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Regional Power: High

The Coalition of Governments contains 112 nations, the 100th most in the world.

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The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in The Coalition of Governments

As a region, The Coalition of Governments is ranked 77th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Fascist Federation of SpiritualizaPsychotic Dictatorship“Единая мы стоим, разделенные мы падаем!”
2.The Special Administrative Zone of Kalakar ModusCorporate Bordello“Modus, leading corporate sector of the C.O.G.”
3.The Enclave of Nova GlaedirsgradWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“We escape our doomed fate; Harken to the stars”
4.The Federation of Atheist CollectiveLeft-Leaning College State“Rationality is a virtue ”
5.The Kingdom of YoungdonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Always Loyal”
6.The Cael'in Republic of New ErimInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From ashes, prosperity”
7.The Corporatocracy of TreerCorporate Police State“This space for rent”
8.The Temp Dictatura Rei Publicae of Libertas LiberWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro.”
9.The Empire of KaltenwaldburgLiberal Democratic Socialists“Für Volk, Vaterland und Krone!”
10.The Sultanate of KurdesFather Knows Best State“Live long and respect Sultan”
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The Coalition of Governments Regional Message Board

The Most Benevolent Beacon of Eurar wrote:You know what I'm sensing, a specific avoidance of crabs in these here drawings.

Brother Crab Nova Glaedirsgrad what do you think?

Be careful what you wish for :3

Strife in Svinnr and the Republic

SEE ALL POSTS HERE--Strife in Svinnr forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=326819

We can only attribute the slight decline in stock values to recent actions on part of the Republic, namely the incompetency of the Senate and centralization of power in the hands of the consul-turned-dictator. While we expect short-term losses, perhaps for a week or two (who knows, we’re only economists), the index should level out and continue on its previous trajectory when the transition of power proves to have occurred smoothly.

However, increased stability in Svinnr is serving to counteract some of these poor policy decisions.

—Analysis of the Standard & Rich’s 500 Index

The Temporaria Officium Dictator
Day 534 of 567, 18E 278, Evening Time

“I need you to resign.” The Verber Consularis Senator Gavisu Morterus looked nonplussed.

Dictator Marcus Saroyan’s heart rate rose. His stomach twisted, and he wanted to wretch in the wastebin near his desk. How, he questioned himself, could his most trusted colleague in the Senate demand this of him. The people still approved of his efforts. The Republic was functioning. The situation didn’t appear ideal, but he could handle it.

“Why?” Saroyan asked as he gripped his glass, looking away from Morterus.

“You are the linchpin, Saroyan.” Morterus set his glass down, gliding to their visibly shaken dictator. “The Senate has made a fatal mistake. They sought you for salvation, to put a stop to the referendum, but instead”—Morterus placed his hands on Saroyan’s shoulders and dropped his voice to a hush—”you can be their undoing. You can bring about real change.”

Uncomfortable, the dictator spun around. Various officials, mostly senators, had begun talking about the strange behavior of the verber consularis. Saroyan heard whisperings that the senator was increasingly irritable with his colleagues in the chamber. The man, some gossiped, preferred spending his time with lobbyists, political consultants and analysts.

“What is going on, Morterus?” Saroyan asked sternly, his early uneasiness dissipating. “Why the demanding of resignations, the aloofness?”

“As I said early, you’re the linchpin holding this altogether—”

“More the reason for me to remain in office!”

“Yes, but do we really need this system anymore? One that is so fragile, open to these abuses. No, we need to return to the older principles of collegiality and responsibility. We need checks and balances. If you resign, you can demand a new constitution because when you do resign, this whole system will fall apart.” Morterus nudged his pointer finger into Saroyan’s chest. “And when you demand for change, the people will follow.”

“What changes do you have in mind?”

“Plenty, Saroyan.” The senator pulled out a file folder filled with suggestions from policy wonks, polling data from analysts and strategies from lobbyists, accompanied by Morterus’ scratched-out notes. “Let us review your resignation.”

Franz is fairly menacing guys, I wouldn't mess with him.

The Cael'in Republic of New Erim wrote:Franz is fairly menacing guys, I wouldn't mess with him.


#1 trout fishing sector... We Lizans have the fishies as well Krakheim. :3

Ossyrus loves his tanks:

Liber is a simple man:

New Erim

The Rikúr of Felkesjud wrote:Ossyrus loves his tanks:

But he doesn't like to admit it:


The Fall of Fabrium

Day 12 of 567, 18E 279
Only a month after Eris Cetus escaped Svinnr and apparently killed himself in an attempt to upload his consciousness into the Fabria Network.

Somewhere beneath the southern city of Quaestorum, a team of analysts and diagnosticians worked for the past week to determine the cause of Eris Cetus, the psychotic personality that had taken over Lukat Somor's mind and committed treasonous crimes against Fabrium. They believed they had found the source and cause of this odd incident.

However close they were to understanding the truth. It wouldn't be fully correct. Not without access to information that had been lost in Lukat's mind after Eris took over. Only Lukat could remember what happened to him years ago.

Back in the year 275, Lukat Somor was a mid-level diplomat. Often granted duties of overseeing mostly mundane political paperwork authentication and bureaucratic procedures with the Organics of Lerodas who always required a physical body to be present, otherwise these such documents couldn't be official.

The time had come for Fabrium to connect with further nations, ones it hadn't much history with but still needed to communicate with if Fabrium were to become a World Power. Lukat Somor had been sent to the Island Paradise of Ruzalka which had shown itself resiliant to Terrorists, Economic hardships and even war. A strong, yet small nation that could prove very valuable in the chaotic Politics of Lerodas.

Lukat traveled to Arx, the Capital of Ruzalka, to oversee the authorization of the construction of a Fabrian Consulate in the Ruzalkan Capital. Due to Ruzalka's recent economic growth, some Fabri have chosen to travel to here for business more often these past few years. However there hadn't been a formal Border and Travel Agreement between the two nations, yet. With the signing of a Bill on Immigration and Borders comes the construction of an Embassy or Consulates to accommodate the duties laid out in these agreements. Yet another thing that required a physical formed person to attend the paper signing and meetings. Digital or Printed Signatures are often not Official in Organic Society. Something the Fabri could never get used to, but could at least humor.

The Foreign Minister at that time was a man named Fredrick Roberts. He and Lukat were the two Officiants for the Consulate and had become close friends by the end of the week-long bureaucratic endeavor. One night after work Frederick asked if Lukat could come to the bar with him, and asked the obvious question that entails taking a Synthetic being to a bar, "Can you drink? Lukat answered simply "In a way, yes". He then went on to explain that Fabri brains are comprised of similar chemicals to those used by Organic brains, but in very different ratios and compounds, and were not made of metal wires, circuit boards, and whatever other computer parts the Organics thought the Fabri had rattling in their heads. He explained to Fredrick, "In Fabrium, there are a few drugs we make that allow us to get, as you say, 'high' and 'drunk'"

That evening Fredrick and Lukat took to the Bars and clubs to have some fun after an extremely boring week of paperwork and legalities. The both of them ended the night as the sun came up a little worn and torn. Lukat had lost a finger or two and wasn't sure why his leg was broken, Fredrick was bleeding from a fight with some guy who decided to lay Fredrick's face across a coffee table. They stumbled to the hotel and congratulated each other for the unbelievable night they had just had. Lukat took to the bed and powered down, his mind still throbbing from the almost excessive amount of drugs up there.

The Day wasn't over yet though, as Lukat soon discovered himself in a dark room, chained to a concrete pillar with his arms and legs detached and missing.

----to be continued----

YAY! I'm RPing again :P

On da chatzeh!

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