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The Coalition of Governments contains 185 nations, the 62nd most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Eco-Friend Utopia of Completely Stoned WeirdosLeft-wing Utopia“Peace; a cause to die for, not to kill for.”
2.The Revolutionary Republic of KhalikhanDemocratic Socialists“Respect our Existence or Expect our Resistance!”
3.The United Fascist Federation of SpiritualizaIron Fist Consumerists“ Он принимает храбрец быть трусом в духовныйиза !”
4.The United People's Republics of KraslaviaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Zyvie Revoluchija!”
5.The Democratic Republic of ZyrrInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”
6.The Community of Mechanical SocietyLeft-wing Utopia“To the future!”
7.The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of VanhaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“For the strength of every child of the Crimson Dawn”
8.The Autonomous Colony of NagasLeft-wing Utopia“The snake will always bite back.”
9.The Rikúr of FelkesjudLiberal Democratic Socialists“For the Glory and Strength of Felkesjud!”
10.The Holy Republic of GandhianaPsychotic Dictatorship“For great justice, peace and freedom”
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The Republic of Corumm wrote:hold the door :(

Probably my most favourite and most loathed part in any episode.

"Thomas the Spank Engine is the most popular and controversial children's show in the nation."

This is your brain on RU, people.

The United Roman Reich, Franz-Mekkado, and Krakheim

Founding of Mandiran Extra-Lerodan Administration (MANDELA)
“Here in the 300th year of the 18th Era of Lerodas, our great nation, oh so mighty and righteous Mandira, shall begin a new chapter. It has been 6 long years [12 short years] from the Republican Revoltuion, which overthrew the rotten and corrupt Communist Regime. Since then, our GDP has sky rocketed, our glorious nation has begun to recover, absorbing neighbours and territories and welding them into a great Commonwealth. With the, at times, good and stable leadership of the Nationalist Progressive Party, Mandira grew and prospered, wealth piling up in the bank accounts of the citizenry, and capitalism spurring new innovation, technology, and ideas. The economy is booming, and our industrial and agricultural base is strong. It is now, under the new MEC leadership, that Mandira shall take her first steps into the final frontier, the great unknown, the vast emptiness of our outer space. We shall begin the long journey into the void, striving ever more into the dark, our commonwealth a beacon in the night.
I am sure our nation will enter a golden era of peace and prosperity, which is why we have developed MANDELA, the Mandiran Extra-Lerodan Administration. MANDELA will be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense. Its budget will be small, but it has just two goals: Developing a manned spaceship capable of inter-planetary travel by 308, and maintaining the singular Siegfried class spaceship we received from Franz-Mekkado. To keep costs down, we will cooperate with corporate partners and potentially other nations to share knowledge about propulsion.
Our close friends of the Imperium of Franz-Mekkado kindly have sold us a stripped down, unarmed Siegfried class ship. MAND.E.L.A. will be responsible for this new ship’s upkeep, maintenance, and crew. This ship will be the pride of Mandiran Space Exploration, and will carry our first colonists, our first research outposts, to the outer reaches of the solar system. To ease exploration and efficiency, the entire forward three modules of the Siegfried have been removed. We have no need for weapons. This ship has been christened the Mandiran Exploration Vessel Magdalena.
-Wilhemina Metternich, 18E300
And so, Mandira takes her first steps into the final frontier, joining developed nations in the vastness of space. Of course, with a perfectly Mandiran component, namely: cheap prices/launches and somewhat lesser quality when compared to those of other nations.

Franz-Mekkado and Khrestilune

BEHOLD! A map of Lerodas and its moons, to scale. Lerodas resides at one focus of the ellipse of each moon's orbit. Desmos used to graph ellipses. Moon orbit surprisingly elliptical.
Gives a sense of just how empty space is.

Opis, Libertas Liber, 18:55, Oslan, 3rd of Derra, 18E 300
A man walked hurriedly through the crowded streets of Opis, wearing plain black garb and no signifying gear or insignias. He made no lasting impression on any of those who viewed him. However, had one of them stopped to look for a minute, they may have noticed the broad shoulders, wanting to swing with the confidence only a man of high birth and higher stature could have, or perhaps the hawk-like nose and quick, darting eyes that showed a deeper trait - fear. Partly it was the fear of a man who had spent too long reading too many classified reports to not hold any fear in his heart. Partly it was the fear of a man who spent his life making decisions that could send men to their deaths if those decisions were wrong. But there was a third part. A part almost totally concealed by the careful training of a man in the public eye. Amost. That third part was the fear of a man who knew that what he was engaging in was the highest crime, punishable by life in prison with nothing but hate as his friend - or worse. The fear of a man who knew that he was about to tear down what he had spent his entire life building. And that was a fear that no level of poise, makeup, or control, could hide completely. Fortunately for him, he was not granted more than a passing glance as he entered the quiet, well lit bar. Luckily for him, he had little company inside, as not many Liberans drank at lunchtime.

The man in question was Lucius Tullius Aquila. He was the Imperator of the Liberan Navy and Air Corp, making him one of the most powerful - and the most popular men in all the Republic. Once inside, Lucius was greeted by another darkly-clad man who ushered him into a hallway, and then into a side room. The man locked both doors behind them. Within the side room sat two men and two women who also work dark clothing, and shared the same suspicious lack of insignia or symbol. Lucius was given a chair by the man who had led him in, who then stood by the door.

“Hello, Imperator Aquila, I’m Adriana Selveroth, head agent of a task force under Imperial Intelligence, and these are my associates: Lyran, Ia, and Jennifer.” The woman speaking was a short, brown-haired woman who bore all the seriousness of a general with her.

“Well, since you already know my name, I guess we can begin” said the Imperator.

“Thank you. Now, Imperator, we both know why we’re here, so I’ll try not to waste your time - or ours. The Republican government is unpopular, stagnant, and widely criticized. Many people would enjoy seeing them get their heads kicked in. You, on the other hand, have been one of the more popular Imperators in recent history, and have strong public support. There’s already a vocal minority of Liberans calling for you to seek the presidency or the consulate. You have the means, the popularity, and, possibly, the foreign support, to stage a mostly nonviolent coup”

“And then what? Spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder and not spending any time in the open for fear of a rogue bullet?” Asked the Imperator, incredulously.

“That is one option. Or, you could reform the government, get rid of the old Senate, and hold elections to found a new, functional, Republic”

“You make that sound so easy. Where would I even start? To bring one man over to my side is to risk my life”

“Don’t worry about that now,” explained Adriana, “All of these concerns can be addressed at a later date. All we want now is to know whether you’ll work with us.”

“I’ve already told you that I’m amicable to the idea, but it seems like you are rushing into this far too fast - I’d like to consider my own safety in this matter” explained the Imperator.

“I assure you that if you accede to us, we will keep you safe. But in order for that to happen, we need a safeguard. So that you do not abandon us.” Adriana slid a piece of paper across the table, “This says that you will work with us to overthrow the Republican government. Sign and stamp it and we will assure you success, so long as you work with us. However, if you change your mind, or get cold feet, or worse, try to report us, 20 million copies of this will be quietly distributed throughout the republic. Do you understand?”

The Imperator expressed his doubts about the entire arrangement and, only after a debate lasting for more than an hour did he agree. But the debate didn’t matter. Now the Mekkadons were in business.

You can view the full story here

Hey I'm new with a new nation but this isn't my first or even second. While this may be my reboot twords this site I do have history with other role-playing regions that we're pretty suecsessful. Anyway I wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know I'm here and plan on shaping the future of this nation.

Future of this region**

RRS Adámastos - Novian System, 18E 300

Juul allowed his fellow Tolarans to seat themselves, declining to do so himself so that he may use his body as well as his mouth to speak.

“I think,” he said, “it would be prudent of me to recount the early years of Tol, and before that so that you may see from the perspective of my people and that you shall gauge our true intents and purposes.”

As he paced back and forth with a measured deliberance, he spoke of the wars of the past and of the Enclave as it was and as it was intended.

“With power, sacrifices must be made. My kin and Kith of the ages past - as well as yours, Paora-Haala - lived in stable peace… until they realized, that is, Chancellor Arten realized that Power is as fickle as the Mother Lokyri… and just as dangerous.”

He stopped pacing, looking - through his helmet - in the eyes of each official present.

“Once our father’s fathers had risen to heights previously unknown to my people, they were loath to relinquish it to a lesser, more inherently evil entity. Those ensorcelled by the romanticism of the Khalite Demons. And,” He said, looking toward Tactia as he spoke, “I’m sure what the Enclave did was largely misunderstood by the other species. Or perhaps it was as believed. None here would know, for it was long before us and those who survived the onslaught are either dead or close enough that reliving a nightmare as such would… well, it would be unpleasant and none too wise to incite.”

He continued on to tell them of how there was no animosity for those not under the direct hand of Khalite, which is why they were aboard a Roman ship. As it were, they were not enemies for the Enclave they fought no longer existed, but the rivalry between Khalite was of a different nature. Their heinous crimes had been the object of waking nightmares and thus the survivors declared them an enemy of the Haali’sran race.

“And as they sought out as much of the Enclave to tear us apart, A final order issued by the infamous Chancellor Yawg had sealed the fates of those within the TVF.”

“I know little of the battles that waged when the TVF was preparing to depart from the system. The colony on Sil had already been there for twenty-two years and had grown to be self-sustainable thanks to the researchers who devoted themselves to their work. But I digress.” he said with a wave of his hand.

“The real question you need answered is about our appearance. Well, it is simple. Our Leader, Mal Raan-Chancellor, has deemed it a necessity that we find as many allies in these years to come, for our enemies will continue to grow as we do. This is our only course of action while we continue to gather our resources, while we continue to shore up our defenses to ensure we may hold our own in the event those very enemies, or those of the likes of the Obrekian herd, who seek our destruction or enslavement shall know we will rage into the dark. But,” he said growing solemn, “I - that is, we - are not suicidal and do not wish to perish along with our way of life. We need you, and others. For the day will come, I assure you, where war will be brought to the stars. Lerodas is a magnet for ill intentions, there is no avoiding it.”

Bowing his head so that his sight was of the metallic floor, he quietly spoke again.

“There is also another, more sensitive matter we must speak of… In the years following, we sent two probes into this system. One went missing and the other told of our birthlands… and of those who were unfortunate enough to be left behind. Our people suffer and have suffered while we toiled away.”

His fists clenched and unclenched as he iterated the grief and outrage of those privy to the knowledge. He then did something strange. Making a fist with his right hand, he placed it over the left of his chest and knelt.

“At the risk of demanding too much, I must ask you on behalf of my species to help us reclaim the legacy of what was, so that we may return them to their rightful place, with us in the stars. Help us end this suffering so that we may leave the guilt of it in the past.”

After hours of elaborating on the specifics of the flight from the Novian system and the formation of Tol, Juul was elated to hear these Lerodans, those of the United Roman Reich, would consider Juul’s lofty request. Before he revealed his excitement, he grimly mentioned in a low voice that “The knowledge shared within the confines of this room were of a privileged nature,” and “the knowledge is not as common as you might believe.”

From a pocket on the outside of his envirosuit, the Emissary produced a sleek black cube with pulsating orange lights that ran in symmetrical lines on each face. Placing it on the floor before himself, Juul pressed in a previously hidden button. Light of the same pulsating colour erupted before him and a metallic voice called out.

“Identify yourselves and state your purpose.” in a clear ringing Dialect of Glaediran.

“I am Ta’Niq Juul, First interstellar emissary of the Tolaran Confederacy. I request access to the Chancellor’s recordings so that we may proceed with diplomacy.”

“Very well.” It replied, having already confirmed an identity match.

From the pulsating light came a more crisp image, now of more natural hues. The recording showed a sprawling city on the coast of some great expanse of water from a harbourside suit. From the shaded veranda, the video panned the landscape, revealing more of the white painted city. The City was built between the coast and a - what appeared to be - a tropical forest of low trees and thick undergrowth. As the Camera continued to showcase the surrounding area, a thickly accented Haali’sran voice - Obviously female to any Haali’sra-Kad - spoke.

“To whomever it concerns…”

What is the Chatzy password?

The Holy Empire of Itchnanvall wrote:Hey I'm new with a new nation but this isn't my first or even second. While this may be my reboot twords this site I do have history with other role-playing regions that we're pretty suecsessful. Anyway I wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know I'm here and plan on shaping the future of this nation.

Them's bold goals, whipper-snapper!

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