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WA Delegate: The Protectorate of Delsola (elected )

Founder: The Kingdom of Midrasia

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Largest Agricultural Sector: 371st Largest Retail Industry: 510th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 544th+31
Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 558th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 563rd Highest Average Incomes: 608th Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 611th Safest: 623rd Highest Wealthy Incomes: 633rd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 688th Lowest Crime Rates: 762nd Largest Insurance Industry: 766th Largest Mining Sector: 802nd Most Scientifically Advanced: 827th Largest Information Technology Sector: 860th Largest Governments: 868th Highest Economic Output: 876th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 984th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 993rd Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,000th Largest Black Market: 1,133rd Most Influential: 1,185th Largest Cheese Export Sector: 1,311th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,360th Rudest Citizens: 1,393rd Fattest Citizens: 1,419th Largest Pizza Delivery Sector: 1,485th Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 1,611th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 1,664th Most Devout: 1,751st Most Avoided: 1,826th Smartest Citizens: 1,873rd Highest Poor Incomes: 1,901st Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 2,055th
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Welcome to The Federal Union of Asuran States!
We are a closed-world RP region, dedicated to intricate diplomacy and world building. Although currently small we hope to build up our region and develop an immersive experience, allowing members to develop a rich history and national identity. We hope you are interested in joining a new RP experience!

We are currently accepting applications for new members to join our region. Message either Midrasia or Vrnallia to apply!

Please endorse the WA Delegate for the future security of our region
WA Delegate: Delsola
Founder: Midrasia

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Conflicts: Peacetime
Cartography: Message Midrasia to be added to the regional map

Tags: Modern Tech, Password, National Sovereigntist, Role Player, Minuscule, and Regional Government.

The Federal Union contains 4 nations.

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Today's World Census Report

The Most Ignorant Citizens in The Federal Union

The World Census studied which nations seemed to have the greatest numbers of citizens that fell into the categories "ignorant," "oblivious," or "just plain dumb."

As a region, The Federal Union is ranked 12,934th in the world for Most Ignorant Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Protectorate of DelsolaRight-wing Utopia“Homo Homini Lupus Est”
2.The Devil-may-care Autocracy of Phaedrus ImperatorCorporate Police State“Crush, Oppress, Rinse, Repeat”
3.The Kingdom of MidrasiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“La vertat a besonh de paucs mots”
4.The United States of VrnalliaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Peace, Justice, Understanding”

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Post self-deleted by Midrasia.

For the ascension mountain problem you could just try opening another document which is all land then transfer the mountains over.
In terms of opening up, i'm all for a more active region, I'll add some stuff to the factbook to see if casual onlookers are interested. Then I may consider some dispatches. Only problem is that people only tend to join regions which are already active in RP. I have been working on a world map, which is basically just an outline, but it could be ok for allowing numerous other nations to populate the region. I may also consider bringing over my puppet nations to populate the region more.
Here is the world map (WIP):

What do you mean? Copy-paste the mountains onto another map?
I wouldn't have a problem opening the region up as long as we vet everyone first.
The map looks OK, but I do have some (probably completely subjective) geography nitpicks... (disclaimer: most of geography knowledge is self taught, please check these things and tell me if I'm wrong!)
1) a continent on both poles. Earth's north pole consists of the Eurasian and North American plates and landmasses (Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, Siberia + Greenland and Canada + frozen sea) and only the south pole is a continent (Antarctica and its continental landmass). Not that you have to replicate Earth, of course, especially since there isn't much other land above 60 degrees), it just seems a bit unusual.
2) that there isn't that much land above 60 degrees, which looks to me to be slightly off the coast of the not!N. America in the north and equidistant between not!Antarctica and not!S. America in the south. Again, not a problem, especially since there's plenty of land in the not!Old World, but odd to me.
3) related: a lot of land at 30 degrees north in the not!Old World. That means a lot of desert.
4) possibly super minor depending on how the world map is used: is that... Kavraysky VII projection? Eckert VI? I approve, but if you want to easily convert to different projections you should start with equirectangular. Check out:
5) the SW coast of not!Africa looks like NE Canada, which is odd for its latitude. Coasts like that are typical where glacial retreat occurred quite recently (also: Norway, Greenland, Severny). Possible similar situation in the far east of the same landmass, I'm not sure.
6) showing rivers in the west and southeast of same landmass is an odd decision. Save it for a terrain map.

Other than that, the shape of the landmasses is nice. I like that it clearly takes influence from the real world but it isn't super obvious (possibly exception not!Mexico) like... Chinese Mediterranean?

Addendum to (3) - also a lot of steppe, which would be kind of neat

I've made some minor edits to your page, just some dates and such. My thinking was that Greater Phaedria would only really last from 450-900, although Vrnallia can still be a part of it for some time after, its just nations like Brytonia that I think should get independence a bit earlier. Also your middle ages age goes on until at least 1634, where realistically it should end around late 1400- early 1500ish.
I'll leave most of the edits for you to sort out, but ive also got this page you might be interested in. Im hoping to give Lhedronna some more internal dynamics and a richer history. If you want to change some of the names to more Lhedronnan sounding ones your free to:

Also i've updated the region map, Vrnallia was missing from the last one, plus ive added Aptar and Alydian symbols

My meaning with 'the end of Greater Phaedria' was basically when all its holdings became independent. If it would be considered over sooner that's fine. Though could I extend it a few years past 900? Up to 950-ish?
I'll move back some of the later dates, change some names etc. when I get a moment. My history knowledge isn't great, I didn't know when exactly 'Middle Ages' meant, so thanks for clearing that up.
I've actually done some symbols used by the Aptaran denominations that I'll upload to the wiki at some point. They actually differentiate themselves in how they use colour which could possibly be incorporated into the map.
I can already see some interesting things that can happen in Lhedronna... good stuff!

>straight lines
aarrrrgggghhh you're getting your shi*ty reddit-tier memes wrong


First page of the sheet music to the Vrnallian anthem, Aziatta, admittedly with incomplete lyrics. I could do better if I knew anything about music theory, but y'know.

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