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.: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics :.
The USSR, a region founded on Dec 17, 2002, has long been in the spotlight of the world. Founded on the glorious works of Lenin and Marx, the USSR shall stay strong in its quest for glory. We have a great community, along with our activity, we promise you that you will enjoy your stay in the USSR. We welcome you to our socialist-communist ideal region and hope you become active in the community. Glory to our Soviet Union!
Map of the USSR
USSR Government
Premier of the USSR: The Socialist Republic of Soled
Commisionaire of Foreign Affairs: The People's Socialist Republic of Klotecnia
Commisionaire of Internal Affairs: The People's Federation of New Terricon

Embassies: Europe, Germany, Communist International League, Anticapitalist Alliance, Allied States of EuroIslanders, United Socialist Republics, North Africa, India, and The Communist Party of NationStates.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Communist, Industrial, Game Player, Socialist, Role Player, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Very High

USSR contains 128 nations, the 83rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Safest in USSR

The World Census ranked nations on a variety of scales to produce an indication of how safe a country is to visit.

As a region, USSR is ranked 1,027th in the world for Safest.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic People's Republic of SlavestateWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“BE VIGILANT”
2.The Federal People's Republic of LudoraWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Workers of all lands, unite!”
3.The Socialist People's Republic of CandentiaAuthoritarian Democracy“The flag once raised shall never fall!”
4.The Empire of Old-BritanniaWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.”
5.The Galactic Empire of JafflandiaIron Fist Consumerists“Do as we say, not as we do”
6.The Socialist Nation of The Commonwealth of Free PeoplesCorrupt Dictatorship“One man. One vote.”
7.The Kingdom of HackeroonyLeft-Leaning College State“De l'audace, encore de l'audace et toujours de l'audace”
8.The Soviet Socialist Republic of DudaevWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Learn from the masses, and then teach them. ”
9.The Penny Arcade Mecca of Greater CubaWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“We Don't Get Mad, We Get Stabby”
10.The Communist State of RedCommunistWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“No one can stop our mighty Soviet bureaucracies!”
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USSR Regional Message Board

Also the AK-47 was a western name. The soviet military called it the "AK" and it was adopted in 1949. The second prototype or something was in 1947. If you want me to do a comprehensive history of AK rifles I can, it's interesting.

Damn English what I said in first sentence is I don't consider all of those assualt rifles

The People's Republic of Balshvik wrote:I don't consider the AR15, M16, M4, or the AK47. I consider them as rifles or weapons if you want to be more persist about it then the AR15 is semi auto, M16, M4 are select fire and AK47 auto. Select fire means can be semi and auto

AK is select fire. AR-15 is usually semi auto only, but the M4 and M16 are basically select fire AR-15s.

The United Socialist States of Tryarnia wrote:My main weapon utilized by most of my infantry men is the AK-47. It's cheaper than a lot of other assault rifles and also very practical. My infantry men usually carry 3-4 extra clips on them. I'm debating on whether to arm them with side arms to. If I do, most likely will probably be a MP5.

we like kalaznikov too

The People's Republic of Balshvik wrote:Normally you just call them rifles or weapons. A hunting rifle as people like to call them is just a rifle. If I had a "hunting "rifle, I would call it a rifle or a weapon.

Normally I call hunting rifles rifles or hunting rifles, and rifles used to shoot people in war I call them assault rifles. I understand you calling them all rifles, but I don't support assault rifle ownership, thus I say the difference. A wooden rifle that you cock back that is intended to shoot a deer is completely different than a rifle that is metal, fully-automatic and is intended to shoot theater goers- I mean school children- I mean Muslims- I mean enemies.

I'm going to buy an AR15, an AK47, and an AK74. Does that mean I'll shoot any children with them? No. I am going use them for the shooting range, hunting, and defense. If you know how to properly use them then no one gets hurt. Now I understand that they should not ever be in the hands of certain individuals.

What the media describes as an assault rifle is different to what is an assault rifle. I mentioned what a assault rifle was earlier, the media like to say that any semi automatic rifle is a assault weapon. Anyway, gun bans will only take away guns from the working class, the bourgeoisie will still have private security equipped with them.

Gun control means two hands on the gun.

No can take my guns away. If I haven't broke a law or is deemed violent to society then why should someone have the authority to take my guns away? They can try to take them away from my cold dead fingers

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Bratislavskaya wrote:Also the AK-47 was a western name. The soviet military called it the "AK" and it was adopted in 1949. The second prototype or something was in 1947. If you want me to do a comprehensive history of AK rifles I can, it's interesting.

And of course AK stands for "Avtomat Kalashnikov"
R.I.P Mikhail Kalashnikov ;-;

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