The Featured Region Followers RMB The Featured Region Followers was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 93

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Followers of Ninja Crow

World Factbook Entry

So your region is being flooded with newcomers?
You are suddenly seeing assorted travelers?
New guests populate the bar?

Chances are your region is "Todayís Featured Region" check THE WORLD link at left.

The Featured Forum: Link The Featured Forum:

We are the featured region travelers. We have been spreading a friendly, positive attitude (and cake) congratulating featured regions since june 2007.
Traveling friendly nations are welcome to join.

Watch your valuables ;)

The Featured Region Followers finally got Featured on July 16 2010!
Featured once again on July 20 2013!

Embassies: Travelling Region, Fata Morgana, and Seinfeld.

Tags: Small, Featured, Multi-Species, Social, and Casual.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Featured Region Followers contains 10 nations, the 1,248th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Police Ratios in The Featured Region Followers

Nations ranked highly have large numbers of police or other law enforcement officials compared to the number to citizens.

As a region, The Featured Region Followers is ranked 16,375th in the world for Highest Police Ratios.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Featured Region Follower of WZ ForumsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ministry of Darkness Executive”
2.The Alliterating Apparatsjik of AntipovFather Knows Best State“ABBL nį312310009 ”
3.The Oppressed Tourists of NogoodnamesleftistanLiberal Democratic Socialists“Take nothing but head shots, leave nothing but bodies”
4.The Followers of Ninja CrowCompulsory Consumerist State“itís the way that is the labourís worth.”
5.The ECW helper of WWE ExecutivesDemocratic Socialists“ECW is awesome!”
6.The Thought of The DayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Congratulations on being featured, Friends!”
7.The Nomadic Ghost of L2Civil Rights Lovefest“congratulations featured region”
8.The Teachers of Black RhinoWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I'm a rhino and I'm ok.”
9.The Voyages of Sindbad the SailorAnarchy“Free as the wind. :)”
10.The Hound of The BaskervillesAnarchy“Free as the wind. :)”

Regional Happenings


The Featured Region Followers Regional Message Board

Today's Featured Region: International Republican Union

Population: 18 nations

Delegate: The Nattt representative of Jollt

Founder: The Chancellorship of Conservative Idealism

Our Government
Chancellor: Conservative Idealism
President: Jollt (please endorse)
Ministers: Bushterria (Military) | Northern Prussia (Mediation) | The Constitutional Land of Freedom (Measure)

Our Alliances
The REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO) | REAGAN Treaty Chat | The Eternal Alliance

Our Chat | Our Citizens | Our Constitution | Our Museum | Our News

Today's Featured Region: SPACE

Population: 61 nations

Delegate: The Federated Democratic States of Xanthal

Welcome to SPACE!

SPACE is a libertarian region open to nations of all types; the historic headquarters of the Pirate League and birthplace of the cosmo dragoon and death-dealing plasma death ray. Whether you're looking for a place to call home or just passing through, enjoy your stay!

SPACE has a policy of neutrality, and cannot accept alliance requests. Embassies are accepted only from regions with which we share history. Raider and defender puppets are welcome to become natives, but these may not be WA members while here.

SPACE is home to the Alliance of Taunt. Invaders will be taunted. Invaders who stay will be taunted a second time.

Regional motto: FREE SPACE!

Today's Featured Region: Amerikanisch Empiredom

Population: 37 nations

Delegate: The Chaotic Imperium of Arcturus Novus

Founder: The Regnum Lupus of Hathradic States

Reliving the Old F7
Current Anthem: "Epic Rap Battles of History: Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler"
Regional Animal: Graboid
Lord of Host, Imperial Master, King of Kings, and Emperor over the Empiredom and France: The Regnum Lupus of Hathradic States
New New Empress, Queen of Queens, and Hath's Lifemate: The Awesomeness of Erickan
General of the Desert Battalions: The Frozen Tundra of Eliasonia
Imperial Chancellor: The Drunken Hathist Fiefdom of Coffee Cakes
Official Poultry Farmer and French Man: The Soviet Reunion of Conoga

Today's Featured Region: Babylon the Great

Population: 6 nations

Founder: Babylon city

Aaaand bonus tour of TRR. I missed doing region tourism.

Today's Featured Region: Halo

Population: 8 nations

Founder: Halo region

Today's Featured Region: South Eastern North West

Population: 10 nations

Delegate: The Kiwiland of Isura

Founder: The ERROR404 of Havl of Havl of Havl


It's nice to see you again, The Thought of The Day. I hope you are well.

Today's Featured Region: Shrekistan

Population: 11 nations

Delegate: The Empire of Hogwarts School of Magic and Stuff

Founder: The Dictatorship of Etch-a-Sketchistan

This land has many layers. Like an onion.

Shrekistan is more than just a region. Shrekistan is a cultural identity, uniting followers of Shrek regardless of their ethnicities, political views, and values. So long as you submit your life to Shrek's undying love, you will be welcomed into Shrekistan with open arms.

Shrek is love.
Shrek is life.

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