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The Renshear Archipelago consists of four extensive islands and a vast number of smaller islands, all covered with a massive ice cap. In the summer, the cap melts, reducing traffic between the islands.

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The Renshear Archipelago is home to a single nation.


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The Highest Police Ratios in The Renshear Archipelago

Nations ranked highly have large numbers of police or other law enforcement officials compared to the number to citizens.

As a region, The Renshear Archipelago is ranked 17,204th in the world for Highest Police Ratios.

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1.The Pristine Redoubt of MindaliaWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“All in the world is magic.”

Regional Happenings


The Renshear Archipelago Regional Message Board

In his State of the Empire address, Emperor-elect Fransico Deltoboso put forward his commitment to "Duck and Run" politics, and is willing to deploy troops to ensure that this brave tradition is not threatened on our fine Archipelago.

In a press conference late this morning, Malevolon's distinguished and unfathomable head of state, when asked for his opinion on the political tactics of neighboring nations, reportedly said, "Er...Look! A squirrel," gesticulated wildy, and ran out the nearest door. Following an investigation that lasted the afternoon, it was determined that there was, in fact, no squirrel present. The Venerable President Tachibana's location is still unknown, a possible sign that he has decided to employ "Duck and Run politics" in all matters, both foreign and domestic.

To celebrate its achieving a population of 1 billion, the Commonwealth of Sasaville will be hosting a gala later this week to which all regional delegates are invited. The gala will feature a meal of roast peking duck and runny cheese, while Sasaville's renowned dancing girls make a rare appearance! The Minister In Charge of Dealing With Overpopulation assures the Commonwealth that while he deliver a panicked speech, no one is obliged to listen to it.

In a bedside interview, the recently crippled Director of the Department of Regional Affairs proclaimed to "Entertaiment Tonight" that a large contingent of United Federation officials would attend Sasaville's gala, "except me, on account of my (bleep)ing leg and liver injury," and then muttered something about "those inconsiderate cock-buckets leaving me behind." He continued, "I have not been able to reach President Robin lately to confirm his own intent to attend, but domestic intelligence operatives have been secretly watching and analyzing his behavior over the last week. They suggest that he will arrive late in some shoddy, perhaps plant-like form of disguise through the service elevator and make his way to his seat via under-table appetizer-snatching maneuvers with an unpracticed air of nonchalance. He is to be considered comically spastic and desperate to bolt when cornered by the press or lovable children, and generally a dangerous wielder of runny dairy products."


9 years 268 days ago

Runny cheese? Ooh, will there be brie? Like warm, room-temperature brie? And crackers!

During a speech given before the All-Majolican Congress of Tractor Maintainance Unions announcing the People's Republic's new "Five Year Plan (in Four Years) to Replace Vietnam's Flag with One of Our Own," the Great Leader and Teacher affirmed the inevitability of runny cheese, as predicted the dialectical materialism. The announcement was followed by five minutes of stormy applause punctuated by the audience's entirely spontaneous shouts, in perfect chorus, of, "Let live for centuries the Five Year Plan (in Four Years) to Replace Vietnam's Flag with One of Our Own"; glory to the Great Leader and Teacher, and under the banner of runny cheese, forward to the victory of socialism!"

Concerning the issue of cheese, runny or otherwise, Kalanel wishes to request that varieties of non-dairy, soy-based cheese will be made available at any pending events, so as not to discriminate against any vegan, lactose-intolerant, or otherwise diet-restricted individuals.

President Dies In Horrible Tortilla Incident

Today, President Brave Sir Robin III of Meghanada met his end, like so many of his forefathers, carrying out his duty. He had been touring the nation's food production plants for the last few weeks to showcase the progress in worker safety that has resulted from historic legislation that he passed last year. The tragedy occurred at Chubby Aztec, Inc.'s plant just outside of the city of Aum, where they make giant tortillas for wedding and funeral parties. At each stop on the tour, President Robin would subject himself to situations that had been the cause of death or injury to plant workers prior to the legislation. In this case, he lay upon the conveyor belt of the giant tortilla wrapping machine and passed through. Previously, workers in the plant walking on the catwalk above the conveyor belt would often faint from the thick hot sauce fumes that permeated the building, fall onto the conveyor, and get punctured to death by the giant tortilla wrapping machine. This time, however, the President passed through without suffering any puncturing whatsoever (a fact which the plant manager could not refrain from pointing out repeatedly), and was deposited, wrapped inside a giant tortilla, into a large, cushioned cart. Because of the mass and tightness of the tortilla wrap, as well as the heat, both from the tortilla itself and the bright lamps that the press used during an unusually long photo op, the President suffocated. No one paid attention to his deteriorating condition even while his dog, Fie Fifi, nibbled at the tortilla, breathing her hot, overpowering breath into the President's already overworked nasal passages. Vice-President Karl Rodrom was sworn in as President five minutes after Robin was pronounced dead at 3:15PM. There are no details yet as to the memorial service being planned for Brave Sir Robin III, but many officials expect, having told reporters on condition of anonymity, that in honor of the former President, Rodrom will employ Robin's now famous "duck and run" tactic and allow plans for the memorial service to fall through the cracks.

The people of the Commonwealth of Sasaville express their deepest sympathies to the people of Meghanada on the loss of their brave leader. To honor his passing, the Commonwealth of Sasaville will feast on duck tortillas.

In response to a strike at the Chirane Industries plant in Mospin, the company's private security forces have instituted martial law in the city, and its board of directors have declared the city - and corporation - a separate state. Chirane employees, who make up 38% of the new country's population, have come out overwhelmingly in favor of the declaration. Shortly before the security forces hit the streets, Chairman and CEO Rickard White addressed a closed session of the Board of Directors. Immediately after, he told the press, "We're going to finally acknowledge the way things work around here."

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