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Välkommen, thank you for visiting Sweden!

Welcome to Sweden, the home of meatballs, Zlatan and beautiful IKEA furniture!

📣 LinkSweden Discord ← Have some time? Join us to chat or discuss regional matters here.

Please endorse WA Delegate/Foreign Minister Gratis Sverige!

If you're interested in the position of Minister of Information, please telegram the Prime Minister, Rufford.

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    Sweden Constitution

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    Cabinet Of Sweden

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    Sweden Regional Map

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    How to Write a Dispatch

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    RPing in Sweden caps

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Sweden contains 46 nations, the 301st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Tax Rates in Sweden

Although some nations have a flat tax rate for all citizens while others tax the rich more heavily than the poor, the World Census used averages to rank the world's most taxing governments.

As a region, Sweden is ranked 11,689th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Defender Ambassador of IchuInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sweden has been saved.”
2.The First Aid of Silent WitnessDemocratic Socialists“Silence is a human right”
3.The Holy of Hagla BergetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Communism For The People!”
4.The Empire of AvtorkratorDemocratic Socialists“Dieu et mon droit”
5.The Rogue Nation of StratianaLiberal Democratic Socialists“JUST DO IT”
6.The Republic of United Federation Of KHANNew York Times Democracy“KKKKKKKKHHHHHHAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
7.The Free Land of Swedish MysterionLeft-wing Utopia“I am the intermediary...”
8.The Holy Empire of HjetlandPsychotic Dictatorship“ strengthen me to your word, o god”
9.The Life in the Woods of Vragol the Orc ShamanLiberal Democratic Socialists“Dahum”
10.The RevolutionAnarchistBowlers of South ErieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Member, RABBLE (Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League)”

Regional Poll • A Park Perplexity - Part 2

The Free Land of Swedish Mysterion wrote:You have veered off the trail to examine the house, and possibly win yourself glory or whatnot your mind thinks. As you approach the cabin, you smell a distinct sulfurous odor exuding from inside. Cautiously walking around to the front side, you try to look inside. Unlike you expected, thinking this was a fire, the area is very cold! Suddenly, you hear what you think is a scream! You fight your way through the smoke in the doorway, and find yourself in the center of the small, one-room cabin. Smoke is all around you, but oddly there is a clear area where you are standing, centered around a large hole in the rough cabin floor. There is no one to be found in the building. Peering down the hole, you think you see a face at the bottom. Did someone fall in....? What do you do next?

Voting opened 2 days 15 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “A Park Perplexity - Part 1”

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Sweden Regional Message Board

Welcome back, South Erie!

And welcome Sanien

New poll! This is the first in a segment of "story" polls-- you choose what the character does and how the story progresses by what option you pick!

Malmberget and Karlsson-on-the-Roof

The Life in the Woods of Vragol the Orc Shaman wrote:You are speaking of Ireland? What's up there? Last post 105 days ago. No activity in I R I S H as well. What's the idea behind that? Protection against invaders? Controlled by natives or defenders? Ya, Ireland at least was raided two times in a row by The Kingdom of Britain (or how that raider region is called), before they closed down the region (Ireland).

i am saying real life british raiders as well:)

I like the new Poll.
I picked- You go off the trail towards the house to try and rescue whoever might be there.

because what could possibly go wrong? Also my sat nav say's Bear left...so at least there are no bears around.

Swedish Mysterion

The ♛ Kingdom of Malmberget wrote:I like the new Poll.
I picked- You go off the trail towards the house to try and rescue whoever might be there.
because what could possibly go wrong? Also my sat nav say's Bear left...so at least there are no bears around.

I picked the rescue one because I interpreted the burning cottage as a founderless region that had been raided, so I used my defender instinct to attempt rescue. I think I may be reading to much into it though. Also, talking of defenders, I think we need to encourage people to endorse the delegate more.

Swedish Mysterion

The next poll in the series is now up!

What will you do next?


The Free Land of Swedish Mysterion wrote:The next poll in the series is now up!
What will you do next?

I'm going to find the source of the smoke so I can quash the repugnance of whatever is emitting it.

*Mounts the podium, takes folded speech from coat. Something seems odd about The Noble Thatcherites tonight, although he does begin reading. *

Good Evening Everyone,
This is a speech I never wanted to write, or one I ever wanted to read to you all. This one isn't going to be eloquente like the usual address, but rather a somber talk. In this address I find it necessary to explain the events of the Swedish civil war, and my controversial part in those events. I will not hide any facts from you, but rather try to explain everything to my greatest ability. The story starts, when I decide to pull out all ITDA personnel from service in Sweden, after they had helped telemax and rufford free Sweden from the invaders. This triggered a chain reaction of events, which eventually led to Telemax’s seizure of the WA delegacy, effectively channeling all power to himself. I think we can all agree that this was a coup. I went into discord and I found a new discord with Rufford available. We chatted and voted to counter attack. We did so at the midnight update. What happens next is what is disputed. A nation named getdrunk posted very inappropriate and disgusting posts on the Swedish RMB. Explaining that he was taking off all of his clothes and peeing on Telemax, and comparing him to hitler. Immediately a witch hunt began on the discord to see who it was. Immediately many thought it was me and continue to think it was me. Because everyone continued to believe this, the discord crew released a speech apologizing and condemning what happened. We acted responsible and professional amid heated allegations, and uncomfortable talk. The very next day I received a telegram from a nation called USS Enterprise saying “Boy I was really drunk on that post last night, wouldn't you agree?”. I hadn't received any telegrams previously that had discussed anything about alcohol, that would infer a telegram like that. USS Enterprise had also telegrammed me about joining the ITDA, although I knew this was just harassment as he had already moved from the Axis Alliance of Nations. I had the culprit. I refrained from telling you all, as I knew that it would appear like I was trying to move the blame. I did not want to release a statement like that as many of you had already excommunicated me on the discord, and closed down embassies on Nation States. I lost faith in myself and lost faith in Nation States. For around a month or two, I shut myself away. My region declined and I ceased to telegram. It has taken me quite some time, but I have come back. For anyone to say that I am not a changed or moved person would be an ill fated statement.

The alliance I founded back in March, and became secretary-general of in July, has failed because I have failed. I have failed all of you. I was and maybe I still am naive about this game and its mechanics. As much as I thought that action had to be immediate and swift, I failed to see that refraining from action would have been a better course in most circumstances. I officially tender my resignation as Secretary General to the Security Council, effective immediately. I hope that this action can secure the ITDA together, and again bring confidence in its holdings. Crystalsummer will succeed me until the election. I place my full confidence in him, and his staff, as they will once again prove that they are capable and hard-working nations. Thank you all.

Rufford and Swedish Mysterion

was there really a winner of the cold war?

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