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1.The Unified Federal Republic of RuzalkaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Order, Justice And Security, By Any Means Necessary.”
2.The United Fascist Federation of SpiritualizaIron Fist Consumerists“ Он принимает храбрец быть трусом в духовныйиза !”
3.The Revolutionary Republic of KhalikhanDemocratic Socialists“Respect our Existence or Expect our Resistance!”
4.The Democratic Republic of ZyrrLeft-Leaning College State“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”
5.The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of VanhaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“For the strength of every child of the Crimson Dawn”
6.The Holy Republic of GandhianaPsychotic Dictatorship“For great justice, peace and freedom”
7.The United People's Republics of KraslaviaLeft-wing Utopia“Zyvie Revoluchija!”
8.The Dictatorship of ZengrenLibertarian Police State“One in a Million”
9.The Community of Mechanical SocietyLeft-wing Utopia“To the future!”
10.The Autonomous Colony of NagasLeft-wing Utopia“The snake will always bite back.”
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The Igoeran Dominion of Rodorm wrote:Hokay, so while I was spending the day playing sh*tty MMOs, I got an idea to get around the whole "horns make using armor difficult thing".
Since the Rodori do conscription, how about having the horns be cut to a certain length as a way to signify that the person has done/is doing their service? That way, horns are no longer an issue, and there's a practical reason for it too.

Human militaries often shave the hair off soldier's heads/faces because the hair gets in the way. If the horns are a problem for Rodori soldiers, then just make it policy to file the horns down. F*ck what the individual Rodori wants, those horns get in the way and the army orders to have horns filed. Simple as that.

Rodorm and Franz-Mekkado

The Igoeran Dominion of Rodorm wrote:Hokay, so while I was spending the day playing sh*tty MMOs, I got an idea to get around the whole "horns make using armor difficult thing".
Since the Rodori do conscription, how about having the horns be cut to a certain length as a way to signify that the person has done/is doing their service? That way, horns are no longer an issue, and there's a practical reason for it too.

Hell yeah. New nickname for Rodori soldiers, "stubbies"


Andrei Davri’s freight twin rotor helicopter hovered over the wreckage of coastal Viyanjipakottepatura. The city was situated on a peninsula, and had been particularly hard hit. He chewed his lip. Nicols had been vacationing there when the earthquake had struck.
“Hello? Viyanji Tower, this is Ashvins 2. Approaching helipad 4. Current altitude one thousand feet. Current airspeed 70 miles an hour.”
“Copy that, A2. Good luck out there.”
Andrei flicked the radio and steered the heavy helicopter over the ruins of the coastal city.
Far below, a sea of smashed plastic, splintered wood, and metal obscured much of the street grid. What few buildings had remained standing within 200 feet of the shore had been wrecked by the following waves. Using GPS, he could make out just about what was supposed to have been there. A fire burned in the docks, smoke billowing into the air. He hoped Nicols was okay. The helicopter banked west, a refugee camp coming into view. White tents and scraps of cloth fluttered in the breeze.
“Tower, Camp spotted. Descending.”
“Copy that. Ashvins 3 is approaching your location at one thousand feet.”
Andrei looked out the cockpit. The city skyline grew more intact as he went farther inland, some buildings having flames pouring out of the windows, damaged by earthquake, not the tsunami. It was a steady gradient. More holes appeared in the skyline until there were just stumps of buildings surrounded by rubble. The worst areas were where houses and boats had been smashed into each other, resulting in the destruction of the stack and boat. When the waves had retreated, they mixed all the rubble to create the perfect mess.
People in white smocks were waving at his helicopter as it hovered over the smooth...ish patch of land.
The helicopter descended, the great Mandiran-made engines roaring.
People were already clambering around the landing pad, screaming and shouting. Many were in rags.
Andrei lowered the landing gear, the fat rubber wheels bouncing slightly as the freight helicopter touched down. The rotors began to slow.
“Boy have we needed you! We’re out of anesthetics!” shouted an exhausted looking doctor. Andrei booted the door open as people rushed towards the hold of the helicopter.

“Please! We’re already overextended as it is. Be patient, don-” Andrei pleaded, watching the swarm of people tear into the stacked crates. Police struggled to clear people away from the food stacks.
Why on earth would these people set up a refugee camp here, surrounded by rubble and over a thousand feet from the nearest cleared road?

Classic Mandiran bungling, probably.


Hello the CoG! As many of you probably already know, I've been trying to get some things going between several parties for some time now. This is probably my final idea, and while the exact details can be changed, I'd like to stick to this broad lattice of an RP.

First, some background:

In the late 290's, Franz and RU made contact with Tol, a group made up of several ex-Lerodan peoples and Servoth. The group had sent a scout ship from their home planet, Sil, to a system known as Polirus, where the Mekkadons had begun to establish a colony. The two groups allied, and began colonizing the system together, and, more importantly, building a massive fleet of equally massive warships to use in case of conflict. This alliance was known as TolMek.

Meanwhile on Lerodas, a buildup of forces is going on both within Franz-Mekkado and Khalite (this will be important later).

Now the story: in 306, Aquarius, long inactive, launches a massive attack on Spiritualiza and Vahric Aquarius, but not any ordinary attack, no. Instead they use specially shaped nuclear weapons at specific locations to majorly disrupt local fault lines and cause massive continental shift, with entire chunks of land moving hundreds of miles in the course of a few months. (yeah, yeah, I know). A similar attack is sent at Franz, a Vahric ally, but these nukes are mostly shot down. Liza, crippled as she is, uses what remains of her military to begin fighting the Aquarians, while Van takes time to lick its wounds (and mostly pulls out of Vahric Aquarius). Franz also begins a major attack on Aquarius, which has seized a good chunk of both Liza and Vahric Aquarius. Franz takes the majority of the beating, but takes a definite advantage using its advanced stealth fighters and L.A.S.S offensive systems. Franz and Liza, together, begin making large strides into Aquarian held lands.

Despite the somewhat good relation between Franz and Liza, it immediately deteriorates into hostility when Khalite intervenes, helping the Lizans fight and rebuild. Franz and Liza, both holding sizable chunks of Aquarius, begin to fight with one another. Franz even uses the natives' hate of Liza to their advantage. This leads to Khalite entering the conflict on Liza's side. Khal begins to attack Mandira to open up a second front.

That's as far as we've gotten. Glaed's idea for a Tolaran intervention in Glaedirsgrad could be cool. As could the involvement of Kraslavia. Van could fight against everyone, given that Franz basically annexed some of their lands, and is human.

I'd like to know what everyone here thinks but especially Vanhania Greater Mandira Khalite Krakheim Kraslavia Libertas Liber New Erim Paixao Rodorm Ruzalka Spiritualiza The Social State of The United Roman Reich and The Valari Federal Republic of Valyrian Freeholds think of this.

Khalite, Rodorm, and Arak Tyr

The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:-snip Mandira gets invaded by Khalite snip-

I approve. I have no problems with this plan I will just need to talk details with Khal then.

The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:I like the sound of it... it would, of course, destroy the secrecy of Tol and possibly the Mekkadon colonization of Polirus, but that could be a good thing, as it would open up the way for other Lerodan nations to begin looking at the system, in this regard timing would be important, Tol wouldn't want to sacrifice TolMek plans in Polirus, so perhaps 300 is too early for a direct intervention... If you'd like, Tol could contact Franz about intervening so as to maintain the secrecy of TolMek for the time being... but in general yes, it sounds good to me.

I was thinking it mihht be too early as well. Perhaps wait another couple earth decades.

The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:Hello the CoG! As many of you probably already know... -snipples- ...think of this.

I actually don't come in until after 300, but you know, I'm cool with it.

Those That Roll The Stones III
Military Governor and Station Commander Jonathan Sinclair of the Romo-Skrakoan Space Station Scraicia-1 looked out of the space crafts window to glance upon the huge construct that hang so eerily still in the dark of space. A circular contraption of seemingly thin pipes connected to livable modules and resource stashes.

“Doesn’t look like much now does it?” said Construction Manager Isaac Barker who joined Sinclair while doing some hand movements over a dimly glowing notepad.
“Crew quarters rarely do, to my experience.” Sinclair stated with a thin but warm smile. “What's the first order of duty?”

“You’ve seen the blueprints?” Isaac asked, more like a formality than an actual question.
“Yeah I got a clear enough picture.”
Isaac showed an image on his notepad. Three lined up rings of the constructs that Sinclair had viewed outside the window, all penetrated by a long pillar or pipe. “Once we have the scaffoldings up and running we’ll begin shipping in materials for the tail end as we call it. It’s the stationary back of the station, you remember?”
“Yeah.” Sinclair ensured.
“The tail end will be the engineering of sorts. It will house the main fusion reactors and the bulk of the central machinery. Waste disposal, recycling stations, back-up systems, all that stuff. We’re hoping to get the main hull up in a couple of months but don’t let that fool you, it will take ages before we’ll be ready to start on the habitable section or anything outside of the tail.”
“I’m more concerned about the safety situation.”
“We’re taking what precautionary steps we can. And we’re deploying A-P.U units to help wit much of the Zero-G stuff. Talking of which. I’m really glad that we got as many people from the Skrakoan Zero-G department as we managed to grab. We Belters have the experience of course but your people have been handling completely different stakes out here for years. On that subject, that hard as nails foreman of yours sure is a piece of work.”
“Yeah, he’s running the Zero-G crew like clockwork.”

“Thornton is the best man in the field. He’ll probably run the entire project from with under your nose before you know it.” joked Sinclair.
Isaac laughed. “Yeah I kinda got that feeling.”

Admiral Javier Pritchart, Head Commissioner of the Department of Training had, through the contacts of his friend and superior admiral Parnell, managed to worm his way into getting an exclusive look at the Department of Ships’s Project Icarus. Which was the reason for his current situation as he found himself buckled up in a cramped survey vessel right in the middle of cold dark space nowhere.

The scientist who had been talking at his side looked at his wrist watch. “We’re closing in on the two hour mark.” the scientist said and he pressed a button that activated a recording device. “Initialization of Project Icarus thruster field test number five is ready to begin. All parameters are within expected ranges with no deviation greater than oh dot oh five.”

“So, what are we expecting to see here, Doc?” Javier asked as the scientist removed the recording device and instead turned on a display.

“Ah yes, we’ve latched on to an intercept course with a rogue asteroid that’s tracked by the Eyes. Two hours ago we sent out the launcher who is nearing the 100K mark of the asteroid...”

“Isn’t that a bit close for what I’ve read about the specs?”

“Yeah that’s because we ain’t testing the missile ranges today. We’re also starting to become happy with the results on yield efficiency but today’s test will simply be to approximate the current efficiency of the warhead thrusters to see if we’re able to line up our aim.”

“How big is the target?”

“The asteroid offer roughly 153 square meters facing the missile and we’re hoping for a 20% hit ratio to consider the test a success.”

“That’s not much to write home about.”

“Oh I promise that any receiver won’t need to worry about that either.” laughed the scientist with a grin.

A red lamp lit up the cramped room and the scientist bent over to active a couple of monitors. “Target resolution is a go and we’re now feeding the information to the warheads. Launch in Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Launch successful.”

He showed Javier a small monitor that appeared to show a visual live feed of the asteroid. “If we’re lucky we’ll be able to see the disappearance of the asteroid any second now.”

The two men sat in silence and waited. Javier was actually feeling some excitement over the thought of watching a successful test.

The monitor showing the asteroid suddenly lit up in a bright white flash that covered the entire screen before going back to showing the black backdrop of space. In it’s center the asteroid still floated peacefully.

The scientist shook his head. “What a shame.”

Arak Tyr

Prelude To War: Part I

It is the two-hundred-ninety-fifth year of the eighteenth era. Virshia has fought and won it’s independence from the nation’s now deceased Wardens, The Enclave Republic. In the years since then, Virshia has reversed the situation and assumed control of the vast swaths of what was Glaedirsgrad -- the birth place of the Haali’sra. The largely abandoned, war-torn ruins of their cities having been ravaged by time, weather, and the broken spirits of the few who could not find passage to Amon At’mos, residing now in ghettos formed out of the least damaged cities -- of which there are few. With Glaedirsgrad now an administrative zone in which Virshia has total control, the nation had to evolve it’s newly established power to hold their claim, and thus the Virshian Rangers were formed. From the barren deserts to the north-east, to the dense jungles and swamplands in the south-west, the Virshian Rangers stand watch over the remnants of their people’s former masters. With two whole generations having been born into the world, the wounds of the Great Rebellion were only felt through the voices of the elders. Sorrow, Fear, utter revulsion… The Haali’sra are diminished, and it would be Virshian hands that decided the fate of the hundreds of thousands who longed for an end to their suffering.

Karanotti, Hub Province, Virshia - Y294

Under a bright blue sky full of far spaced wispy cloud, the suns shone bright and warmly. Beneath the eav of the Passage Chamber(1), a dark haired young man clad in an uniform of gray with black trim sat upon a weathered bench with a book in hand. Seemingly oblivious to the crowd amassing around him, his bright eyes continued flashed within the shadow created by his brow as they scanned the text; however, as the group of his peers grew exponentially, his concentration broke. Closing his book, he placed the novel in a canvas satchel that lay at his feet. Becoming increasingly irate at the cacophony of voices that now assaulted his ears, he closed his eyes and took measured breathed as he often did.

“Gatuuvi.’ said a familiar voice.

“Go away.” He said venomously.

“Hey now,” said another voice. “That’s no way to treat your friends.”

The young man opened his eyes, the world seemed slightly more blue than he recalled, but he dismissed it as his gaze fell upon two of his peers.

“Huh? Oh! Sorry, Daqqi, Catahina. I thought you were some more of those annoying busybody teacher’s pets complaining about something again.”

Catahina, a similarly dark haired young woman with olive skin and bright eyes, waved her hand vigorously while Daqqi, tall and muscularly defined for his age, leaned back with arms folded before him.

“It doesn’t matter. The ceremony is going to start soon, Daqqi and I thought we’d have one final get together before the Occupation Assignment. If our scores are high enough, we can choose… but…”

“But we thought it’d be nice to know what we want to do.” Daqqi cut in.

“Ah,” Gatuuvi said.” I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I want to follow my Dad’s footsteps.”

A pained expression fell on Daqqi’s face, Catahina’s betrayed her anger.

“C’mon! Still with that Ranger crap?!”

“Yes, Daqqi. The Ranger crap.” Gatuuvi sighed.

“Need I remind you of the casualty rate of that occupation? Do you real-”

“I know full well what it entails and all the dangers that accompany it!” he snapped.

A slight hush fell upon those nearest to the trio, the sharp words drawing looks from those around him. Gatuuvi locked his hands together and stared at the cement beneath his feet.

“You’re both my best friends, so can you please just accept it already?” his voice quiet and tame.

This time Catahina spoke.

“You’re an idiot. You’re top of our year, but you’re the biggest idiot I know. If you’re going to join the Rangers, then do it. We shouldn’t stand in the way of your dreams.”

Gattuvi met her with his eyes, silently thanking her with a nod; though as he did, he caught sight of a strange expression on Daqqi’s face. He was looking at Catahina with a strained expression. Was it anger? No. it couldn't be. he thought. As if to confirm his conclusion, Daqqi grinned widely.

“Yeah! You’re our childhood friend, it wouldn’t be right of us.” he said, smile still stretched across his masculine face.

At that moment, a commanding voice boomed over the local PA system.

“Graduates, please proceed into the Passage Chamber and seat yourselves. The State Administration will now begin the ceremony.”

After minutes of wading through the throng of people, Gatuuvi, Daqqi, and Catahina found their places at the very bottom row of the amphitheatre styled room. The only light in the domed hall was the natural sunlight that filtered down from an aperture in the center of the structure above. When the clamour subsided, the commanding voice that had spoke through the PA system spoke again, only this time at an ornate podium.

“Welcome!” he bellowed. “Welcome, graduates! Today is one of celebration, for you’ve reached the most critical point in your lives. You have each successfully completed your journey through the education system and await adulthood.”

A small wave of clapping followed by a single ‘whoop’ filled the pause.

“Yes! Enthusiasm!” the tall, well-built man said with a chuckle.

“Some of you already know me, but for those of you that don’t I am Hanadae Tut, a former Kenral of the Virshian Army. I have been invited to host this evening’s ceremony in the stead of your Headmaster as she is currently recuperating from her treatment. As a long-standing friend of hers, I could not let her most esteemed children go without -- Gods Bless her -- and thus, I’ve come.” he said, sipping at a glass of water.

“Now, onward with the ceremony.” he cleared his throat. “I will now call upon the students with the highest to lowest scores… Gatuuvi Arcturus of Class G-6, step forward and meet me at the podium -- Let us congratulate him for this year’s number one student!”

The crowd clapped with modest applause as Gatuuvi made his way to the podium, he seen the three state reps sitting behind a lavish desk, eyeing him with indifference, intrigue, and genuine elation.

“Congratulations on your efforts, Young Sir! You have the honour to choose your placement -- will you join the Government Administration? How about the Science branch? Or--”

Gatuuvi held his right hand before him, silencing the ex-Kenral. Looking toward the many hundreds of his peers, he took his place before the podium and spoke.

“Many of you I do not know on a personal level, many more I have not even learned your names,” he said, as they peered at him from their shaded seats. “For I have spent the better part of my youth honing my mind, body, and spirit. I had abandoned the thought of acquiring friendship on my own so that I might yet attain the maximum amount of efficiency with the body I have been born with.”

He paused to gaze at them left to right.

“I have taken the first steps on a most dangerous slope. The men and women behind me would expect that the genius that is I chase after a life of indulgence and comfort… but that is not so. I seek greatness -- to be whole. I believe in earnest that one can only achieve greatness through interacting with all which our world contains… Many years ago, my Father told me something. He said, “Gatuuvi, in all my years I have lived, never an era has been so bereft of hope. Never has life meant so little to men.”. I was barely old enough to understand, but in time I knew. He had been a Ranger -- a soldier tasked with protecting the interests of our great state. As was the usual, he would leave for a year and sparsely visit. The last time I ever saw him was the day he imparted that truth upon me. The look in his listless eyes, the softness of his beaten voice… He had seen the face of despair and lost his way. He had fought the scions of our former masters as did his father before he, only to fall prey to the one irrevocable truth to this forsaken world. We matter naught. To say it aloud send chills down my spine, but it also moves something within me -- something distant and shrouded. I choose to seek the mysteries of life that drove him to do what he did. I will become a Ranger. I will fight our Enemy. I will look despair in the face so that I might test myself and measure my strength. I realize not all would desire such a difficult path, but I urge you all to contemplate what your petty worries, what your insignificant lives will mean to those around you.”

Gatuuvi bowed low then shouted for all to hear “Uat tiirotokan, Uat Wakatdet!” Live truthfully, Live Well.

Making his way off stage and out of the natural light, he strode over to his seat, planting himself between his two friends.

“Well, “ said the ex-Kenral who resumed his position at the podium.”-that was a very… endearing speech. I wish the best in your endeavors Young Sir.” He cleared his throat once more.

“Now! Will the graduates who I name next please line up behind me.”

As the man listed off the names, Daqqi stared almost hatefully at his friend before sighing.

“You really are an idiot, Idiot.” then left as his name was called. Gatuuvi continued to stare forward, conscious of the poisonous looks he received from his peers. Catahina said nothing and left as her name was also called. Arrayed on the stage were the nine students who ranked after him. One by one they stated their occupations they intended to pursue which were mostly intellectual in nature. When it came to Catahina, she stated simply without hesitation she would join her long-time friend in joining the Rangers to seek a higher understanding. Daqqi Stated the same, only claiming he was only doing it to prevent the ‘smartest idiot’ from getting killed, grinning all the while. Gatuuvi was both humbled and irritated.
“I truly am an idiot.” he said under his breath, a ghost of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Greater Thessio Military Airbase - One Lerodan Year Later…

Standing tall and expressionless, the latest graduates for the grueling training for The Virshian Rangers -- five men and women, Gatuuvi, Daqqi, and Catahina among them -- awaited their first orders. From further down the tarmac, an armor-laden vehicle sped toward them. When the bulky car screeched before the group, a short, stocky, balding man hopped out in an incredible flurry of motion. Marching toward them with a near aggressive haste, he began to bark loudly.

“So! You’re our new cannon fodder eh? Pitiful lot you look. Which one of you is the C.O.?”

Gatuuvi, clad in his Ranger trench coat, chestplate, and black beret took a step forward and saluted.

“Jotah Upsar Arcturus, Suuriupsar Sir!” he shouted.

“Ah yes! I heard about you! You’re Gadani’s spawn, aren’t you? Shame he offed himself. Good soldier, best shot I’ve seen. I hear you’re just as good or better. At ease. You’re not in boot camp anymore, you don’t have any superiors aside from the Senior officers so formality isn’t going to be an issue with me… that being said, you’ve yet to earn my respect. In your gear bags you’ll find a map within a protective plastic, take it out. There are details of your newly assigned mission within.”

All five quickly retrieved their orders.

Daqqi, now even more muscular and tan, spoke next.

“We’re headed to the AdZone? The Sups think we’re ready for that jungle gym?”

The Suuriupsar laughed heartily.

“Kid, nobody is ready for that worldly hell. No. This is out of necessity. We’re short on Rangers and -- if you read into the details -- you’ll find we’re in some deep trouble. As you know, our colonization efforts have yielded little success and incredibly high casualty rates. Our civilians are being slaughtered by terror groups in the south-western region of the AdZone, the Hollies have been killing any human they find -- though we’ve yet to discover any corpses of the children that have been pronounced dead. The area is nothing but mountains and dense jungle, so despite our efforts to cleanse the area we’ve met with little success.”

The Suuriupsar paused thoughtfully.

“Kids, You’re rangers now so you should know… You’re about to drop into some heavy sh!t. Very. Heavy. Sh!t. Command suspects the terrorists are growing exponentially, yet the number of Hollies in the reservations remain the same. They think that this might be a foreign entity, but from what I’ve seen, these are tactics that were used in the Great War. These are soldiers who’ve escaped being capture or slaughter and have been preparing to launch their long-awaited counter-attack… At least, this is what it appears to be but we’ve yet to see any official organization.”

The group remains silent as they contemplated the implications.

“Well,” said Gatuuvi, “We ARE rangers for a reason. It matters not what face our enemy wears, we’ll fight to the death to achieve our goals.”

A sad expression fell upon the Suuriupsar.

“Yes… Well, you don’t spend all that time training just to die.”

He wished them good luck and took his leave.

The early morning sky was painted a calm pink, an expanse of wispy clouds stretched as far as the eye could see in either direction. From the cool tarmac, the group of five -- Daqqi, Catahina, Gatuuvi, Emeriin, and Todanii -- took a long last look of their homeland before boarding the massive carrier before them. Together with his comrades, Gatuuvi boarded the plane after staring at the skies he may never see again. Stowing away his gear with the rest, Gatuuvi seated himself across from his childhood friends.

“This may be the last time we see Virshia.” he said.

“Maybe,” Catahina said, “Or maybe we’ll survive the worst the AdZone can dish out… Don’t think like that, Gatu -- It’s bad enough we had to take Ranger Training.” she spoke fiercely.

He nodded in return for her kind words; Daqqi, however, remained unusually quiet. With his eyes closed, he let out a sigh while Emeriin and Todanii chatted in hushed tones. Soon the massive aircraft began to hum as each of its four powerful engines turned on one after the other. After a brief message from the pilots, the craft lurched forward and rolled to the end of the airstrip. Another lurch signaled take-off.

Several hours later, long before the light of Lerodas’ two suns would do away with the night, a tremendous shudder racked the carrier, setting of a multitude of alarms.

Central Mountain Range, Virshian AdZone (Glaedirsgrad)- moments earlier

Deep within a cave system-turned bunker, an aged haali’sra-kad of black plates marched briskly down a dimly lit hall of typical triangular Enclave architecture. After many moments, the elderly man stopped before a rough-hewn stone wall at a dead end. Raising his left arm, a translucent, dark orange interface popped into existence, mere millimeters from his balled fist. After tapping on the interface, the wall before the man shifted and with a push, opened. Leaving the hallway behind, the hidden door shut with a whiney hiss. Various sizes and types of cables and wires lined the floors and walls of the even dimmer chamber. Following these cables and wires, the man knelt before a dais.

“Master,” he said, “ they’ve arrived.”

Sat upon a throne of steel and circuitry, a frail-looking metallic figure peered at the kneeling man with it’s glowing red optics, shifting slightly in it’s seat.

“Finally, our reckoning is at hand” it said, it’s voice slightly reverberating.

It raised it’s cable-threaded arms, revealing hands of the likeness of a Haali’sra.

“It is time to cut the chains that bind, time to free the broken pieces of the Enclave so that we may put them together again and revive ourselves from our limbo!” its voice somehow weary sounding.

Looking down upon the kneeling subordinate, the machine spoke softly.

“Activate the nearest stations and shoot down their escorts but disable the carrier. Those that would oppress and murder us will burn.”

Nodding humbly, the man left. Alone again, the machine with glowing red eyes spoke aloud -- a strange and very organic thing to do.

“Hold on a little longer, old friend. We’re so very close…”

Virshian Air Convoy - Present Time…

“What the hell was that?!” exclaimed Daqqi.

Unbuckling herself, Todanii rushed to the cockpit. Another shudder ran through the plane as is dipped slightly to the right. A moment more passed when Emeriin too ran to the cabin. Not two minutes later did he appear with one of the pilots, now burned and bloodied. At this point, Gatuuvi undid his constraints and relieved Emeriin of his burden.

“Riin, what’s the situation?!” he said as he retrieved his first-aid kit.

Sitting in an empty seat, wiping away the sweat on his forehead, Emeriin replied.

“Our escorts are gone, shot down. We should be nothing but a burning hunk of metal right now, but for some reason we’ve only lost two engines with another one being critically damaged. Whoever shot at us used advanced weaponry -- possibly some kind of energy weapon.”

He paused for a breath.

“Todanii and the other pilot are trying to maintain stability while also finding the best spot to land. It being all dark and everything is making it a little difficult.” he said with tone of pessimism.

Spraying antiseptic on the injured pilot’s burns, Gatuuvi replied without turning his head.

“Normally I’d say we bail, but... If the enemy spared us for a reason, we’re better off not jumping ship. If info on the local flora and fauna is anything to go by, it’d be too dangerous anyhow.”

They all grasped onto something to steady themselves as they hit a frightening bout of turbulence that wouldn’t subside.

“Emeriin…” Gatuuvi said.

“On it.” He replied.

As Emeriin disappeared into the red-lit corridor, Gatuuvi turned to Daqqi and Catahina who were now also tending to the pilot.

“Cat, watch him, stanch any bleeding. Daqqi, I need you to find any supplies we might make use of before we land. I’ll be back.” he said, taking off after Emeriin and Todanii.

Barely noticing the noise the alarms were continuing to make, he rushed down the dimly lit passage, stumbling in the near violate vibrations. Reaching the airlock that lead to the cabin, Gatuuvi shut the door behind him. Opening the hatch before him, a deafening howl seemed to stab at his now pained ears. From where he stood, he could see Todanii in the co-pilot’s seat with Emeriin behind her and the other pilot straining with the controls.

“How’s it looking?!” He shouted, almost inaudible to even himself.

Without turning in his seat, the pilot replied in the same fashion.

“Controlled descent. Losing altitude, but confident we’ll manage.”

Nodding needlessly, Gatuuvi gazed out the shattered window. Almost nothing was visible to the naked eye in the inky blackness before him, but he knew there was dense foliage, rolling hills, and soaring mountains not far below. Pointing with his right thumb, the pilot shouted for them to put on a helmet. Complying, they found that the built in radios were much more convenient.

“We’re slowing down much faster than anticipated, and with our last two engines barely operational, I can’t see us airborne much longer. I can try to put us in a glide, but we might hit ground a little too hard and light up like summer fireworks.”

“Your call.” he replied.

“Acknowledged.” said the pilot.

Fifteen minutes later the call came. They were flying dangerously low, aiming for the only ‘flat’ tract of land to be found.

“Alright,” Gatuuvi said. “We’re about to scratch the paint. Hold onto something, things are going to get a bit scar-” he was cut off the horrible sound of metal being shorn sliced into their ears. The plane violently shook and bobbed. In a moment of sickening realization, Gatuuvi found himself mid-air, the world around him dark and seemingly stretched. As time sped forward, he was thrown hard at the cabin ceiling and knocked unconscious. Stars blooming in vibrant hues at the fringes of his vision as he slipped into darkness.

From somewhere very far away, the sound of muted voices tugged at Gatuuvi’s conscious. Minutes then hours seemed to pass as the sounds grew louder in his ears, the smell of acrid smoke brought warm tears to his half closed eyes. From somewhere in his waking dreams he caught sight of a familiar figure standing behind the blurred people that surrounded him. The figure was obviously a Ranger, the trenchcoat and beret were tell-tale signs. There was a strange moment of realization that roused Gatuuvi from his stupor. The Black-clad stranger raised his gloved right hand, extending his first finger to his lips, fading into nothing as the shadows cast by angry flames dimmed and flared again. Colour seemed to return to the world around him along with a sense of dread followed by panic. Before he had a chance to speak, Todanii gripped his shoulders.

“Arcturus! You with us now?!” she said, voice coloured with urgency.

Gatuuvi blinked and nodded, speaking with a distant tone.

“I’m fine… Where--no… We need to move, questions come later.”

Lending him a shoulder, Gatuuvi heaved himself from the damp, root layered jungle floor. Taking a step with his left foot, he cried out suddenly as pain erupted from his ankle and he fell to his knees.

“Sh!t.!” Todanii exclaimed.

“I think it’s broken.” he grunted.

Looking over her shoulder, she spotted Daqqi and beckoned him over.

“What’s wrong?!” he bellowed. “You alright, Gatu?”

“No.” he stated simply, sitting on the heel of his good foot. “I probably have a fracture in my left ankle. No way I can cover the ground we need to.”

Daqqi’s face contorted as his brow furrowed in thought. He paced with his rifle resting on his arms.

“What are we supposed to do!?” he finally yelled into the air.

Emeriin and Catahina emerged from under the eaves of jungle canopy, concern plain on their faces.

“Continue on with your orders. Complete the mission.” Gatuuvi said, sweat beading on his forehead.


“I know what they are, but believe me they are the least of our worries, so calm down and think for a minute.”

Daqqi spat and walked off into the dark, drawing a sigh from Gatuuvi.



“I relinquish my command to you. I want you to leave me here, I’m a liability now -- chances are, the enemy is going to me swarming the crash site soon, so you need to high-tail it out of here.”

“Are you sure about this?” Emeriin replied, staring at the fringes of the clearing made by the aircraft.


Catahina let out a muffled cry, but Todanii handed her her weapon, both heading off after Daqqi.
Emeriin clapped a heavy hand on Gatuuvi’s right shoulder and handed him two extra magazines before following after the rest. For a good long while he sat before the wreckage with his sidearm in his lap, eyes wandering over the twisted and burned fuselage and makeshift graves of the two pilots that had not survived the impact. After dismissing the consideration of suicide, he lay upon his back and gaze toward the stars. So beautiful. he thought. For over an hour he lost himself in the countless flickering lights in the velvety sky above until he heard a bloodcurdling unnatural shriek pierced the crisp, cool air. Panic and adrenaline now taking the reigns of his wonderment, he pulled himself upright, sliding on his rear to the nearest tree dragging his rifle and putting his back to bark. With the stock firm against his aching shoulder, he listened closely for any more sounds. Nothing. Then, twisted, horrible faces lit by the fire came into view at the far edge of the clearing. Deep in the hills, Emeriin lead their one-man-short group Northward. In the distance, all four of them could hear relentless automatic gunfire followed by chilling, angry howls and screeches followed by a silence that made them pause in their stride to look back in the direction they came from. Catahina clutched a thick vine, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood before continue her march. Daqqi eyed her as she strode by, her eyes hollow and red-rimmed.

“You idiot.” He said under his breath.


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