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Founder: The Swingin Hotspot of New South Hell

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Where the sun always shines and the rain never falls...

Where man lives in harmony with nature...

Where freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

For more information on The Bad Place and what we do here, please see Linkthis introduction to the region's founders. The continuing annals of the region may be found Linkhere.

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We are proud to be both the 212th least healthy, the 176th stupidest and the 406th most corrupt region in all of NationStates! Oh, now we're 557th most stupid. That's more, right?

Embassies: Ulthar, Circle of Badularity, Philosophy 115, Kittens Sanctuary, The Nightmare Realms, and The Skeleton Army.

Tags: Surreal, Featured, Snarky, Medium, Silly, and Casual.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Bad Place contains 14 nations, the 851st most in the world.


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The Largest Insurance Industry in The Bad Place

As a region, The Bad Place is ranked 1,568th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Black Spectre of The Emperor for LifeCorporate Police State“Don't Suffer Fools Gladly--fry them!”
2.The Federation of The Outer SatellitesCompulsory Consumerist State“Deep space is our dwelling place”
3.The Media Circus of YummyAde Drink ProductCapitalist Paradise“Drink YummyAde (tm) - new, improved and cruelty-free!”
4.The Randier-Than-Thou Free Land of XinguviaAnarchy“Don't ever take away my freedom!”
5.The Swingin Hotspot of New South HellIron Fist Consumerists“It could be worse. And we're working on it.”
6.The Talented Thrustings of Miley Cyrus TongueInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!”
7.The Colony of Sean Bean Ant Gift for Miley CyrusIron Fist Consumerists“We Are Family”
8.The Nomadic Peoples of The Pizza DudeScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Delivery to your nation in 30 minutes or its free!”
9.The Brooding Hot Tempered Women of Your Darkest NitemareCorrupt Dictatorship“Are You Prepared?”
10.The Borderlands of The Ravening Zombie HordesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Braaaaaains”
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The Bad Place Regional Message Board

The Swingin Hotspot of New South Hell wrote:I believe the record speaks for itself. Presumably The Masked Plague will now do his duty.

Depends. Is this sausage evil?

Are we playing D&D? We think the sausage is neutral. We're reasonably sure almost everyone else here is chaotic evil. Well, maybe not KOOT.

Semi-OOC: Interesting question. I would classify my nations as follows:

New South Hell: chaotic evil
The Outer Satellites: lawful neutral
YummyAde Drink Product: chaotic neutral (probably)
Xinguvia: chaotic good
A Knarly Old Oak Tree: neutral good
Bureaucratic Paralysis: lawful neutral
Lazy Faerie: chaotic good

Definitely strong chaotic tendencies here, but less evil than you might think. Of course, the Emperor and the Zombie Hordes would probably alter the balance a bit.

The Colony of Sean Bean Ant Gift for Miley Cyrus wrote:Grab pizza. Duct tape it. Haul it off to Antarctica. Return.

You know, it won't stay warm very long there.

The Swingin Hotspot of New South Hell wrote:You know, it won't stay warm very long there.

Not our problem. We just deliver.

As The Swingin Hotspot of New South Hell implies, we are definitely evil in D&D terms. Whether we're Neutral/Evil or Chaotic/Evil is less clear.

The idea behind our nation is as follows: A sinister secret society (like the Illuminati, but much worse) has engineered a zombie plague, which is terrorizing the population. The same sinister society has also taken control of the government through a mixture of nefarious mind control and straightforward bribery. The government makes decisions in the interests of the zombie hordes, rather than the humans.

For example: We've just outlawed the arms industry. Why? Zombies don't use guns, but they are used against us. Cars are illegal for similar reasons.

OOC: This nation is one of the most fun (for me) when it comes to deciding issues. What Would Ants Do - makes it entertaining when selecting option.

I assure you that I am neither a proponent of chaos or evil. I hold to a strict definition of law and punishment.

The Superheroic Splendour of The Masked Plague wrote:I assure you that I am neither a proponent of chaos or evil. I hold to a strict definition of law and punishment.

That sounds like Lawful Neutral to me.

I consider myself Neutral Evil.

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