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The Frosty Seas region consists of a cluster of islands and microcontinents in a frigid ocean. Nations within the region keep mostly to themselves and are bound by little more than geography and trade. To the north of the region, the climate is more temperate, but the south faces extreme cold throughout the year.

Embassies: World Alliance.

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The Frosty Seas is home to a single nation.


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As a region, The Frosty Seas is ranked 14,190th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

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1.The Island Fortress of Staten-SimInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace through strength”

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The Frosty Seas Regional Message Board

The southwest antarctic

2 years 36 days ago

The CSA stands with the Republic of Deutschweld and the Island Fortress on this issue. As one of the least corrupt governments in the region, we would be more than happy to discuss our methods of dealing with corruption with our friends.

The island of maldosia

2 years 33 days ago

Greetings from the Island of Maldosia! As we finalize our independence from the Confederacy of the Southwest Antarctic, we are looking to create an effective military to combat foreign aggression and maintain the peace at home! Unfortunately, The Confederacy has insisted on removing all military hardware from the island, rendering us capable of only what limited defense can be mustered by our police forces and armed citizenry. Are there any friendly nations that would be willing to provide us with military hardware?
Specifically, we need a capable fighter/attack aircraft, and some military-grade costal patrol boats. (We're looking to purchase a squadron or two of the former and about four of the latter.) Also, we would like to acquire a number of main battle tanks, armored troop carriers, and several assault/landing craft for their transport.
We are but a small, humble nation, not particularly rich, but we hope that one of our neighbors will be kind enough to sell us some weapons, in order to maintain stability and peace in the nation.

Maldosia, it is pointless and worse than useless for you to pursue such a defense policy. Why? Well, CSA is far more advanced than you. They have large, well-funded, well-manned fleets, fighter squadrons, and large armies. Were your whole nation a member of your defense force you still wouldn't equal the manpower CSA offers.

We suggest you pursue a more... innovative defense policy. We are willing to supply you with various biological weapons as well as proper intelligence training necessary to fight in modern warfare. Bullets, torpedoes, bombers, and such are outdated. Smart weapons, UAVs, and biological/chemical/nuclear WMDs are how wars are being fought around the world (luckily, the Frosty Seas have avoided internal wars (something we plan on keeping up)). Of course, we cannot provide all these materials for free but I'm sure we could organize some beneficial trade deals that allow you to gain our deterrent defense weapons.

Also, we suggest keeping up strong, healthy relations with all nations in the Frosty Seas. If CSA ever tried to annex you, the international outcry (not to mention the trade sanctions) would significantly persuade CSA to be your friend. The Frosty Seas are a strong coalition of states. A coalition who's full power remains untested.

The people of Marcoia are outraged at the Republic of Deutschweld's intentions to proliferate extremely dangerous biological weapons. they are shocked that a member of the peaceful Frosty Seas Region would even consider such an act, one that would push the doomsday clock even closer to midnight. Marcoia hopes your nation reconsiders, and that these horrible weapons are contained as much as possible.

TO THE ISLAND OF MALDOSIA: Marcoia is willing to exchange military assets for copies of your nation's unique scientific discoveries, innovations, inventions, and technology. Due to the success of our Top Secret "Midas Project" (more on that later), traditional means of payment are of little use to our economy. May your Nation be blessed with peace through superior firepower.

William Mackllroy - President of Marcoia

The southwest antarctic

2 years 32 days ago

The Confederacy would just like to point out that if we chose to remove the right of self-determination from the people of Maldosia, we would have done so ten days ago. We have no designs on the island, although we reserve the right to self-defense in case of aggression from any enemies.

This supposed "right of self-determination" is murky at best, disregarded at worst. There is no real, universal clarity regarding "self-determination." Also, it is unwise to rely too much on "rights" especially when said "rights" can be taken away with arms.

On intentions of selling weapons to Maldosia are non-offensive but designed to strengthen Maldosia's deterrent defense policy. Without weapons of significant abilities, deterrent policy would be void. With our weapons, Maldosia will have a most prominent position in voicing its concerns with the direction of the Frosty Seas. Of course, we are not limiting these sales to just Maldosia, anyone in the Frosty Seas is open to buying these weapons though the costs may prove to be too much for some.

The southwest antarctic

1 year 360 days ago

The Confederacy of the Southwest Antarctic is currently finalizing designs for our next generation jet fighter. Any interested nations can post here or contact the CSA's Defense Department via telegram directly. For those that have already expressed interest, the CSA is ready to begin evaluating designs whenever it is convenient.

Why the sudden break with World Union? And this new embassy with Grand Union?

The one region replaced the other.

Why are we allied with Grand Union anyway? What advantages do they give us? Doesn't this violate our semi-isolationist/non-globalist sentiments?

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