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Founder: Seibertron

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Super Robot Wars FTW!
For nations based on the themes of Transformers, Gundam, Brave/Yuusha, Macross, Robotech, Evangelion, Mazinger Z and other mecha and robot animes.

Regional Positions
Ambassador: Default Seibertron Communication between regions
Recruiter: The transformers Assigned with recruitment of new nations
Foreign Minister: Cursading autobots Assigned with allowing nations in via the password.
You can apply for the default positions once you are in.

Tags: Password, Founderless, and Minuscule.

Super Robot Mecha Multiverse contains 2 nations.


Password required

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1.The Robot State of Number 1Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Raise above yourself!”
2.The Free Land of 91Psychotic Dictatorship“Flies spread disease - keep yours zipped.”

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Post self-deleted by Seibertron.

There's a region I'm considering building relations with, how do I do that?

The transformers

2 years 101 days ago

I'm not sure what you mean by that.

Bumblebee, Ironhide,
Cliffjumper, Powerglide,
Windcharger, Ratchet and Jazz;
Bluestreak and Sunstreaker,
Beachcomber, Trailbreaker,
Grapple, Inferno, and Slag.

Blaster, Perceptor,
and Hoist and then Huffer,
and Seaspray and Hound and Sideswipe;
There's Brawn, and then Wheeljack,
and Mirage and Warpath and
Smokescreen and Optimus Prime.

There's Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave,
and Ravage and Skywarp, Reflector and Bombshell.
Laserbeak, Shockwave, and Kickback and Rumble,
and Thundercracker, Buzzsaw, Shrapnel.

Scrapper and Scavenger,
Bonecrusher, Mixmaster,
Long Haul and Hook, Astrotrain;
Then there's old Skyfire,
he sure is a high flier,
with Swoop and Omega Supreme.

Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet,
then Gears, Red Alert, Tracks,
and Grimlock and Sludge and then Snarl;
Frenzy, and Blitzwing,
and Skids, always missing,
and Cosmos and then we've got Prowl.

Blades, Silverbolt, Air Raid, Skydive, Brawl, Groove, First Aid,
Fireflight, Slingshot, Onslaught, Wildrider;
Dead End, Blast-off, Dragstrip, Breakdown, Hotspot, Swindle,
Streetwise, Vortex, Motormaster.

Ultra Magnus, and Hot Rod,
then Blurr, Kup, and Goldbug,
then Metroplex, Scamper and Pipes;
Arcee and Springer,
and Ramhorn, and Steeljaw,
and Wheelie and Rodimus Prime.

Broadside and Sandstorm,
and Sky Lynx and Wreck-Gar,
Wideload, Slammer, Outback, Tailgate;
Eject and Rewind and
Rollbar and Searchlight,
and Swerve, Freeway, Six-Gun, and Chase.

Cyclonus, Scourge, Galvatron, Tantrum,
Ratbat, Trypticon, Overkill and Octane,
Runabout, Runamuck, Slugfest, and Razorclaw,
Divebomb, Headstrong, and Rampage.

Hun-Grrr and Blot,
Rippersnapper, Cutthroat,
Sinnertwin, Scattershot, and then Strafe;
Afterburner and Nosecone,
then Lightspeed and Chromedome,
and Brainstorm, and then there's Pointblank.

Fastlane and Cloudraker,
Mindwipe and Skullcruncher,
and Crosshairs, and then there's Sureshot...
Snapdragon, Slugslinger,
Weirdwolf and Misfire,
and Counterpunch and Scorponok.

There's Pounce and then Wingspan
and Sixshot and Hardhead
and Highbrow, and then we've got Apeface;
Triggerhappy, Cerebros,
and Punch, Fortress Maximus,
Abominus, Computron,
Then there's Superion,
Bruticus, Defensor, Menasor, Predaking
Devastator, and the Sweeps.

I want to see about establishing an embassy in another region, Galts Gulch. Does anyone know how to do this?

OOC: Only delegates and founders can do that, TG them.

New region Cyberverse

Transfer there please


Post by Imperial Liberation Force suppressed by Number 1.

[color=blue]Welcome to the Super Robot Mecha Multiverse![/color]
[Color=red]This region is dominated by Battle Mechs, Jaegers, Transformers, and Gundam.[/color]

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