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1.The Holy Dictatorship of BelugapestCorporate Police State“Slavery is Glory”
2.The Empire of Teabagger States Of TrumpCorporate Police State“All hail the golden profit bird! *squawk*”
3.The Yilzscetryi Prohtobenskr of ServothDemocratic Socialists“United as the Empire, We are bound as One”
4.The Most Glorious Commonwealth of Greater MandiraCapitalist Paradise“Oh Mama Mandira, may you overcome all in your path.”
5.The Heilige Kaiserreich of SternreichFather Knows Best State“Wir sind die Auserwählten der Götter”
6.The Empire of AethliaFather Knows Best State“Si vis pacem, para bellum.”
7.The Dictatorship of Reich 5Iron Fist Consumerists“Fascism shall rise again!”
8.The Free Land of BillbanziCapitalist Paradise“Freedom for all, free ride for none”
9.The Empire of VaetoriaPsychotic Dictatorship“One Empire, One People, One Emperor!”
10.The Borderlands of IsaakistanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Never let your fear decide your fate.”
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The Voyage Out V, Day 63
120 million kilometers from Atheria
Atheria loomed large in the forward telescopes of the MEV Magdalena, a swirly, mottled ball, roughly the size of a quarter held at arm’s length. They were still thirty days away. The little incident with the CME was now in the past, and the crew went about their daily lives, working tirelessly, tending to plants, and preparing to release a probe into Atheria’s atmosphere as they streaked past.
“Attention Crew! We are about to perform the flip and burn to begin deceleration. Please be warned, this will take approximately fifteen minutes,” Amrit said.
“That’s a lie,” Lem sneered, cocking an eyebrow.
“Well the flip bit is going to take fifteen minutes.”
“You could have made that clearer.”
“Anyway. Maggie! Commence program!”
The computer chirped pleasantly, acknowledging the request. Magdalena had been hurtling Atheriaward, nose first, for the past 63 days, and for the past 40 had been travelling at well over 100 kilometers per second. Trying to aerobrake at that speed had been deemed, in summary, “madness,” and so the ship would perform the classic Mandiran makeshift job which might work. The spacecraft would turn 180° around, and begin firing its main engine, slowing her down to 70km/s, and then do another 180°, and continue with aerobraking. Hopefully, the heatshield bolted to the front of the freight module beforehand, would be sturdy enough.
Dinna lay in her bunk on the Crew Quarter section of the Habitation module, one deck above the Command deck for maximal gravity. It was a tiny space, barely more than a hole in the wall. She held a tablet, flicking through the latest news from Lerodas, faithfully beamed to them once per day. Wilhemina Metternich was apparently planning on nailing down all her pro-business stuff before the next elections, scheduled for 280, but why she was planning on doing that now was anybody’s guess. Rumour was that Syndicalists and more “caring” parties were gaining ground in national polls.
She fondly touched a picture of her husband, Sandep, and two small kids, taped to the wall. A lump formed in her throat, and she felt deeply homesick. Dinna had never been out of Mandira longer than a month.
“Oh screw it,” she said to no one, opening a video recorder. A grainy image of her own face stared back.
“It’s been 63 days since we departed. I want you to know just how much I miss you! How’s third grade going? Good grades I assume? Teachers love you? Of course they do. Sandep! Don’t forget to fix the damn sink by the time I get back. How is our portfolio? You must write to me more often. I’m sorry I’ve not been writing more often, please forgive me,” she held the tablet and moved it around the small room. “Akureyri’s a moderate room-mate. Not as terrible as in college, that’s for sure. She’s a decent cook as well. We have to be organised. Very organised, we don’t have a lot of space to ourselves. I’ve been on only one space walk, just to get away from the hustle and bustle. It’s amazing. Everything’s so empty, it’s vast out there. In LLO, at least you have the curve of the planet, but here, out here, it’s unbelievably empty, especially if you face away from the spaceship. It sometimes gets ridiculous, the jam at the washroom. There’s only one in each hab module, but once three days ago there were eight of us waiting to use it. There’s only ten in each module!
Oh my dear, how’s the search going for that bike you wanted? I asked around. Eric has a decent Mandufutures one apparently. He’s 5’ 10’’ so about the same as you. He recommends the “Maldita,” apparently. Good, strong, steel frame, decent utility bike overall.”
She paused, looking at the photograph again. Homesickness bloomed in her mind.
“I love you all, please do write or vidchat! I’ll try and do another of these just before we aerobrake. Goodbye!”
Dinna pressed the stop button on the recording, and saved the file to her mailbin, to be beamed back to Lerodas shortly. She was amazed that homesickness wasn’t a larger problem. Many of the crew were military personnel or scientists who had spent years holed up in some horrible lab in the middle of nowhere, but at least they were mostly still in the country. But being so far away? Hah. Oh what she would do to sleep in her own bed, to drive her own car!
There came a very gentle push as the ship began to fire up her main engine, decelerating to the glorious gas ball of Atheria.

OOC: I'm trying to write more dialogue to make chracters seem a touch more human


Red and gold leaves fluttered across the pavement and bunched up in the grates and corners of the silent street. The buildings were stacked to three or four stories and painted in pleasant light blues and golden-tans. The setting sun made the street seem almost heavenly, as if a higher powered had smiled down at the rows of houses. Yet, the street was silent as a graveyard and midnight, the houses the tombs and headstones. There were no people scurrying home from work, no commuters or parties headed off for a wild night. No mothers washing clothes. No vehicles of any kind glided up or down the narrow roadway. Aside from the fluttering of the dead leaves and the thrumming of air conditioning and electrical units, the street was absolutely silent.

A lone man road an old, worn-out bicycle rode down the right side of the street, and stopped in front of one of the squat apartment buildings. He leaded the bike against a drainage pipe that ran down the side of the building and locked it using a length of cord he’d retrieved from the basket of the bike. The man opened the new wood door that guarded the building, and let it shut behind him, temporarily shattering the dead quiet of the street, which quickly returned.

Inside, the man ascended a flight of brand new, freshly-painted stairs and stopped on the second floor landing. At the top of the narrow staircase he knocked softly on the door to his left. It opened quickly, and he was ushered in by an elderly man, an unusual resident for the neighbourhood, which was one of the newly-constructed suburbs to the east of the majority of Neo Kojiro City. The majority of resident were young, go-getting people unstrained by wars and excited for the future. Inside, he found just that. Three young men and two young women were sprawled lazily on the floor of the apartment’s large room, their eyes glued to a massive and brand new monitor, equally as uncharacteristic for an old man and the man was for this part of the city. The old man jerked on hand towards the door and looked at the newcomer questioningly. The man nodded.

The old man left, and those inside waited until they had heard the outer door of the building shut before they spoke. In a hushed tone, the one who had just entered asked “are you sure he’s reliable?” and jerked one hand towards the apartment’s door.

“Relax, he’s fine.” one of the women in the room answered. “We come here weekly, he leaves for a few hours, we put nice stuff in here. If anyone ever finds the hideout, they’d just see an old man with no connection to us. If anyone ever found one of us out, they’d have no connection to this building”

The newcomer relaxed. “I’m Adam.”

The woman replied “Morgan. I hope you don’t mind if my friends don’t introduce themselves”

“Not at all, I understand the need for security”

The woman nodded towards the TV, which was showing news of the recent Mekkadon takeover in parts of Sojia and asked, “What’s going on with all of this?”

“Well,” the man started, “it’s hard to give you a clear answer. I haven't been able to find a single reliable leak in their government. From what I’ve been able to gather from local governments, though, the Meks will be taking over a large portion of of the ex-FSR, including Sovaji itself, as well as the northern portion of the island chain here, and a part of Neo Kojiro.”

“Will any part be left for Sojians?” the woman asked.

“Nope. Meks will grab anything they can and Valyria and New Erim will take the rest.”

The woman stopped and stared at the floor in contemplation of the news she had just received.

“What are our prospects?” she asked, with guarded hope.

“You have to understand, Morgan, these people are not the FSR. There is no vein of corruption or incompetence in their government. When we started this movement, half the damned government and police supported us. That won’t be true from here on out. If they find out, and they will, that there’s a resistance movement here, they will crack down fast and fvcking hard. These people are all nice and polite until they think you pose a real threat to thvem and then they will come down you with the fury of god.”

“So what will you do?” Morgan asked.

“To be honest… I only came here to give you my sources and to warm you… after that I’m done, I’ll be moving somewhere in the empire and leaving this mess of a country behind. I’m 55, and I’m too old to start another fight. I fought the old government for years, and even then, I only found success when it was handed to me. I’ve not the spirit or the energy to start up a whole new movement, and against this colossus. Moreover, more than half of my old comrades support the empire. I went to the old command center yesterday and found it near empty.”

“Do you think they can be defeated?” the other woman asked.

“They crush insurrection left and right. They improve life everywhere they conquer and woo the populace to their side. And honestly, they’ve wooed me. All I ever wanted for this country was peace and prosperity, and i believe the Mekkadons will bring that. But I’ve had it with Sovaji… As for beating them… I don’t know. As it is now, I’d never want to face up against something so colossal. But nothing is forever, the tides will eventually turn against them. So, maybe. But as it is now, I think you’d probably stay irrelevant forever. And if you did begin to generate real trouble for them, they’d crush you. It’ll take a devastating blow to their military and economy for them to let go of their colonies. And by that point, Sojians might be considering themselves Mekkies instead.”

“But, everything you’ve worked for is here. The resistance is here!” Morgan exclaimed, somewhat desperately.

“Yes, I suppose it is. Listen, I’m not going to tell you what to do. I can assure you that no one from the old days will rat you out, unless you start causing trouble. But the truth is, I’m done with this. I’m leaving this country behind, as I’ve lost the spirit for it.”

“Are you seriously abandoning this? I remember when you were leading guerrilla platoons, I saw you speak at Dans Rogue. You talked about freedom” Morgan said, half in tears.

“Yes… I did. I was young, and though I could change the world. I did want a new nation for our people, and this has defeated me. I’ll accept the Mekkadons, but i’m done fighting for this country. Listen, I have to go. If you want it, this is my briefcase. Take it. It has everything you’ll need to continue the resistance, or start it up new. Or not. Whatever you all choose. But listen. You’re young. You’ve got your whole lives in front of you. You could become politicians, leaders, kings. Don’t waste it.” With that, the man stood up, and without another word, left. The men and women inside heard him walk down the narrow stars outside their door.

“What do we do now?” one of the men asked.

“I… don’t know…” Morgan responded.

“I didn’t think he was gonna tell us all that and just leave…” one of the other men said.

“Listen... “ Morgan started “Do we really wanna do this? I’m serious. Think about what Adam told us. Do we really want to struggle for years and achieve nothing?” she asked, but was answered by silence.

Finally, the third man spoke up. “How can we abandon this? This was supposed to be our purpose? How can we just… admit defeat like this? Surely there’s a way…” he trailed off.

Morgan picked up and said. “I… I’m not going to decide for any of you and I’m not going to ask you to agree with me. I’m going to go back to my family’s home in Lissira for a few days. When I come back, I’ll have decided about what I want to do.”

The others nodded. “Let’s all go home for now. We should at least take a break. It’s been so hectic these past few months…” she said.

The others muttered their agreements, and with that, the group got up and began collecting their bags and coats. Within a few minutes, the group had left. On the still-quiet street, they said their goodbyes to each other, and went their separate ways.

Several hours later, well after the novas had dropped below the horizon, an old man returned to his apartment. He was used to returning to a mess of papers and computer, and having to fight to get the young people out of his apartment. But today, all he found was a neat stack of several hundred in bills and a note telling him that they wouldn’t be returning the next week. He shrugged, put the money in his wallet, and began undressing and getting ready for sleep.

Corvarion Collective and Greater Mandira

Anyone interested in a cooperative Star Trek style space exploration RP hit me up with dem TGs

The Vahric Empire of Vanhania wrote:Anyone interested in a cooperative Star Trek style space exploration RP hit me up with dem TGs

beam me up Scotty.

Vanhania, Paixao, and Ausruni

couple more days and the nightmare of a semester is over. Then I can finally sleep in!


The Vahric Empire of Vanhania wrote:Anyone interested in a cooperative Star Trek style space exploration RP hit me up with dem TGs

Sounds interesting.


Dux mea lux!


The Vahric Empire of Vanhania wrote:Wut

Who knows. One of THOSE people.

I almost forgot my password and then I tried 13 times heh and dug through all my saved passwords in chrome and godammit why can't I ever remember anything.

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