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The Coalition of Governments contains 196 nations, the 56th most in the world.

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#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Republic of GandhianaPsychotic Dictatorship“For great justice, peace and freedom”
2.The Empire of CyrothicaWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“We came as Romans”
3.The Armed Republic of Karak HirnWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“Being underground is just fine.”
4.The Federation of DarklunashadowCorrupt Dictatorship“We belive in you”
5.The Red Fascist Republic of KathaWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“Real power comes from strength, and fear”
6.The United Socialist States of SestanmaCorrupt Dictatorship“Vox Populi, Vox Dei”
7.The Glorious Eastern Combine of KhaliteWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“实力荣誉斯多葛主义; Khalite shines greater than one billion suns”
8.The HEHEHEYOUCANTCATCHME of RuskroviPsychotic Dictatorship“You cannot hope to catch what you cannot grasp”
9.The Republic of VoratiaWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“For the people, by the people”
10.The United Fascist Federation of SpiritualizaIron Fist Consumerists“Пусть тьму потреблять вас!”
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The Coalition of Governments Regional Message Board

The Social State of The United Roman Reich wrote:Since Felke and Franz is trying to eat one another alive for no reason could the Administration please discuss the concept of post-30 hex expansion again given the results that was in this old poll? page=poll/p=33727
Fraserland, Vanhania, Khalite ?

Basically, it's possible to expand post 30 but those hexes are not protected by the consent clause and anyone who wants to can invade. Unless this changed that is it but as I know there has been no official decision to change the status quo.

The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of Vanhania wrote:Basically, it's possible to expand post 30 but those hexes are not protected by the consent clause and anyone who wants to can invade. Unless this changed that is it but as I know there has been no official decision to change the status quo.

As of now, the rules are: No expansion past 30 hexes.

At least, that's what I am using in my map claim FB...

To be clear, this thing won:

No, I don't think nations with and over 30 Hexes should expand and Spiritualiza should give up Sector 0243.

The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of Vanhania wrote:Basically, it's possible to expand post 30 but those hexes are not protected by the consent clause and anyone who wants to can invade. Unless this changed that is it but as I know there has been no official decision to change the status quo.

The rule enabling players to expand post 30 hexes have been criticized for giving the superpowers a free pass at expansion since no non-superpower can oppose such a claim with hope of Victory. It has therefore been questioned why this rule has replaced the one under Iltaak which was that after 30 hexes nations could only expand by way of taking it from other nations in an agreed upon RP.
The issue with the current rule have been brought to the administration's attention multiple times before, mostly to Khalite I believe, and people have requested a revision of the rule but no official word have ever gotten back that the administration have in fact discussed the matter. Since the issue keeps showing up I think it would be a good thing if the administration could agree to form a unanimous stance on the subject.

Ruzalka, Paixao, Rodorm, Ausruni, and 3 othersFelkesjud, Franz-Mekkado, and Rpublic of Thracia

The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:I would also like to remind everyone (though especially those new nations), that if an RP post corresponding to a map claim is not up, the claim will not be added to the map. You must have an RP post to make a map claim. It doesn't have to be a five-paragraph essay, but I will not put up claims without corresponding posts.

oh well hmm does a founding nation rp count and do i have to post the rp to the map thread

War in Ocreasia!! Read about it at page=dispatch/id=526396 (please join on the RP thread on forums. I think it's easier there so we don't have to sift through NS chat logs. Also I'm making thread now.

Thread completed.

To be clear, decisions are made by the administration polls are used to show popular opinion and that is it. Typically we follow the opinion of the group but people stating that they will not follow the decision of the administration is going to cause issues.

We are currently speaking and debating the issue. I have seen the criticism of the administration and it does have its merit but I would like to point out that we are working on this and before you assume we are solely focused on getting pissed off about change that maybe you should realize this attitude often causes these feelings. Hold your selves together and wait for a official ruling before planning how you are going to respond when you don't get your way because so and so gets pissed when you bring it up.

Respect begets respect :/

So if you, as a individual who wants to solve this issue and has your own input, send us a group telegram so we can all read it. That would help greatly.

Zelarino Central Park, Niscemi, Ausruni

Central Park in Zelarino is by far the largest in the country, about twenty bigger than the Courtyard of the Gods back in Arandon. The trees here are more ancient than Ausruni's ancient monument and taller than most of the largest skyscrapers in the world. The priests and followers of Vesum have deemed it sacred and that to fell a tree or even break one of its many branches is punishable by death on the spot. Though to us Wraiths, it is trivial matter. Everything in the end will wither and die and its life essence would feed the ground and provide nutrients to others. But to the task at hand. It is a very cold day today, a mighty blizzard from the south has swept in from the southern ocean with below minus twenty five degree winds and you can't see the upper trees or skyscrapers. Good, makes it more easier to conceal when the gathering of the people begins. I am standing ontop of a sturdy branch that can support my weight even as the biting winds take their pickings in my flesh, though the cold wasn't much of a nuisance, just irritable.

Rumors go abound that Raven Zayn, the leader of the people would appear at the entrance to give his grand speech about disbanding the monarchy and promoting the country to a better way of life than living underneath tyranny, that is the Voclain Dynasty. For over three eras they have ruled our lands with an even hand, tending to their every need. Though this is not enough to the masses. Other factions are growing tired of the current emperor's policies and demand to be heard even on the international stage. So far Raven hasn't appeared and its 9:45am and won't arrive in twenty times. Perfect time to plan out my assassination and escape route, there is only four entrances that correspond to the compass. The gathering will be held at the north entrance at 10:00 am sharp. Around a further five minutes into the speech. I attach myself to my harness and jump down and with my forearm blade and pierce through his heart. Fight off his bodyguards and make my escape by using a grapple gun given by my friend who is a blacksmith and worshipper of Ightass and fade away into the forest canopy. These are evergreen trees and are able to save their leaves even in the the bitter cold. Perfect to be not found by helicopters as it is difficult to see through with your eyes, though scanners tend to be a bit of a hindrance. So I sort of have a plan together. Once Raven and his bodyguards are down. The security people are next and killed by my fellow Wraiths who are watching silently in the tree branches that extend beyond the fences of the park. In case of snipers around the buildings near the entrance. My friend placed bombs across the higher stories and will go off after the sound of a rifle firing. Then as an example to all who defy the Head Priest. Sun Dragons will march in and spew flames into the crowd.

(Skip to 10:00)

Growing bored after I came in position, I took a short nap. I woke up to the sound of chatter from thousands from many people just to see one person delivering a speech of declaring war on the monarchy seems pretty daunting despite the freaking storm. Man people can do such amazing things. It was easy spotting security guards who had the entrance on lock down as they guarded the entrance of protesters and let those in to hear Raven's speech. The volunteers had set up chairs and gave away free hot chocolate, coffee and some warm snacks to keep people happy and fat. A few minutes later after giving out blankets and gloves and warm clothing the people started to cheer and applaud as Raven walked around the masses as he went down towards the podium. It took him only a two minutes to get to the podium. He readied himself as he cleared his throat

"My fellow citizens. I, Raven Zayn would like to make an announcement. After days of peaceful protesting, the imperialists crush us at every rally. Yet! we will not yield to such ignorance. The current emperor is a FAILURE at governing a nation. No more days of peaceful protests, we will stand our ground and fight to the very last! Our days of being a monarchy are over! It is time that we shall make history once the shackles of enslavement are cast down from our wrists. We will shed the Loyalists' blood and paint it across the monument to Rytor! TOGETHER, with our strength in determination and our free will. We will cast the Emperor from his throne and declare Ausruni a free country. A FREE democracy." He announced over the microphone, as soon as he was done of this grand speech. The entire city heard roaring sounds of cheering as they have a leader who is willing to give them what they want: a country not under the rule of the aristocracy. After four minutes of absolute talk, I grew impatient and decided to follow my plan.

Some speech he made, quite... impressive for such a man that is headed towards the bleak realm of the underworld. I made my move and began to free fall over the podium. By instinct i grabbed my grapple gun and shot the harpoon against a tree a few feet away from the one I fell. Once it attached I swung with enough momentum to impale him with my blade. The crowd went silent as I Killed their leader infront of them. They would never expect a Wraith to do such a thing. The two bodyguards tried to seize my arms. I countered them by jumping backwards, flicking my wrists. Twin daggers pierced their hearts. That was the signal for my comrades to kill the security guards that were about to fire upon me. It was a bloodbath as I watch people scrambling for the entrance running away from the black robed figures as they murdered the twelve guards with our blades. The sound of a sniper rifle went off and killed one of the Wraiths, a sacrifice not in vain as it was all part of the plan.


I looked above to see that the twentieth floor spectaculary explode in a giant ball of flame. No one would survive on that floor as well above and below. Smirking at the dancing figures below the floor engulfed by flames as they burned alive screaming in terror. Some fell out the broken windows and fell to their death. Their blood splattering all over the road like someone threw red paint all over the asphault. That was pleasing to see as they move, lifelessly. As the first bodies dropped from the building below. The Sun Dragons spreaded out towards the entrance to the park and ignited their flamethrowers. The crowd now began to retreat from the park entrance to escape from the flaming tongues. Those that were unlucky were burned alive. I even pulled out my tablet to zoom in on the carnage below. I laughed more as I saw this one man screaming in absolute pain as he tore off a chunk of his flesh to see the blackening bones of his ribcage. A delightful way to die.

As much as I wanted to stay and watch the carnage unfold. I had to retreat as other Guardians began to wreak havoc amongst the city streets now. I need to bring news back to Anax that the attack was successful. Now we wait for a response....

(OOC): I will make the breaking news post today when I wake up. Enjoy!!!

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