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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Former Confederated Communes of Proletaire (elected 28 days ago)

Founder: The Camarada de Siempre of Illa Passiflora

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The Internationale is an alliance of Socialists, Communists, Anarcho-Communist, Anarcho-syndicalists and Anarchists and other left-wing nations and communes.

The Internationale opposes the exploitation and oppression of the people by the forces of capitalism, imperialism and fascism.

You have nothing to lose but your chains, for it is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.

People of the world, unite!

All power to the imagination!

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In memory of La Pasionaria, Camarada de Siempre and First Founder.

Embassies: The International, North Korea, The Red Fleet, Das Kommune, CIL, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Autonomous Peoples, Antifa, The Communist Internationale, Libcom, The MT Army, Labour and Socialist International, United Socialist Republics, Democratic Socialist Assembly, Allied States of EuroIslanders, The Communist Region, and 11 others.The Cannabis Communists, United Sovereign Socialist Republics, Marxism Leninism, Eurasia, Red Star Republic, The League of Reformed Socialist States, The International Communist Union, TI Historical Restoration Project, NSLeft, Marxist Scholars Circle, and Socialism.

Construction of embassies with International Communist Court has commenced. Completion expected in 17 hours.

Construction of embassies with The socialist union of Zapadslavia has commenced. Completion expected in 3 days 5 hours.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Anti-Fascist, Non-English, Communist, Social, Anarchist, Casual, Independent, Eco-friendly, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist, and 1 other.Serious.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Internationale contains 182 nations, the 58th most in the world.


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The Largest Soda Pop Sector in The Internationale

As a region, The Internationale is ranked 16,980th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United States of Capitalist BastardCompulsory Consumerist State“E. Pluribus Unum”
2.The Community of PleasantVilleCorporate Police State“Everyone Here is equal. But some are just more equal...”
3.The Very Secure Shopping Mall of OpmodsCorporate Police State“Pls bye r stuf or we shewt you”
4.The Proletarian Dictatorship of GeorgeriaAnarchy“Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”
5.The Theocracy of The Utopian CultInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.”
6.The United Socialist States of GoonyWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Goonys never die”
7.The Camarada de Siempre of Illa PassifloraLeft-wing Utopia“Ⓐ☭♥ En Solidaridad Camaradas ♥☭Ⓐ”
8.The Free Land of Yugoslavia And BulgariaCivil Rights Lovefest“Communism is but mere dream Socialism is a start”
9.The United Socialist States of ConservipixelCorrupt Dictatorship“Hail Conservipixel!”
10.The Gallant Knight of The Valley of the ShadowAnarchy“Ride, boldly ride, if you seek for Eldorado!”
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The Internationale Regional Message Board

They've fought with the enemy as their reinforcements, carried out their own attacks against left regions, how is this not worthy of a reprisal?

I guess I'm not feeling a part of the new TI if it means being soft on class traitors and looking like some weak ass punks when we could be showing them and others that they have to respect the integrity of our communities. Calling people in line especially when they're our own, I'd say thats a greater priority than 'the fash' who've not been the ones stirring up sh-t to be honest, its been Libertatem and their erstwhile friends. They give all socialists a bad name and it makes our own message look weak if we can't call them into order.

Whatever, I'm hoping I don't have to wait a year to post a candidature for Speaker, since regardless of the invectives they launch against us and their mockery of our principles, its more amenable to us at the present to seek the higher moral ground on all matters, even when those who'd oppose us will despise us and our efforts regardless if its the carrot or the stick we present. At least with the stick there's some satisfaction that we don't look like some punks but I guess I'm old school like that.

And if they fight alongside our enemy we will fight them there. Why wouldn't we? If you think that an offensive war against a region with an active founder and a delegate with 76 endorsements is worth pursuing, you're free to rally comrades to your side. It's not something I think is an effective use of our time or resources.

If you have a realistic target, you're free to telegram me and Comrades Proletaire and Kryftland as the leadership of The Red Fleet.

It doesn't make our message look weak if a bunch of kids do dumb stuff. It makes them look foolish and inconsistent. If they attack, we'll repel. If they don't, let's go after bigger fash fish.

Comrade Cuba :)

May I suggest a bit of calculated sabotage? It's rather useful XD

Anarchy , song writen by Nestor Makhno (1919)


I am happy to share the first new Red Fleet video in years since Marxingrad first made the original recruitment video. This new video made its official premiere at the World Fair, and is now the official recruitment video for The Red Fleet moving into 2015.

Let me know what you think comrades!

To join The Red Fleet, post a rate application on our forum:

In solidarity,

Fleet Admiral of The Red Fleet

Upon entering this region:

"Wow, what a lovely and inclusive platform for Leftists to share and spread their ideas! And it's of a respectable size too. This seems like my kind of place!"

Upon reading region materials that advocate for authoritarianism and censorship/silencing tactics:


I just wanted to talk with my fellow comrades while sipping tea and listening to smooth jazz, man.

Get lost 'comrade', how are things in Libertatem when not you know, stirring up sh-t with their obvious sockpuppets?

What can I say? We just love oppressing people!

How on earth are we possibly "oppressing" people? Oh, because we refuse to give fascists a platform?

Run along, troll.

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley wrote:How on earth are we possibly "oppressing" people? Oh, because we refuse to give fascists a platform?

Run along, troll.

Well, he's probably referring to some of our nations being categorized as "Corrupt Dictatorship" and "Corporate Police State." That gives one a feeling that must be rather difficult to shake off...

The Proletarian Republic of Revolutionary Germany wrote:Well, he's probably referring to some of our nations being categorized as "Corrupt Dictatorship" and "Corporate Police State." That gives one a feeling that must be rather difficult to shake off...

They referred to "regional materials" that "advocate for authoritarianism." The only thing I can image that refers to is "Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight." (page=dispatch/id=212206)

If they think that fascists should enjoy freedom of speech, The Internationale is not the region for them.

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