Nations of the South Pacific

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The 27 of ---------------------------Corporate Police State"The South Pacific"
The Principality of -MinorcaInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Déu i El Meu Dret"
The Grand Duchy of -MissouriLeft-Leaning College State"I will maintain"
The People's Republic of -Sondonesia-Liberal Democratic Socialists"Plus Ultra!"
The Free Land of -Yami-Psychotic Dictatorship"I h4Ve the qur3"
The Protectorate of 12e Infanteriebataljon Koningin BeatrixInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Voor Volk en Vaderland"
The Armed Republic of 1ce1andCorrupt Dictatorship"Sed sunt bona sunt terræ, et glacie simul melius"
The Rogue Nation of 1st Helghan Assault CorpsCorporate Police State"Kill or be killed"
The Republic of 2016 A world divided AdminInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Nothing"
The United States of 20s AmericaCorporate Bordello"E pluribus unum"
The Asteroid Mines of 21 LutetiaFree-Market Paradise"Welcome to the Future"
The Oppressed Peoples of 30 Rock LandCorrupt Dictatorship"We didn't ask you to come here, so stop complaining."
The Kingdom of 315Inoffensive Centrist Democracy"Strength and Money"
The Republic of 3Troop 117 FounderNew York Times Democracy"Be Prepared"
The Free Land of 420BlazeitlandiaAnarchy"LIGHT IT UP BOY"
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