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WA Delegate: The Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss (elected 2 years 22 days ago)

Founder: The Caldan Union of The Resurgent Dream

World Factbook Entry

The Western Atlantic is a region comprising the continents of Ambara and Vasconia as well as a number of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. To her east lie the ruins of the the Holy Western Confederation and the states that were borne from her, neighbouring the oriental nations of the land that Westerners have come to call Transmontana.

While there is some fantasy stuff here, this is primarily a region for those interested in (post) modern tech, relatively realistic type role-plays, both diplomatic and character based.

NSwiki: LinkWestern Atlantic.

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Regional News Thread: The Western Wire

Embassies: Antarctic Oasis, The Federated Klatchian Coast, Tarathia, Tyrrhenia, Monkey Island, and Mystria.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Western Atlantic contains 12 nations, the 1,020th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in Western Atlantic

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, Western Atlantic is ranked 12,470th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of New ChalcedonScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Nihil est simplex benedictionem”
2.The Federation of Southern Low CountriesWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Liberté”
3.The Dutch Democratic Republic of KnootossWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Libertate Unanimus”
4.The States-Federation of SnefaldiaWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Reviving the Nation”
5.The Republic of South EpheronFather Knows Best State“Nulli Expugnabilis Hosti”
6.The Kingdom of BraslandIron Fist Consumerists“Für Gott, König und Vaterland”
7.The Principality of Ostmark and NordmarkPsychotic Dictatorship“Sic transit gloria mundi”
8.The People's Democratic Fiefdom of Uncle NoelCompulsory Consumerist State“Unity, Justice and the Party”
9.The Holy and Most August Empire of PantocratoriaCapitalist Paradise“Pour Dieu et Son Empire”
10.The Grand Empire of AerionIron Fist Consumerists“For A New Glorious Aerion”
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Western Atlantic Regional Message Board

Did you say Kampf? I say TOTALER KRIEG!

Subtlety is overrated after all!

Finally came around to reading your thread Panto. In Pantocratoria conservative parents are sending their kids to the equivalent to Nazi training camps. Those damned fascists!

Yes except they aren't sending them for Nazi training per Se. They are sending them to abusive troubled teen boot camps like sadly exist IRL, and those camps happen to be run by Nazis and co-located with Nazi training facilities.

Pantocratoria Yes I know. Though looks like this would eventually be found out! . You are an excellent writer and should write a book. I know such places exist, but your writing really infuriates one against the perpetrators. (I hope they are not doing such a level of abuse IRL such as stool balancing and whipping if they fall off though in some nations I imagine this happens)

Yeah OK the whipping's over the top but she's half-Indian after all. :)

but they do stool balancing equivalent - rock balancing etc

I agree with Aerion, Panto. You have a great imagination. At least for me, Pantocratoria is a fascinating country and I'd love to learn more about the Imperial Court of Christ Pantocrator and the nobility in general. I think you have some fondness for social themes, so you tend to write about that.

Thanks for the kind words, both of you. I do have a fondness for social themes, although there are things I'd like to be much better at in NS RP, like war.

If either of you or any region mates wanted into Kulturkampf you are of course welcome to post whatever comes to mind.

Well, in Brasland noble families are quite conservative but not as old-fashioned as in Pantocratoria. They would never arrange marriages or send their children to fascist camps (well, a couple might, but it's not the rule).

It's probably unusual for nobles to send their daughters to fascist camps, but when they do, they send them under a false name, just like school.

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