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Where the sun always shines and the rain never falls...

Where man lives in harmony with nature...

Where freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

For more information on The Bad Place and what we do here, please see Linkthis introduction to the region's founders. The continuing annals of the region may be found Linkhere.

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We are proud to be both the 212th least healthy, the 176th stupidest and the 406th most corrupt region in all of NationStates! Oh, now we're 241st most stupid. That's more, right?

Embassies: Ulthar, Circle of Badularity, Philosophy 115, Kittens Sanctuary, The Nightmare Realms, and The Skeleton Army.

Tags: Surreal, Featured, Snarky, Medium, Silly, and Casual.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Bad Place contains 14 nations, the 774th most in the world.

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The Most Pacifist in The Bad Place

Nations ranked highly pursue diplomatic solutions rather than military ones in the international arena, have small or nonexistent militaries, and peace-loving citizens.

As a region, The Bad Place is ranked 16,334th in the world for Most Pacifist.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sad Roots of A Knarly Old Oak TreeIron Fist Socialists“Nobody knows the tribbles I've seen”
2.The Phulphilled Phantasy of Lazy FaerieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Doing no evil by doing nothing at all”
3.The Perpetual Gridlock of Bureaucratic ParalysisDemocratic Socialists“We've lost the paperwork”
4.The Holy Brown Sizzlin' of Blood SausagesNew York Times Democracy“Rather died than fried!”
5.The Rogue Nation of Vampiric KittenDemocratic Socialists“mean lean kitten machine”
6.The Talented Thrustings of Miley Cyrus TongueInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!”
7.The Colony of AculeaCapitalist Paradise“I know a gal who knows a gal”
8.The Busy Foragers of Sean Bean Ant Gift for Miley CyrusPsychotic Dictatorship“We Are Family”
9.The Randier-Than-Thou Free Land of XinguviaAnarchy“Don't ever take away my freedom!”
10.The Superheroic Splendour of The Masked PlagueFather Knows Best State“Live Fast. Love Hard. Die- With Your Mask On!”
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The Bad Place Regional Message Board

The Blackened Souls of The Emperor for Life wrote:You cannot say #%* is this region, Mister!

That's fine. I only typed it.

And anyway, this region is #%*. There, I typed it again. :P

I'm not sure I understand the point of heroin. Do you wake up after a couple of hours of taking it with an incredible buzz? Being really high for a couple of seconds before you fall asleep doesn't impress me all that much.

Post self-deleted by The Emperor for Life.

As long as I have your collective attention, I don't really get coke, either. I tried it once, just to say I had done it. It did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me except make my nose go numb.

I HAVE read that in experiments, lab rats preferred sugar to cocaine. Now SUGAR is a drug I can appreciate!

Since our witless leader, I mean, our beloved NSH, is a child of the 1960s, I expect him to be an authority on all things outlawed and "evil," even if he does prefer Ymmyaid to the aforementioned substances (which probably aren't allowed in Hell or the #%*damn The Bad Place).

The first dose is free here. The second dose (and any thereafter) are FORBIDDEN.

Post self-deleted by Xinguvia.

Don't listen to him, Emperor. We have the real stuff, the hard stuff. The stuff that gets you really high, and then puts you to sleep, with truly amazing dreams, forever! Some of the time the dreams do involve an uncomfortably large number of tentacles, but, hey, you can't make OM-lets without breaking a few heads, am I right?

Tell your Xinguvian representative you want some Xinguvian Dreaming Powder, now. And bring lots of gold.

Is there an option for a number of uncomfortably large tentacles? We've had a rise in sex crime recently and some of them are requesting death by irony.

New South Hell

Speaking of tentacles, obviously all of you need to hearken the the vengeful and unforgiving Violet, may her tentacles ever secrete slime! Then all you heathens might approach my score for Most Devout! :D

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