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The Cornellian Empire once spanned the region, providing law and order. Following a great war over the succession to the Empire that divided it as different factions fought to control the succession, it collapsed into disunity. One-hundred and fifty years later, the old structures are gone, with some nations clinging to old traditions along with their independence while others have become entirely independent.

This is a modern tech region with population caps and an ongoing realistic economics and history project.

Note: Entry to the Region is now by invite only.

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Warning! Biohazard

Infection Rate: 89.3% (156.05 billion infected, 18.65 billion survivors)

Cure Status: Research begun

Infection Status: 79.0 Catastrophic

Zombie Border Control: Borders Closed

Embassies: The Lands of Ancient Peoples, The Ascendancy, Lintonville, New Coalition of Nations, the Land of Power, Union of Nationalists, Astyria, Black Mesa Islands, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Aels, UAA, Armagedox, Skivx, Johorne, Elysium, and Pythonia.

Tags: Password, Role Player, and Medium.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Cornellian Empire contains 45 nations, the 263rd most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Manufacturing Sector in The Cornellian Empire

As a region, The Cornellian Empire is ranked 84th in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of Gehenna TartarusCorporate Police State“Oderint, Dum Metuant”
2.The Imperium of ArbitesCorporate Police State“Sciemus Non Metus”
3.The Free Economic Zone of ArcologiaCapitalist Paradise“What time we recording the motto? Wait, is that mike on”
4.The Feminist Empire of DeadoraCompulsory Consumerist State“Te ka'shume es Nadirahn”
5.The Confederation of JedoriaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Look to the stars”
6.The Commonwealth of The Common TerritoriesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For His Majesty and The Empire!”
7.The High Kingdom of OssoriaMother Knows Best State“Fortis cadere, cedere non potest”
8.The Republic of New OthmanFather Knows Best State“New Othman is reborn. ”
9.The Federal Democratic Republic of United ValikCapitalizt“Liberty and Union, now and forever!”
10.The Sacred Kingdom of Gavinium MagnusLibertarian Police State“Nemo me impune lacessit. ”
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New grand ball thread. Those who would like to, please sign up!

An alert to the intelligence community! A vital piece of data has been unearthed! Operation Vraskyl will commence this Saturday, the 25th of October! What time, where or what it is are all unknown.

Be prepared...

^Same day as the Battle of Agincourt, how fitting!

Things are finally, if slowly, starting to calm down for me again. As in I now have internet again and - best of all - a place to live instead of drifting the way I have been over the last few weeks.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more often from now on, though don't get your hopes up too much.

See you've summoned the ghost of David Lange in your last newspost~

Yes, originally Anthony Ashton was heavily based off David Lange. Except it kind of went wrong.

Also brownie points for knowing who David Lange is.

attn: Arbites, HitandRyan
if you'd be interested, please TG me (as my IRC access at college is spotty). I'd be interested in actually playing this out (Laudine goes all in, strikes Arbites' navy, we'll see how things go from there) or in dealing with the diplomatic fall-out.

Haven't been active in a while, so here's all that's happened in Laudine in the last few months:
- Election in late September went as expected: Conservatives narrowly pulled off a victory, but the coalition is tenuous. The Commonwealth Vitalists' successes were a little surprising, so the reactionaries now control a sizable minority.
-New President is a traditional, realist conservative. Willard Laurden, very hawkish.
-Economy is still :( and becoming :( er
-A wikileakton of classified intelligence files were leaked on October 22nd, 2014, including the above-linked Operation Scylla, plans for a Laudine-Arbites war. Other documents include records of Laudine's biological and chemical weapons stockpiles (which were never officially ended but still not publicly disclosed since the 1980s), embarrassing diplomatic cables, and a late 2000s plan to stage an attack on a Laudine oil rig to provoke a war with Arbites.

Post self-deleted by New Edom.

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