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1.The Kingdom of RavencairnCapitalist Paradise“For His Majesty!”
2.The Dictatorship of Marshal AugustoCorporate Police State“The Arch Marshal Augusto Mussolini the Prosperous ”
3.The Democratic Republic of Central dintiniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Anarchy is Order”
4.The Shogunate of Uzushiogakure no SatoCivil Rights Lovefest“The truth is everything and nothing.”
5.The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of VanhaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“For the strength of every child of the Crimson Dawn”
6.The Incorporated States of RevatanLeft-Leaning College State“Non sunt dii , ne dominis”
7.The Republic of GristlestoneCivil Rights Lovefest“A sovereign people under a sovereign land”
8.The Federation of KhrestiluneLeft-Leaning College State“We aren't dead yet, so we're doing something right.”
9.The Secretly Cybercratic Nation of PaixaoLeft-wing Utopia“DipCorps in the Front, GenPop out back”
10.The Kingdom of New MistralCivil Rights Lovefest“For the power and beauty of the light! Hear us roar!”
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DId the chatzy pw change ???

Could I have the password to the Chatzy?

Tsst! Did I miss something or there was not "Fall of Fraserland" post yet? And - how human nations can justify their existance there from before falling of wall? As I remember - there were no human population in Fraserland...

Fraserland, GLORIOUS THRACIA, and Arak Tyr

Several citizens have complained about scientists abducting their pets for experimentation, the entire retail industry has been replaced by online delivery services, preschoolers practice disarming active shooters before naptime, and pristine wilderness has been trashed in the quest for cheaper oil.

The United People's Republics of Kraslavia wrote:Tsst! Did I miss something or there was not "Fall of Fraserland" post yet? And - how human nations can justify their existance there from before falling of wall? As I remember - there were no human population in Fraserland...

But by 300 the wall had fallen, right?

Mar-en-Mar, Shinsiran Ancestral Home, 13:17, 3rd Aer of Io, 299
Amanda Tauren Shinsira sat at the head of a long, finely carved wood table. Along it sat nine of her kin. She knew that in this castle at least another two dozen of her family were present. She had called them all here to discuss important matters of state, but, first, she had to speak to the most powerful and influential of her family.

The house leader reminisced on the last time she had been here, back when her father and brother had still been alive. It was the year 289, she had been little more than a wide-eyed little girl visiting a castle for the first time. Her father had called the family to the castle to discuss war with the Mekkadons. He had explained, she remembered, that they would receive assistance from foreign powers in their fight, something highly illegal, and a secret that was still kept by the family. Since then, her father had gotten himself killed by Allaran shock troops. Her brother, in an attempt to avenge his death, had tried to occupy Kalendross Castle, which got him hanged by the Kalendrossi. Her family’s armies and those of their allies had been pushed back and back until they surrendered. Dozens of her family members had been killed in that war, so much so that the Shinsiran bloodline was the smallest it had been since the Great Rebellions of a hundred years past, when the Allaran boot and then Mekkadon steele had ground the Shinsiran family into the ground. This time, however, would be different.

“Dear cousin,” said Borin Shinsira, Amanda’s cousin, and leader of House Oros, “I’m sure we’re all wondering why you’ve called us all here so suddenly and with no explanation, so if you’d care to explain why it is that we’re here…” he trailed off, leaving a pregnant silence hanging above the table. He looked expectantly at her, as did eight other pairs of eyes. One pair belonged to her aunt, Hera Shinsira, head of the third largest of the states federated together in the Union of Kayallan, and by far the most powerful of those present. Next after her came Amanda’s three cousins, Borin, head of house Oros, William, autarch of the Republic of Kamelos, one of the unified states in the Union of South Franzcian states, and of course, Horace, Duke of Lornath, one of the more prominent house under House Mikalos. After her cousins came her two second cousins, Alyss and John, both heads of minor houses in the Phoronic and Hofburg empires, respectively. Then there was Daniel of the Sword, a famed warrior and general of the Shinsiran military, and a fifth cousin once removed to her. After Daniel was Andrew Shinsira, the last surviving member of an ancient Shinsiran line almost wiped out in the last 100 years, and the head of a minor house in Shinsira. Finally, at the opposite end of the table sat her son, Lorrin Shinsira III, and the heir to the Shinsiran throne. Lorrin was just a few days younger than 9, and only present so that he could meet his family and learn to deal with them.

“Well” Amanda began, shaking herself out of her reverie, “I’ve gathered you all here to discuss the issue of the Mekkadons and Allarans.” Several of her family visibly recoiled, and, even those that didn’t were betrayed by the uncertainty in their eyes. Only Hera and Amanda herself remained unflustered. “I know, I know, the idea of “solving” the Mekkadon question seems absurd. Moreover, I know many of you fear conflict. All of your houses have just recently made full recoveries from the recent war, but, I have a plan that doesn’t require conflict to solve.” She explained, and waited for a reaction.

“Well... “ said John, ponderously, “If your idea is assassination or marriage, then you’re out of luck. We can’t get an agent within fifteen miles of the emperor, and he has few relatives important enough to marry. And he’s already vowed never to allow his daughter marry Lorrin, so, I am in fact curious, what do you propose?”

The statement was not an insult to Amanda, as some may have interpreted it, or a demonstration of John’s ignorance. It was, instead, an example of typical Shinsiran thinking. To a great house, there were three ways of expanding power; by marriage, by war, and by assassination. Since he saw no victory in any of these three options, John couldn’t envision a fourth scenario in which the house Shinsira would be successful.

“Well, don’t be too fast to close the book on assassination. I’ve been in contact with the Combine recently, and they say they could sneak an assassin past Imperial security, and kill the emperor.” Explained Amanda.

At this, several of the faces perked up, and several more screwed up, as they did the mental algebra on the consequences of such an action.

“How certain are you that these communications were kept secret?” asked Hera.

“Certain” replied Amanda, “And I know that you’re all think assassination won’t be enough, but listen. I have reliable intelligence indicating that the Emperor is having his daughter brought up as a Padishah.” At this, there were audible gasps from several present. Even Hera’s stony face lost some of it’s edge as she digested the new information.

“There hasn’t been a Padishah emperor in a thousand years! And even then the Allarans only stopped that practice because they risked civil war!” Exclaimed Alyss, echoing the thoughts of the others present.

“Exactly” said Amanda. “In any other circumstance, an assassination would be pointless. But if the empress-to-be is a Padishah? I think many people, and perhaps even the military would think twice about supporting such a woman. Moreover, while I’m certain that our beloved emperor is aware that his daughter’s being trained as a Padishah, the public doesn’t have to know that he did. We could frame it as if it was Elizabeth Allara who ordered the training, and the emperor was oblivious of the whole thing. Our past failure was due to one simple fact: the military and people are severely loyal to the emperor and the continuation of the Imperial bloodline. But an illegal Padishah? It’d invalidate the whole bloodline!” She exclaimed, excitedly.

“Is the daughter actually an illegal Padishah, or does the emperor consent to it?” Asked Daniel of the Sword.

“Oh, no, the emperor has full knowledge of her training. But who else knows that? A few close advisors? The trainers themselves? We can accuse them all of conspiracy and execute them alongside Emelia AND her mother!” Explained Amanda.

“But what about his will, surely he’d have left such a controversial order in his final testament?” Question Daniel.

“Oh, yes, it’s in his will. But insofar as we know, there’s only one copy of his will, and we can destroy that on the night of the assassination!” Explained Amanda, “It will look like his wife conspired to betray him and make his heiress a Padishah without his consent! Then we can march into house Mekkado and demand in the name of the dead emperor that Emelia renounce her claim to the throne, and, as her bloodline is invalid, a new house be put into power! It won’t be Allara and it won’t be the Mekkadons! Since we’ll be the saviour of monarchy, we’ll surely be chosen. What’s more, we can just blame the assassination on Elizabeth!” She finished, contentedly. She found herself standing, and quickly sat back down. The men and women at the table sat in silence, considering what they had just heard. After a minute, Amanda spoke up.

“However” she said “I understand that this is no small decision. If our plot is discovered too soon, all of us might suffer the axe. So, with the exception of Lorrin, I’d like us to go around and say whether or not we agree. This is your lives on the line, so think carefully, she said.”

“Well, I’m sold. Aye” said John.

“Aye”, Borin.

“Aye”, William.

“Aye”, Alyss.

“Aye”, Andrew.

Horace, Hera, and Daniel all at in silence, contemplating. Hera looked up.

“Aye”, said Hera, “this may be the last time in the next hundred years we get the chance to restore our family to the throne. We will avenge the iron emperors, who the scoundrel Augustus Mekkado overthrew.”

“Aye”, said Horace, convinced by Hera’s reasoning.

All eyes turned to Daniel. While he was the only one who didn’t hold lands and didn’t have any royal title, his vote held the most importance, and the most weight.

“Well,” he said, “Aye. But you should know, if this goes wrong, if it devolves into flat-out war, then we’ll lose. We could never match the might of the Allaran coalition.”

“If this goes well,” Amanda interjected, “we won’t have to.”

With that, the meeting broke up. Amanda had been given the go-ahead by her family. Now, she needed to make a call...

Corvarion Collective and Khrestilune


Ah, the usual craziness that prevails everyday in the Coalition of Governments. A better region I could not have picked to reside in.

Corvarion Collective and Valentine Z

Greetings, everyone! As much as I like to stay here, in my time exploring around distant galaxies and universes, I have found myself a region that is a little closer to the Real-life (RL) country of residence. With that, I, along with the whole of Valentine Z, will be departing from this region, though my sister country The Great Valkyrie Paradise of Alanis Star will still be residing in this region. Hopefully, I'll be doing more role-playing in the future because as of now, I'm still in the midst of developing the factbook for both countries.

All the best with your RP-ing, and this was a half-meta, half-RP message,
General Val.

Corvarion Collective and Arak Tyr

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