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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Protector of the Realm of The Federal Islands Regent

World Factbook Entry

This region was effectively disbanded and destroyed by its delegate, Texacoe in August 2013. It is preserved here as a memorial to that tumultuous time, and so that no enemy may claim it as their own.

The original Federal Islands was founded on September 5, 2011 by Neutricland. It was refounded on September 11, 2013 by The Federal Islands Regent, a puppet of Shallowell.

Embassies: The Federal Islands 2nd Gen, Libertatem, Ivory Tower, International Republican Union, Pennsylvania, The Illuminati, and Benevolent Capitalism.

Tags: Minuscule and Anti-Communist.

The Federal Islands contains 2 nations.


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As a region, The Federal Islands is ranked 5,103rd in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Socialist Rep of SzurdokistanLiberal Democratic Socialists“Pride In Unity”
2.The Protector of the Realm of The Federal Islands RegentAnarchy“We remember”

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The Federal Islands Regional Message Board


Szurdokistan! Long time no see!

yes it has been a long time, its a shame to see the region like this now, it was so busy and nice in the time i was here before, but its nice to be back

The Federal Islands 2 is where the life is now; even then it's still somewhat quiet but it's home!

Were you around for all the Texacoe and Neutricland scandals?

No I had left by the time all the trouble happened, thats why i was so surprised to see all this go so quickly

Do you know what happened? If not, it's story time

Im not really sure what happend, but please dont let me trouble you if its a really really long story :)

I'll give the condensed version:

There was a hotly contested election for President in the wake of Neutricland's ceasing to exist. The main candidates were United Furry Alliance and ISA; UFA ended up winning the election, which caused ISA to leave for Libertatem in a bit of a huff. Texacoe (who was delegate at the time) saw fit to ban the now-gone ISA from the region, without a trial. This caused some uproar; while regional residents were disappointed that ISA had left us, we thought he deserved to at least have a trial before being banned. Texacoe believed that he was in the right, and refused to give a trial. Eventually it got to the point where a revolution was started which would have placed me (Shallowell) as WA Delegate; however, Texacoe saw this coming and banjected half the region before doing the same to himself. We regrouped in The Federal Islands 2nd Gen (founded under then-president UFA, who has gone inactive but handed his nation to me for Founder security purposes) and have been there ever since; I refounded the original region to keep it in our hands.

Early in 2014, Neutricland refounded his nation and came to the new region, expecting to be put back in the seat of power that had been vacated when he ceased to exist several months earlier. Elections were coming up; Neutricland ran for WA delegate, but quickly came under suspect of voting fraud when several new nations appeared from nowhere, came to our region without having been recruited, and immediately voted for Neutricland in the election. Neutricland refuted the charges of fraud, however, agents from Libertatem arrived to sway the election in favor of the other candidate (I don't remember exactly who that was; may have been Conservative Idealism in TFI). Neutricland took offense at this, claiming the same rules that we had said he'd broken had been broken also by the Libertatem nations. He left to form his own region, The Federal Islands 2 (not to be confused with The Federal Islands 2nd Gen, which is where we were before). Many nations from TFI2g followed him, including long-timer xXGAMERZXx and several newer arrivals. There was much intrigue at this time; a nation from TFI2g managed to be elected to TFI2's delegacy, and several raids using WA-violating nations were used by Neutricland and his fellows to attempt a takeover of TFI2g. Nevertheless, peace talks between the two regions ended in the decision to hold a vote: people could vote either to 1) have everyone stay in their current regions and leave each other alone; 2) Have everyone move back to the original TFI, regarded as mostly a neutral region; 3) have everyone move back to TFI2g; or 4), have everyone move to the new TFI2 region. The vote was tallied; it was again suspected by some that Neutricland committed voter fraud, but nothing was proved before multiple nations from TFI2 began to disappear. It was soon revealed that moderators were deleting said nations for WA violations; allegedly, according to Neutricland, they were all separate people who all used the same school internet to access NS, but that still was in violation of site rules and so the nations were deleted. Among the deleted nations was Neutricland.

It was revealed to the public soon after that there had already been a sabotage effort taking place in TFI2; a combined REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO includes Libertatem and TFI2g, among others) force had secured the delegacy and was stockpiling influence in preparation to strike in case Neutricland and his allies would attempt any more funny business. With Neutricland and his supporters deleted, though, the well-planned effort was unnecessary; and the TFI2 region was CTEd and refounded by REATO forces. And here we are today!

Wow, things really took a turn for the worst then, sad to hear it but i am glad everything is sorted now , thank you for letting me know what happened :)

My pleasure! It was good to refresh my memory anyway.

Anyway, while you're certainly welcome to stay here, I would suggest that you move your nation (or a nation) to The Federal Islands 2nd Gen; that's where everyone is. Here, it's just this lonely puppet :)

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