United Socialist Republics RMB

WA Delegate: The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza (elected 62 days ago)

Founder: The Humble Socialist States of New Immortallia

World Factbook Entry


The United Socialist Republics is a republican, progressive region, open to all left-wing nation-states pursuing the worldwide advancement of equality, liberty, democracy and international fraternity.

Executive Council of the United Socialist Republics

Chairman: The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza
Deputy Chairman: The Socialist Republic of Stratovar
General Secretary: The Humble Socialist States of New Immortallia
Supreme Commander: VACANT
Envoy-General: VACANT
Commissioner-General: **CLASSIFIED**

Co-author and Signatory of the 2014 Red Forum Treaty: LinkAccess the Red Forum here

All new nations must be members of the WA and endorse Comrade Chairman The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza

Embassies: Communist International League, Democratic Socialist Alliance, The Internationale, Techno Utopia, Anticapitalist Alliance, 4th International, Communist International, The Sovereign Socialist States, USSR, Antifa, Krandovia, New Northfield, International Workers Assembly, La Republica de Cuba, Homage to Catalonia, The International Communist Union, and 3 others.Free Union of Socialist States, CIL, and Region of Socialist Republics.

Tags: Democratic, Anti-Fascist, Offsite Forums, Communist, Anarchist, Socialist, Libertarian, and Medium.

Regional Power: Moderate

United Socialist Republics contains 17 nations, the 734th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Avoided in United Socialist Republics

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, United Socialist Republics is ranked 15,516th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of BitterweedNew York Times Democracy“When in doubt, pinky out!”
2.The Humble Socialist States of New ImmortalliaLeft-wing Utopia“Any cook should be able to run the Country!”
3.The United Socialist States of HygelacInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Courageous Never Live in Dishonor”
4.The Community of Sheldon CityCapitalizt“Bazinga!”
5.The Democratic Republic of KermiteInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Mess with the bull get the horns”
6.The Community of The United Collective Socialist RepublicWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Live to Work, Work to Live”
7.The Blissful Commune of SentairWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Freedom is always the freedom of the dissenter”
8.The United Socialist States of MiniskaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“A People United.”
9.The Democratic Republic of KospianiaWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Kospianians of the World, Unite!”
10.The Reformed SFR of JugomarkWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Reformed? What do you mean reformed!?”
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Regional Poll • Regional Activity Poll

The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza wrote:Please select the option that best fits your activity pattern. ALL NATIONS WHO ACCESS THE USR PAGE OVER THE COURSE OF THE NEXT TWO WEEKS MUST VOTE IN THIS POLL.

Voting opened 8 days ago and will close in 5 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


United Socialist Republics Regional Message Board

Dear Comrades,

Stratovar is back into activity.

First of all, we salute the providential return of our glorious founder, comrades from The Humble Socialist States of New Immortallia, and wish them good (* Yes, long time no see! *). It seems that we are still under threat of scumbag fascist raiders, which will demand us to be vigilant and swift in action.

We also believe and agree that the most pressing task now is to secure our borders, and as such, the actions taken by Nuova Speranza and New Immortallia were timely and effective. We recognise the need of such emergency state, and understand this is a temporary measure taken in order to defend the USR.

I also suggest we to make a quick census to check the number of active nations (and still loyal to USR) at the present time, so can have a full understanding of what kind of forces we can mobilise at the moment in case of emergency.

The Socialist Republic of Stratovar

Dear Comrades,

In the next few days I will be opening a discussion on the Red Forum concerning the USR's new Constitution. This is in light of the current outdatedness of certain pieces of legislation described by General Secretary Comrade The Humble Socialist States of New Immortallia, mainly related to the powers and duties of each of the Executive Council positions. This committee will be entitled the 'United Socialist Republican Constitutional Council', and will be chaired by Deputy Chairman Comrade The Socialist Republic of Stratovar.

We encourage all member-states to participate in this debate or risk being bound by a constitution with which you do not agree or cannot abide (which may result in your banjection).

Yours in faith,

Comrade The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza
Chairman of the Executive Council


-- Breaking news --

It seems that our allies Communist_International have been taken over by fascist raiders and, as part of their misdeeds, withdrew our reciprocal embassies. Since this is one region which we are trying to have closer ties, it is important to keep an eye on the developments, since this can be in our best interest to ensure our borders are safe. At the time of writing (16:00GMT - 2014-04-12), there are no hostile actions in our region, but the sucess of that raid may encourage the reactionary forces to move ahead on their trail of destruction.

As a side note, we from Stratovar are a bit suspicious of the actions in our neighbours at this point, no less because the invading head force, The Dictatorship of Afro-Croatia, a fascist raider, has had the endorsement from The Khaos Konfederacy of Rexzich City, which is supposedly our socialist contact point on that region, and partner in the creation of the Red Forum. Hence, given the strange circumstances, we believe that our Chairman Nuova Speranza should contact their (former) representative ASAP, seeking to clarify their formal position with regards to recent events. It is very important for us to address our relation to Rexzich City to ensure the trust we have deposited on their commitment to Socialist causes (until now) is still in place.

With concerns,

The Socialist Republic of Stratovar
Deputy Chairman

Post self-deleted by Nuova Speranza.


Dear Comrades,

As requested by Comrade Deputy Chairman The Socialist Republic of Stratovar, I have been in communication with our liaison in the Communist International, Comrade The Khaos Konfederacy of Rexzich City, who has taken a rather interesting reaction to the recent attack.

The situation itself seems to have now diffused with first the requisitioning of executive power by the founder, Comrade The Nation of ForeStarnya, and then the ousting of fascist aggressor The Dictatorship of Afro-Croatia as WA Delegate (being replaced by our long-standing ally Comrade The Dictatorship of Misha22). However, the state of the union is at best tentative at this time, and we must be sure to remain vigilant to further threats from the Fascist and Imperialist Union once we rescind the Steel Wall Act and lower our border defences once more.

I will ascertain from Comrade The Khaos Konfederacy of Rexzich City exactly why they had endorsed the invaders, but they have since assured me that such a reason does exist. In the mean time, they have established another region, the CIL, with which I have opened diplomatic relations through an embassy. This is an odd step to take, admittedly, but it appears to be the result of an irreparable personal animosity between certain members of the Communist International and their founder/leader, Comrade The Nation of ForeStarnya rather than any more sinister ulterior motive.

I will endevour to keep you all informed of developments on my end.

Yours in good faith,

Comrade The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza
Chairman of the Executive Council

Dear Comrades,

It is with great joy today that I announce the revocation of the Steel Wall Protocol, and the reopening if our region to the world. I will remove the password-barrier once this message is posted.

The security of the region will henceforth be upheld in the form of two independent emergency-power protocols. Since the Secretary-General has ceded executive power to the elected Chairman, in the event of an invasion or imminent threat the Chairman will have the power to at any point reenact the Steel Wall Protocol and raise the password-barrier again in the interest of regional defence.

If the threat presents itself while the Secretary-General is present and not the Chairman, they have the power to invoke the Premier Act, and reclaim executive power over the region until such a time as the invaders have been forced out, at which point the displaced Chairman can be reinstated. These two interlocking defence grids will be formalised in the Constitution in due course, and will secure the USR from future attempts to sully our great land with the filth of fascism and imperialism.

Let us reopen the borders and welcome again our comrades the world over,

Yours in good faith,

[b]Comrade The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza[\b]
[i]Chairman of the Executive Council[\i]


I'd like to hear your opinion on a telegram that I recently received from an envoy of the The United Regions:


Greetings Nuova Speranza

I come here today to tell you about a interregional organization called The United Regions. Now, I am only the Prime Minister of a member region, but let me tell you how great this truly is. The United Regions is dedicated to the maintenance and security of all member regions. If you ever find that your region is in the need of help, The United Regions would be there to help you. With over 1200 nations total, spread throughout 12 regions, The United Regions has the power ti help prosper your region. Please consider joining, for the sake of your region.
If you would like to join, please telegram me back. Or if you have any questions about the organization, I would gladly take them.

Thank you very much,

The Democratic Republic of Quevola
of The Coalition of Democratic Nations

This is an interesting proposal but I personally believe that we should focus our efforts on the Left-Defender Project rather than tie ourselves to an alliance which includes right-wingers and conservatives in its ranks. Nonetheless I feel that this is a decision that should be made by all of us together, not solely on my own prerogative.

Yours in faith,

Comrade The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza


Hello! We are the United Collective Socialist Republic (UCSR for short and on the forum) and we would like to help in the region any way we can. We just moved in, but are eager to start helping. So if there is anything we can do, send us a telegram please!

Many thanks,


Welcome Comrade UCSR, on behalf of all the member-states of the USR! Make yourself familiar with the Red Forum and participate in some of the discussions that we're having on it, particularly about the Left-Defender Project. We're also looking for people to help in a recruitment drive, so if there are any fellow Comrades from your previous region who are looking for a new home we would be very happy to accept them here.

Yours in faith,

Comrade Chairman The Egalitarian Republic of Nuova Speranza


From the perspective of Stratovar: the last paragraph from Nuova Speranza post says it all:

"This is an interesting proposal but I personally believe that we should focus our efforts on the Left-Defender Project rather than tie ourselves to an alliance which includes right-wingers and conservatives in its ranks[..]"

Our position, is in favour of strengthening the USR relations with progressive regions. Generally speaking, regions/institutions of the type "we defend all / we cover all" tend to have a strong mercenary element on them. Better trust in cultural and ideological ties instead; they might not be too impressive in numbers, but are far superior in quality.

The Socialist Republic of Stratovar

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