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The Western Atlantic is a region comprising the continents of Ambara and Vasconia as well as a number of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. To her east lie the ruins of the the Holy Western Confederation and the states that were borne from her, neighbouring the oriental nations of the land that Westerners have come to call Transmontana.

While there is some fantasy stuff here, this is primarily a region for those interested in (post) modern tech, relatively realistic type role-plays, both diplomatic and character based.

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Regional News Thread: The Western Wire

Embassies: Antarctic Oasis, The Federated Klatchian Coast, Tarathia, Tyrrhenia, Monkey Island, and Mystria.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Western Atlantic contains 15 nations, the 736th most in the world.


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The Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector in Western Atlantic

As a region, Western Atlantic is ranked 209th in the world for Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dutch Democratic Republic of KnootossWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Libertate Unanimus”
2.The Empire of New ChalcedonScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Nihil est simplex benedictionem”
3.The Democratic Republic of DaytanistanPsychotic Dictatorship“O Glorious Daytan Motherland”
4.The Federal Republic of KatzistanzaCompulsory Consumerist State“::under construction::”
5.The Republic of AbtAnarchy“Help of God, Love of People, Strength of Abt.”
6.The Protectorate of Knootian ColombiaCompulsory Consumerist State“Libertad y Orden”
7.The States-Federation of SnefaldiaWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Reviving the Nation”
8.The Republic of South EpheronFather Knows Best State“Nulli Expugnabilis Hosti”
9.The Kingdom of BraslandIron Fist Consumerists“Für Gott, König und Vaterland”
10.The Principality of Ostmark and NordmarkPsychotic Dictatorship“Sic transit gloria mundi”
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Western Atlantic Regional Message Board

TRD does not formally refuse to call the Empress of Aerion the Empress, but in all matters of precedent, she is treated as a Queen.

The Queen of the UK DOES grant a higher precedence to the Emperor of Japan.

The imperial dignity is viewed as a higher one throughout the West because of the history of the Roman Empire and its relationship, both real and ideal, with kings and queens.

Queen Victoria didn't put that much stock in the prestige attached to the Empress of India title as she gave it a lower dignity than her Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain title. India isn't a Christian empire.

I am using this Wiki.


"The Commonwealth contains republics but Elizabeth II is not Head of the Commonwealth because anyone thinks she is the Queen of all the countries in it. She is Head of the Commonwealth because she has an independent title, accepted by the Commonwealth as an organisation, making her Head of the Commonwealth."

Which is what I said. Let the Emperor of Pantocratoria be Head of whatever regional games we want to call it, if Panto is happy.

And, needless to say, precedence is in the eye of the beholder.

I was mostly joking though thanks for clarity TRD :). Precedence is indeed in the eye of the beholder. What comes to mind is the example of the Emperor of China refusing to acknowledge any foreign monarchs as equal, and requesting treatment as ruler of the world as had been his precedence in Asia. In some cases of etiquette monarchs were not in the same room together during official ceremonies.

All of this discussion on the finer points of etiquette and precedence are no fun without real role-play.

For the record from the standpoint of Aerion the Padshah Empress of Aerion is considered equal to the Pantocratorian Emperor, and others of Imperial Status. They also take the royalist view that elected heads of state are below most royalty of larger nations.

For Uncle Noel's reference, Australia always remembers the Rugby League World Cup and routinely crowns itself world champions essentially unopposed... to the extent that it seems like we forgot that there was technically a final to be played against New Zealand the next day and so the team all went and got drunk celebrating the night before only to lose what should have been a formality.

Apparently the Queen believes that the title Head of the Commonwealth is derived from her own royal authority, as the Letters Patent creating Prince Charles the Prince of Wales asserted that he and his heirs and successors would be Heads of the Commonwealth. So it appears the title proceeds by divine right presumably by the Act of Succession.

We need more real role-play, Aerion. Someone start an RP that draws in the whole region.

Must kulturkampf

I am waiting for you to post in that one.

Did you say Kampf? I say TOTALER KRIEG!

Subtlety is overrated after all!

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