The United League RMB

WA Delegate: The Republic of Graknopia (elected 37 days ago)

Founder: The United Empire of Genivia

World Factbook Entry

The United League Royal Regional Government

The Royal Regional Council

Monarch : The United Empire of Genivia

Regent : The Holy Empire of Predatorius

Delegate : The Republic of Graknopia

Electoral Board

Secretary-General : The Republic of Folik

Secretary for Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs : Hanannara

Secretary for Defense, Chairman of The United League Security Council : Vacant

Secretary for Culture : Vacant

Justice of The United League Court of Justice : The Universal Republic of Durinmore

Grand Cross of Honourable Service

Inductees : The Universal Republic of Durinmore The Australian Commonwealth of Star Isles The Holy Empire of Predatorius

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    Second Regional Trade Embargo

    AccountTrade by Predatorius 65 days ago. 33 reads.

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    Regional Trade Embargo

    AccountTrade by Predatorius 84 days ago. 28 reads.

Embassies: The United San Diego States, Union of Free States, Argentina, Asia, Sunalaya, Soli Deo gloria, Greek Islands, North Africa, Jerusalem, Israel, Leninist Russia, United Empire of Islam, Romania, World Alliance, International Western Union, Ecnavian Federation, and 37 others.British Caribbean Sea, England, Eastern Roman Empire, The League of Just Nations, United Alliance Of Nations, Imperial League of Nations, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Austritaria, The ProcrastiNations, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Revolutionary Nation of Freedom, Union of Nationalists, Unity of Sovereign States, League of Christian Nations, Francia, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, Federation of Free States, The SOP, Terra Nullius, Eldarian Federation, Alliance of Bearded Men, Entity, United Alliance Of Klingon Sympathisers, The United Nations Elite, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, United States of America, The Union of Aligned Soviet States, Syria, The Federation of Dethklok 1000, Kingdom Of Bahrain, Strategos Prime, Empire of Andrew, Ivory Tower, Wyndia, Moscow pact, The Commonwealth of the Marshlands, and Confederate American Union.

Construction of embassies with Risk has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 23 hours.

Tags: Offsite Forums, Anarchist, Map, Password, Eco-friendly, Liberal, Recruiter Friendly, Human-Only, Democratic, Capitalist, Anime, Social, and 23 others.Defender, International Federalist, Socialist, Pacifist, Role Player, Imperialist, World Assembly, National Sovereigntist, General Assembly, Industrial, Neutral, Security Council, Fascist, Monarchist, Independent, Conservative, Libertarian, Medium, Regional Government, Totalitarian, Free Trade, Theocratic, and Serious.

The United League contains 13 nations, the 926th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Mining Sector in The United League

As a region, The United League is ranked 14,561st in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Christian States of KulimCorporate Police State“Love and Tolerance”
2.The Holy Empire of PredatoriusWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Didn't do the Pharaohs any harm”
3.The United Empire of GeniviaNew York Times Democracy“Heaven's Light Our Guide”
4.The Imperial Dominion of Genivian care of the british colonysDemocratic Socialists“Be Vigilant”
5.The Imperial Dominion of The Alterrum territory of GeniviaDemocratic Socialists“Ocean”
6.The Imperial Dominion of The Faulknerland Islands of GeniviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Desire the Right”
7.The Imperial Dominion of RaticanConservative Democracy“Свалить с ног на упорное сопротивление”
8.The Universal Republic of DurinmoreCapitalist Paradise“Life, Love, and Country”
9.The Central Intelligence Agency of Bad nation of mattWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cheer up, the worst is yet to come”
10.The Federated Islands of AquamaniacWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Unidade e Paz”
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Regional Happenings


The United League Regional Message Board

The Temporary Password Protection Shelter will be abolished within a week if there are no further direct threats to the region.

can we appoint a recruiter?

Happy Easter everyone!
And yes, we should appoint a recruiter.

yeah, happy easter~

Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy Easter. Christ has Risen!

With the still ongoing Geno-Perasian War engaged in nothing more than round after rounds of stalemate battles, the Perasian aggressors have threatened the express use of nuclear weapons on the United Empire.

The United Empire has thus channelled 50% of its spending from each Government and Industrial Sector to the Imperial Armed Forces, spending on which has increased by 300%. The Imperial Armed Forces will be utilising and producing more and more of its formidable Space Weaponry, including the new Andromeda IR-1000 Space Laser, which fires formidable, detection-free ranged tracer laser beams which fry all metals upon contact.

Parliament has rejected a proposal to test a Moon-Based Hydrogen Sidewinder Pin Missile on a remote, barren island, claiming it to be "too unthinkable a risk and threat to the wellness of the island". Thus, the Moon-Based weapon will go into use immediately without testing.

The Universal Republic urges world leaders to present "aggressive caution" against the Perasian Government.

The Grand Chancellor has also replied to the recent Axial-Falls Post headline "War Profiteers!", the article that slammed the recent economic boost reported by the Universal Trade federation, by stating "The two issues are completely unrelated."

By Imperial Prerogative, the President of Genivia Jacques C. Ellison has been sacked from office and the political office of Presidency has been abolished by Their Imperial Majesties the Emperor and Empress. This leaves the Emperor to be the sole and direct Head of State, while Imperial Chancellor Nigel Nylund serves as democratically elected Head of Government.

Elections for the Imperial Chancellory are to be held next week, with the current Imperial Chancellor Nylund pit against Mr. Reginald Denis Johnston.

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