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WA Delegate: The Federal Drakan Republic of Obito (elected 5 days ago)

Founder: The Militaristic Angelocracy of Uciniple

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Welcome to: The Allied Republics!
Est. 3 Nov, 2010

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President: Imperium Londinium
Vice President: Mytzonia
WA Delegate: Lewis and Daniel
Senate Speaker: Obito
Chief Justice: Bacilli
In Alliance With: The West Pacific, The Imperial Guard, New Warsaw Pact, United Republic of Nations, Commonwealth of Crowns
Endorsement Cap: 4

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  • Obito seizes control of the delegacy! Muwahahahahaha!

Embassies: New Warsaw Pact, United Republic of Nations, Balder, the West Pacific, Republic of Conservadom, League of Tides, The Imperial Guard, Spiritus, One big Island, England, Right to Life, Confederation of Nations, Eastern Roman Empire, Laissez Faireholm, The Kingdom of Denmark, The Commonwealth of Crowns, and 17 others.New Coalition of Nations, Normandy, The Supreme Union, Aysling, Region of Liberty, Union of Free Nations, United Group, Antarctic Alliance, Wintreath, Land of Israel, Esquarium, Brannack, The Allied States, La France, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The United Republic of Conservadom, and The Cosmos.

Tags: National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, General Assembly, Neutral, Security Council, Modern Tech, Map, Independent, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Regional Government, and 8 others.Democratic, Capitalist, Social, Free Trade, Large, Role Player, Serious, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

The Allied Republics contains 73 nations, the 155th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in The Allied Republics

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

As a region, The Allied Republics is ranked 13,239th in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Militaristic Angelocracy of UcinipleAnarchy“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”
2.The Great Union of Free States of AmericaWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“A strong country is built by a free people”
3.The United Provinces of Western TimpetotiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ett, Stort och Fritt”
4.The Confederation of Northern TimpetotiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ex Anus Fortis”
5.The Full Moon of Alsace LorraineWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“Donkeys live a long time.”
6.The Democratic Republic of Southern ProtectorateInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Through Liberty we Thrive ”
7.The Republic of East MusashiRight-wing Utopia“Musashi United!”
8.The Republic of Conservative AustburgNew York Times Democracy“Lassen Sie die alten Fahnen fliegen!”
9.The Mighty Japerican Empire of Mikanada IICompulsory Consumerist State“Moderation Is Key”
10.The Federal Drakan Republic of ObitoWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Obito knows how to party”
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Voting opened 5 days ago and will close in 8 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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The Allied Republics Regional Message Board

Lewis isn't even a member of the WA right now.
I've already stated this once before, but if you want me to hold the position here on NS until the general election in 2 weeks, I don't mind. If I need to act as the homeland security, I've done it once before, I don't mind acting if need be. Our foreign affairs department is pretty much in shambles right now anyway.

I think the election will be in 3,4 weeks, so we better decide this issue and then endorse whoever stays as delegate in NS.

The President of TAR of Imperium Londinium wrote:Because we are a democracy. There is a democratic process. Neither whining, nor asking, nor arguing on the RMB will get you into any position of power here. The only ways to do that are to contest a seat during an election; and win by gaining the trust of the people. It's nothing to do with 'being given a chance', because no one here can actually give chances out.

The reason we say prove yourself is the same reason you haven't got any position in this region; you aren't active on the forums, and you never act productively. Your entire thesis has been to slag off incumbents from the RMB, rather than getting involved in regional government and making a difference.

By all means, join in, get yourself elected and make TAR a better place. That's what I have always tried to do, and I like to think that this is why I was elected president

I have indeed tried to get involved in your regional affairs, and not once have I ever been given a chance. usually i'm ignored, or barred at worst. I've laid proposals on how to recruit, and how to protect this region but, I've been shunned at every corner. Seeing as how I have no chance of ever winning anything, I end up just leaving till next election cycle.

I'm not demanding a government spot, i'm demanding the chance to prove the region wrong. I'm not Argo Rhos the traitor, I'm Argo the great Builder.

But, I apologize, I'm being impatient. I'm simply tired of seeing our region suffer from inactivity. We were and still are great, but we can be greater then our prime if we focus. Double down on recruiting, get new nations involved in the region, make them want to be involved. We need to get involved in other regions as well, we have been lax with our regional affairs. We shouldn't abandon the small regions, but we should focus primarily on the larger regions as it is they who we will benefit from.

The problem is basic, why would someone want to join us? We do the same things other regions do. The key to expansion is incentives. If you join TAR, you will get the best RP, the best radio shows, the best stories, the best WHATEVER. That whatever has to be defined and once it is, it will only be a matter of time for a boom period.

How ever that is only a short term solution, long term, we must come up with a new formula for regions. We have to redefine what a region is and be the ones who do it. We must be leaders not followers. Our survival will only be insured if we can evolve. In simple words, we either evolve or we perish.

Argo, I have some advice for you, if you will hear me out.

TAR is quite different from the DA in that it is extremely forum-centric. Our ns page is quite definitely the secondary site for our activity, to the point that I would say that we wouldn't be very deeply affected as opposed to how, say, the DA was when the ns region fell.

So if you want to get people to look and pay attention, try making a new topic in the regional discussion folder in the forums. Or in the Town Hall. Bold it, bring it up everywhere, get involved. I know what you can do, what you are capable of, but it takes perseverance. You need to keep trying.

The main point is that it's quite essential to be active on the forums to get anywhere in terms of government in TAR. Stick around, make sure people know you, and it makes it all the more likely that they'll vote for you in the next elections.

And Argo, I only been part of TAR for a month and I'm already a former senator. If you truly want to make a difference, DO IT! Speak your mind, make your opinions be heard. However, if you want to change the system, you got to be part of it first. See, you can't create change from the outside in, it has to be from the inside out.

Yes, the RMB is almost insignificant in TAR. There are players who don't even log into NS anymore because of this. lol

By the way, I hope ISIS wasn't involved in the shooting today in Canada....
I don't want more scaremongering about it.

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