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The United Kingdom: 2006-2013

This region is open to new nations, but please be aware that its government was shut down on October 8th, 2013. The region's history can be traced back to 2006, and it was at one point the largest British-themed alliance in all of NationStates. However, all good things must come to an end. For any enquiries, please contact the founder.

Our former region forum can be found here:

Our historic forum (2006-2010) can be found here:

The United Kingdom thanks everyone who came to its defence and helped save the region.

Embassies: Imperial Britain.

Tags: Small.

The United Kingdom contains 7 nations, the 1,944th most in the world.

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The Most Rebellious Youth in The United Kingdom

World Census observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.

As a region, The United Kingdom is ranked 17,439th in the world for Most Rebellious Youth.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The British Broadcasting Country of Lord CarlisleWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Was that the truth, or was your News Limited?”
2.The Borderlands of CarlisleNationLiberal Democratic Socialists“Brits are always Monarchists!”
3.The United Kingdom of Brighton PavilionNew York Times Democracy“Dieu et mon droit”
4.The Republic of Santa DominionLiberal Democratic Socialists“Community over individualism”
5.The Nine Day Queendom of Queen Jane Grey ICompulsory Consumerist State“Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu ”
6.The Exile of PASDInoffensive Centrist Democracy“It's pop not soda. ”
7.The Grand Imperial Empire of Emperor Gowen IWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“You might think that. I couldn't possible comment.”

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The United Kingdom Regional Message Board

Both regions are unequally deserving of the fate that has befallen our great empire, but a clear fault of having either too many leaders, or not enough. On a quasi-related subject - It's great to see a former Sovereign in TUK again. My hope is that m'lord finds a reason-or-six to stick around. So, to continue our chat (and maybe entice PASD to join in), the Knighthood of HRH set off a political Knightmare for the Abbott Government, with Republicans and Populists calling for the Australian PM's head, and with high-ranking Conservative Ministers keeping "mum" on their leader's fate. An MP from the State of Western Australia will move a motion in our lower House, to declare the leadership + deputy leadership vacant. It will require a majority of MP's and Senators from the Liberal Party, which is the major partner in the two-party governing coalition of Conservative parties. The PM expects the motion to fail, with key Ministers backing the PM in public, but with his Deputy PM abstaining from commitment. This circus is only half-way through the third act, after John Howard's time and the later Labor Years. How does your country associate with this turn of events?

I lost track; have things sorted themselves out in Aus, Lord Carlisle?

Things have gone quiet here in Oz, Lady Jane. The PM and his alternative, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, have obviously come to a deal to keep the whole team quiet in exchange for influence and co-operation. There may even be a secret transition deal hidden in somebody's chest pocket but the Conservative Government wouldn't throw such a "spanner" to the Media, because if there's anything worse than a bad poll, it's a bad election outcome. The Liberal Party (our Conservatives) risk becoming the only Federal Government to lose their first re-election attempt in over 60 years, which could be used as collateral by the opposition to increase their next successful swing in to Government, keeping the current governing coalition out of office for longer. The Australian Senate recently censured the Attorney-General George Brandis (who I dined with before I was left the "Young Liberals" and founded my own political movement) which forced the PM to further defend his ability to make decisions regarding Human Rights. We had a progressive increase for our Tories in the polls during the past two weeks, but I am sure that if the trend doesn't continue to the point of electoral favour, the current PM won't last until anywhere near the 2017 Federal Election.

I hope that we see IR back again soon.

Would people have an issue if I served as our acting Prime Minister + Minister for Culture? I would also like permission to create a new forum, or at least offer the task to PASD or Lady Grey. As a monarchist, former heir to the throne, and advocate for a strong monarchy, I suggest that we make the most of our combined IQ's and experience to determine a new Sovereign for the next era.

Welcome back to TUK Emperor Gowen I :)

Emperor Gowen I

I couldn't resist. TUK gave me some good times back in high school.

Queen Jane Grey I and Lord Carlisle

Hopefully, you enjoy the repatriation and see to restoring a career. It would be an honour to work with other (more experienced) TUK veterans in a manner that is collaborative, constructive, and non-partisan. I consider you as one of those veterans, Lord Gowen. We may get the chance to serve in the Lords or HMG one day in the medium future, which is good enough for me. Welcome again :)

So.. What do our players actually want for their region's future? I, for one, am most eager to see the restoration of the Monarchy, and of the PM's office.

Should PASD or myself become Sovereign? Perhaps it's time for a Queen Elizabeth III with Lady Jane?

Hi everyone, Ebren here. Saw some of the activity and thought it'd be good to catch up, especially with those I have not seen in a very long time! How you all been doing?

Interesting to see talk of another revival attempt. If you all want to have another go, all power to you! I won't get involved though, as I promised after the last attempt that I would not participate in any more. Too many of the old guard have retired from the game, and it was hard to get anything going without them. However, this region should be more than just some shrine to old times, so best of luck. I'll be sure to watch with curiosity and hope. And you should get the founder onboard, who in this case happens to be IR.

I won't be involved. I've moved onto greater things in Europeia.

Good luck with your revival.

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