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If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. - Desmond Tutu

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1.The Grand Duchy of Isle of KeshaLiberal Democratic Socialists“All hail the great and omnipotent Kesha!”
2.The Republic of Cleopatra SeleneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”
3.The Republic of LiberphoneNew York Times Democracy“Br-Riiiing!”
4.The Armed Republic of Briarthorn Special ForcesCapitalist Paradise“Thorns and Talons”
5.The Wondrous Voice of Ms Bobby McGeeScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”
6.The Nation of Feminist MorndulLeft-Leaning College State“Feminist First”
7.The Anti-Porn Feminist Heaven of SestaRight-wing Utopia“Who surrender freedom for security deserve none”
8.The Solemn Guardian of The Feminist Region FounderCompulsory Consumerist State“Women belong in the house… and the Senate.”
9.The Anti-Male Feminist Queendom of RaiplandCorrupt Dictatorship“That's rape”
10.The Empire of She ruleIron Fist Consumerists“Women over men”

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The Nation of Feminist Morndul wrote:Maybe that topic would be better for Women Empire?

Women Empire is a roleplaying region but it isn't populated by freaks: actually Deputy Empress Vasilissa The Intelligence Operative of DDoS Queen is criticizing rape culture within our RMB, and she linked to a very important organization combating men's violence against women in Australia: more than 185,000 members - given it's Australia it's an huge number of members (a similar proportion in USA would be 2.5 million members).

The Weirdos of Liith wrote:Would eugenics be the right step forward for bringing about worldwide gynarchy?

I'm not sure that gynocracy would be a good thing.
It all depends if you think that men and women are biologically, inherently, different - I'm pretty sure that there are biological differences, but such differences plays a minor role, and society and culture are much more important, playing a major role.
Take in example male violence against women: there are people saying it's totally due our culture encouraging males to being dominant and aggressive, there are other people saying it's all about the amount of testosterone and by so purely biological. Humans are very complex creatures, our brain plays a major role, much more than our hormones. Personally I think that male aggressivity it's 80%-90% a cultural thing, and just only 10%-20% biological. That means that we never be able to reduce the average male aggressivity to the level of the average woman but through culture we can make men just only a little more aggressive than women, by erasing 80%-90% of such differential, and if we'll focus more on blaming male aggressivity than female aggressivity (that is on a level that is almost irrelevant, actually) we can even compensate the remaining 10%-20%.
A reduction of the rights of men or the reduction of the percentage of men through eugenics (selective breeding through designer babies) seems to me a very rough solution avoiding the real issue: we must teach men to not being aggressive and dominant.

However, for those who are able to read French, here there's an interesting paper by a very famous anthropologist:
That paper was presented on March, 15, 2000 in France, at the convention of the organization for Women's Development (one of the most important Women's organizations in France, actually fighting against FGM and surrogacy).
It explains that is absoutely true that 90% males are not needed in practically all mammals, including humans.
But it explains, and that's much more important, that the right path to follow isn't a reduction of the percentage of men, but through education: men should understand that they have to be useful and not harmful to the society, because the majority of women doesn't wish such reduction and we just only wish being treated as human beings.
It also explains a possible reason for patriarchy: according the anthropologist men, realizing the fact that most them are biologically useless for the perpetuation of the species in a natural setting, have flipped the things in their favor, through patriarchy that was meant for controlling the women.
That anthropologist is not an anonymous blogger, he was a very famous and respected French anthropologist


Post self-deleted by RFI.

The link don't work, for some unknown reasons - please use this

After the "/" just add


The Weirdos of Liith wrote:Would eugenics be the right step forward for bringing about worldwide gynarchy?

What do you mean by that?

The Republic of Liberphone wrote:What do you mean by that?

Using gene technology where women are the sole 'real' sex (having both X and Y chromosomes)able to reproduced by amongst themselves with male slave lineage not needing to create sperms ie naturally neutered

The Weirdos of Liith wrote:Would eugenics be the right step forward for bringing about worldwide gynarchy?

Certainly not. Remember that Hitler practiced eugenics to bring about his worldwide "master race." Based on American eugenics and funding at the time.

Liith go and back in other regions !


Post by Communist occupied New Zealand suppressed by The Feminist Region Founder.

femenazis beware. this does not work nor the lgbt. (referring to feminazism.)

Chastity belts/Castration mandatory for men. Any thoughts?

She rule

Chastity belt or castration for slave men !!this is Femdom !! In This region not is Femdom ! Only in Arallu Supreme Empress Femdom Aino Kishi want Castration or chastity belt for all males slaves !! Go in Arallu for invasion Dakar region !! Fast !Please !

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