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WA Delegate: The United Sovereign Kingdoms of Rhodevus (elected 93 days ago)

Founder: The United Democratic Republic of Smoya

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Welcome to Sunalaya!
The cultured region, and a very good area for trade. We have a rich history, and unique people and nations.

New arrivals may:
-Post their news in the Sunalayan News here or post on our regional newspaper (if you have NS++; to get NS ++ go Linkhere)
-Ask for a spot on our Linkmap! information can be found here.
-Look here for facts about us and what we do
-Have fun!

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Weekly Question: OOC: Is it possible to believe in two religions at once?
IC: Have there been any types of revolts/revolutions in your nation?

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Have a nice day!

Embassies: New Coalition of Nations, Old World Union, The United League, Funen, The SOP, Groland, One big Island, World Alliance, Alliance Of Armed Nations, Asiana, The NationStates Community, Libertatem, United Alliances, United Empire of Islam, International Republican Union, Aysling, and 43 others.The Alliance Pocket Universe, League of Christian Nations, The Northern Hemisphere, The Supreme Union, Empire of Andrew, Right to Life, Alliance of Bearded Men, The Darwin Allied Republics, NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries, Holy Rome, Blahbania, United Frontier Nations, League of Cobalt Nations, Uniao das Republicas Panheiristas, Panessos, Gay Equality, United League, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, Mirare, Commonwealth of Liberty, The Rebelation, Ivory Tower, Brazilian Empire, The Illuminati, International Commonwealth Of Nations, United territories of North America, The Empty Quarter, Yerfilag, The Frozen Pacific, United Nations in Solidarity, The Luxan Empire, Continent of Nexus, Brannack, Kaos, Confederation of Nations, Mavery, The Republic Alliance, The World Federation, The House of The Sun, Eran, Valenwood, Heiwa, and Bloodbender Heaven.

Tags: Enormous, Anti-Fascist, Security Council, Map, Independent, Eco-friendly, Regional Government, Human-Only, Sports, Democratic, Capitalist, Silly, and 8 others.Social, Defender, Free Trade, Outer Space, Religious, Serious, Anti-Communist, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Sunalaya contains 111 nations, the 100th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in Sunalaya

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Sunalaya is ranked 3,151st in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Democratic Republic of SmoyaWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“United We Are, United We Stand”
2.The Kingdom of RenzynistanWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Amat Victoria Praeparatio”
3.The Second Sukraitian Republic of YaramaquiCorporate Bordello“Yaramaqui, Yadir-ti Gharai-də”
4.The Kingdom of Cill AirneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Beati Pacifici”
5.The Kingdom of LindenholtWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Progressio est nostrum calx”
6.The Green Republic of H-AlbaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bidh gach fear a' tarruing uisge gu 'mhuileann fheln.”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of CubealotWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Scientia est Potentia”
8.The United Sovereign Kingdoms of RhodevusWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Until Victory”
9.The Anollasian Republic of AbsonthorpeCivil Rights Lovefest“We try our best”
10.The Federation of SobanDemocratic Socialists“We will fall, nevermore; we will rise, forevermore.”
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Regional Happenings


Sunalaya Regional Message Board

Smoya and ME!!!
I a bit mad with power...

The Dictatorship of Aslom wrote:Oh, you, the "none Torchering" hippy nation.

I am not a hippy nation. I am just against the pointless killing of innocent people by dictatorships or oppressive governments.

The United Sovereign Kingdoms of Rhodevus wrote:Smoya and ME!!!
I a bit mad with power...

Just to let u know, I may be in power soon...

The Slavic Queendom of Arisinga wrote:I would

Impale political dissidents
Have my soldiers scalp captured enemy troops, tan them, and sew them into quilts
Burn hardened criminals alive
Scaphism was my nations capitol punishment
I use Sarin and VX
I used to be a nazi commander in the Greater German Reich
My leader used to bathe in blood
And have a throne of skulls
Killed death row inmates with a machete for fun
practice total war

You're a bad girl, aren't you?
Also, where is Iackstorm when you need him. We got one lady to move here, now the other one...

The Dictatorship of Aslom wrote:Just to let u know, I may be in power soon...


Hey peeps. I heard my name?

The Federation of Iackstorm wrote:Hey peeps. I heard my name?

Ur a girl?

The Kingdom of Lindenholt wrote:You're a bad girl, aren't you?
Also, where is Iackstorm when you need him. We got one lady to move here, now the other one...


The Dictatorship of Aslom wrote:Just to let u know, I may be in power soon...

False. I will be in power when the elections come along....

(Hey a Federal Republic can dream right?)

Just want to remind all of you


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