United Governments of South East Asia RMB

WA Delegate: The Democratic Republic of Tanjung Semberong (elected 68 days ago)

Founder: The Great Rajadom of United Borneo

World Factbook Entry

News: Regional WA Delegate Act passed, 4:1

Rumors: Black Riders condemned to hell

Security Level : Green

Regional Government

Head of Region : The Great Rajadom of United Borneo

Secretary-General :Most Honorable The Democratic Republic of Tanjung Semberong
Defense Sec. I : North sabah
Defense Sec. II : Honorable Razors
Interior Sec. : The Republic of Pandora Box
Foreign Affairs Sec. : The Republic Company Corporation of Pinang Island

Regional Ambassador

To Central Pacific Empire : Christian malaysia

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    UGoSEA Legislations

    FactbookLegislation by United Borneo 54 days ago. 15 reads.

Embassies: Asia, Malaysia, Philippines, Ecnavian Federation, The Ascendancy, Central Pacific Empire, League of Christian Nations, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Land of the Liberals, Islam, International Commonwealth Of Nations, Shirayuki, United Empire of Islam, Strategos Prime, ASEAN, ISSU, and 4 others.Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, The Konglomerat, Council of The Federated Nations, and Trainsylvinea.

The embassy with ASEAN is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 6 hours.

Tags: Password, Minuscule, Recruiter Friendly, and World Assembly.

United Governments of South East Asia contains 4 nations.


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The Most Avoided in United Governments of South East Asia

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, United Governments of South East Asia is ranked 15,203rd in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic Company Corporation of Pinang IslandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Our Island, Our Right, Our Business ”
2.The Republic of Pandora BoxIron Fist Consumerists“Prepared to release the Chaos”
3.The Great Rajadom of United BorneoWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“For The Raja We Fight, For The Rajadom We United”
4.The Democratic Republic of Tanjung SemberongWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Forever Unity”

Regional Happenings


United Governments of South East Asia Regional Message Board

24 January 2014

Re: Various Matters

Dear UGoSEA,

Tomorrow, we begin our regional elections in the Central Pacific Empire for February 2014. Therefore, as the January 2014 government comes to a close, I wish to give you a brief update on how our current government has performed this month:

1. The region has generally seen a boom in activity, which has largely had positive repercussions for us. Our regional mood is rather upbeat.

2. Our region has seen the passing of a regional map, our first official one. This has been a great success and added a new dimension to regional life.

3. A Judicial Enquiry, referred to as ‘FC14’, was completed, which makes a number of recommendations for our judiciary’s future. We hope future elected governments continue on this path of reform. We have great pride in the independence of our judiciary.

4. Our defence has been reformed, so that our military will be required to be renewed every three months, to ensure the members who sign up regularly remain committed.

5. Our recruitment ministry has taken the region to the above 60 members mark, which is significant given previous fallings in recruitment over the previous 3-4 months under the Aanon Bay Government.

6. Our international relations has increased, and we have developed great international friendships, and also reviewed and rationalised our embassies to ensure we have embassies with regions who truly add value to our region, or have a good strong bond with us.

7. Our government passed a statement granting homosexual, bisexual, transgender communities full and equal rights in our region.

On behalf of the The Nationalist Federation of Faikliren government, I wish to thank you for your generally warm hospitality. As for myself, I am running for re-election and will hope to maintain my role as Foreign Affairs Minister in February.


The Republic of Bankstown City
Foreign Affairs Minister, Central Pacific Empire

It's so good to heard many things from CPE, we congratulate your government and region for doing so well and manage to have good achievements.

May the new government of CPE will bring more successful achievement.

The Head of Region

great to hear some news about our friends in CPE, thank you for sharing, surely CPE January 2013 governments had run the region very well.

Hope CPE governments will continue to be successful in running the region, more effective and smooth than before. Happy elections day to CPE citizen, all the best.

Secretary-General of UGoSEA.

4 February 2014


Dear Philipines,

The Central Pacific Empire has re-elected The Nationalist Federation of Faikliren for a second monthly term as Prime Minister for February 2014. The new government has been appointed which will comprise 2 x Progressive Party members (including myself) and 3 x Liberal Party members.

I am the new Foreign Affairs Minister, after my former colleague and party fellowmen, The Republic of Bankstown City was unfortunately not re-elected to the imperial Council. Bankstown City led a strong Foreign Affairs portfolio, and I wish to maintain this ongoing communication.

I look forward to enjoying this month with you.

The Incorporated States of Norton Island
Foreign Affairs Minister, Central Pacific Empire


Post by Deeper Syl suppressed by United Borneo.

You natives and your walls of text! Argh!

10 February 2014

Re: Invasion

Dear UGoSEA,

We completely condemn the recent invasion of the UGoSEA, and we are glad the region was able to regain power. I did not call for an immediate intervention due to the region having a founder, however please do no we are always at hand.

The Incorporated States of Norton Island
Foreign Affairs Minister, Central Pacific Empire


TO : Ambassador of UGoSEA

Re: Invasion

We appreciate the step taken by our friends on CPE upon the condemnation over the invasions towards UGoSEA a few days ago, It really hit hard on us as we aren't prepared along with lack of active nations within the region, but we manage to survived.

By the way, I notice that the current CPE Foreign Affairs Minister is a new person now. Hope we can still work side by side on the path to increase more of our between region bilateral ties.

" For a better region "

The Democratic Republic of Tanjung Semberong
Secretary-General of
United Governments of South East Asia


Greetings nations and ambassador in UGoSEA,

After the invasion, a series of closed meeting was conducted by the Regional Government.

Therefore, a law was created to tighten the regional's border and at the same time increases its security. Known as Internal Security Act, these law allows the Secretary-General to have additional Defence Secretary.

The law also brings series of new policies.

Among them are, the region will have closed door policy to new members. Any nations that wish to join us must directly contact the Secretary-General (S-G) or Interior Secretary (IntSec), not the Head of Region (HoR).

After contacting the required parties, the applying nations will be interviewed either by S-G, IntSec, HoR or all. Ending the process, applying nations will become a member if supported by 2/3 parties but the HoR may denied the membership with a veto right after approval.

By the Internal Security Act, the government also have the right to hide the regional password.

By law, only HoR and S-G knows the password. Thus, making the password in CLASSIFIED condition. Password will be reset after new member approved and join the region as its has been disclassified automatically due to membership application process.

The Head of Region, 14th Feb 2014

Interior secretary reporting in for duty... sorry for I had gone missing, haven't check-in for a long time...

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