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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Terran Confederacy of Steel Union (elected 189 days ago)

Founder: The Consortium of Taledonia

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Embassies: Realm of Unrestricted Science, Raumreich Oversector, and Greater Prussia.

Construction of embassies with The Local Cluster has commenced. Completion expected in 2 days 1 hour.

Tags: Future Tech, Large, Featured, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Milky Way Galaxy contains 92 nations, the 122nd most in the world.


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The Safest in The Milky Way Galaxy

The World Census ranked nations on a variety of scales to produce an indication of how safe a country is to visit.

As a region, The Milky Way Galaxy is ranked 2,325th in the world for Safest.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Imperial Dominion of SelemantraCorrupt Dictatorship“Into the future we stride, our minds able.”
2.The Star Empire of Dai Coon ReeWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“As bright as a thousand Suns”
3.The Royal Northlands of StratovariaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Päätyälta Fantasia”
4.The Republic of AvenioLiberal Democratic Socialists“Non nobis, sed omnibus”
5.The Empire of The Legion of WarCorrupt Dictatorship“Stand with us, or against us”
6.The Kingdom of ArundellDemocratic Socialists“The Fire Burns Bright”
7.The Oppressing Oppression of OppressorionCorrupt Dictatorship“Under Us, Safety.”
8.The Interstellar Reich of TocrowkiaCapitalizt“Ehre und Ruhm, Sieg und Tod”
9.The All-Consuming Plague of Neo-MekantaCorporate Police State“EXAMINE - EVOLVE - EXTERMINATE”
10.The Great Therapodian Empire of SskissFather Knows Best State“We who survived, became one”
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Actually, the ship doesn't accelerate to 100ly an hour, it tears open a tunnel ion spacetime and flies in. The end result is the ability to travel from point A to point B at roughly 100ly per hour. This refers to the elapsed time versus distance traveled. The ship does not accelerate to that speed in real-space.

It is also unable to do anything but complete the transit once begun, just in case you were wondering. It is rather amusing to hear such arguments from someone who fields warships loaded down with .9c railguns...

I think I might take a cue from others and move along.

The Consortium of Taledonia wrote:Whoa, mass exodus...

And Xis, I'd have to disagree that it's different. I'm not saying any form of FT travel is banned, simply trying to make it so that it's a somewhat more even playing field. In much the same way that you can't claim defense by-passing laser beams, why should you be able to claim the ability to instantly teleport into someone's system? I mean sure, people can set up FTL countermeasures and so on, but isn't just a standard agreement of "you can't just appear here" better than the continuous "well I have this drive" "Well I have this thing that blocks it" "Well I now have this drive that bypasses that device" "and now I have a new device that blocks your new drive"

It's simply a simpler way of having anti-FTL devices, in my opinion. Along with all the added benefits I've listed.

I was under the impression that instantly teleporting into someone's system is what FTL does, more or less. It might not be instantaneous for whoever's on the ship, but in some cases it is, and it's certainly instantaneous for the people in said system. Generally speaking I don't think they can see them coming. But that's really irrelevant. I play by the standard agreement of "you can't just appear here" in areas where I don't want people to go by having FTLi that negates all FTL travel. Period. I don't care what you use, it's not happening in this zone unless you destroy or otherwise negate the device generating it. It's just that simple, and it doesn't require any major changes to anybody's technology.

So talking about any kind of mass restraints on technology like this just seems really unnecessary from my point of view.

A fair enough point, Xis. To each their own.

And Red Talons, the point still stands that causing a singularity of that sort would require vastly more power than accelerating something to c. And I don't see how it's amusing, for my "speed limits," as it were, are far greater than the speed of light. Therefore I've said nothing contradictory. As for moving on, feel free. As stated several times, I'm not forcing anything on anyone; choose to use my map or no, but it has no bearing on whether or not you're welcome in my region.

*Slaps tal with a fish * Why are you debating physics like this when everyone here uses FTL that doesn't comfortably fit within the realms of general relativity? Aside from theorized warp drive. This is all conjecture and pusdo stuff, I backed alot of my FTL and stuff on material on theoretical physic's I enjoyed reading.. But no one should EVER need a degree in that field just to rp.

At the mention of bryn, when someone creates a FB group for "FT" then proceed with a lynch mob targeting me.. And aside from the perpetuated YEARS of utter abuse, I cant say I'm displeased with the way things concerning him worked out. We've all established outside of some commonly excepted social norms no one can speak for FT... And as long as you rp it with taste.. No one gives a damn about your tech. But Tal I think your map would be best for an RP group as Feaz mentioned.

I think you're missing the fact that it is for an RP group, Lokii. Not once did I say it had to be accepted by everyone, nor that everyone had to accept my rules. It is how I wish to play, nothing more.

And I'm not debating physics, I'm debating a need for a certain amount of realism in RPing. Or perhaps realism doesn't work; a sense of depth, perhaps? A sense of grandeur about the size of the galaxy? A need for planning, for diplomacy, for establishing colonies in far off places should you wish to dictate terms to others? I certainly didn't argue anything about physics.

I do appreciate the Python reference, however. And I must admit that I know little about Bryn; I remember seeing him about in my inactive middle years, but have no idea about anything he did. Someone made a comment about him being Welsh, however, and I had to agree that nothing good was ever Welsh.

Not sure why people are getting miffed over it. As Taledonia says, it's only his map and there's no real reason anyone has to accept it at all.

Did people really just gtfo because of a map? ._.

Post self-deleted by Lokii.

I don't care either way personally, people can do what they want. As for the size of a galaxy and so forth. I couldn't agree more, the milky-way is 100,000 ly across.. Fun fact; converting a light second to light minute is easy.. Its C*60 . (Speed of light x 60). I enjoy diplomacy, I enjoy geopolitical games of chess just as much as the next guy.. Its a fun aspect and I wish NSFT had that more. Not just RAWR Gunboat diplomacy, but political maneuvering as well. That said Its bloody BORING out there now in terms of something like that on the large scale. If anyone can achieve a wholesale threat it would be.. -stabs Mekanta, my good friend's here.. If he lives.. Rethan is Mekanta's nephew. Tal remembers those days, don't you?.. -reminisces about the ex parrot of the prejolt forums-.

In closing, Tal is not going to set up rule by self aware colony in here; I trust him way more than that. My FTL's speed is 2/0 and to prove Talons is the . resident undefined cat and is there fore both dead and alive, I put forth the following math. (5/4)/0=C (For C= cat) [Inside joke].. {/notrandom}

I believe a few may have, Interstellar, but I do not believe it was the motivation for the founders. And Lokii, you've lost me completely at the end there.

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