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WA Delegate: The Dragon Master of Aksun (elected 214 days ago)

Founder: The Federal States of Admiral Janeway

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To live in peace, to seek out new nations & new civilizations & to go where no region has gone before.

*Constitution and Theme under debate*

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UFP Council:

UFP Council Chair:

The Dominion of Disco Empire

Council Members:

The Dragon Master of Aksun
The Democratic Republic of Estononia

Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet:

The Federation of PDHTN

Embassies: Vulcan, Dune, Democratic Socialist Alliance, Antifa, New Britannia, League of Tides, The Ascendancy, Oceanside, Democrats, Serenity, Intergalactic Federacy, The Grand Old Duke of Pork, Hippy Haven, The Region of Industrious Nations, The Alliance Pocket Universe, The Terran Empire, and 60 others.Tropical Isles, Parallel Dimension, Benevolent Capitalism, Galaxy, The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS, Random, Horses and Bayonets, Alaran peri quan preciad, Central Eastern Europe, The Darwin Allied Republics, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Commonwealth of Liberty, Sasktelatown, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, Ivory Tower, Empire of Andrew, New Republica, Holy Rome, Atheist Empire, The Federal Islands 2nd Gen, The United League of Empires, The Illuminati, Sirius, Libertarians, Imperium of the Wolf, Gracemeria, Planet Maxorus Prime, Starfleet Academy, Inner heavens grace, Ministreyl Union, Northern America, Yerfilag, Renovan Cluster, Alliance of SHIELD, Demolibs, Haven, The United Federation of Planets, Alternate History World, Galactic Imperium, The 602 Club, The Darwinish Coalition, United States of America, The Federation of States Against HYDRA, The Local Cluster, Realm of Unrestricted Science, Star Trek, The Core Galaxy, UFP United Federation of Planets, Parkerican Lands, Travelling Region, Babylon 4, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Kaurava, My Pants, New Osean Cooperation Organisation, Brannack, The Forgotten Lands, New Zealandia, The New Study Group, and The Atlas Union.

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Regional Power: High

United Federation of Planets contains 23 nations, the 522nd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Manufacturing Sector in United Federation of Planets

As a region, United Federation of Planets is ranked 16,917th in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Incorporated World of FerringinarCapitalist Paradise“Once you have their money, you never give it back.”
2.The Nice and Honest Nation of FenureWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Don't worry, you can trust us.”
3.The Dominion of Disco EmpireWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“You should be dancing!”
4.The Republic of Mol-RihanCorrupt Dictatorship“March Beneath the Raptor's Wings”
5.The Federal States of Admiral JanewayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“That's an order lieutenant!”
6.The Democratic States of LazetperInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Forward unto the dawn”
7.The Colony of YA Expeditionary Fleet 01Capitalist Paradise“Something something something”
8.The Queendom of CarmelleScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Bigger on the inside.”
9.The Federation of StarFleetLiberal Democratic Socialists“Space, the Final Frontier”
10.The Plains of The RaqaaniInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Qaxáárisé”
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Regional Poll • Who would you date?

The Dragon Master of Aksun wrote:Completely and 100% NOT SATIRICAL IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. NO SATIRE HERE AT ALL.

Voting opened 2 days 22 hours ago and will close in 2 days 1 hour. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


United Federation of Planets Regional Message Board


How low the mighty have fallen!

A naval frigate from Stjerne was recently ambushed by a rival navy in the international waters of United Federation of Planets. Security analysts have admitted that faulty intelligence was to blame and are now insisting that something be done to prevent a situation like this happening again.

The Debate

"The best way to gain accurate intelligence is when it's in transit," says Xu Thiesen, a communications technician from the SSA, while hunched over a computer. "Think of the information the Stjerne Security Agency could get from telephone calls, emails, radio chatter, even internet browsing history! All we would need are satellites, servers, algorithms, and quality mathematicians to intercept them. It might be costly, but you don't want another embarrassing incident, do you?"
"We don't need to spend so much money on technology when we can rely on manpower," says Director Doris Frederickson, head of the Stjerne Intelligence Agency, while putting on a pair of black shades. "Can a computer gain a leader's trust? Can a telephone stop a terrorist? We need inside men around every foreign diplomat, general and guerrilla this side of United Federation of Planets!"
"Speaking of inside men…" says an unnamed secret service agent, stepping out of the shadows, "How do we know they haven't infiltrated our intelligence services? Think about it, how else would they know our plans and convoy routes? Spies and insurgents -- now they are the real problem; a problem I can get rid of if you let me launch a secret investigation with, eh, secret results."
"I know of a cheaper option," says your intern, lifelessly scrolling through whistleblowing site KwikiLeaks. "Why bother spending so much on the intelligence services here, when whistleblowers from others are posting all their information online? You could just set up some 'game rooms' for bored, tech-savvy kids. Make a game out of finding useful electronic intelligence and reward them with pizza or something."
Which is better, number two or number four? (I'm not making the mistake of picking one again)

Oh yeah, sorry about that attack. My captains thought you were a raider.

Hi from the New Study Group!


I am going to set up an interesting poll.

Greetings from The Forgotten Lands.


Everybody except for one person would date a sofa cushion?

Trektopolis has gone off their meds.

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