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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Plains of Dioxin (elected 1 year 214 days ago)

Founder: The Plains of Dioxin

World Factbook Entry

The Unity of Green Pastures is a region where green values hold sway. Recycle, Reuse and Reduce is our mantra.

Restore the environment: do not print this webpage.

It is also a haven of peace and prosperity, where elder nations, wearied by the sturm und drang of capitalist consumeristic politics may finally enjoy their pacific existence without care or concern.

The UGP offers tranquility, relaxation and an unlimited bar tab.

All who seek peace and a place without care - are welcome here.

Tags: Free Trade, Democratic, and Minuscule.

Unity of Green Pastures contains 4 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Information Technology Sector in Unity of Green Pastures

As a region, Unity of Green Pastures is ranked 14,221st in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Commonhive of BeezylandWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Long Live the Hive”
2.The Dictatorship of New ReserkaCompulsory Consumerist State“We are not as we were once”
3.The Dominion of MultiariaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Old was fallen, new has risen”
4.The Plains of DioxinWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“This Too Shall Pass”

Regional Happenings


Unity of Green Pastures Regional Message Board

Greetings to All -

A zombie attack is imminent. Should we fight, flee or fix it?

~ Dioxin

More on the Zombies:

What You Need to Know

The zombie apocalypse will begin in 2 days 13 hours.

It will run for 36 hours, ending in 4 days.

As before, we will have three options: attempt to exterminate zombies with military force, try to research a cure, or join forces with the zombies.

Extermination quickly converts our zombies into dead citizens, posing no further risk to the uninfected.

Researching a cure slowly reduces our region's infection rate, and can even convert zombies into survivors.

Embracing the zombie hordes quickly increases your region's infection rate, as infection rates are region-based: if a region contains many nations with high numbers of zombies, all resident nations will become infected quicker.

The extermination and research options are more effective the more survivors we have, becoming ineffective if we wait until your military and scientific experts have mostly been eaten.

During the zombie apocalypse, Founders and Delegates can close the region's borders at no Influence cost. A special Z-Day Border Control feature will be available to facilitate this.

I suggest we close the borders at the very least.

~ Dioxin

What an interesting time we live in. While we get ready to fight the zombie apocalypse in Nation States, here in the States I hear a cry from some politicians that would have you believe an Ebola apocalypse is about to happen. While I'm in favor of closing the borders to UGP as part of an exercise I'm startled to hear some of the reasons to close our borders with most of Africa. If I could only open the eyes of my fellow countrymen to the fact that influenza kills many more people every year. Oh well, perhaps the planet just needs to get rid of a hairball called overpopulation.


Alrighty then.

Regional borders are now closed. Dioxin has also instituted research into a cure, though each nation must meet the problem in their own way and in their own time.

As to the media-inspired panic-mode that appears to have overtaken parts of the Western world, all I can say is that Capitalism has a great deal to answer for.

Good luck, All!

~ Dioxin

Well, looks like we all came through with some survivors. Go team.


Not bad at all. The infection rate was staggering at first but our combined research did the job. Now, on to fresh water shortages.


Yes, well I'm sure we won't be far behind you. Temps already higher than usual for this time of year. Been getting hotter and hotter for last 10 years.


Stay well.

~ Melbourne

An inquiry or two.
- Is this the longest period of time that you or any other UGP nation has held the position of WA Delegate? Wondering how far from a record we would be in that case.
- Have you found a cyclical influx of short term members over the years? For instance, we have the two puppets for Reserka at this time and we have had several six month players hit the Pasture in loose groupings.
- Being the Founder of the UGP you would seem likely to know how many members have reached the level of Powerbroker, which I'm currently listed as? I'm either one of many or the first would be my guess.
Oh and these questions are about nothing other than curiosity.


Not the longest, no. Dioxin was founded at the beginning of 2003 (think it was 2003) in a previous region (Atlantic Island Chain) and was regional rep there for almost 9 years before the region was invaded and destroyed by the black raiders (and thus the reason for UGP to be founded). I've been regional rep here for three years + (give or take). There are other nations who've been in the game since it began at the end of 2002, but not many left now, a handful only.

Lots of new players create masses of puppet states these days; it wasn't permitted to do so in the early days of the game - you had one nation and that was that. Most new nations last less than 3 months. A few make it to the end of a year and one or two, like yourself, keep on keeping on. I'm still here because I want to see how long a single game like this can endure. I think I'm in the top 20 for oldest/largest nations in the world now.

Your level of power depends on a number of variables: your population; the number of nations within the region, the number of endorsements you have/have given ... a whole bunch of stuff. Have you gone to the fourms and read the FAQ there? There will likely be more info on this if you look.

~ Melbourne


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