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If the british never colonized America, it would have been split between the french and the spanish, the end result would be that we would have expanded versions of Canada and Mexico. Canada would still end up being a relatively good country, but despite its bigger size, it would probably not have become the global superpower the US became. And Mexico would still suck, perhaps a little bit less, I don't know.

And Obito, the spice trade with India was important for the initial naval expansion of Spain and Portugal, but it hadn't much to do with the colonization of Americas. Spain mostly colonized the continent to explore vast mineral reserves in Mexico and Peru, while Portugal made Brazil look a lot like the US south before the civil war. Brazil's main exports during colonization were initially sugar and later gold.

@Obi you mean spicy mustard doesn't count? Crap. Oh well, never liked it anyways...

Fs I think the land that is the US would likely have been split up into a handful of nations in between Mexico and Canada.

You also got to take into account how Mexico could have also included all of Central America. How much of a difference could have that created if any? Would magical gold be found inside El Salavdor which would turn Mexico rich and made it the Superpower of all Superpowers? That is what we as a society must answer! So in that I say this, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country (Everyone stands up and applauds) USA USA USA

@TNR- I think that this could also be a possibility, specially since the dutch could have gotten a chunk of the US without the british in the continent.

Post self-deleted by Northern Timpetotia.

It's an interesting question...

Both Spain and France were relatively uninterested in actually colonising the Americas, you can see this by the fact that both France and Spain had vastly larger territories than Britain, but much much smaller populations. The British were seeding cities and whole populations, the Spanish and the French were simply trying to exploit as much of the land as possible.

This is why North America is so predominantly English speaking, despite the fact that the initial territorial range was so limited- we were building homes and farms, not mines.

So I could very well see the possibility that we would have seen a native population turning America into a more primitive version of Europe, with countless nationstates being built up. The tribes were never going to unite, but in a world where the British didn't settle, and the Spanish and French were more about resource exploitation than nation building it is highly conceivable that the natives could have learnt enough to cast off their colonial masters. Especially considering the weakness of the Spanish Empire once it became over-extended; as Spain collapsed and withdrew the southern tribes could easily have developed to a level where they could rival the French presence on the mainland further north, and eventually reject colonial power.

We would have had a situation more in kin with the African Imperial presences; the natives remained the majority and the colonial powers had more suzerainty than actual sovereignty; eventually crumbling, just as African Empires did.

Spain's empire had quite a large population, since the most advanced native populations were in its area.
About the british Empire seeding Americas, I would tend to disagree with the view that the British government had an active policy in developing its american colonies. The population of the 13 colonies rose as people fled Britain as a result of political and economic issues which lead the colonies to develop freed from the colonial control of the Empire which is the key to understand why the US and Canada ended up far better than the rest of the continent and even other areas colonized by the British Empire.

If the British didn't get the 13 colonies, the French would have gotten them and people would have fled from France building an autonomous colony freed from european autocracy. Perhaps, now I am starting to think that in the end, the US would have formed regardless but with a french accent which would be quite interesting to think we would be using french in this place. hahaha
By the way, I don't think the natives would have ended very differently in any scenario, since the natives in North America didn't have a very high population density and as europeans advanced into the continent, they would have been crushed.

desole, je ne parle francais.
Telling other that I can't speak french is literally the only thing I can say in french.

FS, If the UK had ignored the Americas, France would have taken most of it. New France was really big(but not very populated) at it's peak;

Also worth noting is that the French settlers we much nicer to the natives, as they weren't settling in as large numbers and we're much happier to roam the lands as fur trappers,

But the french would settle in greater number if they had seized the british lands, the natives would have been finished regardless.

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