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Founder: The Game Administrator's Realm of SalusaSecondus

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Most Nations: 641st Nudest: 1,162nd Largest Populations: 1,873rd
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Welcome to The Cuckoos Egg, the personal (but seldom visited) region of Game Administrator SalusaSecondus. We occasionally engage in efficacious conversation but this is not one of those scheduled weeks. You are welcome to enjoy what conversation we are having.

This region is under the anti-marsupial stewardship of TAO and the New TAO Order.

The Cuckoos Egg: A safe place to do nothing all day. In fact, we invented the Art of Nothingness.

WA Delegates may be given additional authority upon request. If you become elected as our WA Delegate and would like access to the regional admin page, please telegram The Game Administrator's Realm of SalusaSecondus and request it.

Embassies: Space Sector RPRA, the Rejected Realms, Wysteria, The Skeleton Army, the West Pacific, The Moon, Testregionia, and Global Federation.

Construction of embassies with Titan has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Silly, Social, Casual, Neutral, Surreal, Snarky, Medium, and Multi-Species.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Cuckoos Egg contains 20 nations, the 641st most in the world.

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The Lowest Crime Rates in The Cuckoos Egg

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, The Cuckoos Egg is ranked 14,133rd in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Inner Vestibules of UlcerLeft-wing Utopia“Is it I that burden thee?”
2.The Nomadic Peoples of CtrekozaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Why is this my problem?”
3.The Oxymoronic People of The Clearly ConfusedPsychotic Dictatorship“No One Mourns the Wicked”
4.The Darn of Keirah AmberCorrupt Dictatorship“what does F6 do”
5.The Game Administrator's Realm of SalusaSecondusFather Knows Best State“That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.”
6.The Italiano Fans of BoonanaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Third Best Italiano”
7.The Cuckoo's of Krazie KarlInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Held Captive by the Cuckoos Egg ”
8.The Crimson Mystery of Ellery SpraysberryCivil Rights Lovefest“You won't even know I'm here.”
9.The Republic of A Koala ClanCorrupt Dictatorship“Koalas...everywhere...”
10.The Once Near-Omniscient Leader of The New TAO OrderLeft-Leaning College State“Making the World better ... just by being here.”

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The Cuckoos Egg Regional Message Board

I can only find my rebirth date. Ctrekoza was created before birth dates were tracked, back when Jennifer Government was available for pre-order.

I'll be honest, this is my only nation. I made it to play with friends a long time ago, and then we all lost contact with each other, and our nations were abandoned. Then Salusa helped me figure out how to bring my nation back so I could come hang out with the anti-marsupial crowd. I don't take the game seriously, never have. I'm not involved in politics, just hang out here and reject embassies when TAO doesn't beat me to it. Sometimes I even remember that I have issues that I can look at!

My interest has waxed and waned greatly over the years. I devoted YEARS of gameplay to one particular feeder, then added another. I spent years becoming a NS 'Guardian of Secrets'. I have seen my son and his friends blaze and burn out in the game. I watched my inner-city students become super-excited about something beyond their own neighborhood as they joined the game after hearing my son and I discuss our nations. They joined the game and we played together (2004) ... sadly, the only computers available for these kids were at school or the one at my home where the kids would stop by and visit with my own kids and we were all mod-blasted as multis because of the shared school and home IPs. I also found out that a few of the kids were making online friends with kids from Australia and Europe and a few had traded passwords to look at each others nations "from the inside". No one cheated (multied) but the mods could only respond to what they saw and I do not blame them. Being labeled as 'cheaters' was a real sting for these kids ... and they quit the game. [I wish I had learned about school regions before the mod-ifications happened.] I lost my first nation back then and rebranded myself TAO. I have been TAO for 12 years ... I have become TAO to many in the game.

I have had a plethora of nations and personas in multiple regions throughout the years and I have allowed most of the nations and personas to pass away. I hold onto TAO and one other but my in-game activity is minimal these days compared to what it once was. (I am sure Karl can attest to that.) I stay in the game because it has become a part of who I am.

I stay here because I having always felt like I am welcomed and like I belong. And because I know where the secret rum storage vault is in the invisible Salusa Towers.

*16 hours ago: The New Bubastis of Bastetopia of the region Telltale Community proposed constructing embassies. *

I see too many conflicting pieces of information to support exchanging an embassy.

#The region is about 9 months old and small-ish ... 27 nations.
#The region is collecting embassies ... so the founder and/or delegate may be hoping for noobs to join.
#But the region is locked down, so how could anyone join?

My inner-TAO is saying "NO!" Anyone else want to chime in?

They're semi-social on their board, so there may be more than one person controlling the nations in their region.

It's password protected, indicating that the members know each other from somewhere else... It's possible that they want to collect embassies as a conversation piece.

The New TAO Order

My two cents: The region in question is all over the place when it come to tags which gives the impression that they don't really know what they want and simply "aim to please".
You can't be Anti so many things and claim you are neutral (even if the last is meant toward defender/invader).
To add to that you have the Embassy collection which I assume you wouldn't mind that at least 7 of their "friends" are Raider Hubs.

At the end of the day my personal feeling is that Embassies are meant to give you some depth to the game in away that enable you to establish real connections with other regions.
Connections that you might leave in a basis level or tight them over the year with events that benefit both sides.

If it doesn't serve any purpose beside another name on the wall - its a no deal.

The New TAO Order

Recently I had the "pleasure" of reading several introductions made by new nations & old into a region and one issue kept jumping in front of my eyes & its not a new one.
It seems that people have some misconceptions & wrong assumptions regarding Role Playing.

For example in the popular Windows games of World of Warcraft /GW /.... people still maintain the notion that role playing involve making your character speak in heavy English (Shakespearean ) & cat walk (walking slow) and it doesn't matter whether the other partner to this scene is a gnome/ dwarf / wizard / human or a gnoll that doesn't speak a word in English.

Here I keep reading about "This is my nation and now I'm ready to RP" or better yet : "I don't role play"

For someone who played D&D in his childhood (20+ years ago), I always assumed that Role Playing means that you play someone else. a fictional / wanna be.

And while role playing may come in different shapes, colors and sizes,
I believe that the Minute we created a nation in the game and assumed the position of a leader (for that nation) we are in-fact, already Role playing.

The New TAO Order and Spy vers Spy

Yep ... that is what i always thought, too. In my 12+ years in NS, I have taken on many personas ... each unique and exclusive. Each persona is its own RP. The only difficulty I had was when one persona was asked to be an ambassador in a region where I had another persona and the two personas in the same region were asked to take leadership roles in the region.


The Once Near-Omniscient Leader of The New TAO Order wrote: (I am sure Karl can attest to that.)

Yup. We have crosses paths in game many a time.

NS used to be my life, but no longer. And yes each nation was played individually not tied to each other.
I am semi-retired from NS, and I stay here because the region is friendly, no pressure just fun.


The Once Near-Omniscient Leader of The New TAO Order wrote:The only difficulty I had was when one persona was asked to be an ambassador in a region where I had another persona and the two personas in the same region were asked to take leadership roles in the region.

I do have two nations who are different in story line in my main region but they aren't connected in any history / economy etc so as you say, they are different personas (they don't even interact on the same social level).

Although I'm playing an Ambassador on one of my nations I never encountered that specific scenario but I did in fact declined a ministry job in the region where the ambassador sits as it,
in my opinion could have caused a theoretically conflict of interest.

The Cuckoo's of Krazie Karl wrote: I stay here because the region is friendly, no pressure just fun.

It reminds me I picked my main region because it was the only one out of about 7-8 old role playing regions (I conducted a 2 months survey before moving) where role playing was actually implemented
and not by war scenarios. The founder actually answered to my letters in a proper manner.
Meaning, He answered to my formal (leader nation letter) in a formal manner. He Role played the entire interaction like I did. From my early Gov wishes to move and the storyline I built around it to the Register (Socio-linguistics)
linguistic level of the letters we exchanged to my actual moving 1-2 weeks after the letter chain started.
I felt at home which I didn't for quite a while.

I have requested an embassy with my good friends in Titan. They long provided a home for my main role-playing nation and sit at the core of many of my best NationStates memories.

The New TAO Order

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