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We're often hidden here in TNAO, but all honestly peaceful enough nations are welcome here. We'll also defend both the region and the innocent! Justice through righteousness and strength! ALL RECRUITING IS BANNED IN THIS REGION! The Republic of Slaabovia out.

Totally Pro-Israel, pro-Judeo-Christian, pro-life, et cetera! NO SAME-GENDER RELATIONSHIPS ARE PERMITTED AT ALL, FOR EXAMPLE!

Region Created: 02/05/05

The Promised Land of Israel Created: 09/08/06

Judah Created: 11/26/09

Sukyushai Created: 11/12/10

Whether people are Red, Yellow, Black, or White, ALL are precious in God's Sight!

Number of NS regions currently under our control: 16

For full list, see our NS Forum's Signature, please!

Embassies: Israel, Christian, Asia, United States of America, Minnesota, Missouri, and Right to Life.

Tags: Democratic, Anti-Fascist, Monarchist, Conservative, Theocratic, Minuscule, Religious, and Serious.

The North Atlantic Ocean is home to a single nation.

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As a region, The North Atlantic Ocean is ranked 5,302nd in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

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1.The Republic of SlaaboviaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Justecigo Corgre Rofabei Y Fadijorimu”

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See WFE and RMB for current list of regions held by us. And note our forums signature in the NS Forums for more information. Slaabovia out.

Another Region has been claimed by us through refounding it with another puppet. This time, the refounded region in question is United Kingdoms. As with all our other claimed and currently-held regions, we fully plan on holding onto it as best as we can, for as long as we can, of course, quite naturally enough. That is all for now. The Republic of Slaabovia out.

Hello to all. May this message find you in good spirits. I'm the puppet of Sunny marionette, the recently elected president of South America. since my Minister of Foreign Affairs is on vacation, I've decided to tour our allied regions, in order to get to know them better. I'll be here for three days. :]

Thank you for your time, but I'd best be leaving.


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A moldy waffle

3 years 231 days ago

Hi guys. Don't want to go through all the hard work of staying in a region and being elected Delegate. So can I be yours?

We have now founded Civilizations of Known Universal History, for our 13th currently-held region. That nation is only for known historical civilizations and nations to join, if and whenever possible and appropriate, where permissible, for sure. Slaabovia out.

America's best temporal defense, at least, is Israel. Israel's best temporal defense is not to let the world dictate their actions, but to maintain its territorial integrity by not giving up any more land ever won in combat needlessly for false peace overtures by terrorist organizations and/or states. Take back the land already traded away needlessly, and fully possess it, if needed, to combat such people, whether Arab or European, or whatever they may be, Israel. Do not let Emperor Obama and/or his cronies both in the USA and not dictate your actions, but always seek to fully follow the commandments of God, in all possible ways and all possible facets of life. Recover and fully populate Judea and Samaria, at least, as well, to the very best of your own respective abilities in this world of ours. This is our quite fervent request of the Chosen People that God Almighty himself willingly blessed infinitely with the completely Unbreakable Promise of an Everlasting Possession for all Eternity, Israel. Slaabovia out.

The Nazis in NS evidently forgot to maintain their hold on one of their once-held French-related regions. Therefore, it is now the case that the region French West Africa has now been refounded by us through another puppet of ours. Where an earlier version of it might have been used to spread hate and racism, et cetera, it will no longer be such a region for as long as we are able to maintain the newly-refounded region well enough.

Naziism is a system of hate against those who do not necessarily meet certain standards, whatever they might possibly ever be. Often against those who don't meet those standards for reasons beyond any possible control of theirs, such as the weak, poor, and/or disabled. Just because a certain person may not necessarily fit rather well with certain others' ideas of perfection or ideology, for instance, that doesn't necessarily mean they have to be discounted or destroyed, in our view.

A nation or region or society who discounts or destroys those who don't necessarily meet certain societal or cultural or physiological standards without just cause or sufficient enough reason is not on the side of right, and such nations or regions or societies ought to be condemned, if and whenever possible. And those people that they target should be rescued and liberated at any and all possible times as well, no matter where in the Universe they might actually be, we feel.

That is all for now, at least, then, everyone. As for us, we will continue to seek out new regions to potentially claim control over and/or re-found, no matter what they might be, and no matter who might have left them open to such claiming and/or re-foundings. Beware, evildoers! We WILL be watching, and you may NEVER know for sure where we will strike next and with what forces, for sure, until it's too late for you to do anything at all about it well enough. Slaabovia out.

Between our foundings of Civilizations of Known Universal History and French West Africa, we also founded, or re-founded, as the case might actually be, the region called Medina. As usual, we will maintain all those regions to the best of our ability. Our newest founded or re-founded region is now Riyadh.

And we have our eyes now on any number of other known past or current regions for potential claiming or re-founding at some later date. What regions they might be, you'll just all have to wait and find out, for we're not telling you which regions we might just target later on, for the obvious reasons, most definitely. That is all for now, at least, everyone. Slaabovia out.


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