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WA Delegate: The Imperial Union of Ermonte (elected 4 days ago)

Founder: Turtleshroom

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Welcome to The Land of Power

Originally founder by Tomasso, the region was refounded by former Delegate Ermonte in order to protect the region name. The region was then handed over to TurtleShroom, a former native, who wanted to create a new vibrate community.

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Featured 18/12/2014

A special thanks to The Association of Imperialism, Balder and New Hyperion for their assistance in liberating The LOP.
Those involved in the initial liberation:

All WA nations are to endorse The Imperial Union of Ermonte for regional security.

Embassies: Paradoxia, Fanon Antarctica, Right to Life, Avatar Incarnate, Galts Gulch, New Dinosaurtopia, Apartheid South Africa, Laissez Faireholm, Antarctic Oasis, Vissella, Minecraftia, The United States of Europe, Torchwood Hub, The Ascendancy, Austritaria, The Nation of Nations and Friends, and 46 others.World Alliance, The Zuropean Union, North Africa, Asia, Tareldanore, Union of Nationalists, Mystria, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, The United Empires Of the Raht Sea, The Cornellian Empire, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Union of Free States, Lands of Exodus, Black Mesa Islands, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, League of Christian Nations, NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, The Darwin Allied Republics, Israel, Chinese Taipei, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, The Pleiades, The Illuminati, Japanese Pan Asian Co Prosperity Sphere, The Fascist Union, Greysteel, Bloodbender Heaven, Rock Solid Zimbabwe Korea, Oil Fields, Union of Aristocratic Empires, Trebizond, Apolyton, The New Confederate States of America, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Res Publica Catholicae Borgiae, World Virulent Organization, The Right Libertarian Bloc, The conservative christians, Pokemon Jewelpets Adventure Time Region, LV426, Commonwealth of Allied Democratic States, The Cult of AoI, New Hyperion, and Stachelimfleisch.

Construction of embassies with The Cage Empire has commenced. Completion expected in 2 days 13 hours.

Construction of embassies with Philosophical Volition has commenced. Completion expected in 2 days 13 hours.

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The Land of Power contains 47 nations, the 266th most in the world.


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The Largest Soda Pop Sector in the Land of Power

As a region, the Land of Power is ranked 156th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Vereinigte Lander of ElectronicArtsWA MemberAnarchy“Durch Industrie steigen wir!”
2.The Celestial Empire of New NexonCorporate Police State“Glory to Nexon!”
3.The Imperial Union of ErmonteWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“God's In His Heaven, All's Right With The World”
4.The Entente Federation of VoxeliaWA MemberCorporate Police State“In lux, tenebras nostrae et cecidimus”
5.The Disputed Territories of The MegazorditesAnarchy“It's Morphin' Time”
6.The Spacefaring Pirate Empire of Laurentus StatesWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Astra Inclinant, Sed Non Obligant”
7.The Incorporated States of TurtleShroom Petrol Goon SquadWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“shhhponsored by Mighty B. Oil Inc. -not a nay-ssshun!”
8.The Empire of RodgarWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Seek to learn”
9.The Empire of HanterigusIron Fist Consumerists“We came. We saw. We conquered.”
10.The Republic of ExploreraNew York Times Democracy“Explore”
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Regional Happenings


The Land of Power Regional Message Board

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:If there's some way I can get you guys to commit to using the LOP Map (renaming the North Lands to that unpronounceable name and keeping) and continuing all of the continuity we've built, I think I can duct tape a solution together.

Just use the LOP RMB so we don't have to jump back and forth, okay?

Well as a matter of fact that map was an issue for some people, merely renaming the north lands to Stachelimfleisch seems rather irrelevant.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:If there's some way I can get you guys to commit to using the LOP Map (renaming the North Lands to that unpronounceable name and keeping) and continuing all of the continuity we've built, I think I can duct tape a solution together.

Just use the LOP RMB so we don't have to jump back and forth, okay?

We will use this regional message board as long as somebody does not close the embassy between the Land of Power and Stachelimfleisch, for the obvious reasons associated.

The name is not important, it is but a name. Currently, an updated regional map has not been produced yet, considering that any regional map has to be approved by the region, and that we - Lynxcia and myself - have to illustrate those changes. It is alot of work, and something that we have not been particularly attentive to at the moment due to a number of reasons, so there's that.

The lore has still remained the same for the most part, considering that it would be detrimental for everyone involved if it was otherwise, and everyone generally maintains the same positioning on the map relative to other nations. Concerns and propositions in regards to the map have been fairly typical; refine the design of the map, remove naming clutter, standardize the font, move some lines around, and those kinds of things regarding asthetics. There has been some people who would like to expand or reshape their borders to match their perception of the region, although those concerns are relatively easy to satisfy within reason. The largest concern is the presense of other nations, particularly the ones who do not roleplay nor frequent the regional message board, who had received significant sums of land within areas of the map that irritated a few people. Other than those general issues, there really has been not been much complaint of the structure of the map, so I believe there is no real worry of any significant changes that would damage the continuity of the region.

Of course, that being said, we still have yet to work on the map for reasons stated prior, so any propositions or ideas at this point can be considered mere ideas thrown at the wall until Lynxcia or myself can actualize it. It should not be hard to 'duct tape a solution', as essentially everything is more or less the same, aside from propositions of asthetics and the removal - or at least reduction - of non-active nations with no particular significance to lore.

You guys seem pretty tore up did i miss something...

I have always been okay with the map. However, I do think having inactive nations on there is a waste of space. You have so many nations on there that are inactive and no longer need to be there.

Now I do not know the issues that the other guys had with the map. I say once a nation CTE'd, remove them.

I am glad that Ermonte has been kind enough to establish embassies so that we may have a means of contact and discussion on this matter that clearly is causing you a great deal of concern, TS.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:My colleagues are still in that unpronounceable loser Region that Mackonia used to house our friends during the crisis.

I would very much like to ask, out of pure curiosity, why Stachelimfleisch is at all a ‘loser’ region? The new region was never a house for ‘the crisis’.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:Not right now. All of my resources are dedicated to the bung- uhh, getting my friends back!

Your ‘friends’ are waiting for you. They are not obligated be be in your region. The LOP, in the sense of it being a group of people, is still very much existent as CC said. Here, it sounds as though you are demanding that they are under your control in your region?

The Celestial Empire of New Nexon wrote:Mackonia said that he had intended to create the region even before the invasion occured. It is NOT a safe-house.

Nexon is indeed correct when he says that the genesis of Stachelimfleisch was long before your banning or the raiders’ arrival. For months, there has been a mild dissatisfaction amongst your ‘friends’, and the new region quells all of these grievances.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:If he wants his own region, then let him die there alone. I'd much rather have him where he belongs, but if he insists, I can't stop him. Akwenesia has been answering my telegrams but still hasn't moved.

Mackonia is not doing this out of selfishness; he is merely answering the plea of a slightly disgruntled masses. If you don't come to democracy, democracy will come to you. We could have devolved to petty insults like you evidently have, but we have not.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:If I can't reunite the LOP, I'll have to quit NationStates.

Why? Is your OCC seat of power so pivotal to your activities that all other time spent on NS is irrelevant? This further exudes that you demand your role as regional head, which is what seems to irritate many.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:All of my main RP partners are literally gone. You are a great storyteller, but I can't live on you alone. I'm going to have to shut down my activities on NS if I can't restore this Region.

Go tell Mackonia that if he wins, I'll either have to join his crappy Region or leave NS completely.

This attitude of ‘Go tell’, again commanding and demanding others, is the sort of thing that causes bad feeling. There is no winning. Regional members are not pawns moved by you and Mackonia. They have moved of their own free will for their own reasons.

You call our region crappy, you encourage Mackonia to die and then say that you may be forced to swallow your pride and join us. If you do eventually join us in Stachelimfleisch, perhaps insulting the new region and its members is not quite the right way to go. You are now the only one who is burning bridges.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:Haiz, I have no choice.
My obedience to continuity is so strict that it is permanently anchored to the status quo that was just shattered. No unified LOP, no TurtleShroom.

Ever since the Mod Nazis forced me to start over, obstacle after obstacle has made it impossible to regain normalcy.

If everyone leaves for Mack World, then the LOP Map is suddenly inaccurate, and that affects all my continuity, which depends on the locations set by that map, eben back to TS prehistory. I cannot, and will not, rewrite and ret-con five years
of ironclad continuity which I have never betrayed.

If the Land of Power dies Turtleshroom dies with it.

All these people that I thought would be there for me through thick and thin have betrayed me and arena one me to die. I think they want me to die, and that really hurts.

Everything I worked to make is gone and dumped in a region with a stupid name.


I will be forced to quit NationStates if the LOP does no reunite. -and the people that betrayed me and hate me so greatly that they can't click a fasting button are to blame.

I knew the Mod Nazis would never stop me, but I never guessed in a million years that the people I thought who loved me would ever be the ones to end me.

One issue that many felt very strongly about was the impression that you demand utter control over all LOP continuity. It is actually for this reason that one of the new tenants is “Every member of the region is to have full control of their own canon, threads, characters and history. Never shall national sovereignty and integrity be violated Out of Characterly for the good of the region.” One thing that many disliked were attempts to centralise regional lore. In fact, it was felt at times that lore was more so to compliment your continuity rather than others. While on the subject of bi-laws, here are some others that the LOP always lacked.

“Member-states will not be held subject to any bylaws they have not hitherto agreed.”

“The RMB shall be a forum of free speech and discourse, the founder reserves the right to censor posts only in instances of vitriol and personal attacks.”

“The regional government shall remain apolitical to the personal opinions of the founder or WA delegate, regional tags, embassies and actions shall be made only for the good of the region, not personal politics.”.

As I have already said, the LOP should not have been about a literal region, but rather the people in it. The LOP and much of it’s law is ongoing in Stachelimfleisch. Are you now saying that if your control of a people ceases to exist, then NS is not worth your while. Quite frankly, it sounds like you are throwing a tantrum that you no longer have power over us, and if that is indeed the case, then that would be a great shame. After all, if you didn't care for your regional power, you would join us and keep all of your continuity. There is no problem, and nothing is lost except your control. And that really shouldn't matter, should it? Role-play is far more important, is it not? Those who left are not clicking the return button purposefully. It is certainly not out of apathy or personal hostility towards you. Surely you are not so feeble minded as to believe that we genuinely hate you? Also, love is a very strong word.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:First, I lost my great-grandmother. Then, I lost my nation and five years of stories. To top all this misery off, most of the people I was stupid enough to think were my "friends" betrayed me and left me alone when I needed them most.

I am about to lose everything else, including my existence on this site. If anyone in NationStates still loves me, please go to [region]Stachelimfleisch[/nation] and try to explain to my betraying "friends" how upset I am.

It’s hard to convey what being kicked when I am down, twice, feels like.

Enough playing around and using silly "bunga bunga" jokes. I am dead serious.
I cannot exist on NS when everyone I tied into my continuity has packed up and left and ret-conned me out of existence.

This is the worst December I've experienced on my adult life, if not worse. I am truly at a low point in my life. I've lost so much. I can't handle this much longer.

Screw Stachelimfleisch. Screw everyone that betrayed me. Screw NationStates and their Moderators.

It’s past midnight now. I have to put the computer phone away and rest.
I am literally going to cry myself to sleep tonight. Nothing hurts me more than betrayal (even online), and I have been betrayed many times.

It hurts so much.

Why should others campaign on your behalf? If you want to maintain a hold on your regional control, because after all you must be fighting for your regional control, as the actual region is safely preserved elsewhere, then fight yourself. I for one received TGs from others asking me to return, but I did not receive similar campaign from you. Really, you have said it yourself. You tied others into your continuity, and this was not always best received. Again, it is not necessary to distribute petty insults. I would have thought that a man such as yourself would be better akin to civilised debate, but perhaps I am mistaken.

The Celestial Empire of New Nexon wrote:Well, TS. The reason why those RP players are reluctant to leave Mack's region is because that they fear that a portion of nations will be unwilling to leave, causing a sort of black-hole in their RP continuity and history (as CC said). Therefore, we should convince all of them to leave and assure them that everyone (probably with the exception of Mackonia) will be willing to rejoin the LOP.

This is not the reason that people are reluctant to leave at all. It is pure coincidence that the set day for the new region’s founding also fell upon the same day as the arrival of the raiders. People are unwilling to leave because they expected to be in Stachelimfleisch for months, and they have all had their own just reasons for leaving that have nothing to do with the raiders.

I also second CC. I would also encourage you to TG Mackonia if you require any further clarification.

The Empire of TURTLESHROOM II wrote:If there's some way I can get you guys to commit to using the LOP Map (renaming the North Lands to that unpronounceable name and keeping) and continuing all of the continuity we've built, I think I can duct tape a solution together.

Just use the LOP RMB so we don't have to jump back and forth, okay?

This attitude of commanding is what tends to get people’s backs up. Why should the majority post on the board of the minority? Surely it is not difficult to see that is is foolish, inefficient and unfair for the majority to meet the wants of the minority. Why is any solution at all necessary where the two regions are interlocked? That makes matters only worse. Ultimately, the best solution for your regional woes is to join us in Stachelimfleisch. Lore is preserved, your ‘friends’ are there and there are no other problems. You are actually making things difficult by staying here and demanding that we still use the LOP RMB and LOP Map. This is plainly ludicrous inefficiency.

These are selfish demands. And while when it was in use, the LOP map that you so kindly made was very much appreciated, a new map that better meets the wants of the people is in the works. Without being unappreciative, the map was actually one reason for dissatisfaction. The maintenance of inactive nations, the naming of seas, the lack of geographical realism, national boarders and locations, typeface and so on were not liked by some. Renaming the North Lands to Stachelimfleisch is utterly nonsensical.

Overall, there really isn't a problem ere for you TS. Do you care so much for your regional control to spoil your years of RPing? We certainly do not hate you and we left the LOP with good reason. You are welcome to join us, RP with us and carry on as usual. This silly bickering, threats and demands really isn't helping anyone.

Post self-deleted by Icreria.

Lynxcia, the thing is that Mack banned me from the region.

So just saying, but what's the difference between Stachelimfleisch and the LOP?

The Celestial Empire of New Nexon wrote:So just saying, but what's the difference between Stachelimfleisch and the LOP?

Stachelimfleisch has different rules, it says that other people cannot decide your lore for you unless you say so or something. That's pretty cool, because I wanted my humans to come at the same time as each other in the early 5th century instead of having to wait until like the 1200's and 1400's.

Eh, yeah. I would want to change my history too if I was there.

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