WA Delegate (non-executive): The Stratocratic Republic of Soviet Sovereignty (elected 108 days ago)

Founder: The Communist State of RedCommunist

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.: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics :.
The USSR, a region founded on Dec 17, 2002, has long been in the spotlight of the world. We have a great community, along with our activity, we promise you that you will enjoy your stay in the USSR. We welcome you to our socialist-communist ideal region and hope you become active in the community.

News: Zombies infect the region. Last time this happened, a government was created?

Soviet Triumvirate:
Soviet Delegate: The Stratocratic Republic of Soviet Sovereignty
Soviet Premier: Empty
General Secretary of the CPSU: The Communist State of RedCommunist

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Embassies: Europe, Germany, Communist International League, Anticapitalist Alliance, Allied States of EuroIslanders, United Socialist Republics, North Africa, India, and The Communist Party of NationStates.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Communist, Industrial, Game Player, Socialist, Role Player, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Very High

USSR contains 163 nations, the 65th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry in USSR

As a region, USSR is ranked 17,103rd in the world for Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of 21st Century ChinaCorporate Police State“March of the Volunteers”
2.The People's Democratic Republic of WorkingtoniaIron Fist Consumerists“Oprenibus nostris et labore”
3.The Stratocratic Republic of Soviet SovereigntyWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Do not go gentle into that good night..”
4.The Dictatorship of ZakarovniaIron Fist Consumerists“CAPITALISTS SCHNELL SCHNELL”
5.The Dictatorship of Egyptsuez1Corporate Police State“Never give up Never surrender”
6.The Armed Revoloution of Rowan22Corporate Police State“not a step back”
7.The Unified Districts of NicrawlosisIron Fist Consumerists“Even Worms Rot”
8.The Armed Republic of Soviet KruplickistanFather Knows Best State“Forward the land of revolution, the heart of the free”
9.The Military federation of ZanzibaryaWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Asque ad finem”
10.The Dictatorship of StalinastanIron Fist Consumerists“Long live Comrade Stalin”
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This is the Black Riders' guide on raiding.



Should we have this in our Kremlinology with the caption, IN CASE OF INVASION!

The Federative State of The Russian Soviet Socialist Republics wrote:I think about with the speed were doing the region will be completely functional and on its full feet by the middle of next month or earlier depending on when on in my spot and if our Comrade Secretary General give the WAD power to edit and do things, but they way were heading this region will soon be a true democratic communist region and hopefully we can then become a leading communist/socialist superpower and we can help lead regions towards Marxism, and even though some republics in this region might not be but as Premier of USSR my policy's will be base on Marxist-Leninism but we will do with Stalin "Socialism in one Country" and first build our region then once were ready we will switch to Trotsky idea of "Exporting the Revolution" but we will in the most peaceful means as possible. And I hope you comrades support my policy's and like my ideas that have so fare united us and brought us active and organized again, and with the help of the CPSU and the Politburo and Commissars we all will soon bring the USSR back to its former hight and role of leading the Revolution in Nation States. ^_^

And again please Endorse me and good luck to the applying Canadets to the Politburo.

Just as a question haven't most communist revolutions been won by violent means?

The Military federation of Zanzibarya wrote:Just as a question haven't most communist revolutions been won by violent means?

Well yes of course almost all revolutions are deadly and violent but that's cause the proletariats have to take power and take there nation into there own hands, cause most likely the current leaders are corrupt and wouldn't not listen and give power to the people... That's one reason why its called Red Revolutions. But yes they are most the time.

Post self-deleted by Klotecnia.

The Klotecnian Communist Revolution in 1934 which ignited the Klotecnian Civil War left more than 1,000,000+ dead.

The Military federation of Zanzibarya wrote:Just as a question haven't most communist revolutions been won by violent means?

This isn't a revolution in a corrupt capitalist nation. This is a government reformation in a socialist region.

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Bratislavskaya wrote:This isn't a revolution in a corrupt capitalist nation. This is a government reformation in a socialist region.

I was reffering not to this region but to others.

without the intention of spamming, id like to invite you all to my new RP, it is a PT and Magical RP of a civil war in my country. More than just military, i'd like it to be political and commercial as well, having you the freedom of contacting any faction or "creating"a new one by reaching deals with a social group that you may ask about. I think my invitation makes sense because this is a communist region and there is a rebel communist group with plenty of pottencial now in great need of help!

here is the OOC viewtopic.php?f=5&t=291787&p=19722479

here is the IC viewtopic.php?f=5&t=291762

I hope to see you there soon :)

I just realised
I do not have a IC for my country
someone help me
is cursing allowed on nationstates?
if so
omg I would be so more free to be creative with what I say

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