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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The MT Army Guardian of JJ Kale

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Most Compassionate Citizens: 705th Nicest Citizens: 769th Most Cheerful Citizens: 788th+7
Largest Populations: 1,004th Best Weather: 1,443rd Most Nations: 1,473rd Highest Economic Output: 1,573rd Healthiest Citizens: 1,714th Least Corrupt Governments: 1,745th Smartest Citizens: 1,751st
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Voluntary Member of ANTIFA

Founded on June 22nd 2003.

In 1940, the Mariner Trench (MT) Army arose from the deepest place on planet Earth to find a world in peril, full of hate, oppression and intolerance.

The diverse, multicultural and truly free people of MT voluntarily dedicated themselves to become mighty warriors, fighting against those who promote hatred such as Nazis, Fascists and Dictators, whilst protecting Democracy, Equality, Liberty and Freedom throughout NationStates.

The Retired MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33 sets the example, we always stand up and fight for what is right!!!

Anti-Fascist Active Periods: 2004 - 2006 || 13.07.2012 - 22.06.2013 || 26.04.2014 - 28.08.2014

Website: LinkThe MT Army

Embassies: Pacific Defenders, Antifa, Libcom, The Red Fleet, North Korea, In The Flesh, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Argentina, Alliance Of Armed Nations, Inglourious Basterds, Regional Defense Committee, Project Ragnarok, The Ultimate NS Army, Nazi Europe, Suomi, Alliance of Socialist States, and 497 others.The Abyss, The NSDAP, Buzzard Battalion, GOLDEN NAZI REICH, Nazi Deutschland Axis, Israel, GOLDEN NAZI 4TH REICH, Communist International, The Peoples States, Holy Empire of the Last Aryans, 4th Reich SS, The Prussian Reich, Aryanised Europe, The united axis, The Crimson Eagle, The ionian empire, German brotherhood, Kingdom of spain, Philipinesia, The vorr imperium, The gathering room, The gears, Dictatorship land, Greater fascist union, Asgard, The domain of oppression, Mariner Trench, Groom Lake, New ottoman caliphate, GOLDEN NAZI DAWN, Peoples Revolutionary Party, Volksraad, United soviet union, Anti fascist league, Aryan, Left Wing, Puppet state of italy, Canadia, Kerikina, Vichy France, The Alliance of Fascist States, Hitler Youth, The continent of lustria, Socialist Europe, Fascist Empire, The Nazi League, Union of Social Democratic States, Global European Union, Eurotopia, The Warsaw Pact of Communists, The German European Union, The Dictatura Isles, The Great German Reich, Der Riese, The Holy Empire, New Soviet Homeland, The Liberal Anarchist Protectorate, Coalicion Internacional Comunista, White Africa, Fascist Nations, Baltic, The dictatorship government alliance, New Fascist Union of Nations, Union of Socialist People, Imperial Axis, The Socialist Realm, The Imperial Fascist Empire, The Lesser German Reich, Nations inferior to the ROD, New Wasabi, The Holy Red Confederacy, The Peoples State, Neo Fascists, Equilisimic Revolution Movement, British Burma, COGS OF WAR, Anti Fascist Action, The greater Leibstandarte, The Holy Crusade, The United Peace Front, The Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, The Land of Honor, The Dominion of New Zealand, Baltokia, Vekta Helghast Controlled Lands, The True Sacra Arcana, Trotskyan League, Zhe Wehrmacht, Aryan Reich of Vinland, United Nations of Socialism, The Portuguese Republic, League of Fascist States, Hyboria, Socialist America, Golden dawn of national socialism, Right Wing Conservatives, Napoleonic Empire, National Bolshevik Party, Imperial fascist states, Grossdeutschland 88, The alliance of power hungry dictators, Wehrwolf, Mengjiang, The seventh sanctum, Anticomintern, Rodinia, The Union of Communism, The Oppressive States of Parmenion, Dictatorships of the New Old Regulation, My Army, The zulu empire, Psycho dictators alliance, Tyrant Island, UDSR, Ministry of Peace, Reichstag, Natan Region, Central Deutschland, Das verld assemblech, Tavis, The Blacklands, The Axis of Swag, Reichskommissariate, Northern Deutschland, Iron and Blood, Southern Deutschland, MT Army, Greater Dictaorship Republic, National Socialist Germany, Dictatorships Of The World, The royal defence network, The confederation of no, Gale Islands, Benevolent Dictatorships Union, Rebel Brigade, Axis Powers of Europe and the Pacific, The Glorified Union of German Australis, Nationalist prosperity alliance, QIAOFENIA, The New World Order, Conservative Dictatorships, Final War, The Reichsfuhrer, Dictators Union, The Corrupt Dictatorlands, Dumbledorian, Ekos and Zeon, Fascist Communist Alliance, Vereintes Deutsches Reich, Warzone 2051, Polen, National Socialist United, Sky haven temple, Autonomous Peoples, Northwest territory, Dictators of Insanity and Evil, International Gestapo Courts, Das Dritte Reich, The imperial alliance of kiezer, Danemark, Lacombe, Mariner Trench Army, Department of National Security, Guanxi, The Confederation of Dictatorships, Peoples Dominion, The League of Fascist Governments, Region of Nationalist Governments, The Nationalist Union, Fascist Governments, The Fifth German Reich, American Reich, The Legion of Evil Dictators, United Supreme Dictators, The International League of Socialists, Nephilim, Pact of iron, The anti communist alliance, National Socialist Party of NationStates, Independent state allied forces, The legions, Dominion of socialist states, United military order, The sons of marx, Atheist international, Red star federation, Great communist empire, Republic of anti fascism, The coaliton of allies, Nuremberg, Fascist paradise, Nazi party headquarters, Southeast europe, Red star union, The union of democratic nations, The united socialist states, Union of socialist republics, Patriots of liberty, Connacht, Communist paradise, The united german reich, New revolutonary union, The union of free states, Canadian arctic archipelago, Territory of slovenia, Torchwood institute, Territory of poland, Territory of afghanistan, Beaufort sea, Great ascension, The kingdom of eire, The golden eagles, Barents sea, Marxist international, The union of social democracies, The anti axis forces, The international union, Anti communist alliance, Arctic ocean, Freedom fighters army, Aesir, The socialist international, Aleutian islands, Hampton roads, Liberal international, Soviet union italia, Territory of luxembourg, The zionist order, The french alliance, Burgenland, Anti nazi union, Gulf of Alaska, Greater eurasia, The great empire of albion, Territory of netherlands, Dusseldorf, Territory of austria, The Oppressed Isles, Aryan honor, Region of socialist states, Federal republic of germany, Northlands, Communalists federation, The ufssr, Whitehorse, New black panther party, Hedgeston, The Bureau, Zealand, Egalitarian union, New republic of the british isles, Dortmund, Territory of england, Kodiak archipelago, The united aryan reich, Moravia, Union of Nations Against Fascism, The Tyrannical Union, NSO, The Pacific Trench, Nordic Fascism Treaty, Trav khar, The Pact of Steel, Eurasia, The Soviet Block, Korean Peoples Army, Fourth Reich, The Free Nations of Peace, The Beastly Tyrants, The Pacific Ocean, International Congress, The Capital Wasteland, The Imperial Catholic Nazi German Reich, Fluffybunnikins5, Classically Liberal Communitarians, Germanic Nazi Fascist Reich Union, Capitalist, IMF, Die Reich Von Volkenreich Und Jihadistan, Eurasian Nations, The Empire Of The Rising Sun, Fascist Emerica, Belgium Germany, Empire Of Germany, Atlanta, White European Nations, Neu Schwabenland, Basque League, White Australia, National Socialist Asian Workers Party, Anti Leftist League, Orange Free States, The Refugee Camp, The League Of Leftist Nations, The Falange Movement, Haus Der Schutzstaffel, Fascist States Of Nazi Foley, Axis of Independent Empires, Defending Hallow, Fascist and Imperialist Union, Republican Fascist Party, Hippy Haven, Das Kommune, Socialist Nationalists United, Aryan Alliance, The Austrio German Riech, United Socialist Republics, The Aryan Alliance, National Socialist Alliance, The Fascist Region, Right Wing Extremist Alliance, United White Front, Nazi Occupied France, The URAP II, Union of National Socialists, Panzers United, Sentinel Isle, The Confederacy of Imperialist Nations, Whites Only, HOME OF THE DICTATORSHIP, The NSIA Museum, Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble, The Territory Of The Capital Territories, Tylora, The Dagobah System, The CRR Civil Rights Region, Deutsch Wehrmacht, The Fifth Empire, Reich IV, Dictatorship Alliance, Leninists Unite, Aryan Nation, Squad of Imperial Japanese Soldiers, Region of the Polish, The Fascist Alliance, National Socialist Region, Kameradschaft Freikorps, Borneo Island, Valhalla, Vaterland Partei, Exterminatus Innocentus, Nationalist Union of Associated States, The Socialist Party, GGR North Afrika colony, The Grand Fascist Empire of Italy, Eldarian Federation, World Fascist Assembly, The United Nations of Reapers, Deutchland, GGR Middle East Conquered Land, NAZI EUR0PE, Ljubljana, DR Congo, Aryan Resistance Movement, Castle Wewelsburg, New Stormfront, The New Realm, Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten, Nationalist Federation, Axis Powers, Zenith Trifecta, The Aryan Army, The New Nazi Germany, Reichland, Rechtsstehend Aufstand, Nazi Amerika, The Greater Prussian Empire, Nazi Party USA, Death Haven, Fascist European Nationals, Das Konigtum, The Holy Fascist Alliance, 4th Reich, The National Socialist Party Of Saxonia, National Fascist Party of Germany, Nationalsozialistische Amerika, Malevolent, Oberosterreich, Das Konglomerat, Kontinent der Einsamkeit, The Soviet, Neuburg Castle, Weimar, Kingdom of the Nazis, St Johns, Wurttemberg Hohenzollern, NSM, Kingdom Of Yugoslavia, Zapatista Colony, Holy American Empire, Indonesian Archipelago, The DOS HQ, The Illuminantic States, The Nazi Region Of Pamania, New Worcester Kingdom, Land Of The Nazis, The Republic of Ecuador, The Greater Untied Reich, National Socialists Union, The Region Of Dictators, WhiteAmerica, The Empire of Fascist Powers, The Sixth Reich, Neo Italian Empire, Iraq And The Levant, The Imperium States, Fascist Union, NAZI UPRISAL, Nazi Equestria, Socialists, The New Imperium, League of Nationalists, Darwinistic National Eurasians, New Eastern Bloc, Racism Land, Territory of Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Territory of Belgium, Territory of Denmark, White Racist States, The nationalistic union of aryan races, Territory of Norway, The Pantheon, Federation of God, Hoddmimis Holt, Principality of Prachya, Global Left Alliance, The Union Of Soviet Socialism, Socialist States, The Grand Red Union, Chernobyl Union, Soviet Armed Forces, Allied Socialist States, United Global Socialist Union, Grand Alliance Of Socialist States, The Unity Of Socialist Nations, Rejected Communists, The Socialist Counties, United Falangist Front, Thule Gesellschaft, Republic of Costa Rica, The International Communist Union, Seine, Wewelsburg, Bophuthatswana, Grand Revolutionary Army, National Socialist Saffron Party, Grand Soviet Empire, The League Of Dictatorships, Columbia River, Grand Council Of Fascism, National German Dictatorship, Nazi World, League Of White And Aryan Empires, The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, Nationstates Fascist Union Reborn, The Greater Germanic Reich, Anti Nazi Alliance, The Last Reich, CRFI, Worldwide Communist Union, Right Wing Uprising, White America, Fatherland, The Anti Judaizing League, Nazi England, The Greater German Republik, The SPLC, Hail the Trinity, The World Alliance of Fascist States, The United International Fascist Allianc, Fascist Norway, White National Socialism, the Greater German Reich, Coalition Of Authoritarian Governments, The Red and Black, The Pacific Defenders, The Communist Beach, USSD, The Leftist Assembly, The Nazi Confederation Of Europe, The Safe Haven Of Fascism, The Isles Of Collected Shenanigans, 1984 Was An Instruction Manual, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Land of Evil Oppression, Korean Peoples Navy, Hippiedom, Victims Of Capitalism Memorial, Jewish Defense League, United Nations Of Communism, NSV, The Internationale, Democratic Left, Fascist Neurope, The Axis, and The Red Sea.

Tags: Democratic, Password, Small, Eco-Friendly, and Anti-Fascist.

The MT Army contains 9 nations, the 1,473rd most in the world.

Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in The MT Army

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, The MT Army is ranked 13,862nd in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The MT Army Freedom Fighter of GlugsCorporate Bordello“Faithfully serving The MT Army since 2005”
2.The Insurgent of MytoniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Convergence is at hand”
3.The MT Fascist Beating Stick of CrownguardDemocratic Socialists“There are no enemies, merely topographies of ignorance”
4.The Original MT Army Founder of The peace makersDemocratic Socialists“Love and care for all of the holy nations”
5.The Anti-Nazi Museum of The MT Army NSL DESTROYER33Liberal Democratic Socialists“The MT Army will save NationStates from hate”
6.The Colony of MT LiberatorLiberal Democratic Socialists“The MT Army will save NationStates from hate”
7.The Retired MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33Left-wing Utopia“Defending Liberty Since 2003 :)”
8.The Mariner Trench Army Ancient of James the GreatFather Knows Best State“Mwahahaha”
9.The MT Army Guardian of JJ KaleLeft-Leaning College State“Restored to Vippertooth33 by the last Shadow Warrior”

Regional Happenings


The MT Army Regional Message Board

What has it been? 10 years? Good to be home

Kinda fell inactive there with start of school...

Welcome back James, you will always have a home here :)

All good Crowny, I have been inactive for a month and a half!


No one's as inactive as me harhar glug glug

So apparently I'm WA rep now somehow. Well ok then. Less raiding for me then? :(

Because I endorsed you Crowny, we can still assist Antifa raids as we please :)

The MT Army Update:

It has been almost a year since our last update but we would like to share several happenings during our constant struggle against hate!

The following regions have been defended/captured by The MT Army:

- The Pacific Defenders (reserved in case of emergency).
- 1984 Was An Instruction Manual (recaptured from the Nazis by Korean Peoples Army, original MT puppet has returned to keep it out of enemy hands).
- Jewish Defense League (formally Anti-fascist region, captured by the fascists from The Domination of the Draka, now defended)
- United Nations Of Communism (taken from The Fascist Union).

The following regions have been captured by The MT Army:

- Fascist Norway.
- White National Socialism.
- Coalition Of Authoritarian Governments.
- The Nazi Confederation Of Europe.
- The Safe Haven Of Fascism.
- The Isles Of Collected Shenanigans (Allies of the now defeated The Greater German Reich).
- Land of Evil Oppression.
- Victims Of Capitalism Memorial (taken from Casapound, allies of The Fascist Union).
- NSV (Member of the now defeated Right Wing Uprising).


- The Greater German Reich

The following MT Army soldiers participated in the destruction of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, once an extremist hate themed region, which was later taken by Nazis then taken/destroyed by Antifa:

- The Retired MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33
- The MT Fascist Beating Stick of Crownguard
- Taylorswiftempire

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!!!


Thanks for the update. I'm always up to be roused from my afternoon nap to fight fascism.

Just reactivating to say hi!

JJ Kale

Who all is around and awake by chance? I ask because we've had a request to take on some fash, though given the source of it I can't be sure if it is worth following up on or not.

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