The Alliance of Queens RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Imperial Republic of Criliana (elected 305 days ago)

Founder: The Queen Founder of The Isle of Rose

World Factbook Entry

A region where the great queens of the world can come together.

"In a world mostly controlled by men," says Queen Ophelia, founder of the region, "we queens must show the world that we, too, are strong and brave. We must show the world that we have the will and the power to bring about change. Long live the Queens!"

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Per volar sunata, et sic itur ad astra.

Queen Regent: Amber Blanchefleur Grey
Lady Chamberlain: Aessiris Blanchefleur Grey
Lady Castellan: Allison Anumia-Grey

Treaty With: The Respected Realms

Warning! Biohazard

Infection Rate: 94.2% (137.07 billion infected, 8.40 billion survivors)

Infection Status: 91.4 Catastrophic

Embassies: The Respected Realms, Imperial Britain, The Kodiak Republic, The New Commonwealth Society, and Ainur.

Tags: Featured, Offsite Forums, Medium, Social, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Alliance of Queens contains 23 nations, the 506th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Manufacturing Sector in The Alliance of Queens

As a region, The Alliance of Queens is ranked 15,502nd in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sparkly Queendom of Hibiki GanahaCorporate Police State“CUUUUUUTE!”
2.The Regent Emerita of The Lady EowynCorporate Police State“No living Man am I! You look upon a Woman!”
3.The Mind Controlling Nation of The Diamond QueenCorporate Police State“Why don't you pass the time with a game of solitaire? ”
4.The World of Counter-earthFather Knows Best State“The swords of others will set your limits.”
5.The Mother loving of Sons of DixieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Look Away, Look Away, Look away, Dixieland”
6.The Royal Dutch Founder of LortazFather Knows Best State“je maintiendrai”
7.The Most Strange Republic of Emily KaneAnarchy“School Kids on Buses are Singing My Name”
8.The Queendom of ElanesseInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Do not be hasty”
9.The Sesquipedalian Loquacity of Elindra KDCNew York Times Democracy“Sic semper tyrannis.”
10.The Anney Anne of Caer GwydionFather Knows Best State“As long as there is life, there is hope.”
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The Alliance of Queens Regional Message Board

The Imperial Republic of Criliana wrote:Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I've been trying to plan my wedding and adjust to my new job and it has just been SO hectic! Plus, I just found out I need like 3 different surgeries for a rare bleeding disorder I was just diagnosed with. Forgive me for not posting, but I still love all of you! :D

You have a bleeding disorder too? I have hemophilia A myself.. Don't often meet other people with bleeding disorders!

What are the chances of two nations in a smallish region sharing a IRL medical concern?


I would say so. Unbelievably astronomical.

The Hidden Life of -Jenny- wrote:What are the chances of two nations in a smallish region sharing a IRL medical concern?

Yea.. especially as I've only met others with bleeding disorders in special camps they have for children with similar disorders and at hospitals.. In fact I've never met anyone outside of places associated with doctors and nurses having a condition like this..

in other fun news I found an Easter egg!

Easter Egg: Breaching the Great Fourth Wall of Hibiki Ganaha [unaddressed]

After the recent eXtra-Kinetocam Cartographic Digital satellite survey revealed that Hibiki Ganaha is a surprisingly tiny section of land on a peninsula of a much larger continent, expeditions sent to explore these new lands have found a wide assortment of other landmasses- all with new cultures and foreign civilizations. Of course, now people are wondering what to do with... or about... their newly-discovered neighbors.
The Debate

"Isn't it obvious? We must establish contact and trade with these other countries!" the CEO of one of the major mining companies notes happily, gesturing toward the XKCD survey map with a laser pointer. "The land claimed by Stalclaft is noted to contain a particular gaseous resource that could prove profitable for us! Never mind the report also says that the place is a war zone!"

"Are you insane? We're completely and totally vulnerable to attack!" declares General Gertie Cuuuuuute while flailing at the new world map in a dramatic fashion. "We know nothing about these civilizations, what their intentions are, what they're capable of! Look at how massive that Cea-Dicee is, just to the south of us! What little we do know about them implies that they have SPACESHIPS! We need to strengthen our military to protect against these threats at all costs!"

"Don't mind the paranoid ravings of the General there." Noted scholar Lucas Wong states calmly, while tapping a spot on the map just offshore to the northeast of the peninsula. "We're simply expanding our understanding of the world and where we fit in it. The report says that the ancient ruins of Subspais are on the seafloor here, and I think it would be a most worthy endeavor to study them. It won't be cheap, but knowledge is the greatest resource we can have! As the saying goes, knowledge is power!"

"This hippie professor doesn't get it." Admiral Randy Zhu scoffs. "We have an opportunity here! For instance, this island of Uoeq to the west of us. They'd never see us coming; after establishing forward bases there, we could easily begin a campaign against Cea-Dicee and take their land and technology for ourselves! With that turned into a colony of Hibiki Ganaha, the island of Sekonlif would fall easily, and we could seize Stalclaft's precious gas. Just imagine, eventually the entire continent could be under our control... or rather, YOUR control."

"Don't believe these lies for a minute!" Notorious and arguably very crazy conspiracy theorist Sarah Patel quickly unrolls a chart over the XKCD survey map before giving you what looks like a hat made of tinfoil. "These 'new lands' are all part of a conspiracy by the evil alien Bunny-Knights of Violet! I have evidence here that proves that these bunnies from space want us to THINK there are lands beyond what we already know. It's quite clear that this map is completely phony and that if we fall for it, we feed them our delicious mind-carrots! Forget this map of lies Hibiki Star Cute Happyness, for the sake of our mind-carrots!

The Sparkly Queendom of Hibiki Ganaha wrote:Yea.. especially as I've only met others with bleeding disorders in special camps they have for children with similar disorders and at hospitals.. In fact I've never met anyone outside of places associated with doctors and nurses having a condition like this..

That make the Alliance sort of special...not necessarily in a good way.

Special in the bad way..

oh and result from easter egg:

18 hours ago: Following new legislation in Hibiki Ganaha, in a bizarre move the government of Hibiki Ganaha has destroyed all information about a new world map in order to protect the nation's 'mind-carrots' (Hibiki Ganaha has found 3 easter eggs).

It seems my nation became a hermit nation..

Better than a hermit crab. ;) lol

YAY! an easter egg!

Easter Egg: World To End, Or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary [legislation pending]

Along with the rest of the world, the citizens of Hibiki Ganaha have been stunned by the revelation of a small team of geophysical philosophers that the world turns exactly one year old today, as measured by what they call "RL units". (Congratulations on finding so many easter eggs. As a reward, here is the special issue our players got when NationStates turned one year old.)
The Debate

"Frankly, I saw this coming -- all the signs of the Apocalypse are here," says local community leader Hillary Jamieson. "Moral standards are falling, the government is making increasingly erratic decisions, and people are neglecting their work to play bizarre political simulation games on the internet. There's only one sensible reaction: declaring a state of emergency, sending out the military, and shooting curfew breakers until the crisis is over."

"With respect, I don't think falling moral standards are the problem," says cubicle dweller and Slashdot karma god Chris Barry. "The issue is what's going to happen to our computers if the world clock ticks over from 0 to 1. This Y1 problem, as I call it, could be devastating for our IT industry unless it's tackled swiftly. And by tackled swiftly, I mean given a massive injection of public money."

"Why panic when you should be partying?" says Randy Plath, not completely soberly. "It's the first birthday of the world, man -- let people go nuts! If the government has a shred of decency, they'll order the cops to back off and let people really enjoy this incredible moment in history."

"This is neither a time for clamping down, nor, as they say, going off," says religious leader Stephanie Laine. "Rather, we should encourage people to reflect on the great mysteries of life. For example, what is God, to each of us? What is the true meaning of faith? And is the world around us reality, or are we instead living inside a simulated reality that exists only for the amusement of beings we cannot even imagine?"

This is the position your government is preparing to adopt.

"Well, I know what I'll be doing," says obscure author and Perl amateur Max Barry. "Sitting at home with a good book! Jennifer Government, for instance, is a cracking read. And I hear that some of the profits go into maintaining a cool web game. But of course, that's just my opinion. People should celebrate however they want."

11 hours ago: Following new legislation in Hibiki Ganaha, residents firmly believe there is no spoon (Hibiki Ganaha has found 4 easter eggs).

That is funny! I almost never use spoons in real life! only forks!

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