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WA Delegate: The Eco-Socialist Union of Vashtanaraada (elected 202 days ago)

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Welcome to The International Communist Union!

We are a Left-Wing, Communist and Socialist region!

"The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains!
They have a world to win, Workers of all countries, unite!"
- Karl Marx

Comrade The Eco-Socialist Union of Vashtanaraada - Regional Secretary

Comrade The People's Ecumene of Enrica - Regional Commissar
Comrade The Proletarian Republic of New Langsia - Regional Commissar
Comrade The Anarchist Confederation of Schillikia - Regional Commissar

Embassies: Antifa, The Communist Region, The Internationale, Labour and Socialist International, North Korea, Das Kommune, The MT Army, United Socialist Republics, NSLeft, Socialist Peasants Council, World Alliance, The United Northern Countries, Marxism Leninism, New Soviet Bloc, Ozzy, The True Marxism, and 74 others.Federal Socialist Republics of Kelomar, The Great Nation of Petrokovia, Latinoamerica, The Spanish Republic, Islamic Comintern, Feminina, Pact of Slavic Socialist Republics, Leftist Agrarian Revolutionary Union, ITALIA, Democratic Socialist Alliance, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Australia, Isles of Socialism, The Sea Of Love, Warhammer 40000, Syldavia, United Socialist Nations of Zandalari, Freecomunism, State of Palestine, Suwanneelandia, The League of Reformed Socialist States, Costarrican liberal and socialist states, The Covenant of Shrek, Syria, United Bolshevik Republics, The Revolutionary Front, Mozambique, Red Harbor, Warzone Asia, In The Flesh, Vendettaland, New Stormfront, CBGB, Confederacy of Egalitarian Democracies, Zorga, Anarchy, Xerlona Union, The Leftist Union, the democratic socialist union, Heavy Metal Heaven, Trotsky League, The Communist Legion, Conf of Traditional Socialist Nations, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, United Leftist Right leaning Nations, Karl Marx, UCSS, The Atheist Empire, The Union of Communist States, Arab Socialist Baath Party, Socialist Union of Sotrudnichestvo, Hezbollah, Lebanese Republic, Communist International, Multireligious Region, Communist China, The Christian Communist Union, Gay Equality, ULSR, Federacion Comunista Iberica, Peoples Federation of Qandaristan, RedDyl Alliance, LUTO, Palestinian Freedom Fighters, Alliance of Democratic Social Republics, The Communist Workers Union, Union of Socialist Confederate Republics, Worldwide Communist Union, Leninist Union, War torn United Nations Space Command, The Rhineland Accord, Assembly for a Socialist International, Orientopia, and The Communist Alliance.

Construction of embassies with Kommunistland has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 22 hours.

Tags: Small, Democratic, Anti-Fascist, General Assembly, Communist, Security Council, Independent, Eco-friendly, Password, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist, Founderless, and 2 others.Serious, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

The International Communist Union contains 7 nations, the 2,056th most in the world.

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The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in The International Communist Union

As a region, The International Communist Union is ranked 18,550th in the world for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Theocracy of WorworldConservative Democracy“For Worworld!”
2.The Kingdom of ConiaCompulsory Consumerist State“FREEDOM!!!!”
3.The Kirbyist Paradise of KirbylandiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Hail, Kirby!”
4.The Eco-Socialist Union of VashtanaraadaWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“System Change, not Climate Change!”
5.The Anarchist Confederation of SchillikiaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Workers of all countries, unite!”
6.The People's Ecumene of EnricaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“One Vision, One Purpose.”
7.The Proletarian Republic of New LangsiaWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Through peace and socialism, a new world is born.”

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The International Communist Union Regional Message Board

Sure, why not. I do have the feeling that you should make yourself non-executive, though, just to be sure.

One of my puppet nations is the nation that existed before the revolution creating the post-modern New Langsia. I am attempting to make a capitalist s*ithole that has a highly nationalistic government with everything privatized/etc. Oh man, my poor people.

Weirdly enough, my puppet nation got the new chain issue but my main nation hasn't gotten it yet.


That's pretty weird but good at the same time NL :P
I've ended up creating two new puppets, one of my favourite genre of music - The Classic and Original Strand of Traditional Heavy Metal and my favourite band - The Community of AC-DC

Enrica, when you say making my self non-executive, what do you mean?

I mean altering the settings so that you can't be deposed due to invaders out-endorsing you with someone else.

Only Ostakia can do that.

Torchwood 25

41 days ago

Well it's a catch 22. You could open up and try to recruit, exposing us to attack. Or you could keep ICU locked, and eventually die from stagnation. It's the same story with what happened to the CIL. When I first joined CIL had over 100 nations. Now our remnants are less than 20. Things in this part of the bloc aren't as good as they were a couple years ago :S


What you reckon we do Torch?

Perhaps we could create a new, public region. Then we can keep the ICU as something of a "base" or a fallback location in case of attack?

That's a great idea.

Regional Commissars, shall we set up this new region then?

I'll create a puppet nation with that region if you want?

I suggest you all create puppet nations and post them to the Worldwide Communist Union!

Let me know who you are as in your puppets and I'll edit the WFE accordingly.

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