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Infection Status: -234.5 Safe Haven

Embassies: Genuan Rebirth, The Freed Lands, and Nova Limbo.

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#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporate Sector of Kalakar ModusCapitalizt“Modus, leading job supplier of the C.O.G.”
2.The Corporate Wastelands of TreerCompulsory Consumerist State“This space for rent”
3.The Combine of KhaliteWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Our Benefactors -- Strength in Compliance”
4.The Corporation of Global Trust IncorporatedCapitalist Paradise“A person is born with a liking for profit.”
5.The Poor Soul of One shot One KillInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Standing guard”
6.The Ausar Reich of CanusCompulsory Consumerist State“The Risk Always Lives”
7.The Revolutionary Republic of KhalikhanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Respect our Existence or Expect our Resistance!”
8.The Incorporated States of United Corporations of SpaceCapitalist Paradise“Devide and conquer”
9.The Corporatist Dominion of Boros IndustriesCorporate Police State“You don't have freedom, you have Boros.”
10.The Federation of Atheist CollectiveInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Reason, Intellect, Stoicness:”
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Post self-deleted by The Obrekian Herd.

Aftermath of the Battle Of The Azhed,

Bridge of the Sweet Scent, Capital ship of the remains of the 4th Expeditionary Sky-Herd

A deathly silence swept over the bridge of the Sweet Scent as it registered the massive radiation spike of Felkesweyer fleet as they re-entered realspace. Every external monitor glowed a sickly purple-white, and many of the officers aboard the Sweet Scent's bridge stopped what they were doing to stare with fearful curiosity at what would emerge. A few seconds passed before the sensors managed to register the identity, number and type of the ships that had just jumped in.


The Senior Weapons officer cried out in an alarm signal, and the heartbeat of every Paduk on the bridge skyrocketed. The Weapons Officer vocalization was a remnant of their herd animal past, and it instilled, instantly, a desperate desire to run in those who heard it. As other officers began to pick up on the panic, and became destracted, terrified, their instincts overriding their minds, the Grand Ship Master drew a service pistol and fired a single shot through the Senior Weapons Officer's head. Silence fell once again upon the bridge as the Officer slumped to the grounds, his front legs giving first, he ungracefully face-planting him into his own console, where he continued to bleed quietly.

The Grand Ship-Master, a look of utter rage about him broke the silence "LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU, YOU INCOMPETANT MOUNDS OF LARD! MY YOUNGEST FILLY HAS A STRONGER GUT THAN THE LOT OF YOU! THIS WILL BE MY LAST WARNING: COWARDS AND PANICS WILL BE SHOT." pausing to calm himself, he holstered his weapon and turned to the dead Paduk's second in command "You! Take over. The Obrekian Herd's Dark-Sky Force is a disciplined fighting force, and I expect this bridge to be a shining example hencefourth!".

Amid the panic and chaos aboard the other ships of the 4th Expeditionary Sky Herd, who's captains lacked the resolve to control their crew's reactions, the Sweet Scent transmitted a single order to them: Vent Air From Non Essential Crew Compartments. Capture is Unnacceptable. Hell is guaranteed for all those who disobey. While they floundered, firing poorly planned shots at the Felkesweyer fleet or else trying desperately to conduct a premature slip-space jump, the Sweet Scent accelerated away from Kerodan's gravity well, using burts of fire to attempt to slow any Felkesweyer ships who gave chace. Having finally exited the effects of Kerodan's gravity well, the Sweet Scent powered up its slipspace drive, tearing a hole in realspace just large enough for it to fit through, conducting a jump on a randomized vector to avoid being followed. The 4th Expeditionary Sky-Herd had ultimately ended in failure, and the Paduk at its head, the Sweet Scent's Grand Ship-Master, retreated to his chambers to consider his future. It was not a bright one.

Above Kerodan, the remains of the Battle of the Azhed floated lazily, frozen bodies colliding with twisted metal even as plasma leaked and cooled from the Obrekian ships, leaving crystaline clouds of vapour in its place. Other than the Sweet Scent, only two other ships of the 4th Expeditionary Sky Herd had survived, having managed to escape Kerodan's gravity well before the Felkesweyere fleet had gotten to them. Now, in slipspace, they would find their own way home, unable to contact their bretherin until they re-entered realspace.

The Senate Building of the Collective Grasslands and 16 Herds, Obrek, Homeworld of The Herd

Criminal Review and Sentencing of Grand Shipmaster Yondoh Shoul, Commanding Officer of the 4th Expeditionary Fleet (Retired)

The Senate Building was full today, with representatives from across the Obrekian Empire present. Conservative and Liberal, Paduk and alien. Grand Shipmaster Yondoh Shoul, once the leader of the 4th Expeditionary Sky Herd stood at the centre of the massive, bowl shaped room, his feet planted on a raised platform, isolated and at scrutiy from all sides. The bull, once confident and resplendant in smart military robes and decorative tusks, now looked a pathetic old creature, nude and animalistic in the grand setting of the Senate Assembly. Despite once being a well built, fit young officer years of time spent aboard ships, sleeping through long slipspace jumps and enjoying luxury had left him with muscle atrophy and an awkward belly. He had fathered many children, and his long career had been puncutated with a great many successes, but today he stood to loose it all.

As the final few representatives entered the Senate Assembly Hall, the Senate Speaker called for silence before beginning the proceedings in his painfully slow, amelodic, drawl:
"Grand Shipmaster Yondoh Shoul, you stand here today on trial for a series of crimes against The Herd, as follows!
1 - Incompetance and negligence in a position of Command.
2 - Failure to protect Obrekian assets against Alien aquisition.
3 - The murder of an Officer of the Obrekian Dark-Sky Herd.
4 - The inadequate assessment of hostile capabilities
The list went on for another 40 or so points, sequentially more petty and ridiculous than the last. Yondoh Shoul tuned out, fully in the knowledge of what would come at the end and what he must ultimately say. He must plead guilty, or be accused of attempting to willfully deceive the Obrekian Senate, a sentence which could end in death, or worse, Hell. For himself he did not mind, but such a sentence could easily be extended to his family (it was believed aspects of character were genetic in The Herd), and he could not bear to see his sons executed before him - as would no doubt happen should he plead guilty.

The time came, the speaker finally finished with his ridiculous list. One final question remained, "Grand Shipmaster Yondoh Shoul, how... do you plead?".

The quiet noise of hundreds of people attempting to remain absolutely silence could be heard for several seconds as Yondoh Shoul whispered a prayer of forgiveness to himself, closing his eyes tightly and gripping his two hands together. Opening is eyes, he looked up to the speaker and spoke the words. "Guilty. I, Yondoh Shoul plead guilty to the crimes here listed, and accept my fair punishment as dictated by The Herd's law. The Herd Protects."

Happy Halloween Everybody! It'z time for zhe spooky night chat. OOOHHHH SPOOKY!

The Socialist Federal Republic of Sovaji wrote:Happy Halloween Everybody! It'z time for zhe spooky night chat. OOOHHHH SPOOKY!

I love Halloween and I'm sad that I never do anything for it... but never mind. Yes Happy Halloween.

Ancient Intelligence
Location: Western Ossyrus, Waldorf Mountains

A scream of frustration echoed through the mountain ranges, followed by shouting. "Verdammt, ich hasse diesen Schnee!" This voice belonged to a seventeen-year-old Ossyran female named Erika Adler, as she tried to crawl out of a three-foot-deep mound of snow using her ROTC-issue Panzerstiefel.

"Could you chill out on the screaming?" Her nineteen-year-old cousin in the Ossyran Heer, Alfons Ulrich, grumbled, ignoring the heated glare he got from the girl. "Seriously. We're here because we're patrolling for any possible disturbances. Chancellor Alsenz has pretty much gone paranoid, thinking that we're going to be attacked at any moment. Even though it's probably not going to happen, we'd be better off just keeping things in check."

"Easier said than done, Fonz. I really wish I could've gotten into the Flugstiefel group instead. But nooooooo, you and my brother just had to drag me into the Panzerstiefel group because we're family." Erika snarled, giving her unit more throttle to dig through the snow.

"You know, if you need help just say so."

"I'M FINE!" She yelled at her cousin. Unfortunately, because of the constant snowing in that region and the unchecked conditions, her yelling caused the snow to shift. Thus, an avalanche began.

"Scheiße!" Alfons swore as he spun around and began to try and escape the avalanche. Unfortunately, they weren't able to escape in time, swept away with the wave of snow. Because of their Panzerstiefel (being a full suit of armor), they were conscious once the avalanche was through. The only issue was that they were now in the middle of a giant valley.

"Great. Now we're stuck here..." Erika muttered as she dragged herself out of the snow. As she began to move away, she slipped on a patch of ice. With a yelp, her legs went out from underneath her and she fell flat on her front. Alfons, who was halfway out of the snow, laughed.

"What's the matter? Can't get a grip?" He asked.

"Shut up, you!" She snapped, taking off her helmet and flinging it at her cousin. "I wouldn't be in this position if it weren't... for..." She trailed off, pausing at something that caught her eye. "...Alfons?"

This made her cousin stop laughing. "...Was ist das?" He inquired hesitantly.

"...I think we stumbled across something big..." Erika continued softly, watching as a snowdrift melted away, revealing a large steel door that was not of Ossyran design. Slowly, it creaked open, sliding on rusty tracks, until it revealed a very tall female humanoid figure that stood on digitigrade legs. It wore golden plate armor that exposed very little skin, which made the figure look as though it were an elite soldier from an ancient civilization. As it strode out, its clawed feet digging into the ice quite well, the first thing that came to Erika's mind...

"...That girl's got some huge boobies." It seemed Erika had a tendency to speak her thoughts out loud, because the unknown being's attention immediately fixed upon her, causing the Ossyran girl's breath to hitch in fear.

Several moments passed in silence, none of them moving save for the red fronds upon the figure's legs, arms, back, and head... until the figure finally spoke up, her voice low and seductive with an electronic quality to it. "I see that you prefer processing my physical appearance first. I do not mind it as long as you allow me to return the favor afterwards." It took about thirty seconds for the Ossyrans to finally get the meaning of what the being had said. Once they did, they had two reactions: Erika blushed darkly with a surprised look on her face, while Alfons stared in shock at the alien. She... she flirted with Erika!? What in the...?

They did not have long to think about what had happened: The alien stood upright and spoke again, her electronic voice more serious. "Had I known there would be others here, we would have prepared. It does not matter, however. Please come inside. I'm starting to freeze over, and I'm sure that you two need an explanation on why we are here." With that, she quickly spun the other way and began walking back through the door, her hips swaying with each step.

"...Well... On one hand we could stay out here and freeze to death... On the other hand, we can go inside and meet another species that has been living in total isolation from society today. What do you say we check them out?" Alfons asked his cousin. When he didn't get a response, he looked over: The girl stared after the being, eyes fixated on the hips and rear.

"Erika." Alfons hissed, getting the teen to snap out of her trance.

"What? What? What's going on?"

"Inside. Now."

"Okay." With that, they entered through the door... through the gateway to the path for a new, welcome civilization within Ossyrus.

OOC: I haaaaaaaate writer's block for this stuff. :I

Territorial Expansion Efforts:

We have annexed the Northern Half of an Island that was previously un-occupied. We are hoping this will lessen our nations problem of serve population density.

WASSUP GUYS??? I had a good Halloween, how about y'all?

Also. AMAZING!!! We have achieved our goal of Conquering the Virus and saving every single person from the clutches of Death :D

The United Clans of Iltaakwenusih wrote:WASSUP GUYS??? I had a good Halloween, how about y'all?

Also. AMAZING!!! We have achieved our goal of Conquering the Virus and saving every single person from the clutches of Death :D

I had a lonesome Halloween. Still am.

Good morning everyone.
Did everybody have a great halloween?

Not really, no one does any Halloween stuff in my area.

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