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#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Eco-Friend Utopia of Completely Stoned WeirdosNew York Times Democracy“Peace; a cause to die for, not to kill for.”
2.The Pre-Syndicalist Tribunal of Tropical BeachesCivil Rights Lovefest“The Animals are Busy.”
3.The United Kingdom of ZyrrWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Parmi tant d'autres, nous sommes un”
4.The Autonomous Colony of NagasLeft-wing Utopia“The snake will always bite back.”
5.The Nation of PaixaoWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Passion for Perfection drives Paixân Progress.”
6.The United People's Republics of KraslaviaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Zyvie Revoluchija!”
7.The Borderlands of VermyaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Dicendum quod aliquid dicitur magi.”
8.The Commonwealth of GradacyWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“No one gets out of life alive...”
9.The Grand Socialist Queendom of FraserlandWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Freundschaft mit allen, aber mit niemandem verbündet”
10.The Peoples Army of Socialist KraslaviaDemocratic Socialists“Dla Pabiedy Vsech!”
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I don't know what retconned means. I also don't get how some states have scores of hexes, are their populations really that enormous? If so I'm calling broken on the nationstates population increase formula

The Federal Republic of Kustria wrote:I don't know what retconned means. I also don't get how some states have scores of hexes, are their populations really that enormous? If so I'm calling broken on the nationstates population increase formula

Retcon essentially meant to remove it from the history of the region.
Anyway, the whole "population for hexes" thing is only as a start-up colonization. Once one has started up their nation, it's no longer based on population. One can increase their nation with every update of the map. So, population only affects a starting nation.

Khalite Polar North: Vengeance Never Sleeps

Ukaz Team 1-1 of Commissariat Ops, all six mechs, blazed aloft towards Nexus Research Station 4 on brilliant pillars of rocketing flame, their booster packs roaring throatily like titanic bass musical instruments forged by the feverish, divine influences of a brutal god. As each Ukaz mobile suit had blasted off from their positions two kilometers distant from NRS4, they had done so with great explosions of steam, the backwash from their boosters obliterating ancient permafrost into temporary clouds of loose moisture that were destined to recrystallize from vapor to frozen flakes in the harsh, frigid climate of the great arctic shelf.

Zytzev, Scylla, Balmong, Chu, Zhiss, and Zugo all felt tense, their hands gripping the control surfaces of their insulated command cores with stoic patience as they ascended skyward, accelerating hundreds of meters closer to NRS4 with every passing moment. A nervous dread afflicted some members of Ukaz Team 1-1, as they had assuredly been detected by the traitors that were now in control of the large facility.

The Commissar had scarcely imagined that it would come to this. After all of the rebellions, insurrections, betrayals, treachery, and insidious corruption from within that had been eradicated during the Combine purges, it was with the most furious of outrage he felt upon being informed by Omnissiah of a distinctly appalling and sorrowful insurrection that was forming in the polar wastes of one of the Combine's few bastions of productive research;

Solfasist radicals, members of the loyal vanguard of the old regime that had faithfully served the Commissar without fail or deviation, had enshrined the highest ideals of Solfasism-- atheism, authoritarian socialism, military elitism, the will to conquer --and, in a twisted way that the must have seen as heroic, defied the new Combine in a continuance of the old mission; to grasp and achieve the ultimate greatness and glory, for Khalite's honor, the destruction of all foes and the enlightenment of the whole world under Khalite's strong leadership.

And it was with grim realization that the Commissar had known, without doubt, that the old Solfasists and their pride-- one that he had once shared in deeply --could never be vanquished with logic. Zytzev knew that the old mission of Solfasism, as glorious and deeply moving in his heart as it had been, was a dying dream from an arrogant time that no longer could be. Nor would it.

The Solfasist radicals, as Omnissiah had informed him, had secretly used the industrial and scientific facilities of NRS4 as some kind of base, and that they had exploited new corruptions that were, as of very recently, being rooted out and sundered apart by Commissariat snatch-teams and shock raids. At this very moment, new waves of traitors were being processed by the Combine for interrogation, and, inevitably, inhuman torture to glean from them confessions both true and false before they were erased from the stream of time. Even now, Zytzev still felt a lingering sort of pride for these Solfasist radicals and what they'd accomplished. The radicals had managed to create their own thriving community in the most unlikely of places, had stolen, lied, cheated, manipulated at every turn to build up stores of supplies, equipment, weapons, and most importantly, technological infrastructure.

In Zytzev's reverie for the past, his forlorn musings about what could have been and now what had to be done, he did not lose sight of the objective. Very soon Ukaz Team 1-1 came in contact with NRS4, and the sensing instruments of his mobile suit began to light up, various symbolic triangles and circles flashing on his command screens to pick out points of interest. The facility was a black monolith surrounded by fields of neatly arranged structural cylinders and prefabricated structures. No sooner had Zytzev's team came into visual range of the facility did the hidden gun emplacements nearest to their flight path open up!

Heavy projectiles krumped from artillery guns dug into the ice in craftily engineered firing defilades that presented as little of the weapon as possible as it was necessary to engage distant targets. Dozens of such guns send shells whizzing towards Ukaz Team 1-1, but many missed for the simple reason that, despite the ingenuity of the defensive perimeter, the guns were not properly zeroed to engage targets at the height of the rocket-lifted Ukaz mobile suits.

Some of the guns hit their marks, but at oblique angles that sent the shells ricocheting off. A ping from Ukaz 5 alerted Zytzev: "Ukaz 1, Ukaz 5 here. Structural damage to Ukaz 5. Ground mobility hindered by thirty-seven percent. Non-critical."

Zytzev mentally registered this, and then he opened the all-hail comm, "Ukaz 1 to Algam teams, radical perimeter contact. Heavy resistance. Begin ground assault."

Somewhere below, at various points surrounding NRS4 at a distance of 400 meters from the perimeter, arose figures from the flurries of snow like reanimated corpses from icy graves. Skitarii teams of the Algam Corps had been dropped off in secret, many kilometers away, by Commissariat Ops Valkyria transports in preparation for the attack. The Skitarii soldiers themselves stood in teams of twelve, bulky and brutish like humanoid mechanical monsters. With the radical's defensive guns alerted to the Ukaz and preparing to fire up into the air, the Skitarii began loping across the frozen plain in a mad rush to close the distance. They had no heavy support besides Ukaz Team 1-1, but that would prove to be almost unnecessary.

Armed with shoulder-rocket grenadiers and bolter guns, the Skitarii engaged the defensive perimeter as they closed in. Hard-hitting bolts and explosive rockets zipped and shrieked in from different directions, a withering crossfire of heavy infantry weapons to suppress the radical gunnery teams. The Skitarii cyborgs were still partially covered in snow, their towering, grotesque, armored bodies combined with that fact to vaguely make them resemble cryptozoological yetis of myth.

The surprise had the immediate effect of overwhelming the external perimeter at various points, the Skitarii tromping forward closer and closer to begin exploiting breakthroughs that they had made with their swift and brutal attack. Almost as soon as the attack had begun, Ukaz Team 1-1 came down from above, falling in formation towards an interior portion of the facility.

The team fell rapidly, the ground closing in with dizzying speed, until almost in unison the group of mobile suits slammed into the ground feet first! Such was the force of the impact that radical soldiers, still in frantic flight to their battle stations, were staggered by the booming impact that rocked the ground, the knees of the mobile suits bent to absorb the colossal shock, their seemingly tank-sized feet creating great cracks in the hard ground.

With rapid-fire instructions from Zytzev, Ukaz Team 1-1 began to engage targets at close to medium range. Rocket warheads flattened entire buildings with huge concussive blasts, laser blasts perforated disabling holes in parked vehicles or heavy weapons, cannon shells both heavy and standard slammed into solid and soft targets with brutal staccato barks and ear-shattering booms. The towering Ukaz, metal giants, wrecked immediate punishment on anything that dared to move or scramble in hopes of escape or vengeance. Any target that was too close to be hit with a ranged weapon was merely squashed underfoot with the simple malice one would dispense upon a distasteful breed of insect.

It was a blitz, a rout; the Skitarii swarmed in from without in growing multitudes, and the Ukaz demolished opposition from within the perimeter where they'd landed. It was chaos.

Zytzev's eyes constantly flicked from screen to screen, taking in battle reports and statistics while he operated his Ukaz as part of the team. His S-type had taken several RPG hits, but the weapons were too small to do more than superficial damage to the hulking mechanical giant. In a moment of clarity, Zytzev caught a gruesome sight as the Skitarii closed to hand-to-hand combat with a group of radicals.

It was a mess. He saw the Skitarii cyborgs ignore bullets from lesser projectile rifles, ignore combat blades and strikes, only for the Skitarii to rip away a limb from a foe, or pulp a soldier's helmeted skull with an indomitable closure of an unnatural, irresistibly powerful cyborg gauntlet. The sight of blood and bits of brain cascading down a man's shoulders from the ruined head, the limp and muscular body twitching and flailing in nervous spasms before it was discarded to the icy ground like wet garbage was a harrowing sight... but Zytzev's cold heart could feel no stirring at such an undignified death.

Seven minutes passed from start to finish. Bodies of Skitarii and radical alike lay scattered around the perimeter and in some interior sectors of NRS4's outdoor grounds, though the inert cyborg hulks that had been slain were unmistakably in fewer number than that of the traitor-soldiers that laid strewn about, cold and dead like fresh-caught fish lain out for purchase at the market on beds of ice.

Zytzev spoke into the all-hands comm once again, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead, "Skitarii Algam teams 1 through 7, commence sweep. Arrest any that surrender, eviscerate any that resist. Teams 8 through 12, locate facility entrances, establish checkpoints. Let none of the indoor staff escape NRS4. Prepare the ground for my arrival."

Ukaz Team 1-1, battered and with much of their ordnance spent, assembled and headed for the main facility entrance. As they neared and activity on the ground became more organized and predictable, the Commissar unbuckled his combat harness and prepared to exit the mobile suit.


The Federal Republic of Kustria wrote:I don't know what retconned means. I also don't get how some states have scores of hexes, are their populations really that enormous? If so I'm calling broken on the nationstates population increase formula

Indeed, as Felk explained the colonization hexes thing only makes a difference for the first square you colonize, after that it's one every map update until you're happy with your borders/have reached the 30 hex maximum.

Some nations here have been here since before the system was implemented, and these are normally the largest ones you can see here - myself, Fraserland, Vanhania, Spiritualiza being good examples (among many others).

Perth Convention, Cape Cardinal

Et’Kiri’s long reptilian tail swished with embarressment as her scales shifted into a deep blue, and Olaf’s tiflinnig organs began to turn a pale green, outlined by his whitish saurian skin. The two of them looked rather foolish, having rushed into the meeting and starting the flurry of proposals that seemed to spread like a fire, causing much wanton confusion about whom had proposed what or what was being voted on, or even what each proposal entirely stood for and how it affected the world as a whole. With a few quick words shared between the pair of lizan-like people of differing species, they came to rapid agreements on the proposals made by the Vanhanian delegates. Olaf stood, the tabs of skin on the sides and rear of his neck standing out for any who cared to or had the eyesight to notice.

“On the vote for Perth being the de facto capital for the Coalition of Governments, called by The Crimson Dawn Vahric Empire of Vanhania, we vote ‘yay.’
“On the vote for the two founding branches of the COG, if we may call it so, we vote ‘yay.’
“And, on the vote for a founding charter for the COG, we vote ‘yay.”

Finally, he sat, his sensory organs beginning to calm and turn a natural grey. He was thankful that the species present could not smell emotions like his species, the Felkeswyer, could. However, feeling embarrassed amongst such a highly esteemed organization, something his nation had chosen for him to do, was petty. And, he fought hard to put the feeling behind him as he focused on the organization’s happenings and the other delegates. Et’Kiri placed the tip of her now icy blue tail on his shoulder in a friendly act of assurance. She whispered, “we are not used to places like this, not even you are, with your seniority and experience. International diplomacy is something still new, yet, to many of our diplomats. We will learn.”

OOC: figured we should try and kick-start the Perth Convention back into happening. Sorry, Iltaak, it's just dying and needs some lifeblood back in it.

I should do some Perth stuff too. After all, I'm hosting the damn thing. I'll try to post sumting tomorrow!

Post self-deleted by Valares.

The United Imperial Provinces of Valares wrote:Perth Convention
The city of Perth appeared in the distance as the High Chancellor's personnel VSTOL Transport flew towards it. A voice came into being over the transmitter.
"Identify yourself immediately, you are entering restricted airspace."
The High Eldali pilot pushed a couple of buttons on the communications panel and spoke into his helmet mounted communicator.
"This is Wyvren 1 requesting permission to land. We are carrying precious cargo. Repeat requesting permission to land."
A couple of seconds went by and the High Chancellor became tense. What if they refused? What if they all laughed at him?
"Request granted, enjoy your stay in Perth and good luck." Titus came back to his senses and composed himself.
The VSTOL began to descend towards an open area, he didn't know exactly where he was because he didn't have the time to learn about the city. The transport then touched down on the area and the sliding hatch opened and sunlight streamed into the luxurious fuselage. Titus found it funny that despite the appearnce of the thing, it could withstand a nuclear blast. He then exited the fuselage and descended the stairs. When he came to the bottom he noticed a limousine was waiting for him. He walked over to it and the Aid opened the door and he sat inside. It was even nicer than the VSTOL.
The Driver then said, "Where to sir?"
The High Chancellor became annoyed by the question since the Driver already knew where he was going but he suspected it was a formality.
"The Perth Convention if you would be so kind."
"As you wish sir, I hopw you enjoy your stay here."
"I hope so too." Titus looked outside the windows and watched the buildings streak by.


All 4 current installments of the KPN story are here, at the top of the factbook. I painstakingly searched for each post and put them in order for those that want to explore the whole story.

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