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Well, it's Australia Day. Which I don't celebrate - I share the view that it's really Invasion Day as the deliberate and systematic genocide of the 1,000,000 original inhabitants by the British is a certifiable fact, and decisively falls under the UN definition of genocide. There are possibly as few as 20,000 full-blooded indigenous Australians in Australia now.

In the 44 years I've been alive (granted I came here as an immigrant, from *ahem* *cough cough* the UK at the age of 18 months old - but my mother was Australian, long story), Australia Day has been a low-key affair, just a public holiday.

Slowly but surely, there have been attempts to bring nationalism and jingoism into Australia Day. This began with the-then conservative PM John Howard's pathetic attempts to try and define what an "Australian" is (why?) - the same man who after the 2005 Cronulla race riots expressed "Some sympathies for the participants" (they were drunk Anglo Australians, some clad in Australian flags, attacking anyone they perceived as "non-Australian").

The last five years or so I have noticed there has been cars with Australian flags hanging out from them, and a glorification of the yobbo "Get drunk as a maggot on Australia Day, eat vulcanised inedible steak at a barbecue and hang a flag out the car" minority, who then attempt to brand everyone else as "Un-Australian" for not doing so. Great, the most backward elements in Australian society are trying to claim what being Australian is.

So to my great surprise, Google has actually waded in on this today. I'm not a big Google fan (their information gathering and spying doesn't exacty endear them to me), but today they have done the right thing.

I'll post the full article.

[start of article] If you were hoping to wake up to an all ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi’ Australia Day this morning, then whatever you do, don’t log onto the world’s largest website.

In a stunning departure from convention, today’s ‘Google Doodle’ – the picture that adorns the Google logo, and changes based on the significance of the day – has delivered what surely must be the most overtly political statement in world Google history.

Over to Google for the explanation: “Doodle 4 Google 2015 was won by Ineka Voigt from Canberra High School in ACT, for her entry ‘Stolen Dreamtime’,” explains the corporate giant.

“In response to the theme of ‘If I could travel back in time I would…’ Ineka wrote “… I would reunite mother and child. A weeping mother sits in an ochre desert, dreaming of her children and a life that never was… all that remains is red sand, tears and the whispers of her stolen dreamtime”.
It’s hard to imagine a more pointed political statement – reminding non-Aboriginal Australians on Australia Day of the price that other people have paid for their privilege.

Of course, the notion that Aboriginal people should celebrate the very date that marks their dispossession, the theft of their land and their slaughter, is obviously insane. Almost as insane as suggesting ‘it’s time to move’ – imagine, as a non-Aboriginal Australian, if you were told to ‘move on’ from Anzac day? You can read a simple guide to why January 26 is such an offensive date to celebrate ‘Australia Day’ here.

But back to Google – one of the judges for the Google Doodle is renowned Aboriginal artist Bronwyn Bancroft, along with ARTEXPRESS curator Leeanne Carr.“Along with Google’s other judges [they]agreed that Ineka’s tremendous art work deserved pride of place on the Google homepage,” Leticia Lentini, Brand and Events Marketing Manager, Google Australia explains.

“It’s a powerful and beautiful image that is not only a brilliant artwork, but helps bring attention to the critical issue of reconciliation in Australia.

“We’re proud to have it on our homepage today.”

Which begs the question… if a foreign corporation can get it, why can’t the Australian Government? And why can’t most of the rest of our nation?

While globally, Google hosts a staggering 6 billion-plus searches a day, the Australian Google Doodle can only be seen from searches conducted in Australia – alas, Australia’s black past won’t be broadcast to the world.

Past Australia Day Google Doodles have been noticeably apolitical – pictured right, they include kids building a sand castle, some Australian bush scenes, fireworks, and the obligatory Australian wildlife artwork featuring a kangaroo.

On that front, there’s one small improvement Google might consider for next year.

The 2016 Google Doodle links to a search result listing ‘Australia Day’ – an explanation of the ‘commemoration’ around January 26, rather than a link to Invasion/Survival Day, and the reasons why it is so obviously grossly offensive. The latter might help ram home the point even more in 2017.

Even so, credit where it’s due – a global internet giant (and a young girl from Canberra) have just helped change the Australian conversation a little bit more.

Times, they definitely are ‘a changing. [end article]

I am also re-changing my nation flag to the default (well it used to be the default flag for a nation, shame on you Max Barry - I had to go to a website and download it) NS Australian Aboriginal flag, after using it for a while after ditching my 4th International flag, then using the Australian flag, I think it's time.

Yep it's 'Stralya Day.


If you want the website article it's

Not sure where the author was going in this "imagine, as a non-Aboriginal Australian, if you were told to ‘move on’ from Anzac day?", considering Anzac Day is yet another politically-charged day. Australian politicians used Anzac Day last year to twist a slaughter of Australian troops in WW1 by the British in Turkey (who didn't use their own troops, it was literally deliberate sacrificing of "colonials"), however the day itself has, once again after many, many years of dwindling interest become more popular, the dawn ceremonies attended in far greater numbers, and somewhat more tinged with militarism) - last year some politician somehow tied in Anzac Day with the need to be ever-vigilant in the "fight against ISIS". What? A day that is supposed to remind us of the atrocities of war was twisted into froth and foment of the "War On Terror"?

Blatant opportunism and I for one don't think Anzac Day is anything but a glorification of war. I don't care if I cop flack for this. IF Anzac Day were just to mourn the deaths of Australian servicepeople, that's somewhat fine. But, one has to ask why were we involved in these wars in the first place? WW1 - to protect British interests in Europe. WW11 is a different matter, I don't think anyone can see a way out of defeating the horrors of the Axis powers, esp. Germany. The Korean War? None of Australia's business. Even more so the Vietnam War. Then we move on to Iraq. I was, and I am sure some of my region-mates did too, one of the many millions who marched all around the world to try and stop that madness.

Let's face it, if you go into the armed forces and get killed, that's what you signed up for. You are at the behest and whims of your or another countries whims vis-a-vis being sent into combat. The only war where there has been conscription in Australia was Vietnam, and I don't think we need to go into how wrong THAT was, both the war and conscription in the US and Australia.

I see no honour in signing up to kill. That, essentially, directly, is what anyone involved in the armed forces is doing. If you die as part of that, your family and friends may grieve for you, but I certainly won't. You didn't do it for me, you did it because you wanted to. And there is no pretence. My first high-school was situated near an army base. Some of the male army sons were virtually homocidal, stating over and over they couldn't wait until they were old enough to join the army and be allowed to have a gun - and shoot people. Pure bloodlust. A friend's sister (naively) thought that going into the Navy as a helicopter technician would be interesting. We all attempted to dissuade her. A week in, after they attempted to literally brainwash her (using a variety of techniques) she went on a hunger strike, as they would not let her leave after signing on the dotted line. They gave in. A HUNGER STRIKE, because she realised how they were attempting to condition her to die or kill or do anything they wanted without question (ie complete subjugation and abrogation of her personality). They let her go.

So I don't want all the bull about how these people die for us, They don't. For some (blacks in poor US areas) it can be the only job opportunity going, understood. Mitigating circumstances.

These people that are attracted to the armed forces die 'cos essentially they are quite happy to kill. Legally.

They die 'cos they are happy to sell their services to the state in order that said state might employ them for that purpose, in whatever way the state feels best.

I don't mourn people who think that war is glorious, and that it's fine to kill as long as it's legal, and for dubious (oil!) reasons. Fun city.


A big thumbs-up to Max though - or someone! Today's featured region is...Aussie Nations and Allies. Which is a DEN-invaded and occupied region! No coincidence there I think. Invaded "Australian" region on Invasion Day/Australia day - well, I like that!

A BIG thumbs up! Good on you - Max? I presume so! Big, BIG thumbs up and congratulations for the stand, and subtlety, yet for anyone with eyes and a brain, the message. Thank-you, very much. Keep it up.

I used to be a Featured Regions Follower with another nation, it was fun until that region was wound up. I only did it sporadically.

Post self-deleted by Minyos.

[I wish you could edit your posts for a short time after, instead I've had to delete]

I have posted a lot today, yes. I realised I didn't state that whilst that first high school was in the 80's, the occurrence with my friend's sister and the Royal Australian Navy was in recent years. The only other person I was friends with for years who wanted to join the Australian Army and tried to a few years ago (he was rejected because he was a tad too overweight) had an unhealthy obsession with guns and miltaria. Owned a lot of guns... We've lost contact (he either became a miner or somesuch in Western Australia or did lose the weight and joined up, not sure, I haven't heard from him in a few years).

By the way, if you have been finding that Google is seeming a little personal, switch to Bing. I did. Look I'll be frank, I have an activist past. I have an ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Australian spy organisation) file I am sure. I was in a left-wing organisation in my teens, two members applied under the then-new Freedom of Information Act (FoI) to see if they had an ASIO file, yes they did. More and more my Google has become say...a little strange. Beyond filter-bubble results strange, and a lot of other surveillance stuff online and telephonically generally since 2001 (Twin Towers). To the point where I wholesale switched to Bing last year. It behaves like the Google of old, and is much better than it used to be. Occasionally I use Google if Bing falls down and I might find an extra item or two on Google, but my Firefox search engine is set to default to Bing. DuckDuckGo is great, but the relevance of the hits because they use NO geolocation whatsoever gets annoying.
It's a bit too late to care, I mean I ran a large socialist region on here when the game was much bigger and used my real first name on the RMB. I can't seem to undo being a member of a leftist real-life organisation that I left when I was 18, so stuff it.

Bing/Microsoft seem to be playing it fairly straight, but I don't pretend they don't information gather too. But it seems to be Google who are working hand-in-glove with the NSA, from what I can tell. Not at first, Google were great when they started out.



I am saying goodbye, because I expect to get permanently banned from NS for something I did and said in the fora.

If I don't, I don't.

I may be banned from the game for a while, or, forever, or just the forum section - I don't know.


The House-selling of Minyos wrote:I am saying goodbye, because I expect to get permanently banned from NS for something I did and said in the fora.
If I don't, I don't.
I may be banned from the game for a while, or, forever, or just the forum section - I don't know.

3-day ban from the forum. Well, there you go.


I wouldn't expect a permanent ban for blowing your top one day unless you were more spectacular about it than that.

#1 most stationary in the region. Sounds about right. I definitely haven't moved out of the region since I was Foreign Affairs minister in 2003, before I established many many puppets to do embassy work.

As a region, The Proletariat Coalition is ranked 6th in the world for Best Weather.

Well, that takes the sting out of ranking 4th out of 6 in the region! Congratulations, folks!

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