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WA Delegate: The United Federation of Trektopolis (elected 3 years 205 days ago)

Founder: The Federal States of Admiral Janeway

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To live in peace, to seek out new nations & new civilizations & to go where no region has gone before. LinkTHE CONSTITUTION OF UFP

*The LinkTheme to Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is now the official theme song of the UFP!

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UFP Council:
Head of UFP Council - The Dominion of Disco Empire

Council Members:
The Cactuar Elf of Aksun
The Duchy of Estononia

Embassies: Star Trek, Vulcan, The North Atlantic Ocean, Dune, Democratic Socialist Alliance, Australasian Democratic Union, Aposir, Antifa, New Britannia, League of Tides, The Ascendancy, Ecnavian Federation, Oceanside, Democrats, Serenity, Intergalactic Federacy, and 68 others.The United San Diego States, The Grand Old Duke of Pork, The League of Just Nations, Marxism, Hippy Haven, Chrysanthemum Alliance, The Region of Industrious Nations, The Alliance Pocket Universe, The Terran Empire, Tropical Isles, Parallel Dimension, Benevolent Capitalism, The Skyheld Alliance, Revolutionary Nation of Freedom, post nuclear wartorn North America, Galaxy, The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS, Dutopia, Random, Horses and Bayonets, Milky Way Realm of IF Commomwealths, Alaran peri quan preciad, Qorian Empire, Central Eastern Europe, The Darwin Allied Republics, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Commonwealth of Liberty, Sasktelatown, Alliance of Free Nations, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, Ivory Tower, Empire of Andrew, New Republica, The Magical Unicorns, The Persian Empire and its Allies, Caladarian Galaxy, The Imperial Stronghold, New Northfield, Holy Rome, Atheist Empire, The Immortals, Association of Eco Friendly Nations, Thessius, The Grand Imperium, Great Federal Alliace, The Federation of the AMERICAS, The Federal Islands 2nd Gen, The United League of Empires, The Illuminati, United Federation of Galactic Empires, The Confederation Of Independent Nations, Trainsylvinea, The Roma Confederacy Graveyard, Sirius, The Order of Ages, United Nations of Earth, The Land for Everyone, Libertarians, Imperium of the Wolf, The Free Nations of The Conexus Alliance, Union of Systems, The Gothic Sector, Gracemeria, Planet Maxorus Prime, Sparthens, Confederate American Union, Starfleet Academy, and The United Federation of Planets.

Construction of embassies with The United Dissent Front has commenced. Completion expected in 15 hours.

Tags: Future Tech, Democratic, Password, Offsite Forums, Role Player, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech.

Regional Power: High

United Federation of Planets contains 17 nations, the 751st most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Largest Agricultural Sector in United Federation of Planets

As a region, United Federation of Planets is ranked 17,049th in the world for Largest Agricultural Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dominion of Disco EmpireWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“You should be dancing!”
2.The Incorporated World of FerringinarCapitalist Paradise“Once you have their money, you never give it back.”
3.The Nice and Honest Nation of FenureWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Don't worry, you can trust us.”
4.The Federal States of Admiral JanewayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“That's an order lieutenant!”
5.The Federation of StarFleetLiberal Democratic Socialists“Space, the Final Frontier”
6.The Protectorate of GnoriCorrupt Dictatorship“Motto?”
7.The Queendom of CarmelleScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Bigger on the inside.”
8.The United Federation of KithomerCivil Rights Lovefest“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
9.The Duchy of EstononiaWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Where Are The Strong, and Who Are The Trusting?”
10.The Constitutional Monarchy of CowldeauxNew York Times Democracy“Eat BBQ, often!”
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Regional Happenings


United Federation of Planets Regional Message Board

@Estononia: I think I know what you were talking about and I've put you on the map. I got as close to a dark purple as I could while still making your nation visible. As your population grows, your nation will expand eastward to the left side of the map.

@Aksun: Are you talking about that landmass north of the huge continent?

@Federative Territories: If you're talking about the island that I think you're talking about, I've already taken it for PDHTN. There is, however, a slightly smaller island to the east and a bit to the north. I could certainly give you that island and some of the nearby continent.

Here is the map as it is now: http://morate.net/ufop_map_current.png
And here's how I work out the nation growth. The map is divided up into a whole bunch of tiles. (Only I can see them.)
18 tiles for existing
+3 tiles for first 1 mil population
+3 tiles for first 10 mil population
+3 tiles for first 100 mil population
+3 tiles for first 1 bil population
+3 tiles for each .5 bil population after that
You guys will have to come ask me to increase your nation size when your population increases because I can't keep track of all of that. If it turns out that the nations are all too small, I may increase that to 24 to start with and +4 each time.

@Disco Empire: Would you like a spot on the map?

@PDHTN: Could you just pick a spot for me, in bright pink or whatever color looks best next to the other regions? My internet is actually fast today (33.2 Kbps!) and I can't get it. Once the map is done, I'll get it at the library.

On the space map: I was planning to make separate solar systems for each nations, and putting puppets together with the main region, but I can make it a solar system instead if that's more interesting.

I have ran into something tricky, though. Normally, stars are much larger than planets. It wouldn't be practical to make them to proper scale, but it still seems right to make them larger than the planet.

However, if we use population to determine planet size, it gets interesting. The largest region is Fenure, Pop: 22,155 Mil, and the smallest is Gnori, Pop: 91 Mil. I'm planning to make the diameter of the planet based on population. That would be simple, and show up well. Surface area or volume would works too, but I think it would be confusing.

If we base star size to make it larger than the largest planet, Fenure with a diameter or 2.2 arbitary units (in., cm., furlongs, whatever) we are going to have a map full of huge stars that completely dwarf the planets. We are probably going to want the headquarters planet larger then Fenure anyway, although it make put it into gas giant territory.

Anyway, TLDR: Is it going to bother you guys if stars are smaller than planets?

Should the star's size or color be symbolic of anything. It might be nice, although unrealistic to make them the map color.

This is what I have done so far:


Yes, the planets are outside the universe. :) It's easier to move them in later. I can still shrink everything down, too, if it is too large.

You can see what I mean about the size difference in planets. The smaller planets are there, they don't show up very well.

Let me know if I made any mistakes, or if I didn't put your puppet in your system.


There is an island out in the middle of the water. There is a landmass to the very left of that. It looks like it is half a landmass. It hugs the left border of the map.

Post self-deleted by Federative Territories.

Is possible, can I please have the area shown in maroon with my flag placed :)


Sorry, Aksun, but is it possible for you to draw a circle around the land you want or something?

How do I do that?

@ PDHTN- The map's looking good. Not to be high maintenance, but that location isn't what I had in mind. I was hoping for the territory jetting out into the ocean, directly north of Fed's spot on the following iteration: http://i58.tinypic.com/30saasg.jpg

Also, could you place my coat of arms (the shield I use for a flag) on the map? Thank you for all the work you're putting into this.

@ Disco- Yours is looking great too. I think these maps will be a boon for the region. They add a measure of actuality.

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