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Founder: The Swingin Hotspot of New South Hell

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Largest Black Market: 306th Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 468th Most Corrupt Governments: 496th+26
Highest Economic Output: 573rd Most Influential: 607th Highest Crime Rates: 648th Most Ignorant Citizens: 649th Fattest Citizens: 667th Largest Mining Sector: 687th Largest Insurance Industry: 706th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 744th Most Armed: 845th Largest Gambling Industry: 866th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 872nd Most Avoided: 872nd Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 933rd Most Nations: 940th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,018th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,146th Most Devout: 1,156th Nudest: 1,199th Largest Pizza Delivery Sector: 1,228th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,258th Largest Populations: 1,414th Highest Average Incomes: 1,417th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 1,526th Most Authoritarian: 1,593rd Largest Retail Industry: 1,899th Rudest Citizens: 1,900th
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Where the sun always shines and the rain never falls...

Where man lives in harmony with nature...

Where freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

For more information on The Bad Place and what we do here, please see Linkthis introduction to the region's founders. The continuing annals of the region may be found Linkhere.

RMB posts may be recorded to ensure quality service.

We are proud to be both the 212th least healthy, the 176th stupidest and the 406th most corrupt region in all of NationStates! Oh, now we're 241st most stupid. That's more, right?

Embassies: Ulthar, Circle of Badularity, Philosophy 115, Kittens Sanctuary, The Nightmare Realms, The Skeleton Army, and Hell.

Tags: Surreal, Featured, Snarky, Medium, Silly, and Casual.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Bad Place contains 14 nations, the 940th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in The Bad Place

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, The Bad Place is ranked 2,205th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Blackened Souls of The Emperor for LifeCorporate Police State“Don't Suffer Fools Gladly--fry them!”
2.The Media Circus of YummyAde Drink ProductInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Drink YummyAde (tm) - new, improved and cruelty-free!”
3.The Federation of The Outer SatellitesMoralistic Democracy“Deep space is our dwelling place”
4.The Oppressed Peoples of DouchenblobCompulsory Consumerist State“Mwahahaha!!!”
5.The Randier-Than-Thou Free Land of XinguviaAnarchy“Don't ever take away my freedom!”
6.The King of Hell of Crowley-Compulsory Consumerist State“Never underestimate the King of Hell, darling.”
7.The Don't Tread on Us of Sean Bean Ant Gift for Miley CyrusIron Fist Consumerists“We are busy, busy, terribly busy”
8.The Colony of Dung BeetlesPsychotic Dictatorship“Cleanup crew to mound eight!”
9.The Talented Thrustings of Miley Cyrus TongueInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!”
10.The Swingin Hotspot of New South HellIron Fist Consumerists“It could be worse. And we're working on it.”

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The Bad Place Regional Message Board

The The Colony of Dung Beetles were apparently killed by the refracted light shining off The Blackened Souls of The Emperor for Life's bare skin. At least that's what we assume his suit of amour is.

Wander off singing, "When the light focuses on a dung beetles core, that's amore!"

Sad to say, there is NO way to remove my armour from the outside; my flesh has not sizzled, nor have my citizens (nor Dung Beetles) feasted on my "crisp" exterior.

What an odd fascination you have with torturing/killing me in your delusional mind. I'm sure the shrinks at NW Hell Rehab Center would find you an interesting case study were you not their sole source of financial support. Never let it be said the lunatics AREN'T running the madhouse.

What I do find exceptionally curious is that in 12 days now, you have not removed those spiny leeches from your "6." You are clearly into masochism well beyond the reach of contemporary science or even sorcery. I will pray to the Avenging Violet for you, that your end will be as slow as it is agonizing, worthy of a scene in the next Hellraiser movie.

OK, here's a good poll question: what kind of Cenobite will NSH turn into once he is truly dead?

A. A PinHead with a real pin head!
B. Oh, the HORROR! I can't look!
C. There hasn't been any inside out ones yet.
D. He'll be covered in safety pins, fish hooks, and meat hooks and be named "Bait."
E. He will melt into a union with one of his many personalities and be known as "ITI Octopus."
F. He will become a 1" tall velociraptor with jaws too weak to puncture even tissue paper.
G. He will shrivel and harden and be grafted onto the Tree of Life as the Branch Less Taken.
H. His horns will become ingrown and eventually emerge from his eyes, "Eye Horns."
I. He will become permanently pyrophobic and see strange visions in the flames. Wait, he already does that.
J. He will become the most despised object in the known universe: an unattended car alarm going off.
K. They will remove the cancerous tissue that is his brain and fill his head with rocks. See (I).
L. He will be sent to be Old North Heaven's slave for all eternity, doing good deeds and bringing cheer and hope to all. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
M. His carcass will be split into modules, coated with my personalized adamantium/vibranium mixture, and become my Hallowe'en costume.
N. His rotting corpse will be thrown over the walls into Ulthar, where the catacomb creatures will reluctantly eat him before having an incredible bout of diarrhea.
O. He will descend into Hell and try to usurp The Stalker's position, from when he shall be cast out into The Rejected Realms, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
P. He will become the new schill for Oxyclean.
Q. He will be sent to a heretofore unknown 10th circle of Hell, where he will be the only being with a "6" and eternally pursued by, ummm, "appliances," the size of three-liter bottles. Naw, he might like that too much.
R. He will ascend to the Seventh Heaven and eternally and continuously be blasted into subatomic particles.
S. He will be eternally in a leaking rowboat in a vast sea of Holy Water.
T. He will become the Anti-Pope and be eternally chained to the bottom of the Lake of Eternal Fire without any special fire resistance.
U. His wings shall be torn off of them and used to stuff pillows and cat toys to appear in cat memes across the Internet.
V. He will be transformed into a 60+ y.o. nobody and live his last few years in despair for never having accomplished anything.
W. He will become the world's most enthusiastic and prolific Dung Beetle.
X. He will fall down an elevator shaft and be sucked into a singularity, whereas from our POV, he will eternally be seen on the event horizon.
Y. He will be made King for a year in some primitive polynesian cult and at the conclusion of the year, be sawed into little cubes from his horns to his hooves and eaten at a mass suicide ceremony.
Z. All of the above.

I vote for (Z)! ;)


Welcome to The Bad Place, Douchenblob and Crowley-. Have a glass of cool, refreshing YummyAde™. There's a special on scorpion flavor today, no wait, it's scorpion-raspberry, which I know you will enjoy, at least compared to plain scorpion.

Pay no attention to the Emperor, who has been put in the Bad Place as a punishment for the rest of us. He just recently learned his ABC's, and is very proud of it. I regret to say that one item on his list has already occurred - one out of 26 is not a particularly impressive track record however.

By the way, emperor, I have no numeric parts. I assumed your original comments about my 6 were just an incomprehensible typo, but now I see instead that they were an incomprehensible delusion and/or fantasy. Please refrain from posting any more drivel about what you plan for my 17, 38, 45, and especially my 71. I will take it as a given that you have mastered the first 100 or so integers with the same thoroughness as the alphabet, except that I must warn you that 100 cannot be successfully characterized as "all of the above".


*finding lots of "raw material" to work with regarding the above speeches*

Sean Bean Ant Gift for Miley Cyrus

I have to say scorpion tastes kinda like crispy peanuts, but I'm not sure it would work in a drink. Larvets are still my favourite bug-based snack though.

and I vote for Y

The Emperor for Life

Congrats to YummyAde Drink Product for having the 28th in the world Largest Black Market.


Actually, emperor, I advise you to stay away from the Middle East. I'm not sure you could deal with the heartbreak of discovering that you are, in fact, less evil than ISIS.

The Blackened Souls of The Emperor for Life wrote:Congrats to YummyAde Drink Product for having the 28th in the world Largest Black Market.

That's where we sell our licorice-flavored YummyAde™.

Sean Bean Ant Gift for Miley Cyrus

The Swingin Hotspot of New South Hell wrote:Actually, emperor, I advise you to stay away from the Middle East. I'm not sure you could deal with the heartbreak of discovering that you are, in fact, less evil than ISIS.


The Blackened Souls of The Emperor for Life wrote:I'LL CUT OUT YOUR TONGUE FOR SUCH BLASPHEMY!!!


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