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WA Delegate: The Dirty Sleeper of United Confedrated States of Durezz (elected )

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Invaded by the invincible forces of DEN!

LinkForward for DEN and Gest!


Brigadier General: Knot II
Field Marshal: Gest
Colonel: 94 block
Major: Vandoosa
Captain: Gladio III
Sergeant: North Pacific Spy
Sergeant: The Type 49 TARDIS
Private First Class: Demzelka
Private First Class: SunGoddess
Private First Class: ChingisOtchigin
Private: Heksennacht

Special thanks to our friends from The Kingdom of Great Britain and Cimmeria

Invaluable support provided by Europeia, Ile de France, The Black Hawks, and Lone Wolves United

LinkJoin DEN in the conquest of NationStates!

Endorse United Confedrated States of Durezz and Bjorvin upon entry or face immediate banjection.

Fendas kicked: 18

Embassies: DEN.

Tags: Enormous, Founderless, and Invader.

Regional Power: Moderate

St Abbaddon contains 129 nations, the 87th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Unemployment Rates in St Abbaddon

World Census experts studied the ratings of daytime television chat shows to determine which nations have the lowest rates of unemployment.

As a region, St Abbaddon is ranked 4,628th in the world for Lowest Unemployment Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Grozny Yroz son Gazsgael of Royal Witch RealmWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Gaelguondazs Bauzniyo Danz Soragh”
2.The Armed Republic of Peanut RevolutionWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Money holds all the power”
3.The Clan of HawkswindWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Better living through superior genetics and firepower”
4.The Armed Republic of StormopolisWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“After Death, Violent Rebirth”
5.The Magician of Deep SleepWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Standing guard”
6.The Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz of Petit MustiqueFather Knows Best State“bzzzzzzzzzzz”
7.The Dirty Sleeper of United Confedrated States of DurezzWA MemberMoralistic Democracy“Regions will Fall”
8.The Rogue Nation of Totino GraceWA MemberMoralistic Democracy“We Are Eagles Fear Us”
9.The Sixth Republic of Secular State of the PhilippinesWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“All Gods must be persecuted for crimes against Humanity”
10.The Federation of MachineryWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Don't throw away what you can fix.”
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Regional Poll • What's on the agenda during the holiday?

The Dirty Sleeper of United Confedrated States of Durezz wrote:Happy Thanksgiving to all the 'muricans out there!

Voting opened 2 days 21 hours ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


St Abbaddon Regional Message Board

Keep your friends close, and your enemies dead.

Alpha Force

The Cimmerian Blood Fangs of Bezalet wrote:

That video had genuinely amazing animation. Muicho impressed.

The Free State of Malisin wrote:Alright, alright, time's up. You won. When will you meanies go conquer some other irrelevant region?
t. subjugated native pro

When high command wills it. Not a moment before, and not very long after that. Will you still be here, that's a more important question. And that depends on whether you join us in this temporary operation, get out of the way, or volunteer for a one-way ticket to The Rejected Realms.

Also, don't undersell yourself. St Abbaddon is far from an irrelevant region. :)

Royal Witch Realm and Taeger

Post self-deleted by Malisin.

The Dirty Sleeper of United Confedrated States of Durezz wrote:We make them using our top-of-the-line secret technology, otherwise known as PhotoShop.

nonono. how do you put them on?

The Oppressed Peoples of The Darkness Of Den wrote:nonono. how do you put them on?

You can use the [img][/img] tags in a factbook.

For example: [img][/img] will give you an image of the ribbon from our previous operation in California.

Average income tax in my nation: 66.6%

Glad to know God's on my side...

why are you raiding, i thought we whir friends
and she said, Shut up and Dance with me

*sneaks back in*

The Oppressed Peoples of The Darkness Of Den wrote:why are you raiding, i thought we whir friends
and she said, Shut up and Dance with me


The DEN's Dalek Dominion of New Scaro wrote:What?

i put a link in their for a reason

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