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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Confederacy of Steel Union (elected 153 days ago)

Founder: The Consortium of Taledonia

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Just one of thousands of others that make up the universe.

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Embassies: Realm of Unrestricted Science, Raumreich Oversector, NS Astronomical Society, and Greater Prussia.

Tags: Future Tech, Enormous, Featured, and Role Player.

Regional Power: High

The Milky Way Galaxy contains 105 nations, the 109th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in The Milky Way Galaxy

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, The Milky Way Galaxy is ranked 13,023rd in the world for Most Authoritarian.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Grand Armada of GhorkovCorrupt Dictatorship“One people, one armada”
2.The Dominion of Solaris KhanatePsychotic Dictatorship“For the Khan”
3.The Empire of Salus MaiorIron Fist Consumerists“Order and Strength.”
4.The Co-Prosperity Hypersphere of The United DominionFather Knows Best State“Never trust a human”
5.The Theocracy of The Singers Of The VoidIron Fist Consumerists“S(he) Is Eternal”
6.The Most Holy Empire of Angeli Et DaemonesPsychotic Dictatorship“Glory to The Emperor”
7.The Empire of Iconian Star EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“reH SuvwI'”
8.The Principalities of Vozt YurkovaIron Fist Consumerists“By the will of the Vozt, we live and die.”
9.The Federation of ThelzaWA MemberAuthoritarian Democracy“God is with Us.”
10.The Dominion of The Aenyrre ArgallennDemocratic Socialists“We are the Witnesses of Oblivion”
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The Milky Way Galaxy Regional Message Board

It was sarcasm. He's not actually here. I just meant X-5 or whatever his name is.

Ah, yes, striking resemblance. I've contemplated similar remedies to said condition as was used last time.

The Irurik of Kiruri wrote:humans ftw! >:I

Yes yes, humans ftw.

But hang on a second. 'Human' calendar? I object! I'm a predominantly human nation, but I don't use that madness. Based on some arbitrarily decided system's cycle? Idiocy.

Fine, Terran calender. Now go make muffins.

Make the Kiith make your filthy muffins, I have more important things to do.


The Star Empire of Huerdae wrote:Yes yes, humans ftw.


Hey there, The Coalition of Siiberia, what brings you to our little corner of the universe?

tbh, it is a bit odd for alien races to use the human calender.. I would imagine metric time being more common, hell actually now that I think of it realistically I doubt anything an alien would use, could correlate (measurements wise) to our scales. That said, Humans are indeed awesome, but so are aliens. I'm half wondering if it'd be that far out to consider that aliens could mix the stipulation being once tech has advanced enough to let us take our own evolutionary destiny within our hands, wouldn't some how some place gene modding between two different species in the verse happen and you'd get something interesting?

That would be an interesting concept of imperialism though, gene modding other species with aspects of yours, something completely new would come out of it. While it may be like "wat" to think of anyone doing that, if you look at it from the perspective of NS and when we find other life it could be possible. Exchange in medical tech, actual aspects to make one an-others species better, perhaps eventually as a method to become allies.

Icly I only regulate some forms of genemodding and augmentation, but I don't ban it, and I don't even think we would deny anyone who would willingly engage in sort of a gene exchange of that magnitude, as long as the power or species in question weren't malice about it. (Ofc at that point they'd be our friends) . Social conventions, and personal preference aside (as well as some Federal laws) , you can pretty much do what you want in this sort of context . (Though Medical /modding practitioners would be bound by law, and ethical considerations). We've got a strange preference and affinity for civil and political liberties.

I know its weird for the calendar system. But, there is a huge backstory for my nations race that dates back its origin half a million years. All though, long story short *we* are the product of an extensive genetic engineering. With a genetic mutation and evolution from over 25k years ago.

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