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We are the Nautical Brothers & Sisters of The Red Fleet

We are the longest-standing successfully active force of the militant Left on NationStates. We oppose capitalism, fascism, and imperialism, and our forces stand guard for vulnerable regions on the Left when they are in need. As such, we are a combined defender/raider organization.

"Scourge of the Fash on the seven seas, & Solidarity with Comrades from sea to sea!"

Admiralty Board
The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley

Commanding Officers:
Lieutenant New Kryftland
Lieutenant Proletaire

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The Internationale

Autonomous Peoples

Communist International

Embassies: Antifa, The International, The MT Army, Argentina, The Red Fleet Conning Tower, Lazarus, Eurasia, Das Kommune, United Left Front, Fascist and Imperialist Union, The Ultimate Reich of Axis Powers, Volksgebied van Boere en Afrikaners, United Socialist Republics, Alliance Against Nazis, The Confederacy of Imperialist Nations, The Internationale, and 27 others.The Southern Cross, Der Imperium, The Chud Fjords, Kolovo, Navorgskan Imperium, Armed Fascist Union, National League, League of Anti Socialist States, AnCapSSFR, The Fascist Autocracy of Daog, Coalition of the Hydra, The Navorgskan Imperium, Red Fleet Marines, Marxists Internet Archive, Republican Spain, Nazi Europe, Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten, Aryan Resistance Movement, Sfr yugoslavia, The Leftist Union, United Peoples Front for Socialism, Alliance for a Greater Germany, Primitive Communism, The Revolutionary Union, Vladimir Lenin, Anti Nazi Alliance, and Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.

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The Red Fleet is home to a single nation.

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The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in The Red Fleet

As a region, The Red Fleet is ranked 10,490th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

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1.The Red Fleet Admiralty of The Red GuardsLeft-wing Utopia“Pax Ignescens!”

Regional Happenings


The Red Fleet Regional Message Board


In its first operation since the defense of The Internationale, The Red Fleet struck down five fascist regions at minor update on April 26, including two regions classified as observer regions by the Right Wing Uprising.

Hitler Incorporated, Greater Reich of New Germania, The Celtic Federation, The United Nations Of Rowania, and The Anti Globalist Alliance all sustained direct hits from The Red Fleet's torpedo salvo. After six months without an operation, The Red Fleet gave an impressive showing by timing its entry into the targeted regions to accuracy within one minute.

We expect the Fash to try to twist this as a meaningless operation, but they know what it means to have an active and mobile Fleet back in the waters. :)

Participating in the raid were Admiral Misley as point and trigger, and Sailor Kryftland as endorser. For his participation, Kryftland is promoted to Senior Sailor.

Want to join us in future operations? Fill out a Rate Application on our forum!

ˇNo pasarán!

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley
Admiral of The Red Fleet

Operation Alba Rosa

Led by Misley and the Nautical Brothers and Sisters of The Red Fleet, the Alliance Against Nazis has been refounded.

Alliance Against Nazis has long been an anti-fascist region, formerly founded by Comrade K-714. Following comrade K-714's retirement, the region was refounded by The Red Fleet and Syndicated Red-Black Tendencies before the founder again ceased to exist.

The region's importance as a late-updating region (currently the 176th-to-last region to update) gave it military significance as a lucrative launch point for anti-fascist forces. Similar launch points are used by many invader and defender organizations in NationStates, though none before AAN have formally been established for use by Antifa.

Solidarity provided by The MT Army, North Korea, In The Flesh, Alliance Of Armed Nations, and Argentina.

Antifa Soldiers Involved:

Sorry if I missed anyone - thank you all for the support during a somewhat lengthy but fruitful mission!

"Scourge of the Fash on the seven seas, & Solidarity with Comrades from sea to sea!"

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley
Admiral of The Red Fleet

Capture of NAZI EUROPE

NAZI EUROPE, once the crown jewel of Right Wing Uprising, has been refounded in the conclusion of a month-long operation initiated by Lone Wolves United, The North Pacific, and the United Imperial Armed Forces. The Red Fleet worked in conjunction with these militaries and other raiders and leftist and antifascist military forces to bring down NAZI EUROPE, and the efforts of all involved antifascist soldiers has been recognized by the Admiralty Board with the presentation of the medal "Antifascist Unity in NAZI EUROPE."

More details can be found in this dispatch: page=dispatch/id=279775

"Scourge of the Fash on the seven seas, & Solidarity with Comrades from sea to sea!"

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley
Fleet Admiral of The Red Fleet

Operation Under Mother's Wings

Leninist Russia, a region that has shared embassies with Antifa for over two years, was the target of an invasion by The Tripartite Pact, led by GGR's The 𝕲𝖊𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖓 𝕽𝖊𝖎𝖈𝖍 of Leather-clad Germany himself, through the thinly-veiled puppet The anti-communist matriarchy. This puppet is part of GGR's bizarre "misandrist" parody group, The Great Gynarchy, which presumably targeted Leninist Russia due to its former members' feminist stance.

LCG admitted ownership of the puppet in telegrams to The Red Fleet Buoy of Baronet of Ancoats, who had entered the region under a fascist flag, seizing the delegacy with the assistance of a combination of Red Fleet sailors and MT Army soldiers who entered under similar disguise. The Fash failed to respond to this incursion adequately, even believing the ruse and asking the The Red Fleet and MT Army militants to endorse Tripartite Pact soldiers. Unfortunately for them, after several updates, they found themselves in The Rejected Realms!

Over the following month, the region was defended by soldiers from The Red Fleet, The MT Army, North Korea, Das Kommune, In The Flesh, and several independent Antifa comrades. Tonight, the region has been secured by a secret password, and soldiers will begin to draw down as they receive new orders from their respective commanders.

Evidence of our deception of LCG and disclosure of identity:

"Scourge of the Fash on the seven seas, & Solidarity with Comrades from sea to sea!"

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley
Fleet Admiral of The Red Fleet

Post self-deleted by The Red Guards.

Promotion of Comrades New Kryftland & Proletaire

Comrade Kryftland is promoted from Senior Sailor to Lieutenant. Comrade Proletaire is reactivated from Sailor to Lieutenant. With the relative inactivity of the current Admiralty Board, this makes Comrades Kryftland and Proletaire the ranking active officers of The Red Fleet for the forseeable future.

Guardianship of The Red Fleet's founder nation and administrative functions will continue to be carried out by Admiral Misley. Day-to-day operations and military decisions are hereby delegated to Lieutenant Kryftland and Lieutenant Proletaire.

"Scourge of the Fash on the seven seas, & Solidarity with Comrades from sea to sea!"

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley
Fleet Admiral of The Red Fleet

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