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Welcome to The Coalition of Governments, a place for all nations to prosper!

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Regional Power: Very High

The Coalition of Governments contains 221 nations, the 56th most in the world.

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The Most Primitive in The Coalition of Governments

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, The Coalition of Governments is ranked 17,427th in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Fascist Republic of KilogradIron Fist Consumerists“For our Dear Leader, The Republic, and Our Homeland.”
2.The Rogue Nation of MonadicaCorporate Police State“You betcha.”
3.The Urunto Territories of The Tsarlok ClansCapitalist Paradise“Life Is Not Kind, Death Comes To Stragglers”
4.The Rogue Nation of That is Not AmericaFather Knows Best State“You can't control us”
5.The Empire of The FCLUGAFather Knows Best State“Building our nationalism, one draft at a time”
6.The Constitutional Monarchy of The Empire of ZelandiaFather Knows Best State“God Save King Mako”
7.The Theocracy of The Destined StatesIron Fist Consumerists“We are the fire that will burn you”
8.The Principality of GLORIOUS THRACIANew York Times Democracy“Forwards and upwards”
9.The Community of CoG Welcome WagonCorrupt Dictatorship“Welcome to the CoG! I'll be your guide for today!”
10.The Democratic Republic of Falkos IslandsLiberal Democratic Socialists“To preserve, conserve and protect”
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The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:No way you have 350 million people. That's a population density of 817 people per square kilometer.

They just keep piling the people up one on top of the other.

The Republic of Corumm wrote:They just keep piling the people up one on top of the other.

"We house all our people in houses made out of people!"

Paixao, Kraslavia, Felkesjud, Katha, and 1 otherThe Victory Corporation

Amazing stuff posted 5 days ago. Check this guy's stuff out! :o

(Star Fox Parody, quality stuff.)


Always feels good to clear a little off the ol' to do list!

The Victory Corporation

Teletidbits Micronews "News so short you barely register it": INVESTIGATION CONTINUES, MINISTER OF LOYALTY RESIGNS
Amidst the growing scandal, the Minister of Loyalty Dante Senpherno has been revealed to have accepted bribes from several criminal groups and smugglers to have their tracking chips deactivated. This is a gross and disgusting violation of our glorious security system, and completely negates its purpose. Facing pressure from the NPP government, Mr. Senpherno has resigned, disgraced.
“For my actions I will never apologise. I did what I did solely to benefit the Mandiran state and I am not sorry.” My Senpherno said. The government has severed all benefits he could have been awarded and discontinued his income. An angry mob gathered outside of the Ministry of Loyalty, hurling bricks, stones, and other items at Senpherno as he was escorted off the premises.

In other news, Minister of Defense Rekard Stress finally returned home to the Central Provinces after several months keeping order in Zuidzarisen. With local tensions subsiding, and rebuilding efforts continuing, food shortages easing, and infrastructure growing, Zarisians are getting happier with their Mandiran overlords. Of course, unrest still boils in rural areas. He was greeted with open arms in Foundry of God, where his armor convoy stopped to a crowd of cheers. Mr. Stress has expressed his dismay at the bribery scandal, and has promised that he has been the most moral of Ministers.
The Ministry of Finance has announced it will be printing more money, as rebuilding efforts in Zaris are expensive and slow. A peaceful protest of various economics professors and advisors was arranged outside the Commonwealth Palace, asking the government to drastically cut funding on multiple social programs and getting inflation under control.
And on to weather, your budget news channel goes! Expect dangerous levels of particulate matter over the entire eastern half of the country, especially in Fortaliza. It will be sunny in the north and….

Franz-Mekkado and Katha

Dang, lost internet for a good several days, not sure why. But pressing random buttons always seems to work.

The United Roman Reich

It's been so quiet lately... I miss the flurry of speeches and wars at the expense of the common folk, 'round 'ere. Pree' soon I reckon summuns gonna start a few genocides to pass the time, you juss wait. The Sickle will fall and the wheat will be reaped.

Ruzalka, Franz-Mekkado, and Domi Sub Mari

In the Chatzy.


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