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The United Socialist Republics is an ancient union of Socialist Republics pledged to the sovereignty of its individual members, Collective Democratic rule and the worldwide advancement of Equality, Liberty, Workers Democracy and Internationalism.

The USR operates Socialist Democracy for its member nations, and strives to promote it internationally. All residents have equal right to call elections, propose Legislation, Polls, Policy and debate on our RMB below.

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Immortallia, invoking The Founder Act, closes First Congress of the USR by USR Executive Order 3, suspends all Law pending review, dissolves the Executive Council of the USR and declares Collective rule.

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The Reproduction of Daily Life - Fredy Perlman

A good essay I read the other day on alienation and commodity fetishism.

Why is everyone so inactive?

I am just waiting for the forums.

Admittedly, I don't post much. I just lurk.

Today I was thinking over the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in the midst of rising xenophobic and nationalist sentiments. I think the liberal criticism of UKIP is very limited and focuses on the wrong things. Obviously the centre of attention is the matter of the European Union (EU), how much they interfere in our 'national sovereignty', and whether we should leave the EU, stay as we are, or federate. I reject all forms of nationalism and therefore I am not in favour of 'independence' from the EU, but neither do I support the EU, as it is a front of international capitalism, privatising everything in reach of it's pervasive tendrils. I am neither for or against UK membership of the EU, recognising that international capitalism will be a driving force in the UK with or without the EU, and instead promote exploration of alternatives. As I've suggested, however, I think that this is not only a false dichotomy, but also a distraction from the underlying issues.

UKIP are putting forwards a platform of being the new 'working class' or 'ordinary man's' party; they capitalise on all of the working class' fears, frustrations, and ignorance. By claiming to represent us, while blaming all the problems on a scapegoat (and then presenting the repression/elimination of this scapegoat as a solution), the party have managed to grow in power and reinforce these phantom issues in the minds of the people and the agenda of the authorities. Right-wing populists have nearly always persecuted a group of society as being 'outsiders' and then put forward this 'outsider' group as scapegoats. In the past the group persecuted as 'outsiders' were often Jewish people (notably scapegoated by the Nazis), and now it is immigrants. Unemployment, homelessness, deteriorating public services, decaying social relations etc. are all blamed on an excess of immigrants. Immigrants are further stereotyped as abusing public services, fostering crime, and rejecting 'national values and culture'. Needless to say, the stereotyping is disgusting bigotry, and the problems blamed on immigrants are the result of the capitalist system and the current policies of the ruling class.

To find the truth of the matter - behind the rhetoric and media discourse - we need to look at the broader context. Perhaps the most significant issue at present, for the long-sighted at least, is the diminishing legitimacy of the political establishment - shown most clearly in the shockingly low voter turn out for elections. The low voter turn out is put down to apathy by the establishment - the common people are supposedly too stupid and lazy to care about or understand politics and walk five minutes to a polling centre. Of course behind this ridiculously inadequate and derogatory explanation, the real reason is increasing rejection of the political system in it's godforsaken totality. For varying reasons, some better and some worse, people no longer hold voting to be worthwhile. With the neo-liberal consensus crystalising people are beginning to see through the farce of representative democracy, and are now recognising that the government serves the interests of the rich and powerful (and the government themselves) regardless of which party is voted in. Here, UKIP come into play. Much more significant than their anti-EU agenda is their rhetoric of being the rebel and underdog, of challenging the status-quo of Westminster, and representing the ordinary person sick and tired of not being listened to. People who beforehand had washed their hands clean of the political establishment (and stayed at home on election days) now have a party who can really represent them, who listen to their grievances and re-connect them with politics in a meaningful way. Of course, UKIP does not actually do these things, but is incredibly skilled at pulling off the act. Honestly, they are so good at feigning the 'popular radical' they almost deserve admiration! Behind Nigel Farage's 'ordinary person' image (with his photographs holding a pint with a grin) he is thoroughly a professional politician and has a past in finances; furthermore the major backers of the party are the very rich and powerful types he is claiming to challenge. In an almost unbelievable feat, UKIP capture all the feelings of disaffection and disengagement from the system, and use this energy to then reconnect people with the system.

The increasing rejection of the political establishment by the working class (and inseperable from this the increasing antipathy to capitalism) is a force that has so much potential for challening the status quo and exploring alternatives. The role of UKIP is to take this energy and recuperate it, to reinforce the strength and interests of the ruling class, to dissipate discontent by persecuting a scapegoat, and bolster phantoms such as nationalism (that keeps the masses in line) and anti-immigrant sensationalism (that keeps the working class divided among themselves).

A vote for UKIP is a vote for the political establishment and an endorsement of abhorrent views.

So what do you guys think of the plane shot down in Ukraine?

I'm furious about it. Let me just copy+paste something I posted to Facebook because I'm at an airport terminal.

"Why the actual f--- was a jet liner flying over a known war zone? What idiot told them it was a good idea to fly through there? Let's take a pause from blaming anyone who was within 100 miles of the crash and look at the flight plans of some astronomically stupid individual that read:

"Flying over Eastern Ukraine is a good idea and nothing can possibly go wrong. There is no way that the rebels would mistake a tiny black speck and a contrail for a military aircraft."

If it were my call, Malaysian airlines should be held accountable for reimbursing every single family of every single person on that plane. They should then be shut down and have their flight route planners be sent over eastern Ukraine in an aircraft that is unidentifiable from the ground."

What bothers me even more is that everyone in America is immediately blaming Russia. When Russia denied it, the general response was basically "that's just what someone who shot down the plane would say."

My suspicions here do firmly lie with the Russians and separatists. The aircraft had been cleared as safe to fly over Eastern Ukraine because it was flying well above the maximum range of the rebels' anti-aircraft weaponry, and yet the plane was shot down by a radar-guided missile launched from a Buk launcher. Now here it is perfectly reasonable to point out that the Ukrainian military operates this type of T.E.L. vehicle, as well as the missiles that it fires; so, incidentally, do Russia. Soldiers trained to use the Buk and its missiles are normally very proficient at identifying the target before launching, implying that the operators of the particular Buk in question was inexperienced or otherwise unfamiliar with the targetting system. This in turn implies that the launcher was stolen, probably from a military airport. However, we know that while the rebels did occupy airports in the East (notably Kharkiv), none of these were military bases or had attached military functions. Thus there is option two: that another power supplied the launcher and the rocket to an inexperienced crew. This fits with a recent video released apparently showing a Russian Buk missile launcher hastily crossing the border back into Russia only several hours after MH-17 was downed.

Now what reason would the Ukrainian military have in shooting down a plane travelling from west to east? The rebels could have seen it as a bomber or some other type of hostile military aircraft, but the Ukrainian military have the capability to ID planes in the airspace and would have no motive for shooting down an aircraft travelling AWAY from their territory. Meanwhile the rebels have been very resistant to international efforts to examine the crash site; this by my reasoning indicates that they know that international experts would be able to piece together the true nature of what happened. If they were attempting to pin the blame on Kiev and knew that Kiev had shot down the plane, would they not be eager for the international community to prove it? Not only that, but the smoking gun in the case is that British experts and eyewitness accounts have so far deduced that the missile was launched from the village of Pelahiivka, well inside rebel-held Donetsk.

All the evidence thus far attained seems to show that the rebels were supplied a Buk missile launcher (most likely by Russia) to defend their airspace, but accidentally ID'd MH-17 as a Ukrainian bomber or troop carrier. Once the mistake was realised, the launcher was spirited away back to Russia and the rebels began to destroy evidence of their involvement all the while disallowing international experts to examine the crash site.

I like this guy.^

The Zapatistas at 20: Building Autonomous Community

There are many lessons we can learn from the Zapatista's movement in Chiapas.

'So this is a system always undergoing development through a process of reflection. Autonomous governance is not a model to be simply followed. It’s something that’s worked out through day-to-day practice. The women reflected back on all the years, assessed what has changed and then were very critical about what hasn’t happened. And you see that they engage in this process keeping that utopian horizon in place. It is assumed that “we’re not giving up, we can get there.”

It’s hard, make no mistake. Being a Zapatista, you may be poorer than other people in monetary terms, because you’re not accessing income from government programs. At the same time, there’s a sense of worth. There’s a sense of struggle, of having built something with other people that has been very empowering.'

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