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The UPFS is closed as of 9/16/13.

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Embassies: Antifa.

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1.The Free Land of UPFS GuardianLeft-wing Utopia“For PanSocialism and Participatory Democracy”

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Pansocialist movement

1 year 91 days ago

Secretary of International Affairs has become vacant due to inactivity. Anyone wishing to fulfill the duties please make yourself known.

Iconoclastic carbon

1 year 88 days ago

Comrades I ask you to re-evaluate your relationship with DSA. To me it seems obvious that a Comrade region of TRF would have problems with this statement below:

This post can be found on CIL's RMB:

" Ahem........ UDL member here that helped pull your collective asses out of the fire, remember? Just because a few UDL'ers happen to reside in the DSA, does not make the DSA a UDL supporter. The UDL is an unaffiliated organization, with ties to NO region. By that stretch there are over 200 regions that support the UDL. Are they all against you as well?

The UDL unequivocally defends anyone. Commie, Fash, Dictator, Raider, Pacifist.

While I can't fully speak for the UDL or it's operations, if you really want to know so much about them, join us in the UDL. You might see, were actually not all that bad. I on the other hand as a charter member of the DSA, WILL defend it's actions. " - UFoc UDL puppet of Alberrta

Best Wishes,


Personally, I wish the DSA would boot any UDL member caught defending fascists. This should be included in any peace agreement. It sticks in my craw that the DSA carries the Anti-Fash tag but allows fash defenders to live there. One or other should go.

That said, I wish the Internationale (where a puppet of mine has lived for a while) would stop mining other regions' RMBs for the Outrage d' Jour, even if for a little while. Their anger is engulfing an ever increasing number of regions who are guilty of nothing more than being friendly with other leftist regions.

via Ambibia

I would suggest you and a couple other coming with me in my new region, The Next Generation Alliance. The group is multi-political, very active, and tons of ways to get involved.

A possible new home if anyone is looking.

Iconoclastic carbon

1 year 87 days ago

How else am I supposed to prove the connection?

Is DSA really a left region?

No one on TI has lashed out on any other region for being friendly with other left regions.

I think it's time to send a message that fash appeasing will not be tolerated and if a region decides to appease then, so be it, but why should comrade regions fight to keep relations with such a region?

I don't see why it is a big deal to stand together, at first, I thought our comrade regions would be more than happy to join TI in a symbolic stance against the fash appeasing 'left' that is the DSA. Now, I'm confused.

So I ask you Comrades to consider closing embassies with the DSA.

Best Wishes,



The DSA stands by you, and will continue to stand by you. We absolutely want our embassy to remain open. However, in the unfortunate event the UPFS does choose to close embassies with the DSA, make it because you want to, not because of the wishes of someone else.

We apologize this TI-DSA conflict has spilled over here. The DSA understands it does not involve you, and that you should not have to choose between the DSA and TI. Both embassies should remain open, and everything should go back to the way it was. There is no need for this bickering.

I also want to take this time to say that if this region does close down, the nations of the UPFS are more than welcome to come to the DSA. Just make sure you have civil rights and political freedoms above 'average.' The current qualification is 'good' but a new Charter is in the process of being created, and part of it is that we are lowering the requirement to 'average.'

Thank you all, and I apologize if I am intruding.

Your friend and former ambassador,

Does anyone have anything to say concerning the embassies with The Democratic Socialist Alliance and the Communist International League?

Does anyone mind if this non-diplomatic puppet of mine resides here?

- Terlibe

I did what I thought was right. I apologize for any hurt feelings. My time here is at an end, and perhaps the region's as well. Farewell and good luck.

Yours for Socialism

"Men be better and more surely knit together by love and benevolence than by covenants of leagues, by hearty affection of mind than by words."
The fire of PanSocialism will reawaken in the UPFS. In our hearts we are united by the desire for world of liberty and equality. Only in unity can we stand up to the forces of capital.

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