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Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, The Old West is ranked 5,255th in the world for Most Avoided.

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1.The Godforsaken Badlands of Prince Bong Bong BarmyCorporate Police State“We Have Come To Haunt The Topless Bars Of Ilium”
2.The Terminator of Suflete RaniteFather Knows Best State“Guy”
3.The Gloria of La Mujer de JudasDemocratic Socialists“Gloria”

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Sunset hombres

2 years 25 days ago

I kinda like this one:

Let me tell you 'bout a mountain lion a 'way out in th' west.
When it come to killin' cows an' sheep, why, he must've been th' best.
A reg'lar varmint legend of widespread renown,
He was the scourge of ranchers for a'hunnerd miles around.

While passin' through a cattle ranch he killed hisself a bull,
He ate an' ate, an' stuffed hisself until he was plumb full!
Then to celebrate th' feast, or maybe cuz he was bored,
That fat ol' mountain lion rared back and roared-an' roared an' roared!

Now all the caterwaulin' that th' mountain lion had done
Caught the ear of a passin' cowboy, who pulled out his trusty gun.
He took his aim.his shot was' to that cat's su'prise,
Th' cowboy shot hisself a lion! Smack between th' eyes!

So the moral to my story, with no "if" "and" or "but,"
Is when a feller's full o' bull. he'd best keep his mouth shut!

Sunset hombres

2 years 25 days ago

"Space, eh? From the final frontier to the wild frontier. That's the kind of inventiveness I admire."

You did not see my western-sci-fi combo nation: Maccoy. It was pretty good. That was full of guys riding around the final frontier with shotguns and pistols running ''pushloaders'' across the solar system, transporting miners, and fighting off bandits, etc.

Sierra van cleef

2 years 24 days ago

I actually know the "Cremation of Sam McGee". I've heard the version Hank Snow sings/tells. It's a little too late in the day for me to think of a story, but I'll give it a shot sometime this week?

Sunset hombres

2 years 5 days ago

Cleef, I assume it's a slow week? ;)

Sierra van cleef

2 years ago

A slow week indeed. Well here's an old tall tale we all grew up hearing.

Pecos Bill Rides a Tornado
A Kansas Tall Tale
retold by S.E. Schlosser

"Now everyone in the West knows that Pecos Bill could ride anything. No bronco could throw him, no sir! Fact is, I only heard of Bill getting' throwed once in his whole career as a cowboy. Yep, it was that time he was up Kansas way and decided to ride him a tornado.
Now Bill wasn't gonna ride jest any tornado, no ma'am. He waited for the biggest gol-durned tornado you ever saw. It was turning the sky black and green, and roaring so loud it woke up the farmers away over in China. Well, Bill jest grabbed that there tornado, pushed it to the ground and jumped on its back. The tornado whipped and whirled and sidewinded and generally cussed its bad luck all the way down to Texas. Tied the rivers into knots, flattened all the forests so bad they had to rename one place the Staked Plains. But Bill jest rode along all calm-like, give it an occasional jab with his spurs.
Finally, that tornado decided it wasn't getting this cowboy off its back no-how. So it headed west to California and jest rained itself out. Made so much water it washed out the Grand Canyon. That tornado was down to practically nothing when Bill finally fell off. He hit the ground so hard it sank below sea level. Folks call the spot Death Valley.
Anyway, that's how rodeo got started. Though most cowboys stick to broncos these days."

Post self-deleted by Prince Bong Bong Barmy.

Post self-deleted by Prince Bong Bong Barmy.

Sierra van cleef

1 year 239 days ago

Damn, Nazis!

What Nazis?

Indeed, what Nazis?

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by Max Barry

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