The Internationale RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: La pasionaria

World Factbook Entry

The community of The Internationale has moved to The International.
This region is now a museum dedicated to Comrade La Pasionaria.

Defended by comrades waving the Red and Black, from:
- The Red Fleet
- The MT Army
- Argentina
- The Communist Party of NationStates
- Democratic Socialist Assembly
- Eurasia
- Lazarus
- North Korea
- Social Liberal Union

The Internationale opposes the exploitation and oppression of the people by the forces of capitalism, imperialism and fascism.

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Featured Region 11/12/11
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Embassies: The White House, The MT Army, Tibet, Communist International, The International Brigades, Autonomous Peoples, Democratic Left, Antifa, First Nations, Communist Beach, Mexcaltitlan, The Communist Party of NationStates, Communist International League, 4th International, United Socialist Republics, Anticapitalist Alliance, and 122 others.Aragon, Catalunya, The Proletariat Coalition, A Socialist Paradise, Allied States of EuroIslanders, A Liberal Haven, The Alternative Left, Eden, Supreme Soviet, Woodstock, The Isle of Wight, The Sovereign Socialist States, Greenwich Village, Anarchy and socialist utopia, Alliance of bolshevik states, Socialist, Equal Social Democracy Union, Asylum of Solitude, Marxist union, Soviet Mandate, Peoples Socialist Assembly, Socialists United, The Glorious Union, CSSR, Libertarian Marxist Bloc, Socialist Workers Alliance, The Weimar Republic, Communist Socialist Alliance, Futaba Aoi, Madrid, The Socialist Alliance, The Delkoran Socialized Lands, Techno Utopia, Neo Communism, The Republic of Latvia, Socialist Commonwealth, The Anarchist Communist International, Alliance of World Socialists, Marxist Leninism Party, The Union of United Socialist States, Alliance of Socialist Nations, Anarchist States of Freedom, Eco Sense, Revolutionary Vietnam, The Peoples Army, The Great Soviet Union, International Socialists, Gruppe 9, Damascus, Combined International, Union of Federal Socialist Republics, United Northern Socialist States, Free Society, The United Socialist Nations, Brotherhood of Soviet Republics, Union of Socialist States, Greater Interstellar Warsaw Pact, Socialism, The Anarchist Federation, Lima, The International Socialist Bloc, The Communist Republic of the Tea Party, Communist Russia, BolivarianRepublicofVenezuela, The Black Panthers, Red Defence Coalition, Nationalist Union, Shadow Warriors, Green Anarchy, Karl Marx, united socialist states of indi, FARC, International Communist Party, The International Communist Union, Red Army, Alliance of Socialist States, Free Socialist Coalition, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Lenins Bolsheviks, Bay of Pigs, Kehlsteinhaus, Far Left Union, FMLN, Marxist Proletariat Union, Sucre, Luanda, Ireland, Leon Trotsky, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Volksraad, Kampuchea, Phnom Penh, obeja kmbuti interzone, United Peoples Front for Socialism, Antifa Lietuva, Trotsky League, Anti fascist league, United soviet union, Leipzig, Socialist Equality Party, Espana, Pact of Steel, New China Politburo, Guatemala City, Confederation of Democratic Socialists, Communist Democracy, Union of Free States, Alliance Against Nazis, Titos Yugoslavia, SFR Yugoslavia, BUF, Eurasia, White Genocide Memorial, primitive communism, Hafen, Lazarus, The International, North Korea, Syndicated Red Black Tendencies, La Republica de Cuba, Makhnovia, and The Red Fleet.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Non-English, Communist, Anarchist, Independent, Password, Eco-friendly, Featured, Democratic, Social, Casual, Socialist, and 4 others.Anti-Capitalist, Founderless, Minuscule, and Serious.

The Internationale contains 2 nations.


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Today's World Census Report

The Most Avoided in The Internationale

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, The Internationale is ranked 12,506th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Consular Corps of The Misleyan Diplomatic MissionLeft-wing Utopia“Cedant arma togae, concedat laurea laudi.”
2.The Camarada de Siempre of Illa PassifloraLeft-wing Utopia“Ⓐ☭♥ En Solidaridad Camaradas ♥☭Ⓐ”

Regional Happenings


The Internationale Regional Message Board


The region Syndicated Red Black Tendencies has been unlocked by the moderation and has been secured by The Red Fleet on behalf of SRBT. Since we had established embassies with SRBT prior to its seizure following Comrade La Pasionaria's deletion, democratic consensus already exists to establish embassies so the request is automatically approved.

Other regions that have been unlocked and secured by THE RED FLEET:
- Axis
- National Socialism
- Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei
- Aryan Shield Command League
- Aryan Brotherhood
- White Christian Dominion
- The nationalistic union of aryan races
- Imperial Catholic Nazi German Reich
- League of German Girls

These regions will serve as education portals for visitors to learn about the atrocities of the Axis, German Nazi Party, and related concepts and why we continue to fight fascism, on Nationstates and in reality.

Solidarity Comrades!



An allied region of ours, Makhnovia, was invaded by the fascist Right Wing Uprising. Nations are permitted leave from this operation to bolster the leftist defense of that region. If you are interested, telegram The Ameliorate of Milograd, General of the Lazarene Liberation Army, who will be directing military forces in this operation.

Sailors of The Red Fleet - You are hereby ordered to report to Comrade Milograd for further orders.


Commissar of The Red Fleet


72 days ago

Comrades, I'm unfortunately suffering from extensive family-related problems (among other issues) and have decided to take a temporary leave of absence; this is not a resignation.

All Fleet matters are to be dealt with by the Comissariat consisting of Trinovantium, Misley and Casita. Thank you. I hope to login in sporadically, but I won't know how often or when.

In Solidarity,

Marxingrad wrote:Comrades, I'm unfortunately suffering from extensive family-related problems (among other issues) and have decided to take a temporary leave of absence; this is not a resignation.

All Fleet matters are to be dealt with by the Comissariat consisting of Trinovantium, Misley and Casita. Thank you. I hope to login in sporadically, but I won't know how often or when.

In Solidarity,

Hope everything gets sorted out for you and we see you back soon, comrade.

As you may have noticed from Regional Happenings, we have reclaimed the region The Red Fleet and it will resume its position as the rightful Headquarters of the Fleet.

In Solidarity comrades!


Well, as the Internationale has now moved on, I will do the same with this puppet, to help another region in peril.
Good luck on future endevours!

Has it been decided what's going to happen to this region? Will it eventually merge into The International?

As far as I know it is to become a museum region.

The Scientific Socialist Unions of North Germania wrote:Has it been decided what's going to happen to this region? Will it eventually merge into The International?

Yes, the merger is already complete save for the few WA nations that remain here.

The People's Republic of Romarnia wrote:As far as I know it is to become a museum region.

This is correct. It is possible that at some point in the future this region will be refounded, but that is not currently the desire of the Comrade Members of The Internationale or strategically feasible. Nazis would love nothing more than the chance to refound this region, and by holding it forever as a museum region, we deny them that possibility while simultaneously preserving history in the form of years of RMB posts.

Now that all non-WA nations have been removed, except for those expressly permitted to remain, I am beginning the process of removing all remaining WA nations.

The first draw-down will be for the following nations to leave the region:

Ayral (already completed via ejection), Heinostan (already completed via ejection), Ananor, Terraviva, Cadia, East Ranford, Leronia, and West Savannah.

Once all nations on this list have left, remaining WA nations will be evacuated and the region will be finally completely secured.

In Solidarity Comrades,

The Red Fleet Commissar of Misley
Emergency Delegate of The Internationale
Commissar of The Red Fleet


The next stage of the draw-down has arrived, with all members from the first draw-down except Terraviva, who has not logged in for several days, having left the region.

In this next stage, I ask the following nations to leave the region:

Romarnia, Mistelemr, Dolgavakia, Aluzer, and Maristalia. Terraviva is also included in this list.

Once these nations have left, only two WA nations will remain which I will clean up myself for security purposes.

In Solidarity Comrades,

The Red Fleet Commissar of Misley
Emergency Delegate of The Internationale
Commissar of The Red Fleet


With Terraviva en route for a CTE and all remaining WA nations having left, I am declaring this mission officially and finally ended, after exactly 120 days since the deletion of Camarada de Siempre La Pasionaria.

The gratitude of The Internationale will forever be with The Red Fleet, The MT Army, Argentina, The Communist Party of NationStates, the Democratic Socialist Assembly, Eurasia, Lazarus, North Korea, and the Social Liberal Union for their institutional support, and to the following hundred comrade nations who provided their endorsements over the past four months:

The Gay Dictatorship of Terraviva, The commonwealth of anarchist catalonia, The Rejected Realms of Aluzer, The People's Federation of Korzenowski, The Agonistic-Pluralistic States of Respectika, Aurora novae, The Democratic Republic of Leronia, The Blissful Commune of Kryftland via Nydasica, Almughavar catalan via Almug, The United Socialist States of VissergradTwo, Oconnorland, Maristalia, The United Socialist States of Grobladonia via Romarnia, The Praetorian Republic of Arcomo via The Arcomo Interregional Mission
The Libertarian Commune of Little Woodhouse, The Worker's Commune of Mistelemr, The Military Alliance of Dolgavakia, The Caffeinated State of Cadia, The United Socialist States of Pregame Nation, The Mourning Dayze of East Ranford, Proudhongrad, The Scientific Socialist Unions of North Germania, Pavi, Free japan, Geelania, The Proletarian Dictatorship of Zulanka via West Savannah, The Free Land of Unity of Arios, The Socialist Republic of Ananor, The Democratic Union of Pisces Meridian via Astarte Outpost, The Green Communes of Laevendell via Naeri, Reiland, Juggalopia, The United Socialist States of Ayral, The United Socialist States of Heinostan, The Revolutionary Dominion of Druzha Bozhi, Spartan warrior, Passmoria, Blunt speakers, The Democratic Republic of Dregonia, Francophiliacs, The Althing of Ratateague via Glenrowan, The Third Republic of Lemur Isles via Lemurian Embassy, Asuna, Keystone commune, Kropotkingrad, The Millitaristic Worker's State of Ostovia, The Soviet Republic of Laand, The Community of Casita, The Marxist-Leninists of United Marxist Nations via U N M, The United Socialist Republic of Ucratia, The Nice Socialist People of SomethingNice, The Free Socialist Territories of Punkdom, The Free Land of Socialist Irish Republic, The Egalitarian Proleteriat of Vashtanaraada, The People's Union of Resora, The Tax of Havendes Forvenson, The People's Republic of Case, The Transparent Democracy of The Electronic Future, The Socialist Union of Greater Istanistan, The People's Republic of Bananaistan, The Unitary Socialist State of Riasy via Soviet Riasy, The Marxist Republic of Ghirich, The United Socialist States of Trotskyland, The Fascist Beating Stick of Crownguard, The Brazilian Empire of Tupi, Caldania, The Liberal Republic of Consejo de Indias, The NS addicts of Nicer potlimitomaha, The Nation of ForeStarnya via Carlitoland, Hobbs via Tachanka, The United Socialist States of Chaego, The Peaceful Monks of Red Rose Alliance, Cuba socialista via Mexico Revolucionaria, Westireland, The Federation of Mazak, Byzantium and asia minor, Greater andalusia, Andropoland, The Free Land of Marxina, The Marxist State of Scotland410, The United Socialist States of Tharsha, The Republica Unida of Yberia, The Separatist People's Republic of Nueva Argentina e islas tortuga, Drinovia, The People's Republic of Batko Makhno, The People's Republic of Kiptoke via The peoples republic of kiptoke, The Marxist-Feminists of V Ming via Marxist-Feminists, The Soviet Republic of Donetsk-Krivoy Rog, The Socialist People's Republic of Herrebrugh via De 32ste Volksdivisie, The Free Land of The Vegetable, The Phantasmagoric Maelstrom of Chaos, The Scurrilous Reprobacy of Concerned Citizens, Ernesto che guevara, The Federation of BLACKMASK, The Free Land of Mrotra, The Left-Wing Utopia of Left-Wing Utopia, The Owl People's Republic of Corujea via Otus, The Armed Revoloution of Rowan22, and The Volksrepublik of Chirannis.

These nations and regions are hereby awarded the medal Hero of The Internationale for their defense of this region, with further details available here: page=dispatch/id=233555

In Solidarity Comrades,

The Red Fleet Commissar of Misley
Ex-Delegate of The Internationale
Commissar of The Red Fleet

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