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The Prometheus Isles is, as a collection of islands, characterized by independent decisions and choices. Each country is allowed an opinion, though the biggest decisions were originally made by the nations of Rowandel, Denfrunt (now defunct), and Monfrox, known simply as The Council. All leaders met on a man-made island that's fairly centralized, called The Stretch, created by founder Rowandel.

Recently, much of the Isles has been scattered, with little more than cursory interactions between the nations within. Many believe that a war is stirring, and that the Stretch, though militarily insignificant, is now occupied by unknown forces.

Embassies: Carnival of Souls, Black Mesa Islands, The Illuminati, and Greater Dienstad.

Tags: Independent, Modern Tech, Small, Featured, Password, and Founderless.

The Prometheus Isles contains 9 nations, the 1,525th most in the world.

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The Lowest Unemployment Rates in The Prometheus Isles

World Census experts studied the ratings of daytime television chat shows to determine which nations have the lowest rates of unemployment.

As a region, The Prometheus Isles is ranked 801st in the world for Lowest Unemployment Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporate Confederation of KassaranInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Weh Atas, Nash Uzdur! (To Glory, Into the Light)”
2.The Exclusion Zone of MonfroxWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Nothing that can be killed survives an entire belt...”
3.The Empire of Steel TalonsIron Fist Consumerists“What is love without sacrifice?”
4.The Empire of XingWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“A king exists for his people.”
5.The Most Serene Republic of Prancing Little GirlsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Your mature, feminine charms won't affect me!”
6.The Democratic Confederation of The CarlisleWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“The greatest strength is gentleness”
7.The Empire of Democratic GermaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“I will not be triumphed over”
8.The Queendom of IbauyaDemocratic Socialists“Death First!”
9.The Federal Republic of The Oligarchal Republic of AmericaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Those who control the present control the past ”

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The Prometheus Isles Regional Message Board

The Corporate Confederation of Kassaran wrote:While the Monfroxian delegation turned down the Kassaran offer of help, it wasn't because they doubted the ability nor experience of the Kassaran, it was because of the likelihood of their implementation in a form of international espionage and data-mining. That, being the specialty of the Corporate Confederacy, is something that Monfrox doesn't want to deal with as a political exclusion zone.

No, that's exactly what Lidev was implying. My nation spends about 2/3rd of it's budget on defense alone. We have compulsory military service and career soldiers out the wazoo. Monfrox makes up the most of the region's military might. To imply we need help would be like going to a tank crew and offering to mount an automated M4A1 carbine on the turret of their M1A1 Abrams with the TUSK equipment on. We're still paranoid about other spying on us, but that was the main reason.

Also, it wasn't about being a politician. It was about being a businessman. "War is a business". That may hold true in Kassaran, but war is considered a profession in Monfrox. You did kind of set yourself up for that one.

Is not a business a profession? To state that war is a business is to in short point it out as being a profession is it not?

Perhaps to imply they needed help was not what was intended, but rather that Kassaran desired to assist in the extermination of the pest in Monfrox. Obviously if they state they can't afford to focus on supporting the assault on the Stretch until they deal with problems at home means then that the Region needs to focus down what is keeping a coalition member down. In stating they had to focus on one thing at a time, they have admitted weakness, purposefully or non-purposefully.

As Ferdinand said, he wasn't trying to imply that the Kassarans were incompetent in war. Only that the Kassarans were perhaps less experienced in the matter than others present. As Monfrox mentioned, war is a profession in Monfrox and it also is in Germania. The Kassaran civil war was a matter of years ago. The Germanians have a well established and rich military tradition dating back centuries. Millions have died in the wars the Germanians fought over that time. If the Kassarans were the only militarized nation here, then Ferdinand would have gladly given the reigns to them. But being surrounded by all of the military experience present, he chooses to trust more (and rightfully so) in those who historically have much more experience in war than others.

And no it is not. To imply war is a business is to say it is strictly a means of profit and gain. To say it is a profession is to say that it is a fixed occupation that an individual has, a way of life.

To say that the business of war is a profession is to say that you are literally making a profit out of something that causes death on a grand scale and that is not a exactly a morally just profession.

Fair enough on all fronts. I'll cede my point then, but the Chairman might not.

I think Robert might just sit pretty on the current conversation, probably with a scow on his face...

That'll be interesting given how I've never seen a scow before.

Scowl I meant

6 days ago: Following new legislation in Steel Talons, the military has forsaken terrestrial warfare.

I guess that means I have a ton of spaceships now....

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