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Regional Power: Very High

The Coalition of Governments contains 228 nations, the 42nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Extreme in The Coalition of Governments

The World Census developed the following ranking based on a rather vague survey of nations to uncover 'odd or fundamentalist social, economic, or political systems'.

As a region, The Coalition of Governments is ranked 10,016th in the world for Most Extreme.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Theocracy of CodojoPsychotic Dictatorship“I Am Their Instrument”
2.The Holy Republic of GandhianaPsychotic Dictatorship“For great justice, peace and freedom”
3.The Republic of CorummCorporate Police State“The sun never sets on Corumm”
4.The Empire of Old IthiaWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“We were free but now we are strong.”
5.The Nuclear Blast Crater of KilogradCorporate Police State“The wild Nuclear blast comes sweeping down your house!”
6.The Empire of ScorchCorporate Police State“Death and Taxes.”
7.The Dictatorship of Marshal AugustoWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“The Arch Marshal Augusto Mussolini the Prosperous ”
8.The Queendom of The Queendom of PortereaCorrupt Dictatorship“We are those who escaped to be free and equal”
9.The Glorious Eastern Combine of KhaliteWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“实力荣誉斯多葛主义; Khalite shines greater than one billion suns”
10.The Kapitalistische Direktionsbe of KresendraCompulsory Consumerist State“Der Tod ist die einzige Freiheit von Arbeit”
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My Nation Intro FB is finished. :3
It has all the basic Info of my nation + links to FB's.



Locuval, Khrestilune, and Lyrantas

The Federation of Krakheim wrote:My Nation Intro FB is finished. :3

Looks nice!


The Federation of Krakheim wrote:My Nation Intro FB is finished. :3
It has all the basic Info of my nation + links to FB's.

Excellent Factbook.


Project Siddarmark (1)
Military R&D Headquarters Cluster, Sralmyr
Cadet First Class Rayda Sterling sat second from the front, near the center aisle in a folding chair. She was dressed in a grey jumpsuit, as opposed to the military fatigues worn by nearly everyone else in the cluster of rooms. She had agreed to act as a test pilot for the prototype hydraulic/pneumatic assistance suit, and eventually, if all goes well, the first generation of Siddarmark class power armor. The project would also develop unarmored hydraulic/pneumatic assistance units to be used and sold onto the civilian market to aid in lifting heavy loads.
In the front, a woman in a labcoat was describing some technical details on the hydraulic/pneumatic assistance units.
“We’re using a thin aerogel layer between the plates with the hydraulics in order to keep the fluid from freezing during outdoor operations.” She explained as she pointed to various parts on a projected image.
As she continued, a Vaetorian representative for the project stood by, looking over the blueprints for the prototype suit, and comparing them with what Rayda would have assumed to be schematics or notes on their fancy space marine armor.

Soon she would be a test pilot in one of those prototypes.

Several Days Later

“Alright, lift your left leg and bend your knee as though you’re marching.” The researcher behind the screen told Rayda, who was currently lying down on a table in the prototype H/P assistance suit.
As she did so, the researcher asked, “How’s it feel to you?”
“Uh, there’s a bit of lag between me making the effort and the assistance unit starting and stopping. I don’t think I want to turn on my waist in this thing. Might overcompensate and break my back.”
“Hmm, we did put limits on those, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Maybe we should try to make it more responsive.” The researcher paused a second to tap a few buttons, then looked back up. “Alright, lower your left leg and try the same action with your right, it should be a bit easier.”
When Rayda lowered her left leg, the sensitive controls kicked in and the Hydraulic/Pneumatic assisted limb slammed down on the table with a loud CLANG!
“Woah! Langhorne! That was fast!” She called out.
“Are you injured? Is the unit damaged?”
“I don’t think I’m hurt.” Rayda answered.
“The unit’s left leg is a little scuffed, but I don’t see a breach.” An engineer called out after looking at the unit.
After a few seconds, the researcher said, “Try your right leg now.”
When Rayda lifted her right leg it was nearly effortless and easier to control.

OOC: I made a pop culture fb: nation=khrestilune/detail=factbook/id=565518
It lists a lot of the popular things in Khrestilune, such as style, but I have yet to add more.

Greater Mandira

Boo, Valentines! Gonna throw tomatoes at every couple in sight.

The Republic of Gristlestone wrote:Boo, Valentines! Gonna throw tomatoes at every couple in sight.

I have a mirror so my day's been awesome.


OOC: Waldwesen Expansion: The Suns
High King Áki the Greater stood before the massive radio tower that would broadcast across Lerodas, "Give me teh Suns, Lerodas."

High King Áki swept up his golden robe dramatically as he turned to look down at the construction below his fortress. A baker's dozen worth of workers were furiously building a wooden ladder that would one day reach the Suns.

Áki stroked his beard and began to cackle maniacally. One day, the Waldwesen would have a home on the dark side of the Suns.

The Fiefdom of Silberwald wrote:moo

Guess....I'll take the dark side of the moons.

goodbye, space cowboy ;-;

RU, Khrestilune, Mandira, Silberwald and Spiritualiza have now given me introduction texts and it have been posted to the map. (It should now work with phones to. Should.)

If you want to be awesome like these other awesome sexy best people in the world you should send me your nations introduction text.

If anyone wants to have links to specific factbooks or other editing changes tell me. If you want to add additional info or explanations about specific places (things like protectorates or far away colonies strikes me as relevant.) I can ad a point on the map and have it link directly to that part of the text in your nations info section.

And finaly if anyone have problems seeing everything on the site or other layout problems pls point them out and/or send me a screenshot. Ty for your time. Now go be awesome. (hint, hint)

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