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NationWA CategoryMotto
The Galactic Empire of AaronWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists"All who oppose the might of the empire will fall!"
The Free Land of ArragoniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy"We will fight!"
The Confederacy of BippaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia"Bidoof, bidoof!"
The Creepy Zombie Plague Labs of BrillCompulsory Consumerist State"Dark Lady be with you."
The Technopolis of DomernicusInoffensive Centrist Democracy"For the Future!"
The Shadowy and Evil Dominion of Evil King MarvinPsychotic Dictatorship"One does not simply walk into Marvor."
The Great Coalition of Glorious and Harmonious FistsIron Fist Consumerists"We fight! We beat down! We triumph!"
The Blessed Confederation of Guardians of the Holy Bowling AlleyCorporate Bordello"For God, for glory, for perfect games!"
The Kingdom of Hail to the HeroesCorporate Police State"Heralding the unknown events to all."
The Impassable Northern Hallways of Hall NazisIron Fist Consumerists"You can't go down that hall yet you bloody twits."
The Kingdom of Happy Go Lucky Blood ElvesCompulsory Consumerist State"Betrayed the Alliance? We should burn in the Firelands."
The Scientific Laboratories of Island of the ElementsFather Knows Best State"All your elements belong to us."
The Constitutional Monarchy of Kazukus primeInoffensive Centrist Democracy"..BEHOLD CORN!!!!!!.."
The Evil Zombie Kingdom of Knights with Sharp AxesCompulsory Consumerist State"Our axes shall pierceth thy heart. With lazers."
The Dominion of Kristoff BjornmanInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Ice is my Life"
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