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The Coalition of Governments contains 144 nations, the 76th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Yilzscetryi Prohtobenskr of ServothDemocratic Socialists“United as the Empire, We are bound as One”
2.The Dictatorship of MDRunieCapitalist Paradise“MDR never fails if he fails we deny it ”
3.The Republic of CorummCorporate Police State“The sun never sets on Corumm”
4.The Unified Federal Republic of RuzalkaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Order, Justice And Security, By Any Means Necessary.”
5.The Fascist Republic of KilogradIron Fist Consumerists“For our Dear Leader, The Republic, and Our Homeland.”
6.The Holy Dictatorship of BelugapestCorporate Police State“Slavery is Glory”
7.The Ascendancy of OssyrusMother Knows Best State“Steel-Hearted, Iron Willed, Ice Cold.”
8.The Heilige Kaiserreich of SternreichFather Knows Best State“Wir sind die Auserwählten der Götter”
9.The Collective of NeosapiaLeft-Leaning College State“Resistance is futile.”
10.The Empire of AethliaFather Knows Best State“Si vis pacem, para bellum.”
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The Valari Gvenseko Republic of Valyrian Freeholds wrote:Why is it so died?

As far as I know, alot of people are busy with either work or school during the week.

The Victory Corporation

Kriemhilde's uprising (Part 1/3)

In the morning dew of Lerodas, the sun sets over the many horizons; in the darkness and shadow of Kriemhilde metropolis, Vie, Kriemhlde City. The common scream and shudder of terror is all too real, a dull and sadistic age is set upon the Imperium that was built by their ancestors and now spearheaded by a odd figure that commands even the most highest of nobility within the borders, the Veridex himself set under below this being of high class; the being only known as the Elden. Story's that take origin over millennia told tales of this grand planner; this upper designer. All to those who practice Kriemhilde's religion preach daily and pray to this deity and know only no bounds in honor and respect towards the Elden. The Elden is said to have created Kriemhilde and Lerodas as a whole; granting Kriemhilde only the most basic of technology and knowledge in this age as a test of loyalism to it's people, and succeed did they. This old being now granted what it considered mortals to know of it's presence once again and has returned to Kriemhilde to reform it in it's image, to allow them to rise up against those who oppose it's regime, to take it out of the tar pit they have been stuck in. A new age is upon us brother's, won't you join us?

Some say the Elden is a specific one being that has lived throughout the years and are older than the creatures that have passed evolution, others say the Elden is a group of beings that have passed the task of Elden from one ancestor to another along with their knowledge endowed upon them. In truth, they will never know.

(OOC): The Elden is a specific family of people who have lived throughout Kriemhilde's life, from them being just mere apes in forests to the now space age race they are advancing to be. The Elden are a almost extinct ancestor of Kriemhilde who are much taller, much stronger and more specifically have multiple organs and much heavier and stronger bones. They have guided the early Kriemhildean's throughout their existence and went into hiding around two hundred and fifty years prior to the current timeline, and finally they have returned. The Elden rely on their specific genetic conditioning which give them brains over bronze in any situation; their real life equivalents to these disorders are Savant Syndrome and Hyperthymesia, causing them to become great tacticians and walking libraries. However due to their height being an average of seven feet tall, they must be lmost on constant life support and many of them may not even have legs due to blood flow being cut off. Their additional organs such as two hearts, assist in their blood pumping capabilities to most parts of their body; but isn't without complications of course. They can live up to incredibly long lives, averaging a new Elden every three hundred years, that is if they don't succumb to infection, blood clotting, organ failure or diseases.

Following the reclaiming of the Amber Throne by the unknown Elden, the Ordinis Vindex Principle, Cyrene Maesius Principle and the Rescindo Principle were founded, these principles have now laid the ground work for the nation of Kriemhilde and will forever change it as a whole.

The most important principle stated would be the first and foremost; the Ordinis Vindex Principle which allows the Vindicatius's existence and their ultimate goal's as well the creation of three separate divisions which ultimately make up the Ordinis Vindex,

The Haeresis Decretum; those apart of this division are tasked with the ultimate decimation of individual's who decline the Kriemhildean's ultimate religion, to obliterate those who criticize, contest or attempt to question it's word as it is law.

The Maledictus Decretum; those apart of this division are trained and tasked as both priest and soldier in equal respects, to combat those who wield Eldritch or Arcane powers both spiritually, morally and physically.

The Exoticus Decretum; those apart of this division are tasked with the research, seizure, containment and if necessary destruction of sacred, forsaken and outlandish technology, relics and artifacts,

After word of these principles reached the public, there was already contractors ready for what is about to happen; the sector of 1515 on the global world map was being renovated of all life, streets, cities and towns were already under construction; the new reformed military even having their field engineering corps to assist in the building up of townships, cities and barriers along the Cornumm border, Kriemhilde has effectively seized all property and access to the area within the month; transferring all indigenous peoples from the area into Kriemhilde's society.

Within the month following the construction of 1515, a Viscount of the Kriemhildean National agency had made an unexpected trip to visit an ambassador of Vaetoria to talk about forming an alliance, that was and will be kept under tight wraps where even the most senior of officials may not know of their conversation.
(aka me making vaetoria do the rp post because uncle kriemhilde is lazy)


Revving up the Corporate Engine of Legal Red Tape
Barsilts Headquarters, Mandate
Barsilts Corporation Chief Executive Officer Matsya Kulkarni slammed his fist into the hardwood conference table.
“Get me everything on this Sheilon company. Net worth, history, logistics, everything! How dare they!” he fumed, a red mist clouding his vision. Some terrified aides stood around him. Matsya cleared his throat and smoothed his suit. Board member Brinda Ri had her hand up. He poked a slender finger at a rolled up magazine, revealing a Sheilon Melorange ad. It looked identical to the Barsilts Melorange. But they couldn’t be sure. Pretty sure, but not certain.
“Do you know anything about this?”
“Yes sir. Sheilon. I just know they are a medium sized company operating almost entirely in The Victory Corporation’s holdings. They have some pretty hefty rivals.”
“Ah. Ok then. I want you to take your department, comb over every last wretched file the internet has to offer on Sheilon. Set a taskforce to comb any protection our legal system gives us.”
“Are we pressing charges?”
“Damn right we are. We stand to lose billions!”
Brinda had never seen the CEO so angry. Then again, Barsilts was practically his child, since he had no children of his own. For now.
“What on? How do we know their product is identical to ours? Please don’t rush into things.”
Asad, a softspoken secretary, gave her a warning glance. Brinda opened her tablet, and furiously began sending emails to the entire Legal department of Barsilts, over five-thousand people.
Over the next two hours, emails grew exponentially, flying between R&D, lawyers, external firms, and the Legal Department. There hadn’t been this much email activity in a year. Eventually, the servers crashed.

Five hours later
“Right. This Sheilon Urban Living Headquarters… hmm… medium sized corporation. HQ in Highrise, TVC. CEO is a Mister Derril. It has some contracts with SuperStoreroom, Stopmart, Growth Inc., so we should look into severing those or offering them better deals. The Melorange is the beginning of a GMO phase, we think. They have also expressed interest in getting into the Mandiran markets.”
“Hmm. Good good. Goood. Can you ring HR and tell them to contact every news network and paper in Mandate?”
“Yes ma’am!” Asad said, saluting. Brinda sighed.
“I really mean every. Single. One. We need to have the public on our side for this one. I mean, we’re a ‘big evil multinational’ trying to squash the small business attempting to make more jobs in Mandira. Doesn’t look good,” Brinda sighed. Sometimes the stigma of being powerful was tiresome.
“Well, government bureaucracy being government bureaucracy, legal is certain we can sue TVC for patent infringement, but they’ll almost certainly want the trial held in their country. We obviously need it here. And the gears of inefficiency in power have promptly done nothing.”
“As I expected. Can’t you throw some money at the best lawyers?”
“Well it depends. How much is Barsilts willing to spend?”
“We can dip into our capital hoard if Matsya okays it.”
“Good grief.”
Brinda flopped in a luxuriously leather-padded chair, pinching the bridge of her nose.
“Hmm. We should start trying to get MyFoundry on our side as well. I’ll see what levers I can pull to perhaps get them an even more favorable tax rate, if any at all.”
“I like the lawsuit so far. We can always toss in espionage and public threat as well. First, appeal to have the lawsuit tried and held here in Mandira. Second, if they manage to win and have the case held in TVC, we appeal and say it was void. We must keep digging, however. Back it up with the law!”

Sternreich, Franz-Mekkado, and The Victory Corporation

4 hours ago: Mechanical society ceased to exist.

The Social State of The United Roman Reich wrote:4 hours ago: Mechanical society ceased to exist.

Hey. I have life. You know?

I need ideas for RP for Tav-Mech/ISSC (anyone who want join - TG Kraslavia)
What scientific stuff they can do?

Current ideas are:
Drill to Lerodas core.
Send far space FTL probe somewhere (toward black hole?)

The Community of Mechanical Society wrote:Exist.
I need ideas for RP for Tav-Mech/ISSC (anyone who want join - TG Kraslavia)
What scientific stuff they can do?
Current ideas are:
Drill to Lerodas core.
Send far space FTL probe somewhere (toward black hole?)

Drilling to the core is impossible for two reasons.

First, your equipment would melt right as you hit upper mantle. Second, most of the planet is liquid metals so drilling isn't involved.

Post self-deleted by Kraslavia.

The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:Drilling to the core is impossible for two reasons.
First, your equipment would melt right as you hit upper mantle. Second, most of the planet is liquid metals so drilling isn't involved.

Is that post about Sovaji coming anytime soon or are you going to continue to just not RP the Mekkadon's getting it?

The Vahric Empire of Vanhania wrote:Is that post about Sovaji coming anytime soon or are you going to continue to just not RP the Mekkadon's getting it?

It will go up this weekend - I've got mutiple IRL things to deal with and I won't be posting over the week much.

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