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Founder: The United Holy Realms of Dyelli Beybi

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The Federated Klatchian Coast is theoretically one Nation bound by a constitution. (NOTE: Currently Defunct)
Regional forums are here. Currently they are inactive and will remain so until membership recovers;
This is the Regional Map;
If you have no place on the Regional map t-gram Karmanyaka.

Embassies: Western Atlantic, Raumreich Oversector, Tareldanore, The Ascendancy, The Illuminati, Arda, and The Utopian Freesocialists.

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The Federated Klatchian Coast contains 3 nations.

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As a region, The Federated Klatchian Coast is ranked 18,257th in the world for Safest.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Holy Realms of Dyelli BeybiLeft-Leaning College State“Semper Dyellia”
2.The Greater Free Republic of Ilek-VaadDemocratic Socialists“All Power to the People”
3.The United States of the Empire of FodmodmadtolFather Knows Best State“One United”

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'Crazy Desert Distributists'

Sounds a suspiciously whole lot like ordinary "Crazy Desert Neo-Conservatives" to me! Come to us and see the light of democratically state-managed solidarity and wealth distribution!

What is this madness? Redistribution of wealth?!? We must redistribute the means of production!

But the means of production means nothing without people and raw materials, of which wealthy nations have plenty! One could possess all the carpentry skills, saws and hammers in the world; but without wood, iron for the nails and the carpenters to work them, one could not even produce the simplest table! Come to think of it, without the carpenters, the iron and the wood, you'd have neither carpentry skills, saws nor hammers... So, if we distribute the wealth evenly, we also distribute the means of production; while only distributing the means of production does not imply evenly distributed wealth.

With Distributism, you'd have a society where anyone would be free to produce what they wanted, as long as they produce what the very wealthy wants them to produce, since they control the flow of raw materials. The potters couldn't make any pots without the clay, the smiths couldn't shoe any horses without iron and fuel, and manufacturers of advanced machinery and electronics would be in the hands of countless resource owners. Of course the Church would approve, since they deal exclusively in imaginary goods like souls, sins and prayers, of which the resource poor have plenty...

No, this evil must be countered, and the perfect weapon for it is Democratic Socialism!

Or perhaps we both mean the same thing when we talk about wealth and means of production, in which case Distributism is only a form of very authoritarian Communism.

Karmanyaka has nevertheless decided to send agents to schools, universities, factories, churches and various organisations in Dyelli Beybi to spread the word of Social Democracy and the promise of a happier and more equal society! We love our desert dwelling brothers and sisters that much!

Ich bin zurück!

Je voudrais une baguette

Ha! I remembered the password. Conquest of the region of Balder is now complete, so now we return here.

Aha... that's why DB is now a 'Hegemony' rather than a 'Hermit'

Hegemon of the hermits.

Lol yup!

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