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This region has been seized by The Black Hawks! Check out our awesome Linkforum.

With much appreciated help from our friends from The United Imperial Armed Forces of The New Inquisition (TNI), The Land of Kings and Emperors (LKE) and Albion, The Black Riders, Osiris, Balder, and Unknown.

All incoming nations are required to endorse the delegate and identify themselves. Theme of the RMB: How long do you think it will take me to remove only ten natives?

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Embassies: The Black Hawks.

Tags: Large and Founderless.

Regional Power: Very High

The Proletariat Coalition contains 64 nations, the 165th most in the world.


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1.The Unmistakable Patches of Yellow BlobsDemocratic Socialists“Don't get bounced by the blobs!”
2.The Art Deco Dalek of Imperium CaliforniumWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Ex Tra Po Late!”
3.The Dominion of 030366WA MemberCorporate Police State“I'm your god, computer's my name”
4.The Hunting Grounds of Gun Nutty BuddiesWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“One AR-15 and 1000 rounds in the hands of everyone”
5.The Green Paradise of TsentruWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Bier macht frei!”
6.The Armed Republic of WarspiteWA MemberAnarchy“The only proper way to die is freedom overdose. ”
7.The Republic of OmnistellarFather Knows Best State“The sky is dark but our eyes are bright”
8.The Devilish Holy Knights of El MassacadorWA MemberFather Knows Best State“'tis but a scratch”
9.The Wanderlust of Of crazedWA MemberCorporate Police State“Cry me a river”
10.The Soaring Hawk of Sorenity2WA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If you need backup, we'll packup”
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The Proletariat Coalition Regional Message Board

The Black Magical Mushrooms of Toxic Garden wrote:Auhl: In-game level of actualities The MT Army, The Red Fleet and Antifa-Unity and allies has demonstrated on levels of In-game 'imperialism' which would make more or less RPing Gameplay imperialists feel envy. There are still hundreds of 'colonies' invaded and occupied by That Antifascist and mostly left wing oriented interregional umbrella organisation.

Prol, you know as well as anyone that the Fash/Antifa side of gameplay is inherently "imperialist" because of how quickly things get hawked by either side. However I've given control over several of the regions secured in Operation Shield Breaker to their former owners, which is the antithesis of imperialism -- but allowing regions to CTE without an interested party to take care of them and no native community to keep it going will just result in Libertatem or Woodhouse refounding it.

I'm just disheartened that an Antifa region was targeted. I get that TPC was an RLA member and was therefore a defender in its heyday, but I firmly believe that Antifa should be included in Raider Unity, not targeted by it, regardless of members' long-past R/D affiliations. I second Comrade Auhl's extension of asylum for anyone from TPC who's still around in TI, where they'll find an active community and lots of comrades.

To do my part for Raider Unity, I won't attempt to activate The Red Fleet against this operation -- I just hope that is remembered by this raid's participants in the future when they look for further targets.

In Solidarity Comrades,


Post self-deleted by Hebarus.

Admiral Misley: From Purist Raider view points a region that can be in practice attacked and raided is also considered as a target, no matter what it represent, who claims 'ownership' over it. Personally I won't hesitate raid insecure and defenseless Antifa-dumps. Everyone in this Game can easily arrange things in way it is not possible in practice fall prone to any raids by keeping founders alive, making delegate access barred and locking a region. Ancient Founderless regions can be refounded for getting that important founder. (In Case of TPC that would been relatively easy to do due regional remoteness and inactivity). This way everyone can achieve fire sure D in R/D game, what ever their agendas maybe. We don't actually need defenders for anything other than just fun, fun caused when we laugh their desperate moralistic cries.

In Antifa/Fash borderwars organisational capability to keep Refoundings/seizings/trophies/invaded regions secure is one of most important measurement for a successes in that borderwar. When often occurs situations where I Participate TBR raiding teams and we assault against Antifa/TRF regions, I handle with these regions just like with every other regions targeted. Few times there are also occurred situations where my fellow riders has been unsure how to do with these regions. In such cases I'm myself ordered (luckily enough high Rank for that) those regions to be tagged following TBR's tagging protocol. Same protocol apply also to regions of Antifa-Unity's direct enemies, without exceptions. An Important Part of the TBR's Puristic raider military doctrine is just that we do not evaluate and choose targets from view points of our personal Real life orientations. I don't have to explain further why it must be that way. Do I have to?

Sometimes I've felt that active TBR tag in these Antifa-puppet dumps is best way to minimize its target value from perspectives of irreconsilably antagonizing borderwarriors. Even Woodhouse and his minions doesn't bother collect all kind symbolically and historically irrelevant Antifascist/Leftist regional failures to his personal trophy shelf.

So, make enough important regions safe and keep them secure, Admiral Misley. If region has been under collective operation, offensive or defensive, that is your responsibility to do for the Organisational credibility.

I'm pretty sure that The Raider Unity won't target any TRF/Antifa-Unity's open and public military operations if these operations aren't directly hurting spheres of influence of its prominent members, but I have no authority say and declare that officially on behalf of any other region or organisation then my own Fanatically religious and barbaric, Northern Kingdom of Cimmeria.

Instead it is historically proven fact that Antifa-Unity can expect hostilities from the UDL/FRA affiliated Defenders. That moderate they are.

- Cora / Shadow of P.
Raider Mercenary, Private Contractor for TBR, TBH, LWU and Sicarius

PS. It is highly unlike that TPC Bunker boys would leave from their retirement bunker. They have still hobby with their daily national issues. :P


Post by Proletaire suppressed by Heaven Bound Tonight.

Comrade natives of The Proletariat Coalition,

We in The Internationale stand in solidarity with you! It has been suggested that we write a Security Council proposal for the liberation of your region. If any of you are interested in doing such, send a puppet nation over to The Internationale. We will collaborate with you in this endeavor!

Long live The Proletariat Coalition! End the siege!

Solidarity forever,


Yes, pass a Liberation for the region. Great idea.

Post self-deleted by War Dragon.

Comrade Proletaire is one of the oldest members of The Internationale. He was inactive few years. DEAT'd La Pasionaria thought first I (DEAT'd Proletaurus) was Proletaire coming back... It seems TPC is now transforming to some sort of sacred place where dedicated comrades can come declare how faithful they are for the cause. Like it would not be enough just wait.

Now it seems also that Comrade WAD of TI, Admiral Misley has also going gets some friendly fire from and within Antifa-Unity for his statements. Defensive and offensive doctrines (not to mention zillion different factions and sects and...) has always fought each others within Leftist and anti-fascist RL-poitically oriented scenes of NS. Question is now pretty much about that in-fight.

But Old TPC Bunker boys just wait., and watch, comings and goings, generation after generation. Lessons learned.

Indeed. Sunny Mountains are nearly always nice thing for a region, at least visually. :)

@backstabbing 'comrades'. For those who still accuse me as a traitor: STFU! - Cora

Why do people keep advertising their regions here?

Sometimes I wonder what Cora is saying, and other times I just shake my head and continue on with my day.

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