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The Coalition of Governments contains 148 nations, the 74th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Special Administrative Zone of Kalakar ModusCorporate Bordello“Modus, leading corporate sector of the C.O.G.”
2.The Dictatorship of MDRunieCapitalist Paradise“MDR never fails if he fails we deny it ”
3.The Greater Expansion of ServothDemocratic Socialists“To Observe and to See”
4.The Glorious Eastern Combine of KhaliteIron Fist Consumerists“实力荣誉斯多葛主义; Khalite shines greater than one billion suns”
5.The Republic of CorummCorporate Police State“The sun never sets on Corumm”
6.The Collective of NeosapiaFather Knows Best State“Resistance is futile.”
7.The Dictatorship of Mega-City JovInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I Am the Law”
8.The Heilige Kaiserreich of SternreichCompulsory Consumerist State“Wir sind die Auserwählten der Götter”
9.The Protectorate of Coloniam ImperiumCapitalist Paradise“Nova Melior Imperium”
10.The Empire of AethliaFather Knows Best State“Si vis pacem, para bellum.”
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Someone bombed the Istanbul airport last night

The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:Someone bombed the Istanbul airport last night

What did we tell you. :I

The Federation of New Stellaris wrote:Ok, thanks. Pretend where I say CoG in Rp I said Lerdoras

It might be prudent to read our Role-play rules and regulations.

Kraslavia and The Victory Corporation

The Igoeran Dominion of Rodorm wrote:What did we tell you. :I

And to think Mand came this close to getting all my landz.

Felkesjud and Arak Tyr

The Merenkäyti Arcadian Imperium of Franz-Mekkado wrote:And to think Mand came this close to getting all my landz.

MUEhehehahaha no seriously glad to see you are fine.

Mandira Can Into Space
The Director of MANDELA gives a speech on the goals and plans of the MEV Magdalena.
With this new asset, we have all of the solar system to explore, to colonise, to conquer! We must start small. The Magdalena is a heavily modified Siegfried class ship, once a warship. That means many of its systems are of higher quality than civilian craft, and it has a larger reactor. The first mission will just be a test to make sure the modifications have not significantly damaged the craft. Two astronauts will take the Magdalena on a medium-fuel burning route, using a gravity assist from Lorahm to slingshot to Sindahri, where they will spend two days orbiting and analyzing potential colony spots. They will then return to Lerodas orbit. The next mission will be a research and colonisation one. The Magdalena will carry her full complement of crew and maximum passengers. Its stores will be fully loaded and habitats will be folded up and put into a colony palate in her main hold. An atmospheric shuttle will also be bolted to the hull. It will have enough fuel for two trips to and from the Magdalena. Supplies for the research station will be dropped from orbit using heat shields and parachutes.
300 kilometers above...
Amrit knew Mandira’s light pattern by heart. The orange-yellow of the cheap and ageing Stanoy era electrical grid of Mandate and the central provinces and Gesingehel, the brighter yellow and white of the newer districts in Fortaliza and the Zarisian provinces a beacon of their newer infrastructure.
The suns rose, and the windows automatically darkened, sun shades sliding up on the sunwards side of the spacecraft. His eyes traced the terminator as it swept east over Lerodas. Amrit spied Krakheim, their distinctive lake making that nation instantly recognizable. He shifted slightly, backing out of the cupola. And there she was. Mother Mandira, dear mama Mandira, a wide expanse of mottled greens and browns below. But it was day, and the lights would have to wait. Even there, Mandira had left her mark on her territory. A black scar signalled a massive fire in the Empty Provinces. What it was burning was anyone’s guess. A gritty brown cloud covered the Central Provinces, a sad reminder of the workhorse of the Mandiran economy. Grey smears of cities dotted the northern coast, while the muddy color of the silt runoff from the Mand River created a stain in the sea for dozens of miles.
“Trans-Sindahri injection burn in five,” Lem shouted. Amrit pulled himself out of the cupola and watched as the protective covers slid over and obscured the view.
Magdalena wasn’t capable of heavy burns, but could burn for extended periods of time, often putting her end speed at faster than traditional chemical rockets. Only a gentle .2 G, for two hours. And then they would be travelling at a mind-boggling 14 kilometers each second. It would still take them some three days to reach Sindahri, before braking into orbit.On interplanetary voyages, they would have longer burns. For two hours, the gravity would be in such a way that “down” appeared to be the wall. Amrit secured a cup that had been floating nearby and dropped it into a bin. He drifted down into his chair, clasped the buckles together, and cracked his neck.
“Trans-Sindahri injection burn commencing.”
Four-hundred feet below, the awesome power of Mekkadon space technology rumbled to life. The massive fusion reactor, which had been ticking over until now, released little globules of plasma, falling in such a precisely timed manner that they collided with foils of lithium, sparking a fusion reaction and propelling the ship onwards. A marvel of engineering, one that could not be hoped to be replicated by the Commonwealth for decades.
He noticed the slight gravity from the burn, hanging headsets and straps dangling sideways, streaming towards the wall.

The Most Glorious Commonwealth of Greater Mandira wrote:MUEhehehahaha no seriously glad to see you are fine.



My bad... ill supply better bombs next time... maybe some detonators too so it can be controlled from a distance?

Felkesjud and New Stellaris

Just a message: I'm going to be inactive until August 1 due to travel, so please don't remove the Glorious Commonwealth from the map. Thanks.

Ruzalka and The United Roman Reich

Tis Canada Day this day. MAPLE SYRUP FOR ALL!

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