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The Internationale is an alliance of Socialists, Communists, Anarcho-Communist, Anarcho-syndicalists and Anarchists and other left-wing nations and communes.

The Internationale opposes the exploitation and oppression of the people by the forces of capitalism, imperialism and fascism.

You have nothing to lose but your chains, for it is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.

People of the world, unite!

All power to the imagination!

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In memory of La Pasionaria, Camarada de Siempre and First Founder.

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Regional Power: Moderate

The Internationale contains 208 nations, the 48th most in the world.


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#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Armed People's Republic of North EugeniaDemocratic Socialists“Powerful And Prosperous”
2.The Libertarian Commune of Little WoodhouseWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Bread and roses”
3.The United Socialist States of The Red ManifestoLiberal Democratic Socialists“Destroy the class system, and let there be equality!!!”
4.The Millitaristic Worker's State of OstoviaDemocratic Socialists“Where Religion and theocracy go down the drain. ”
5.The United Socialist States of VissergradTwoWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Workers' Councils and a National Plan ☭”
6.The Welfare Republic of EsethaxWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“No Victory Without Sacrifice.”
7.The Commonwealth of Progressive UnionWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pro Bonus Totus”
8.The Worker's Republic of ResoraWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“One World, One Class”
9.The Socialist Republic of AnanorWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“For people, for science, for progress”
10.The Free Republic of New SloveniakiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Unite, Anti-Stalin Leftists, for the Common Good!”
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Socialism or Barbarism!

The Republic of The Ecological Cascadia wrote:Socialism or Barbarism!

Neither one for me XD

The Republic of The Ecological Cascadia wrote:Socialism or Barbarism!

Neither one for me XD

I am going to express my views, since that is what the leftist regions are all about. I advance that I highly respect anarchism and many other leftist ideologies since my particular one does not impede it.
I am leftist because I believe in the liberation of the working class: this is not subject to debate. Right-wing ideologies conceive the oppressor as the supreme master, giving him advantages assuming that progress will follow his infinite greed. This does not happen. Modern centrist ideologies are wielded on a capitalist scale and, therefore, these are right wing too from the vast majority of leftist points of view, where social democracy and mutualism would be seen as centre ideologies in a proletariat democracy.

I believe in four stages of social transition: revolution, proletarian dictatorship, proletarian democracy and communism. I consider revolution to be greatly inherent to socialism. The reasons behind it all consider the unwillingness of the bored upper class to release their firm grip on power, greed and corruption. Never has humanity seen so much propaganda in order to maintain a system as the current capitalist one, where (whether you distinguish it or not) it conditions novels, encyclopaedias, films, videogames and tradition. Where many people consider socialism as the abolishment of tradition, they might as well see that there is no other viable option to stop the tradition renewal. Capitalism is disposing of it as much as any other socialist ideology would do it, therefore invalidating this pseudo-argument against socialism and leftist development. Revolution clears the way for the people to hold the power, to fight for their own interest and ultimately, to break their chains. The bourgeois democracy will never allow their slaves to take the house.

The famous dictatorship of the proletariat is nothing else than a non-participative government with inner organisation whose ONLY intention should be to guarantee the reconstruction of society from the ashes of the capitalist barbarism. It is an unfortunately key step in the formation of a communist society and, in fact, the most difficult to contain problems and corruption within the party. It is because of this that it is also known as party socialism. Considering Stalin as a dictator, oppressing the people and capturing dissidents needs one key detail that the capitalist propaganda frequently omits: there was a war going on. As with any country during a war, democracy disappears entirely, leaving a charismatic character taking off and deciding about the future of the country. The USA also proceeded to jail, spy and oppress anyone who was even mildly left-leaning. Any democracy will become a de facto provisional dictatorship. Pursuing the working class' intentions was fairly complicated during the 20th Century and this should be taken into account whenever similar politics are analysed. This does NOT mean to forget the GULAGs and other similar happenings, but just to position them in the context of the Cold War and the national problems.

The proletarian democracy, the next stage, would encompass a series of clear elections with leftist candidates along with an exhaustive citizen participation in day-to-day politics. Once the new society built itself during the previous decades, the new open governmental system allows the worker to experience a democracy that cares for his well-being and instigates development accordingly. Eventually, the direct participation of every citizen in the political issues (just like you do here in NationStates) would end in communism: a system where there is both the state and the absence of it, since the state are the citizens and the citizens are the state.

Comrade Auhl.

Post self-deleted by Casita.

Stalin also killed Jewish antifascists and anarchists, none of which were his enemy. The same goes for propaganda on both sides, I would say capitalists and stalinists have omitted quite a bit.

The Communist Republic of Red Rose Alliance wrote:So, hello guys andgals. I used to be known as Red Rose Alliance/Jugandaria/Constantantia in TI for a long time. Now I'm coming back because I've heard through the grapevine that several leftist regions have been attacked by The Black Riders. Now, I'm an old-timer. I joined NS in 2008 and was in TI for several years, I was a Captain of The Red Fleet for awhile, and after my retirement I have stayed out of the leftist sphere. I have returned to say this: we MUST NOT allow these attacks to stand. WA resolutions will accomplish nothing. As we have seen in the past, attempts to liberate leftist regions have failed---repeatedly. I do not claim to know the status of The Red Fleet, but it is TRF's responsibility, and the responsibility of all leftist regions regardless of raider or defender alignment, to defend and protect other leftist regions that have been attacked. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but when I used to be in TRF there would have been a concerted effort to regain the regions through military force.

Could you explain to me how wars work please?

We can not afford to fight amongst each other, I do not like it when people/nations start fighting about their differences e.g. the Sino-Soviet split it is counter-revolutionary and utterly pointless.

I would ask that we could give more and more power to the red-fleet and fight back even more so than what has been done before, those larger groups such as the black riders are almost untouchable, but we have to change that or they will just remorselessly take region after region.

The United Socialist States of Pangaean Peoples wrote:Could you explain to me how wars work please?

Here's a pretty basic guide that I found on Google, written by Hobbesistan: page=dispatch/id=162651

It should give you an idea of how it works. If you want to learn more, you can find some complex guides on the NS forum. Of course, if you sign up for TRF, I hear they have guides of their own.

The Black Hawks are withdrawing from The Proletariat Coalition!

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