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WA Delegate (non-executive): The People's Republic of Lynxcia (elected 54 days ago)

Founder: The Holy Kingdom of the Unity of TurtleShroom

World Factbook Entry

The Land of Power is the proud home to novelty nations of all kinds. We welcome all nations of all technologies, themes and species, but have a special adoration for realms that focus on a novelty or unique theme and go all out for it.

Founded by ‘Tommasso’. Annexed by United States of Europe and made a one-nation puppet region. Refounded by The Imperial Union of Ermonte on 12th May 2011 and held under USE. Freed October 3rd 2011 by its most loyal inhabitant, The Holy Kingdom of the Unity of TurtleShroom.

Regional Resources
[url][/url] - LAND OF POWER MAP
[url][/url] - IRC (Use "##Sk8rSoda" - Case sensitive with both pound signs)

Infection Rate: 21.9% (5.35 billion infected, 19.05 billion survivors)

Cure Status: Potential antibodies discovered

Infection Status: -10.5 Becoming Safe

Zombie Border Control: Borders Closed

Embassies: Fanon Antarctica, Paradoxia, Right to Life, Avatar Incarnate, Galts Gulch, New Dinosaurtopia, Apartheid South Africa, Laissez Faireholm, Antarctic Oasis, Vissella, Minecraftia, The United States of Europe, Torchwood Hub, The Ascendancy, Austritaria, The Nation of Nations and Friends, and 41 others.World Alliance, The Zuropean Union, North Africa, Asia, Tareldanore, Union of Nationalists, Mystria, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, The United Empires Of the Raht Sea, The Cornellian Empire, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Union of Free States, Lands of Exodus, Black Mesa Islands, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, League of Christian Nations, NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, The Darwin Allied Republics, Israel, Chinese Taipei, Jamieshire, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, The Pleiades, Trainsylvinea, The Illuminati, chris puppet storage, Japanese Pan Asian Co Prosperity Sphere, The Fascist Union, Greysteel, Bloodbender Heaven, Federation of Colonial Nations, Rock Solid Zimbabwe Korea, Union of Aristocratic Empires, Oil Fields, Trebizond, Apolyton, The New Confederate States of America, NS April Fools Day Jokes, and Res Publica Catholicae Borgiae.

Construction of embassies with World Virulent Organization has commenced. Completion expected in 2 days 7 hours.

Tags: Industrial, Neutral, Game Player, Monarchist, Modern Tech, Map, Independent, Featured, Conservative, Anti-World Assembly, Anti-General Assembly, Libertarian, and 8 others.Medium, Capitalist, Silly, Social, Isolationist, Role Player, Imperialist, and Multi-Species.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Land of Power contains 24 nations, the 493rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in the Land of Power

As a region, the Land of Power is ranked 174th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Mega-Corporation of Conglomerated IndustriesCompulsory Consumerist State“We're the only choice you've got!”
2.The Vereinigte Lander of ElectronicArtsWA MemberAnarchy“Durch Industrie steigen wir!”
3.The Federal Republic of Auskralian RepublicLeft-Leaning College State“Always wear a neckstrap whilst thou playeth a saxophone”
4.The Pirate Kingdom of KedriCapitalist Paradise“I've got a jar of dirt!”
5.The Asahinan Commonwealth of Comrade CommisarIron Fist Consumerists“God, Glory, and the Commonwealth.”
6.The Kingdom of DarussalamCompulsory Consumerist State“Glory to God, for He is Great.”
7.The Crown Republic of Pirate NationLeft-Leaning College State“Life and opportunity for all!”
8.The Repeat CTE of Torchwood 68Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Torchwood Land of Power branch”
9.The Dominion of LionscageFather Knows Best State“The key is perfect pressure.”
10.The Absolute Monarchy of Greater Mushroom KingdomCorporate Police State“Let's-a Go!”
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Regional Happenings


The Land of Power Regional Message Board

Down to just 38,215,333 people now. That's even worse than Darussalam. Oh well, there's always next year. *Horde breaks down door*.

ICly the zombie apocalypse is just the icing on the cake of Mackonia's ongoing troubles; just when nobody thought things could get worse there is an undead invasion. Really though for all the panic and wangst gripping Mackonia now the zombie apocalypse has had minimal impact despite the clamor of voices claiming the end has finally come for Mackonia. Really the zombies were swiftly put down by the thousands of armed groups swarming the country so they could get back to killing each other, however a large zombie horde hiding in the Sterkvelso sewers (courtesy of the Shangzelos Family) did provide a psychological shock to the Mackonian people that they were somehow 'overrun'.

The "Purging of Sterkvelso" has been hailed as a sign of stoic heroism in these dark times, while the government panicked and fled (its something of a taboo in Mackonia for the Premier to leave Sterkvelso when the city is besieged) Lithastir Mythurin was left to dispel the undead hordes (and the riotous looters who accompanied the news...and who were actually the far greater threat) with a steely "whiff of napalm" further contributing to his growing popularity. Of course in reality this was a piss-easy massacre; a horde of lumbering, carnivorous brutes vs the elite troops of the Mackonian military. Of course Mythurin's propaganda machine is painting it to be a victory against all odds against unparalleled terror.

The Third Zombie Apocalypse marks the high-water mark of the "Time of Discord", a sign of utter despair and the height of panic; from now things genuinely can and will only get better as the civil war fizzles out and Mackonia gets a new, daring government.

So in short; Mackonia was fine, but still thinks it did terribly.

For the record, I cannot take my casualties as canon, BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE EVERY LAST TURTLESHROOMER DEAD.

I'm going with my original points.

1. Most of the zombies rose behind the DMZ separating Gerry from TurtleShroom, so the threat was low.

2. Death squads and Artillery Mushrooms dispatched the zombies in the cities while militiamen and other hicks with guns took the rest of the hordes out.

3. As was the case last year, the Aashinian Commussariat and Mackonia provided vital logistics and aid, as well as Tactical Squads to kill zombies,

It appears that our region is so contagious that even ebola has proposed constructing embassies, so make of that as you will.

In the Commonwealth, the various successes of the Sky Guard in foreign nations has reinvigorated the morale of the populace, being that it was generally believed that the Commonwealth was in decline due to the War of Steel and various endeavors of the South Lands. Infected individuals within the Commonwealth, while they existed, were a relatively insignificant issue due to the incredibly high disappearance rate and the censorship that naturally occurs during wartime. Of course, this offers the impression that the Commonwealth was not effected by the plague at all, bringing popular support around High Admiral Winters, as well as reinforcing the belief that North Landers are naturally more fit to adapt to the region's ever-changing environment. The failure of foreign nations to formulate an efficient cure has also brought suspicion of hidden decadence, although the Sky Guard's various endeavors within the region is expected to at least form some political leverage in negotiations, and perhaps ease any tensions with nations such as Mackonia.

Of course, it is irrational to assume that the amount of casualties holds absolute canon for most nations, due to the fact that two-thirds of the region would be dead if that were the case. However, the amount and spread of infection was much worse than previous years, so there certainly will have to be some significant reconstruction efforts in the region. The Sky Guard and Sskisto-streth were fairly instrumental in protecting some portions of the region, but I highly doubt that they had any concern for property or national infrastructure, much less the infected population as well as the 'infected' populations that they gunned down. Heavy political and economic fallout will probably occur, as the work force has been snuffed out, various properties razed to the ground, governments trying to keep face with the populace, and question arise as to how could this have happened. Famine will probably occur in some areas, elected officials will be tugging at their collars, and a number of conspiracy theories will show up, but such as life within the Land of Power.

How do I use the super weapons?

I made myself a flag!

Congratulations! It looks very good to me.

The Kingdom of Darussalam wrote:Congratulations! It looks very good to me.

Thank you! :D

Two hundred million zombies in Turtleshroom have been EXTERMINATED. Hopefully that will be enough.

EA has been devastated by the zombie infestation.

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