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Embassies: Saint Margaret Mary, Christian, Vatican, Right to Life, North Africa, The Ascendancy, Catholic, Union of Socialist Confederate Republics, Soli Deo gloria, League of Christian Nations, Bracara et Caralis, The United Kingdom of the Netherlands, Procrustes, and Christ.

Tags: Independent, Small, Theocratic, and Religious.

Regional Power: Moderate

Vatican II contains 9 nations, the 1,330th most in the world.

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The Highest Police Ratios in Vatican II

Nations ranked highly have large numbers of police or other law enforcement officials compared to the number to citizens.

As a region, Vatican II is ranked 4,403rd in the world for Highest Police Ratios.

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1.The Red Holy Catholic Division of The New Temple KnightsFather Knows Best State“Deus Unus Me Iudicare Potest”
2.The Palm Tree Paradise of The Pink FeatherWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Think Pink”
3.The Old Forest of StorkInoffensive Centrist Democracy“it is not only fine feathers that make fine birds”
4.The Holy Empire of The Almighty MareInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Stupid people not allowed.”
5.The Most Serene Republic of Sancta Sedes IDemocratic Socialists“Peace and favor from God”
6.The VRCC Security Office of The Stinkpot TurtleCapitalist Paradise“Department of VRCC Homeland Security”
7.The Kingdom of The Sands of PeaceInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Lets all go down the the sands & wish for peace”
8.The Community of Catholic AmbassadorConservative Democracy“Greetings from the Region Catholic”
9.The VRCC Cardinalate of ErasticaniusWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Let us walk by the cool waters with Christ, our Lord.”

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What about you, Cardinal Stoffa? Any picks for prez yet?

O Almighty God,
Whose great power and eternal
Wisdom embraces the universe,
Watch over all policemen and
Law enforcement officers everywhere.

Protect them from harm
In the performance of their duty
To stop crime, robbery,
Riots and violence.

We pray, help them keep our streets
And homes safe, day and night.

We commend them to your loving care
Because their duty is dangerous.

Grant them strength and courage
In their daily assignments.
Dear God, protect these brave men and women.

Grant them your almighty protection,
Unite them safely with their families after
Duty has ended.

Please God, grant us this wish. Amen.

I like Bernie myself, and Carly. As long as Hilary is as far away from the white house as she can be, I'm happy.

The Stinkpot Turtle

Bernie and Carly are about as far apart politically as you can get. Bernie's a socialist. I look at all the democratic run states and cities and notice that they're all going bankrupt; seems like we could go the way of Greece if Bernie gets in.

Bernie wants to improve our infastructure and lessen the income gap. At the expense of taxes, I think these things are great!

How do you think lessening the income gap should be accomplished? If you are an educated person, have worked for that education and paid good money for it, thus have (or will get) a decent paying job for accomplishing this, should you share most of your earnings with a drug addicted high school drop out?

There was an experiment done where the company janitors were paid the same as the managers; the company failed. The managers got too laid back and stopped producing. I believe in rewarding hard work and education. I also believe that manufacturing must come back, so that those who are not college material or those who prefer not to encounter the debt to go to college can get decent jobs. Electing a socialist who believes capitalism is bad for the country will most assuredly not bring back manufacturing, nor will taxing large corporations more than the rate of other industrialized nations.

Bernie has worked tirelessly for the laborers and working class his entire career. He wants to bring back those manufacturing jobs and give people a living wage, so that they may, in turn, give back to the economy, thereby stimulating it. All of this malarkey about Bernie placing us 18 trillion dollars in the hole is folly at best and slander at worst. This website is what I used to understand his policies, and by God, I agree with much of them! :D

So does Rick Santorum want to bring back manufacturing jobs; that's why I was hoping he would have gotten the nod instead of Romney in 2012. But his idea was to drop the corporate tax rate, not to raise them on the "rich," thus stifling growth and promoting class warfare. Socialists love to promote the working class, but I doubt you can name one socialist country which has not gone or is going bankrupt, including the old USSR. And please notice that states with Republican govs are growing, while those with democratic govs are going bankrupt. And notice that every large city with years of dem leadership is nearly bankrupt. And look how DiBlasio has destroyed NYC in a very short time, after Rudy cleaned it up.

Open your eyes. Socialism never works. It's not what the founding fathers had in mind. Socialists believe the government will solve all problems and take care of all people. A noble cause, perhaps, but people need to take care of themselves. Remember your history, and what happened in Jamestown. (No one wanted to do anything, so it was put to them, "If you don't work, you don't eat." and Jamestown then flourished.)

Oh, dear Lord, I looked at that website. I beseech you to visit the webs of ALL the candidates before you decide. Just one little problem. Immigration. Democrats love this, because all the illegals from central and south America will come here, be largely uneducated, get a handout, and vote for them. And then Sanders is going to "secure the boarder" without building a fence, but is otherwise not saying how he'll do it. So was Reagan going to secure the boarder. Obviously it didn't happen. If you want our American way of life to continue, check everybody out.

Heavenly Father,
be pleased to bless and protect our Holy Father,
Pope Francis,
whom you have chosen as the successor of St. Peter
as the chief minister of unity
and charity in the Church.
Keep him safe in holiness of life
and in wise fulfillment of his awesome responsibilities.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

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