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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Socialist Republic of Stratovar (elected 196 days ago)

Founder: The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia

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Welcome Comrade or Visitor,

The United Socialist Republics is an ancient union of Socialist Republics pledged to the sovereignty of its individual members, Collective Democratic rule and the worldwide advancement of Equality, Liberty, Workers Democracy and Internationalism.

The USR operates Socialist Democracy for its member nations, and strives to promote it internationally. All residents have equal right to call elections, propose Legislation, Polls, Policy and debate on our RMB below.

Co-author of the 2014 LinkRed Forum Treaty

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Update pending.

Embassies: Communist International League, Democratic Socialist Alliance, Anticapitalist Alliance, 4th International, Communist International, The Sovereign Socialist States, USSR, Antifa, Das Kommune, Hippy Haven, New World Communists States, Leftist Agrarian Revolutionary Union, United Left Front, Puppet Park, The Green Star Socialist Union, Democratic Social Union, and 18 others.Gay, The Red Fleet, The SOP, North Korea, Libcom, Communist Beach, Communist China, The MT Army, The True Marxism, Freedom and Justice Alliance, The Revolutionary Council, The Internationale, Gay Equality, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Revolutionary Communist Assembly, NSLeft, The International Communist Union, and The Peoples Union.

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Regional Power: Moderate

United Socialist Republics contains 11 nations, the 1,245th most in the world.

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The Largest Agricultural Sector in United Socialist Republics

As a region, United Socialist Republics is ranked 18,242nd in the world for Largest Agricultural Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of KhazastanCorporate Police State“For freedom and liberty”
2.The Republic of IraqkWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Socialism is the light leading us to the victory”
3.The Democratic Republic of The German WeimarCorrupt Dictatorship“ Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch!”
4.The Federation of Socialist Republic of Western AustraliaDemocratic Socialists“Our Land, Our People, Our Freedom!”
5.The Democratic States of Vulgar DespotAuthoritarian Democracy“Vox populi”
6.The People's Republic of KazxakromnhCorrupt Dictatorship“Who HASN'T been to Hvalfyurden”
7.The Reformed SFR of JugomarkWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Reformed? What do you mean reformed!?”
8.The United Socialist Republic of PanzaraWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Memento Mori”
9.The Federation of Peoples Republic of WashingtonWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“All for one, one for all”
10.The Workers Socialist Republic of New ImmortalliaLeft-wing Utopia“Democracy is indispensable to Socialism!”
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United Socialist Republics Regional Message Board

Nuova speranza

196 days ago

Well Comrades, it has been (or certainly was) a joy to bring this region through its darkest days and into the light once more. I apologise for my inactivity, as RL matters have swallowed my attention as of late. I have now been WA Delegate and Provisional Chairman for 214 days, 114 days beyond what I had intended. Yet, as our venerable founder The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia has neglected to fulfill my request that I be released from my duties and an immediate election be held, I have taken it upon myself to resign from the World Assembly and officially disband Nuova speranza. Good luck with the future success of the region Comrades, and farewell for the last time.

Yours in good faith, as always,

Cassius Gray
Ex-Chairman of the Executive Council
Ex-World Assembly Delegate
United Socialist Republics

Ex-Envoy General
Nuova speranza


Congress of Armed Proletarian States has been breached and is being raided by Libertatem. CAPS was a recent project to build an inter-regional socialist organization. It was a collective, democratic effort involving more than a dozen leftist regions. Losing the region will be a terrible defeat for the Left.

We have moved to counter their attack, but will need more support in order to win. If you are available to defend the region, please telegram me. Reinforcements will need to move in before the next update (05:13:15 PM [± 17 s] UTC).

Solidarity forever,


New jarvieland

120 days ago

Greetings Fellow comrades,
This may be a new Nation but I'm not new to Nation States.
I would like to thank New Immortallia for founding this region for it is a beacon to the whole world for the proletariat an the downtrodden workers of these lands.
Chairman of the People's Labour Democratic Party: Victor Yetsin Hero of the People


110 days ago

Hello peoples


This is a very quiet message board.

The government of Iraqk, is now at very difficult situation, we as much need equality, as we need lower taxes and better economy. For this we must support a private industry, but we surely don't want them to become more powerfull, so I'm here for an advice. Our government want to allow six months of fully paid maternity leave (Issue: Maternity Leave A Must, Say Mothers), but we are afraid of lowering economy and raising taxes, so we decide for businesses will cover the buses with their signs (Issue: The Magic (Of Advertising!) School Bus). Will that be a nice compromise? And will it not harm a intelligence of our children?
We seek for a fast answer, by the name of government of Iraqk, I thank you.
Muhammed al-Salid, minister of foreign affairs of the republic of Iraqk.

Comrades of Iraqk,
Always decide with your conscience. Is money more important than the youth of Iraqk? The economy will recover through a series of correct decisions, the future of the youth could be lost forever.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”
― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

I am the newest member of this commie region and I looks forward to becoming the future delegate and next head of state. It's your choice to endorse me and it will be kindly accepted.

Socialism will never die!

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