process, including a presumption of innocence and adequate legal counsel.

Section 5: Peace, Order, and Good Government

The Imperial Government shall not burden any of the rights recognized by this article except by law, and any burden must be justified by a rationale that is closely related to the preservation of peace or order in the Empire.


Section 1: Establishment of the Imperial Government

The Imperial Government shall consist of the Imperial Throne, the Imperial Chancellery, the Imperial Cabinet, and the Aulic Council.

Section 2: Imperial Throne

The Emperor shall be Michael Augustine I of the House of Petain. In the absence of His Majesty, a regent appointed by him may serve on his behalf, exercising all of his royal powers.

Section 3: Imperial Chancellery

The Chancellor is hereby charged with leading the Imperial Government as well as acting as World Assembly Delegate.
I: The position of Chancellor shall be subject to a general election once every three months or earlier if the incumbent is dismissed by the Throne.
II: The Chancellor is hereby granted unilateral legislative power.
a. Any questionable use of this power is subject to investigation by the Aulic Council.
III: The Chancellor is hereby granted veto power on legislation put forth by the Imperial Cabinet.

Section 4: Imperial Cabinet

The Imperial Cabinet is hereby granted legislative power and exercise such authority by simple majority vote.
I: The Imperial Cabinet shall consist of Imperial Ministers appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Chancellor.
II: All power invested in Imperial Ministers shall be distributed by the Chancellor.
III: No legislation passed by the Imperial Cabinet and approved by the Chancellor shall contradict this Constitution.

Section 5: Aulic Council

The Aulic Council is hereby charged to serve as the sole judicial authority of the Empire.
I: The Aulic Council shall consist of one or more judges appointed by the Throne, with the advice and consent of the Chancellor.
II: It shall be the Council’s responsibility to try all criminal and civil cases in accordance with this supreme law and all legislation constitutionally enacted under the authority of the Chancellor and/or the Imperial Cabinet.
III: A judge seated on the Council may be dismissed by the Throne at any time for any reason.


Section 1: Establishment of the Westphalian Guard
In the interest of regional security and order, the Westphalian guard is hereby established and charged with the defense of the region from threats both internal and external.
I. Such threats are defined as the following: any force which threatens regional stability, government stability, or diplomatic relations

Section 2: Establishment of the Westphalian High Command

In order to ensure efficient and effective leadership of the Westphalian Guard, the Westphalian High Command is hereby charged with the leadership and discipline of the Guard.
I. The position of Supreme Commander shall serve as commander-in-chief and will be held by the Chancellor.
II. The Imperial Minister of Defense shall be granted a seat, second only to the Chancellor, within the High Command.
III. The position of High-Commander shall serve as the Guard’s highest rank, forming the High Command.
IV. High-Commanders shall be appointed by either the Crown or the Chancellor from a pool of elected and appointed Generals.

. . .

Once this has the thumbs-up from Mike, which I'm sure it will, we will move on to formally establish the government. If anybody has questions or concerns, now is the time to speak your mind!

Sounds good to me.


Post by Culture of Life suppressed by Aeuria.

In memoriam. More than 50 million American children have been killed by their parents and doctors -- denied their opportunities to make friends, receive educations, have careers, meet spouses, and start families of their own -- since the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade on this day in 1973.

Wednesday is the anniversary of the Canadian Supreme Court tragedy R v Morgentaler [1988].

Looks fantastic! :)

Member states of Westphalia, it is my distinct honor to announce the formal founding of the revived Westphalian Empire!

As incumbent WA Delegate, I will now officially assume the position of Chancellor. Over the next few days, I will be appointing member states, who are interested, to the Imperial Cabinet and the Westphalian High Command. In addition, His Majesty will be appointing at least 1 judge to sit on the Aulic Council, depending on the number of member states interested.

Should you desire to serve in the ranks of the government or military, don't hesitate to telegram me or, in the case that you wish to be a member of the Aulic Council, the Emperor. Considering the low population of Westphalia at the moment, your chances of being selected to serve are high.

That's all for now, welcome to the new world ladies and gentlemen! I look forward to serving with you and taking part in future RPs!

I protest the closing of the Right to Life embassy.

The Free State of Catholic Prussia wrote:I protest the closing of the Right to Life embassy.

I advocate it: They posted propaganda on our RMB, they pay the price for it.

Your protest is noted. Nonetheless, the embassy will be withdrawn.

I'll make it no secret I disagree with their position on abortion, however that is not why I am closing our embassy. For one reason, as has been pointed out, they posted propaganda. Secondly, and the main reason, abortion is a highly controversial topic and I wish to remain politically neutral on the subject as a region.

Half of our embassies are with political regions.

But none as controversial as abortion. I simply don't want the government to take a stance on the subject. I would establish an embassy with a pro-choice region but again, I want neutrality on the subject.

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