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Founder: The United Kingdom of North Point

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Good lord, Black Riders. You're not very good at figuring this out.

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Strangereal contains 9 nations, the 1,178th most in the world.


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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Strangereal

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Strangereal is ranked 10,048th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Benevolent Dictatorship of East OseaCompulsory Consumerist State“The East Wind takes us all in the end.”
2.The Republic of SerciosInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Stiprumas per Vienybė”
3.The United Kingdom of North PointIron Fist Consumerists“Peace, Neutrality, and Security”
4.The United Federal States of West OseaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Osea invicta.”
5.The Empire of Restored BelkaFather Knows Best State“For the glory of our great nation!”
6.The Federal Republic of BelkaCorrupt Dictatorship“Nation capture? Confirmed!”
7.The Union of Yuktobanian RepublicsIron Fist Consumerists“Разделение позади, единства перед нами!”
8.The Federal Republic of Eastern OseaNew York Times Democracy“Securing the unfriendly skies.”
9.The Federation of Averyverse OseaCivil Rights Lovefest“Perennis Libertas”

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I support Silvat's request

Read the above post for reference- in this RP, we had agreed that Estovakia had been split, with one quarter of it in the west becoming an Emmerian-backed Republic. This is create a buffer zone between the two nations, and prevent a similar assault to the Emmerian-Estovakian war.

Despite a lot of the quotes and plot lines in the game that contradict the usage of these pilots, the reason I really think that we should refrain from using them, is their overpowered abilities. For example, you now have Cipher, Blaze, and a squadron of indestructible fighters. The latter is fine because it's one of the central RP points, but the other two are just too much. I'd say stay away from main characters, although opponent aces and wingmen like Shamrock, a Mobius fighter, or perhaps a Belkan ace like Rot 1 or Grun 1. Also watch the timelines- this RP is happening 25 years after the Belkan war.

JANUARY 12TH, 2020

Larry walked in through the door of the cabin. He was greeted by a man with a circa-1995 Belkan uniform, which had been neatly pressed and tended to. He was guided into a room, where 14 men sat at a long table arguing. Upon his entrance, one of the men saw Larry and stood up, grinning, to shake his hand.

"Long time no see Larry. Everybody, I'd like you to meet Larry Foulke. Or as some of you know him, Solo Wing."

Joshua Bristow, looking weary but as confident as ever, stood up and shook Foulke's hand. He spoke softly to Larry;

"Long time no see your highness. The Grabacr and Ofnir are here, as are AWWNB and the FoD. Tread lightly."

Larry looked around, spotting Ashley Bernitz, Oswald Baerman, and Karl Kupchenko, son of Anton Kupchenko. This was a meeting between the largest terror organizations in the world. A momentous event. Karl stood up and spoke;

"Gentlemen, we have come very far. We have tread so very close to our goals time and time again. But this time, we shall succeed. Yesterday, we struck targets all across the world with our N2s. Now, we must hit our true targets. Let the Oseans suffer as we have suffered these 25 years. Let them come to understand what we have, let the people of the world see our achievements, and let them rise up with us, to free the world of those that plague us!"

Larry glanced over at a blonde man who was calmly smoking at the table. He looked at Larry and nodded. Karl continued.

"We no longer strike at military targets, where losses are acceptable. We must now look towards Oured, and the large Osean cities. They are-"

Larry stepped forwards.

"Surely, you are not intending to strike civilian targets?"

Karl looked at Larry, stunned.

"What did you think Mr. Foulke."

"I was under the impression that we weren't going to become servile, psychotic murderers Mr. Kupchenko."

Karl walked over to one of his guards and whispered something. The guard nodded as Karl addressed the crowd.

"I believe that we are out of time. I would like to see you all tomorrow at 6 AM. Larry, please stay behind. I'll be back in a moment."

Larry sat down as the men all left, except for two guards. Everybody knew what was going to happen, and not saying it out loud was just simply a custom that had stuck. Larry sat down, as the door shut and the guards walked towards him. They fell forwards and the blonde haired man from before stood in their place, holding a smoking pistol, unscrewing a silencer from it and handing Larry a bundle.

Larry opened it up, and drew out his old G suit and helmet. The blonde man was fitting gear of his own on.

"Thank you Mr. Rost."

"Oh please. Call me Fabien."

"I thought Bernard Schmidt would be here."

"He's busy getting Grun together again. He barely got me here."

"Well I'll see him soon. What did he line up for us?"

"There's an F-15S/MTD on the runway outside. I'm afraid you'll have to make do with me in the backseat."

"We'll be fine. Where are we headed?"


The 2 ship squadron landed in the early hours of the morning. The F-14S/MTD led 3 F/A-18Cs to the southernmost Silvat base, and they were greeted by high ranking officials. Solo Wing was now in Silvat.

JANUARY 12TH, 2020

A single figure stepped out of the doorway, and into the crosshairs. He held the door for another man, who the sniper recognized immediately as his target. The sniper moved his crosshairs over the target's chest. He evaluated the shot. It would need to be perfect, spanning through gaps between several destroyed buildings, passing a ravine, and finally hitting the target, 2.7 miles away. The sniper placed his hand on the dial of the scope, twisting it slowly, so it would turn just a millimetre. The perfect setting.

The sniper observed the leaves of the trees. As the distance increased, the chances that wind could be different speeds at several points throughout the route increased. The sniper could see at least 3 different wind-speeds, and the wind over the fields near the target was unknown. The sniper exhaled, and blinked at the sweat running down his brow. Calculations were running through his head at breakneck speed.

The target started walking, and pulled out a cigar. The smoke blew to the east. "Bingo" thought the sniper. There was his wind-speed marker. The bullet drop was a simple formula to calculate, and the suction from the ravine was only a small factor to add. His crosshairs moved to the proper location. The sniper's finger closed on the trigger. He exhaled.

He felt a strange pull in his right temple. Swinging his crosshairs towards the destroyed buildings, he saw a flash. The sniper ducked as a .50 cal bullet tore away the railing on the balcony he lay on. The sniper fired off a quick shot from the hip, and the enemy gunman ducked into cover. The sniper aimed back at his target. The man was running to the corner of the building, and would reach it in 5 seconds. The sniper aimed and fired. Wood splinters and dust erupted just a few inches in front of the target. A miss. The enemy gunman came out of cover and a bullet whizzed by the sniper's head.

The sniper saw his target round the corner, and the whole world slowed down. The sniper pulled back the bolt and pushed it forward, bringing another round into the chamber. The casing flew from the rifle, arcing towards the floor. The target disappeared behind the building. The sniper decided his .50 cal bullet could go through the wall, and he took 1/100 of a second to aim and squeeze the trigger.

The bullet went soaring past the destroyed buildings, barely missing a plank of burning wood. It spiralled past a clump of apple trees, which were gently blowing in the wind. The bullet started drifting, but the sniper had compensated properly. The suction from the valley dropped the bullet a fraction of an inch, but this too had been computed. The building raced into view, and the bullet hit the first wall. The bullet went through the two inches of wood, entered the interior, then exited through the next wall. The target was in mid stride when the bullet came through the wall, burst through his ribcage, pierced both lungs, and lodged itself in-between two of the his left ribs.

The man fell, and bled on the ground. The force of the bullet had reached his heart, and within seconds, Karl Kupchenko was dead.

The sniper dove to the ground, exiting through a hole in the floor. He reloaded his rifle, and snuck through an old pipe into the ruins of an abandoned Belkan city. He had a long way to go before extraction to Silvat.

Choppers took off and immediately began searching for the sniper from the air. Troops flooded into the area. The sniper was cut off, with no escape.

Hellooooo? Osea? Anybody?

I think it's just us two.

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