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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Delegatory Empire of Bobracha (elected 283 days ago)

Founder: The Divine Royal Family of The House of Habsburg

World Factbook Entry

The LKE, founded in October 2005, is renowned as one of the greatest forces in all NationStates.

Our gameplay and roleplay forum communities can be found at Link

Why not come and lead our region to greater glory?

Monarch: Emperor Onder The Empire of Onderkelkia
Crown Prince: Crown Prince HEM The LKE Crownz Princez of Ekaj Monarchy III
Prime Minister: Zack Saxton The Kingdom of Aelbarrow

Please apply for embassies on our forums.

The LKE's Imperial Army is a founding member of The United Imperial Armed Forces (UIAF).

World Assembly nations, please endorse our elected World Assembly Delegate: The Holy Delegatory Empire of Bobracha!

For all other nations there is an endorsement cap of 25.

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    Map of The LKE

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    Monarchs of The LKE

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Embassies: The New Inquisition, Albion, Europeia, Balder, Osiris, the West Pacific, Unknown, Mazeria, Ceseris, The Kingdom of Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland, Lone Wolves United, The United Kingdom of Britain, The Imperial Legion, Hampshire, Asgard, and 3 others.The Realm of Westeros, New Warsaw Pact, and Empire of Oceania.

Tags: Enormous, Offsite Forums, Industrial, Game Player, Monarchist, Independent, Role Player, Past Tech, Imperialist, Steampunk, Regional Government, and Invader.

Regional Power: Very High

The Land of Kings and Emperors contains 322 nations, the 31st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in The Land of Kings and Emperors

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, The Land of Kings and Emperors is ranked 12,569th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperium of ByritanniaWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Imperator Vult”
2.The Republic of ValforCapitalizt“Out of Many, One.”
3.The Confederation of NordeviaWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Euntes septentrionali”
4.The Holy Empire of Friderica MagnaWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Suum Cuique”
5.The Kingdom of WharflandLeft-wing Utopia“It's better down where it's wetter.”
6.The Kingdom of ManduelleInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Deo et patriae”
7.The Republic of LetrastanDemocratic Socialists“Land of a better future”
8.The Republic of The Western BrotherhoodNew York Times Democracy“It's all for the greater good.”
9.The Empire of Shi KitsuneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Keizoku wa chikara nari”
10.The Allied States of StYoungstonCivil Rights Lovefest“We stop this here.”
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Regional Happenings


The Land of Kings and Emperors Regional Message Board

His Supreme Majesty's Exterior Ministry is in need of driven, passionate and ambitious individuals. We have several openings which may suit your interest, and help you become more active and contributing members of the LKE!

Minister for Communications and Dispatches

-Oversee the Communications and Dispatches office of the Exterior Ministry.
-Ensure the timely and efficient crafting of regional updates, dispatches and other official communications to be released by the Government.
-Coordinate with the Office of Ambassadors and Foreign Representatives in the timely distribution of the material mentioned above.
-Recommend to the Exterior Ministry members of the Office deserving of awards and recognition.
-Perform other functions assigned to him by the Exterior Minister.

Minister for Ambassadors and Foreign Representatives

-Oversee the Diplomatic Corps.
-Ensure that Ambassadors distribute the material produced by the Communications and Dispatches offices.
-Ensure that Ambassadors submit their regional weekly reports.
-Recommend to the Exterior Ministry members of the Corps deserving of awards and recognition.
-Perform other functions assigned to him by the Exterior Minister.


-Represent the LKE abroad in regions and or interregional organizations.
-Maintain as active our embassies, consulates and or interests offices in their assigned regions or interregional organization.
-Distribute regional updates and other communications from the LKE to their assigned regions or interregional organization.
-Submit weekly reports on the region they are assigned to .
-Perform other functions that may be assigned to him by the Exterior Minister.

Those interested are hereby invited to submit their applications in the forums or message me, the Exterior Minister. Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Hallo, ik ben een vrouw.
I'm dutch, btw. What i just said is I'm a women, don't use male pronouns :)

Hello Krijger and welcome to the glorious Land of Kings and Emperors.

The Issue

After Ithqington's cuisine was rated dead last in a SURVEY conducted by the world's best taste-testers, offended gastronomists have demanded a "national dish" to champion the country's food culture.

The Debate

"C'est terrible" bemoans Head Chef Violet Dovey of the Saveloy Grande HOTEL. "Too many youngsters are eating zis awful fast food. Ze government must encourage haute cuisine to demonstrate to ze world that Ithqington is a country of beauty, love, and fine cooking. I suggest sautéed escargots avec garlic butter. Here - try one. Bon appétit!"


"What's wrong with fast food?" asks ACNED MaxiDonalds server Max Washington as he scratches his nose. "Get a Maxi-sized triple cheeseburger and fries with soda for just five Ithqington Pounds. Quick, cheap and tasty - that's why our customers love us. Next please!"


"Mornin'" calls out farmer Agnes Wall, leading a cow into your office. "What do we CARE if some parboiled foreigners don't like our food? There's nothing better than good old-fashioned Ithqington-grown produce, cooked just the way me ol' ma would." Drawing a stun-gun and a cleaver from his dungarees, he continues, "Fancy a steak?"


"A good serving of sprouts is all I ever needed to grow up strong and HEALTHY" says school dinner-lady Virginia Sanchez. Dolloping a mound of grey slop onto your plate, she continues, "Mashed cauliflower. The kids love it, and there's nothing better for growing the hair on your chest. Now eat it all up!"


A rancid stench precedes George W. Ruff who slaps a foul-smelling plate of decayed Bull liver diced with broiled asparagus and fermented pig's milk on your desk. "Some may call our customary food 'not with the times' or EVEN 'nauseating', but what do they know? Show your love for Ithqington's culinary heritage, and tuck in."


"There, there" soothes your PA Roxanne Love, proffering a bucket. "Our cuisine could use work, but there's so many DISHES we'd have to fix… Oh, I know! You can't go wrong with pasta. Why not have everyone eat pasta? Only pasta." A plate of linguine appears on your desk.


One or five! (joking about 5, one or dismiss)

The Issue

A tabloid magazine, The National Incriminator, has revealed the sordid details of an affair between one of your top advisors, Robert Lotsalovin, and his secretary.

The Debate

"They found out I did WHAT?!" Advisor Lotsalovin says in his morning meeting in your office. "This just can't happen! How can government officials do their jobs properly if we have to work under the constant scrutiny of these idiotic supermarket tabloids? I say tabloid newspapers must be banned, and we must not allow newspapers to speak ill of our government officials... for the good of Ithqington, of course..."


"Unbelievable!" says Reverend Ryan Longfellow of the local Catholic church. "Our government officials must be held to a higher standard than this! Mr. Lotsalovin must be removed from office and jailed. We cannot allow such disgusting corruption within the halls of justice!"


"Whoa, whoa, hey, now..." argues Senator Matilda Goethe. "What happened to Mr. Lotsalovin is no different than affairs that happen all over Ithqington every day! Before you know it, they'll be after YOUR sexual history! I think what we need to do is take the public attention off of it somehow, perhaps by... oh, I don't know... giving them a tax cut! That'll divert their attention from this momentary distraction just long enough for Mr. Lotsalovin's DIVORCE PROCESS to end!"


The Issue

After a recent high-profile case of a minority student being refused admission to a traditional, prestigious college, civil rights activists, conservatives, and teachers are up in arms about affirmative action and ethnic equality in education.

The Debate

"This is just another attempt to discriminate against people of color," declares civil-rights activist, former TV commentator and unabashed publicity speaker Rochelle Christmas. "If people are disadvantaged in their upbringing then they should be given an 'equal' chance to succeed in college."


"The affirmative action programs aren't necessary at all," rejoins conservative speaker and HAIR CARE PRODUCT salesperson Ruby Li. "If you really want to treat everyone equally, as you claim, how can you support special treatment for a few so-called minority groups? Besides, it would cost even more money to enforce."


"I think you are both looney," says Aaron O, professor of liberal arts at Ithqington National University. "All education should be open to everyone regardless of their grades in high school, economic status or academic prowess. Free college education should be available to every citizen of Ithqington, no matter what the cost!"


For the first one 1 for the second one 1.

2 & 1 for me I think :)



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