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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Delegatory Empire of Bobracha (elected 290 days ago)

Founder: The Divine Royal Family of The House of Habsburg

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The LKE, founded in October 2005, is renowned as one of the greatest forces in all NationStates.

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Monarch: Emperor Onder The Empire of Onderkelkia
Crown Prince: Crown Prince HEM The LKE Crownz Princez of Ekaj Monarchy III
Prime Minister: Zack Saxton The Kingdom of Aelbarrow

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The LKE's Imperial Army is a founding member of The United Imperial Armed Forces (UIAF).

World Assembly nations, please endorse our elected World Assembly Delegate: The Holy Delegatory Empire of Bobracha!

For all other nations there is an endorsement cap of 25.

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Embassies: The New Inquisition, Albion, Europeia, Balder, Osiris, the West Pacific, Unknown, Mazeria, Ceseris, The Kingdom of Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland, Lone Wolves United, The United Kingdom of Britain, The Imperial Legion, Hampshire, Asgard, and 3 others.The Realm of Westeros, New Warsaw Pact, and Empire of Oceania.

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Regional Power: Very High

The Land of Kings and Emperors contains 335 nations, the 30th most in the world.


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The Stupidest Citizens in The Land of Kings and Emperors

The following nations had the highest proportion of citizens designated in World Census studies as either "Uneducated" or "Just Plain Dumb".

As a region, The Land of Kings and Emperors is ranked 13,210th in the world for Stupidest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of OnderkelkiaCorporate Police State“TERRA REGUM IMPERATORUMQUE TOTUM MUNDUM REGET”
2.The Holy Empire of EzlionCorporate Police State“By Force, We Wield All”
3.The Dominion of MervolginiaCorporate Police State“All Hail the magnificent count Bligan of Mervolginia”
4.The Empire of DogbertlandCorporate Police State“Out, out, you demons of stupidity!”
5.The Stratocracy of MandulisWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Do a barrel roll”
6.The Property of UlandiaAnarchy“O Great Thee”
7.The Empire of OnionlandWA MemberCorporate Police State“Poland Stronk”
8.The Queendom of ThorvelAuthoritarian Democracy“Christian and royal, or nothing !”
9.The Corporate States of SajuukCorporate Police State“Hail CEO Morgan!”
10.The Holy Empire of The Confederate United StatesCorporate Police State“Deo Vindice”
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i am nuking bigtopia gg bigtopia

The Issue

Reports indicate that several neighbouring nations are engaged in major weapons programs in contravention of international law and treaty, focusing PUBLIC discourse on Ithqington's foreign policy—specifically, its position on preemptive strikes.

The Debate

"We need to respond to these terrorist scumbags!" roars General Stefanie Leach, turning a slightly alarming shade of purple. "I say we announce any illegal weapons program will be treated as an act of war! The risk of harsh words turning into an endless conflict that mires our troops in far-off lands for years at a time is a small price to pay for national security! If you don't act now, these foreigners will think they can push us around FOREVER! They must be taught a lesson, for the good of the United Kingdom!"


Diplomatic bureaucrat Bruce Jefferson remarks calmly, "There's no need to go off half-cocked. It would be much better if we used an appropriate INTERNATIONAL body—the World Assembly, say, or a The Land of Kings and Emperors TRIBUNAL—to investigate these rumours objectively for us. That way we have the international community on our side, and no one can accuse us of playing judge and jury. It will be well worth the extra diplomatic costs and bureaucratic red tape."


"If these countries don't respect international law, why would they respect international agencies?" wonders political analyst Ethel Gutenberg. "Our neighbours are acquiring these weapons for a reason: no one wants to pick a fight with a country that has weapons of mass destruction. The solution is simple: if we have WMDs of our own, they won't dare to strike at us. It may seem mad, but in this crazy world, it's the sanest thing we could do."


Noted pacifist and tambourine artist Fleur Sanchez replies, "As usual, our nation's proud leaders can only see violent solutions to our problems abroad. Wouldn't it be refreshing if they focused on achieving peace through COMMUNICATION and accommodation, rather than force of arms? You may call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."


One or two.

The Issue

The commercial release of the controversial children's book 'Heather Has Two Mommies' in Ithqington has sparked debate over laws concerning the ADOPTION of children by homosexual couples.

The Debate

"I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone could possibly be against this," complains Jacob Kantelberg, showing up at your office wearing a pink feather boa. "Bart and I are good and caring people and will make excellent fathers, so what's the problem? All of the scientific studies have shown that there's no difference in the wellbeing of children raised by gay and straight couples. All that's holding these little darlings back from the happy family life that they deserve is the outdated prejudices of some prudes. All we want is to ADOPT A CHILD to call our own. It'll be fabulous!"


"I don't care what these so-called scientific studies say," says Elaine Nguyen, representing a number of conservative religious organisations. "How can a boy hope to develop properly into a man if he's being brought up by poofs? A father figure is not supposed to behave as if it is 'okay' to be, um, romantically INVESTED in another man - and the same goes for lesbians! Why? Because it is not okay. It'll just give them gay! Think about it: say you have two gay Bulls - they can't have children because nature did not provide them with the tools and if God wanted gays to have kids then they would have those tools. Don't legalise this blasphemy! Think of the children!"


"This just doesn't go far enough in my opinion," grumbles Mark Ithqington, an ardent opponent to homosexuality. "The more concessions we give these people, the more they'll reduce our nation to the most embarrassing gayfest of all the region! We'll be a joke! Homosexuality is a sin, and not only that it's a DISEASE of society and there's no two ways about it. It must be criminalised and those responsible hanged just like in the good old days."


I'd go with 3

The Issue

Commuters are complaining about the ongoing rise in GAS PRICES, causing a massive debate in the government about what should be done.

The Debate

"Who cares about a few trees?" says oil executive John Woolf. "GAS PRICES are six Ithqington Pounds per gallon, and rising! There is lots of oil to be found in areas currently protected as parks! Solving our energy needs is more important than conserving the environment. Just give us permission to go in there and start drilling, and gas prices will plummet!"


"There are other ways to recover from the fossil fuel crisis besides ruining forests," says environmental activist Agnes Nguyen. "We shouldn't just take the short way out and drill here. I suggest spending more money on public transportation systems and encouraging people to carpool - if people weren't so reliant on fossil fuel POWERED cars, we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place, and if we start using less oil, the price will drop with the demand."


Option 1

The Issue

It has come to your attention that there is some serious debate over whether Ithqington's postal service should be either privatised or nationalised.

The Debate

"The postal system ought to be privatised," says Gertie Jamieson, Director of PostHaste, a small package delivery company. "All the government is doing is putting the tax Ithqington Pounds of hard-working citizens into an outmoded and wasteful system. Private businesses can offer a much more efficient system with less junk mail. A little more expense on stamps is worth that right?"


"Uh huh? And what about those in rural or remote areas?" asks Lucas Barry, the CEO of Ithqington Mail, the government-owned postal service. "If you privatise this business then they'll get marginalised and ignored. With a nationalised service everyone can use the system and cheaply too. We provide a good service for our customers and have been doing so for a very long time! The postal service should be nationalised and all competition banned!"


"There's plenty of room for compromise," says Colin Bronte, a stamp collector. "How about we just privatise the mail system and allow other competitors to move in but continue with government funding to Ithqington Mail? That way everyone can get their post and the companies can have their own slice of the pie. It'll require an increase in tax to cope with losses to competition but not too much. I think. To be frank, I just want more stamps."


So do we ever go on raids or? What is our Imperial Army for?

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