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The Milky Way Galaxy contains 57 nations, the 200th most in the world.

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The Highest Police Ratios in The Milky Way Galaxy

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As a region, The Milky Way Galaxy is ranked 3,960th in the world for Highest Police Ratios.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Consortium of TaledoniaCapitalist Paradise“Tempus Non Deficit”
2.The Grand Imperial Hegemony of EtarmoofCorporate Police State“For our people for the nation for unity for the emperor”
3.The Oppressing Oppression of OppressorionDemocratic Socialists“Be Safe, and Stable, Beneath Us.”
4.The All-Consuming Plague of Neo-MekantaCorporate Police State“EXAMINE - EVOLVE - EXTERMINATE”
5.The Winged Republic of ZarathoftCorporate Bordello“Existance has walls. Break them, and you have life.”
6.The Theocratic Stratocracy of Sub Sector ProtractisCorporate Police State“We act as Sheppards of Humanity despite transcending it”
7.The Great Therapodian Empire of SskissCorrupt Dictatorship“We who survived, became one”
8.The Reborn Holy Empire of DigmoundIron Fist Consumerists“Never Again Shall We Fall”
9.The Galactic Democratic Republic of Unitican EarthyWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Fer xeht, kangvulyn é fórlnylyn”
10.The Paraxian Exo-Sector of The 44th Indp LegionNew York Times Democracy“Dænad ûz, zofal dakh Yyzvilnaz”
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The Milky Way Galaxy Regional Message Board

The Consortium of Taledonia wrote:You know, now that I think about it, I believe it's just vernacular we've adopted from the USonians. I being Canadian, by the by, so couldn't tell you how it works in the States, but in Canada we kind of pick a subject to study, and that's what we call our major, and what we'll get a degree in.
Anyways, I switched because I'm a libertarian, and in Canadian universities that have been funded by left-wingers all the time, they adore all Keynesian ideals and opinions and deplore the Austrian school. I therefore had many a scuffle with teachers, so decided that instead of wasting time and money I'd switch into my other passion, which is architecture.

Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean any offence, I just tend to assume everybody is American - I never think about the hurt and the emotional turmoil I'm flinging around by doing so. I hope I can make it up to you some day, though I don't know how.

I guess the capitalism must have thrown me. Yes, I can see how it might be difficult to be a libertarian in Canada. I'm of a libertarian persuasion myself, but good luck finding anybody in Blighty who even knows what it means.

So, are you out of uni now? Have you designed anything cool yet?

The Consortium of Taledonia wrote:Further, even in post-scarcity, there is always a place for currency and free trade. New inventions, art, architecture, music, literature, and thoughts in general are still unique, and thus provide a scarce resource that others will want.

It's not just that there's a place for currency, but even in a currency-free economy you can msasure
GDP and such, because foreign currencies will still assign value to products and services and hookers.

In other news, the Federation has 46 Dawkins. Do you think he will mind being cloned that many times?

Science damn it!

And no offense taken, though I suspect that was all in jest. Also, no, I'm still in school for another two years. I'm not THAT old.

Damn. That makes me old then.

Get back to bed old man!

Actually no, slack off on NS more, Jullin. And together we can rule this galaxy as two people who have never met before!

Sungai Pusat

Well that's how I ruled my last Galaxy, and it worked alright. It's good practice give your partner presents in that situation. It keeps them sweet.

Until one of them explodes. MWUHUHUHAHAHAAAAA. Ahem.

Post-Scarcity has no use for money, GDP etc. If it's truly post, you don't need services, you have the means to do whatever you want yourself, you don't need trade etc, the only thing that would still be scarce is ideas, and they could literally be bartered for.


Post self-deleted by Taledonia.

Bartering is fine between friends, but I doubt the future holds small communities as opposed to urban sprawl, in which case barter is horribly inefficient.

How many songs must I sing to get your painting? How many revelations must this philosopher have to get me to compose? The author who spends a year writing a book, should he give his story as equal trade for an interesting sculpture that took the artist three days? I suppose that's up to him, but the point is, goods, any goods, should be translated into an agreed upon medium, or currency.

This does not mean it need be money, mind you. But some medium of exchange is the most efficient and logical form when not dealing with friends and family.

Sungai Pusat

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