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Founder: The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia

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Largest Welfare Programs: 554th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 585th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 653rd+15
Most Advanced Public Education: 715th Most Influential: 718th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 882nd Smartest Citizens: 973rd Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,208th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,242nd Most Rebellious Youth: 1,247th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,299th Most Secular: 1,477th Healthiest Citizens: 1,487th Most Cultured: 1,617th Highest Economic Output: 1,675th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,712th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,723rd Largest Governments: 1,788th
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Welcome Comrade or Visitor,

The United Socialist Republics is an ancient union of Socialist Republics pledged to the sovereignty of its individual members, Collective Democratic rule and the worldwide advancement of Equality, Liberty, Workers Democracy and Internationalism.

The USR operates Socialist Democracy for its member nations, and strives to promote it internationally. All residents have equal right to call elections, propose Legislation, Polls, Policy and debate on our RMB below.

Co-author of the 2014 LinkRed Forum Treaty

Regional News:

Update pending.

Embassies: Democratic Socialist Alliance, Anticapitalist Alliance, Communist International, The Sovereign Socialist States, USSR, Antifa, Das Kommune, Hippy Haven, Leftist Agrarian Revolutionary Union, The Red Fleet, The SOP, North Korea, Libcom, Communist China, The MT Army, The True Marxism, and 5 others.Freedom and Justice Alliance, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, NSLeft, The International Communist Union, and The Red and Black.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Socialist, Small, Serious, Independent, Industrial, Pacifist, Isolationist, Offsite Forums, Regional Government, Democratic, Anarchist, and 7 others.Neutral, World Assembly, Libertarian, Communist, Anti-Capitalist, Silly, and Eco-Friendly.

United Socialist Republics contains 7 nations, the 1,988th most in the world.

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As a region, United Socialist Republics is ranked 718th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Socialist Republic of StratovarLeft-wing Utopia“De omnibus dubitandum”
2.The United Socialist Republic of PanzaraCivil Rights Lovefest“Memento Mori”
3.The Workers Socialist Republic of New ImmortalliaLeft-wing Utopia“Democracy is indispensable to Socialism!”
4.The Borderlands of Pies Are SquaredAnarchy“All pies are tasty.”
5.The Federal Socialist Republic of Eastern ActriaFather Knows Best State“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
6.The Interstellar fleet of Dynamic RevolutionLiberal Democratic Socialists“There is only forward”
7.The Democratic Republic of ArzakstanIron Fist Consumerists“объединились против капитализма”

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United Socialist Republics Regional Message Board

Hello comrades!

Greetings comrades,

I am the Councillor for External Affairs of The Internationale. As you may know, lately we've been undergoing a crisis due to our founder's deletion.
Now, I'm proud to announce that we are moving to a new region: The Red and Black!
I have sent your region an embassy request from the R&B because you hold embassies with TI. I hope you decide to accept and continue relations between our two communities :)

In solidarity comrades!
Councillor Timchi

Eastern Actria

Hello comrades!

I've no idea what happened while I was in hibernation, but I've become the WA delegate for our humble region. As such, message me with any concerns that you might have and that could be directed to the WA delegate.

Comrades of the United Socialist Republics,

Is there any way for WA delegates to be bestowed Executive Authority? as our founder's recent inactivity has left us very vulnerable.

As always, wrote out a huge message just to be confronted with "contains innapropriate language" Lol! Didn't save. Much regret. <3 Censorship. Here goes again!...

Greetings Comrades! Apologies for my absenteeism! I hope I find you all well?!

On a quick note, Nation states has finally updated and I have granted some powers to the delegate. I can only apologise profusely for this wildly overextended period of emergency control on my part, but without a strong base of WA nations to vote for us I felt it was irresponsible to grant full powers to the delegate. I personally monitor the fascists in this game on their forums, and without wanting to cause huge alarm; we are still a target, primarily because of our age and reputation.

But I digress, I wanted to talk to you Comrades about our democracy, future, and what I hope we can do for progress.

As some of you know I have been attempted single handedly to design an updated system for our region, I thought in light of our total upheaval the best method was simply to make it, implement it, then turn it over to you my Comrades for any amendment, enhancement, or even total deconstruction. But we are blessed with our sudden contraction in my opinion with the ability to discuss this frankly and openly without the need for a bulky weight of procedures.

If therefore you will grant me your ears allow me to take you all through my thoughts Comrades, and please, contribute!

- Our Goals

To me, we are, and always have been, genuine progressives, not here to solely enjoy ourselves and chat but also to contribute actively to the collective good, to use nation states as a tool to engage politically minded individuals and spread critical thought, awareness, and progressive, scientific ideology.

The USR has managed this before many times, we have in nation states and NS2, through diversity of thought and debate, brought about ideas and changes which rippled through other leftist regions, a few times toppling roleplaying Stalinist regimes, and once or twice I am proud to say; actual Stalinists too. I look around nation states today and I see the same as before, a degeneration of the left, a growth in reactive rather than proactive politics, an ossification of genuinely ideological discussion and critically minded progress in favour of the stabilisation of the bloated powerful "leftist" regions.

I believe we can light a fire under this world, and again make our contribution, not for ourselves but for the sake of educating people about genuine democracy and freedom, not simply allowing gross caricatures of the left to persist, parroting thoughtless capitalist anti-progressive propaganda through their activity. A single spark can start a prairie fire, and everywhere I look the grass is dry and aching to be burned away and make way for new vibrant growth.

Our system

I believe, as in the past, we can affect this change on the left the same way again, simply by providing the example of the future that is not 'best' But definitely better. All over nation states elitist WA driven 'democracy' rules, where any nation which chooses to disassociate with the WA immediately loses its voice politically. So; here are my proposals in vague order for how we can build a better system, guaranteeing More rights, More democracy, and in doing so tap into a wealth of activity, action and new ideas.

- Legislation and policy

In my mind the best system, simply put, would be to devolve our law drafting and policy drafting to an offsite forum, thus providing us the dual benefit of verifying that no one is attempting to cheat us using puppets, And allowing us the elasticity to broaden the number of specific policy groups as our region, needs and interests grow.
To me the best realisation of this is therefore a series of committees, covering whatever topics or specific interests we devise, in which any member may freely at any time sit and contribute, all revolving around a coordination committee which will hold the dual responsibility of scheduling votes on legislative and policy proposals, and of creating or disbanding committees through discussion and vote.

Then we could hold our votes on the actual policy and law here, using the polling system, providing transparency and a good record of our voting history.

- Administration

I have been writing a number of dispatches which could be posted under a puppet nation, which could be accessed by our trusted comrades and updated regularly with news, policy, law, history.. or whatever.

While we won't be able to wholly circumnavigate the power of founders and WA delegates, I believe that this democratizing of our public spaces could make great strides in bringing control of our USR closer to its members, and further away from half elected or un-elected fake leaders. I have no desire to be anything more than a Comrade of our union, and I'm sure I can say the same of Comrade Panzara as well as any nation which we would elected delegate.

To me, if this could work well, we would require no executive; no "day to day" dictatorialism, but simply all be endowed with the power to govern together.

- Conclusion

I don't want to impose this system, as much as I don't want to impose anything. These are all just suggestions, and while I admit I have carefully thought them out and spent much time trying to design a working system, capable of stretching and contracting with our demands and needs I still bow to the infinite authority of you my Comrades in bridging the gap between right now and the future of our union. I would be overjoyed to hear suggestions, or even if you just want to tell me to hurry the fudge up and produce a model, thats all great!

I know we are capable of building a better world in nationstates, and more importantly providing a strong solid example of the un-ending power of democracy, not only to our Comrades but also to the proletariat who play this game but buy into detestable capitalist propaganda advocating hierarchy and repression. The myth of the necessity of power and subjugation Must be smashed, and I believe our success could ripple through this world, and into the consciousnesses of people in the real world.

So yes, apologies for my complete inability to be brief, believe it or not I tried hard lol. But yes, any thoughts? And for that matter, by Marx's beard have you been reading the news Comrades? It is one long litany of despair! Fascism rears its ugly head in America, Britain is trying desperately to xenophobically paddle away from Europe, Bankers have again begun trading sub-prime derivatives, the precise activity which crashed our entire world economy only a few years ago, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are joining in the bombing of Syria with Russia, with no end in sight, and to round it all off our masters don't seem to care in the slightest that the environment is about to fall apart. So to echo Lenin: What is to be done?!

Eastern Actria

Comrades of the United Socialist Republics,

I would like to officially endorse the revised proposals hither to outlined by our founder The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia. The existing way to govern a region in Nation States in inherently anti-socialist, therefore a series of devolved committees suggested by The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia would be immensely beneficial not only to our region but to our ideology. We do not want to leave ourselves vulnerable to similar tragedies that befell us in the past. ‘If Socialism can only be realized when the intellectual development of all the people permits it, then we shall not see Socialism for at least five hundred years.’ –Lenin. We have the benefit of all being intellectually developed, we can reach Marx’s goal.

Yours Faithfully,

The Soviet of Workers Deputies of Eastern Actria

P.S. In an attempt to answer the question proposed by The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia regarding the world’s state of affairs, I would look to history and realize the present futility in national actions in a world governed by proto-fascist bureaucracy.


yawn nothing has happened here since I came. seeya

*the Kaiser orders a retreat. Scorched Earth Policy is established. Retreating soldiers burn farms, towns and fields. Any filthy defenders caught are hastily executed.*


Hello Comrades !

Hello Comarade ! Be welcome to the United Socialist Republics. Things are somewhat quiet now, but feel free to rise any discussion points.

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