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WA Delegate: The Green Republic of Neotropica (elected )

Founder: The United Socialist States of Conversationalism

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Welcome to the Scattered Nations of Ni!

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Regional News
-The Republic of the Empire of Britain has descended into anarchy after a malaria epidemic
-Neotropica and Rishiragua are working on a vaccine
-Neotropica is conducting investigations into the alleged involvement of ChanMackerel and Grand Davidia in the release of the strain.
-The war has ended!

Gamepoint Totals:

Tasistan: 190
Rishiragua: 180
Meridina: 170
Grand Davidia: 170
The Republic of the Empire of Britain: 170
Conversationalism: 160
Donaldtrump1: 160
ConnMania: 160
GeeseLlamaStan: 160
Neotropica 160
Habibia: 160
Angelfist: 160
La Corona Del ConnMania: 160
ChanMackerel: 160
Zendaryan Frevania: 160

Tags: Eco-friendly, Password, Role Player, Medium, Multi-Species, Social, and Regional Government.

The Scattered Nations of Ni contains 15 nations, the 1,186th most in the world.

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Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in The Scattered Nations of Ni

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, The Scattered Nations of Ni is ranked 6,865th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Banned Land of HabibiaIron Fist Consumerists“MOTTOS ARE BANNED”
2.The Principality of MeridinaPsychotic Dictatorship“Cold Waters, Cold People... cold feet...”
3.The Tribal Union of TasistanFather Knows Best State“The storm conquers all”
4.The United Socialist States of ConversationalismIron Fist Consumerists“Vi veri veniversum vivus vici”
5.The Kingdom of ConnManiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Open Up The Pit”
6.The Green Republic of NeotropicaConservative Democracy“Eternal Wilderness”
7.The United Socialist States of GeeseLlamaStanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Sun Never sets on GeeseLlamaStan”
8.The Holy United Kingdom of RishiraguaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Holiest of the Holy”
9.The Imperial Monarchy of The Republic of the Empire of BritainInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Think what would the British do”
10.The Republic of Zendaryan FrevaniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vivre libre, l'amour libre, ętre libre”

Regional Happenings


The Scattered Nations of Ni Regional Message Board

Post self-deleted by GeeseLlamaStan.

How dare you intercept our telegrams. The contents of that telegram were meant to be viewed by the eyes of King ConnMan. Not by the filthy ChanMackerals. We eventually wrote another after not getting a response. You shall pay for your mistake Rogue Leader. While you think you've got out scotch-free, you shall be penalized for the crime. If the allegations put out by Rishiragua are true, and you are the culprit of the entire malaria outbreak, I will get my revenge for each and every citizen I have lost. Mark my words ChanMackeral, you have made a huge mistake.
-Supreme Leader Geese

Supreme Leader Geese, I urge you to rethink your "revenge". Automatically resorting to violence will only increase the number of lives lost. A peaceful resolution is possible, and I request that you contemplate the alternatives. What are we, animals?
-King ConnMan


It seems as if overnight I was endorsed and thereby made the region's WA delegate. While I thank the endorser for the vote of confidence, change of power in this time of tension is not in the best interest of the people of Ni as a whole.

Fellow members of Ni,

I am allowing a team of neutral investigators to search my country for the host of this disease. If these allegations are true, then we are more than capable of self-discipline here in ChanMackerel. For the time being, ChanMackerel will be closing its borders to all those affected to control the spread of this disease. Transportation has already been grounded. If you feel your team is the best to investigate, please contact me. Our thoughts are with those affected.

Deepest sympathies to all.

Rogue Leader K.R.

The previously scheduled international friendly between Rishiragua and ConnMania was played today, with a final 3-2 in favor of the host ConnManias, played at the King's Rink at McCall Memorial Arena in the nations capital in front of a sellout crowd.

Rishiragua, ChanMackerel, Grand Davidia, and Angelfist

Dear Fellow Leaders,
Britain has lost 30% of their population, that is the highest death-per-second ratio this region has seen ever. Their nation has gone into a complete anarchy. The Rishian Union shall send in leaders, doctors, medicines, supplies, military help, and anything else to bring Britain back on their feet. Sure Britain may never be the same, but that doesn’t mean they can no longer reach a new level of success. Over the weekend, Rishitopia were grateful enough to hold the Rishian Union Conference. After a few negotiations, Supreme Leader Geese agreed to end this ravaging war with Britain.
I, Holy King Rishi II, hereby declare The Imperial Monarchy of The Republic of the Empire of Britain under the protection of Rishiragua.
Holy King Rishi II

As aid from Tasistan and Rishiragua slowly start to bring back Britain. Eager hungry eyes watch the instability realising that what type of government Britain will be. Will be settled now. Will it be an empire? A dictatorship? A tyranny? Maybe an aristocracy? Civil war looms. Nations the future of the region will be settled in this conflict. Find the side that represents your ideals and prepare for war. For not all have the same political ambitions. A former friend may be a bloodthirsty enemy. Peace will not resolve this conflict. But a clear victor shall. Pick your sides and arrange agreements. This just might be the mightiest war ever seen. A single man standing on a balcony in a country manor. Sipping a glass of sherry surrounded be booming thunder. For a single second his shadow is illuminated. The mysterious man is wearing a dinner jacket and a top hat. On the brim of his hat is a single pure white feather...

Neotropican immunologists have investigated the alleged Rishiraguan vaccine and have discovered that it has about a 35% prevention rate, which is decreasing by the day as the malaria bacteria mutate at exceptional rates. Neotropica will begin work on an updated vaccine, but with the state of the Neotropican economy, it seems likely that funding will run out without international support.

-Dr. Leaping Tree Frog

Dear Dr. Leaping Tree Frog,
It would be a privilege to provide you financially to improve our vaccines. Ours worked for the citizens of Rishiragua, but the vaccines are in better hands with you especially with malaria mutating at this rate. Zendaryan Frevania also agreed to provide you financially, we are negotiating with GeeseLlamaStan to do so too.
Holy King Rishi II


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