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Founder: The Red Holy Catholic Division of The New Temple Knights

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Most Influential: 484th Largest Populations: 670th Best Weather: 1,278th+2
Most Beautiful Environments: 1,688th Highest Economic Output: 1,803rd
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Prelature Pope: Cardinal John Peter The Red Holy Catholic Division of The New Temple Knights
Secretary of State & Dean of the College of Cardinals: Cardinal Stoffa Erasticanius
Oberst of the VRCC: Cm. Stinkpot Turtle The VRCC Security Office of The Stinkpot Turtle
Mayor of Vatican II: Erasticanius

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Embassies: Saint Margaret Mary, Christian, Vatican, Right to Life, North Africa, The Ascendancy, Catholic, Union of Socialist Confederate Republics, Soli Deo gloria, League of Christian Nations, Bracara et Caralis, The United Kingdom of the Netherlands, Christ, and Traditional Catholic Empire.

Tags: Independent, Small, Theocratic, and Religious.

Regional Power: Moderate

Vatican II contains 8 nations, the 2,290th most in the world.

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The Longest Average Lifespans in Vatican II

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, Vatican II is ranked 2,949th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Palm Tree Paradise of The Pink FeatherInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Think Pink”
2.The Old Forest of StorkInoffensive Centrist Democracy“it is not only fine feathers that make fine birds”
3.The Red Holy Catholic Division of The New Temple KnightsIron Fist Consumerists“Deus Unus Me Iudicare Potest”
4.The Community of Catholic AmbassadorConservative Democracy“Greetings from the Region Catholic”
5.The VRCC Security Office of The Stinkpot TurtleRight-wing Utopia“Oberst of the VRCC”
6.The Kingdom of The Sands of PeaceInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Lets all go down the the sands & wish for peace”
7.The Most Serene Republic of Sancta Sedes IDemocratic Socialists“Peace and favor from God”
8.The Holy Empire of The Almighty MareInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Stupid people not allowed.”

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With only 9 nations, our regional power is "moderate." I suppose that's because we have some very old nations here with high populations. I have now passed 20 billion. So has our PP. I say that's cause for celebration. Let's drink a toast.

Here's to us!!

That's a long long time. Drinks all round! Hope you are well old friend.

I'm quite well, thanks for asking. And the celebration continues!


Post by Borat-khandistan suppressed by The New Temple Knights.


April 12, 2016

On behalf of the Otaku communities lurking beneath the premises of Alliance of Catholic Nations and all other Catholic, Orthodox, and other Christian regions on NationStates, I, Lord Theodemir IV, Lord Archmage of Dunnensleeves under Mithrandir V Lord of Erudite and Steward of The Holy Empire of Gondolor, here be given both the rights and liberties to present our complaints against all the same regions.

I. Otakus living each nation of each region, whether Catholic, Orthodox...cannot be ignorant as some of your Curia had alleged, because they have liberties and were so eager to find safer refuges in our region, Neo Otaku Utopia.

II. Otakus protested against thses regions, the nations that they reside within, and the entire regional laws, because what the Otakus protested against were the bad intentions directed against the Otakus, the prejudices against them, the confusions with the malevolent forces, their criticisms against the Otakus' laziness, the censorship of mangas, their systematic stereotypy of them, and many others.

III. Since the ACN and other regions outlaw discrimination, some of the prominent members segregated and perjured Otakus and Otakuism in the Church, they commit discrimination.

In view thereof, the petitioners habe the sole rights and liberties to request the said Curia of the Alliance of Catholic Nations to send away all the Otakus and anime fans to Neo Otaku Utopia as to do everything possible so that these ones may be able to live free and do what they will, ad majorem Dei Gloriam.

The Holy Empire of Gondolor
The Holy Empire of The Eternal Unified Seven Greater Reichs
The Holy Empire of Greater Armanalos
The Holy Empire of Great Lorielensburgia
The Holy Empire of Great Montovya
The Holy Empire of Nir-Avaraeniel-Ar-Gallanud
The Holy Empire of Lothringgalliaine
The Empire of Dunsfork
The Kingdom of Nardarnia
The Kingdom of Alseinmark
The Holy Empire of Arseingladia
The Holy Empire of Marmouirielle
The United Kingdom of Perthingensis
The Kingdom of Yerk
The Grand Duchy of Northern Yerk
The Holy Empire of Fiorence
The Most Serene Republic of Altomare-Veneziona-Gallada
The Holy Empire of Imperial Greater New America
The Holy Empire of Greater Imperial New America
The Holy Empire of Dutheretium
The Empire of Khalarshim
The Holy Empire of Archelonia
The Kingdom of Lethargion

Well, I read it 4 times and didn't understand a word of that. I was thinking today, how long has the VRCC been in existence now (obviously talking post The Great War of Rolamec)

The Red Holy Catholic Division of The New Temple Knights wrote:The map is great Namabia, something we should have had a long time ago.
Could I ask that regions 1 and 2 are allocated to two dear friends of the VRCC.
First is Julius II. For those of you who remember Julius II (I will refrain from posting his name), he was a great guy to have around, really passionate and into the game. The news of his RL death came as a massive shock to us all, and I remember reading the post from his brother with such sadness. His leadership helped build us to were we are today. Should anyone want to read the post, let me know.
Second is Mother Superior One More Night. If you remember, her brave actions helped found the region of St Margaret Mary into a VRCC region, thereby helping us to grow into the VRCC. We thank her for her actions.

Wow, some history coming flooding back here. Mother Superior One More Night. She ended the war with her brave actions in St Margaret Mary and founding it in the name of the VRCC.

I am at loss as to the above. One More Night is noted in the new StMM. But I don't know Julius II. This person died in RL? I came to the VRCC when the prelature pope was Jeremias. I remember that our current PP had changed his name because it was spelled too much like Rolamec. Remember when R. made up puppets with scrambled letters of his name? And remember when I had to give everybody a code word so I would know it was really them who TG'd me? In fact when VaticanVindicators came back briefly, the only reason why I would talk to him is because he knew the color of my sister's eyes.

So what's happening in the world? How are we all today?

Not too happy that we lost our delegate. All it takes is one click a month. Oh, well, here's hoping he comes back.

The VRCC Security Office of The Stinkpot Turtle wrote:Not too happy that we lost our delegate. All it takes is one click a month. Oh, well, here's hoping he comes back.

He's not back yet then...

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