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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Defensive Pacifist Nation of Sneaky Bastards (elected 5 days ago)

Founder: The Immortal Shogunate and Affiliated Territories of Reploid Productions

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The Sector sits in the middle of a unique time-space flux, creating an unusual cross-dimensional crossroads. People, technology, and cultures from dozens of independent realities have come together here, primarily under the flag of the Reploid Productions Revolutionary Army. Mostly, they just hang around.

Interested in embassies?: Contact The Immortal Shogunate and Affiliated Territories of Reploid Productions explaining why you would like to establish one, and it will be considered. Embassy requests without any prior communication will be rejected.

The Pinktastic Coffee Loving Grand Dutchy Queendom of the Most Magnificent Moddess of Crazy girl jacked the delegacy on April 7, 2011.

Embassies: Space Fortress RPRA, The Moon, The Cuckoos Egg, Aizengard, Testregionia, Anime, Peoples Federation of Qandaristan, Titan, and Console Alliance.

The embassy with Console Alliance is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 17 hours.

Tags: Anime, Silly, Social, Video Game, Casual, Isolationist, Snarky, and Medium.

Regional Power: Moderate

Space Sector RPRA contains 21 nations, the 648th most in the world.

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The Most Avoided in Space Sector RPRA

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Space Sector RPRA is ranked 13,397th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Metropolitan Desert of KhrrckAnarchy“We Remember.”
2.The People's Federation of GMC Military ArmsLibertarian Police State“An object at rest cannot be stopped!”
3.The Fangorious Bacchanal of BurninatoniaCompulsory Consumerist State“PARTY GOOD.”
4.The Fluffy QB-fied State of SolontFather Knows Best State“We must carry on. Together.”
5.The Jingoistic States of Dinasztia JandeiIron Fist Consumerists“Pakļaušana? Bērnu spēlīte.”
6.The Theocracy of CrocodiliopolisIron Fist Consumerists“All Hail Reppy... and Sebek, too! ”
7.The Matriarchy of Elizabeth ValentinoIron Fist Consumerists“From the shadows”
8.The Commonwealth of DauteronInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Umiltŕ e Coraggio”
9.The Protectorate of Habsburg WarfangIron Fist Consumerists“All the world is subject to Habsburg rule”
10.The Allied States of Planet of the KerbalsNew York Times Democracy“If it works, you didn't add enough boosters.”
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Space Sector RPRA Regional Message Board

I'm avoided by anyone who doesn't want to be strapped to a booster and flung into the upper atmosphere at 12 g's.

The Metropolitan Desert of Khrrck wrote:>Junior
>4 billion


uh yeah founded april 2003 recently revived.


The Allied States of Planet of the Kerbals wrote:I'm avoided by anyone who doesn't want to be strapped to a booster and flung into the upper atmosphere at 12 g's.

People who don't want that are disloyal to the memory and teachings of Blessed Jebediah, He who alone of Kerbals ascended into the heavens without fear or foot-dragging. And the punishment for such heresy is plain: strap 'em to a booster and fling 'em into the upper atmosphere at 12g.

My new personal motto -


Post by San Diego Zoo suppressed by Reploid Productions.

With the help of Lone Wolves United and DEN, The Black Hawks jacked the delegacy once again on May 24, 2015.

Done for the love of Reppy~

*Rolls eyes* Some spavined, drooling wretches will attempt anything in search for the attention Mommy never gave them. Pathetic.

Sneaky Bastards

The Allied States of Planet of the Kerbals wrote:My new personal motto -

I have only one thing to say to that:

Needs more Mainsails.

And this is why we don't have an executive delegate. :p

Everyone: Name three things you think should go in the pandorica. Mine are Jebediah Kerman, politicians, and sugar-free cereal.

You want to put Jebediah in the Pandorica? You want to put Jebediah in the Pandorica? I'll grant there's some thematic similarity - Jebediah, like The Doctor, is a courageous alien who can never truly die - but the Pandorica is an inescapable eternal prison devised as a trap by his enemies! Why would you want to cage Kerbin's greatest hero? Are you some Kraken cultist?!?

My choices are irredentists/revanchists, nationalists, and fundamentalists. The Pandorica may need to be bigger on the inside to fit them all.

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