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Welcome to South America!

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South America contains 36 nations, the 315th most in the world.


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The Most Extensive Civil Rights in South America

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, South America is ranked 6,098th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federal Republic of NeraguaAnarchy“Libertad y Unión”
2.The Federation of The Democratic Republic of VenezuelaCivil Rights Lovefest“Glory To The Brave People”
3.The Republic of New CataloniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Llibertat, Igualtat, Humanitat”
4.The Holy Provinces of LuchyenWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Victoria fideles vocat”
5.The Republic of MikterraScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Insema, noz staraz”
6.The Republic of Entre RiosLeft-Leaning College State“Dios, Unión, Libertad”
7.The Banana Republic of Val-VerdeWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Independencia y Libertad!”
8.The Republic of InsigriaLeft-wing Utopia“Inculta e Bela”
9.The Empire of AureaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“A União Faz A Força”
10.The Federation of PlatatinaLeft-Leaning College State“Progress and freedom ”
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Regional Poll • Neraguan Presidential Election 2014

The Region of South-America wrote:All the info you need:

Voting opened 6 hours ago and will close in 17 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


South America Regional Message Board

The Federal Democratic Republic of Amwestheim wrote:I know Neragua doesn't like the idea but we do need to have IC aspects that reflect what we chose OOC otherwise what is the point of Nationstates. (To roleplay IC diplomacy even if events and actions are predestined through OOC discussion).

That is exactly what I have suggested via the "South American Regional Forum" idea. I'm not "opposed" as such to any regional government but I think ER hit that nail on the head when she said it should be a natural and meaningful development rather than a forced and empty one. Having a SA parliament for its own sake is pointless. A SARF as a regional talking shop where agreements can be made is, IMHO, a far better setup for our current conditions.

I like the SARF idea. Gives our OOC discussions and decisions an IC cover that isn't binding.


From my experience, the SARF idea is excellent. I am not informed on all the details of the debate but in TRC there is a "Head Council" which acts as a parliament. It is an utter failure. People are very eager to be part of it but once part they are inactive or simply don't wish to participate in debates initiated by others. Having an open forum where those concerned could debate matters would lead to a far more productive government.

I'd like to wish Neragua a peaceful, free, fair and democratic election. May the people's voices be heard.

Costa Fierro, do you mean to have a map location allocated to Taragui?

Rio Cana, I will look at the video on a computer as I'm eager to see it.


Comandante Fensham


Recently, a group of libertarians, minarquists and anarco-capitalists separed from the old country, tired with the opression, the new nation founders entered on the depts of the wilderness, when they found a river, they baptised it "Rio Brasilano" and started a society based on freedom, property and peace.

Hope we can find peace with our new neighbors.

Bienvenido Rio Brasilano! We may have differing political ideologies but cooperation is not impossible.

Welcome one and all to South America!

The Republic of Taragui wrote:I'd like to wish Neragua a peaceful, free, fair and democratic election. May the people's voices be heard.

Thanks, Taragüi! Just under 12 hours until polls open (and then another 12 until polls close) in what is tipped to be the least predictable presidential race in a generation.

With that in mind, all you South Americans will get to vote – not in any meaningful way, however – on behalf of Neraguans overseas in your nations. The poll will be up momentarily with brief information on each candidate.

(Note: there are actually many parties contesting the presidential election but, due to the AV voting method, where candidates are ranked by preference, only the big two parties [usually] have a chance of winning the presidency.)

Poll to follow...

You already know the Federalists won in Amwestheim's Neraguan residents.....we put so much money into propaganda ^_^

Poll is up.

All the info you need (which is actually mainly for my own reference):

Amwestheim - So the Neraguan citizens in Amwestheim will be voting Federalists. In Rio Cana, they generally support the Progressive Neraguan party. The Neraguan community in Rio Cana is small. A good percentage own mostly small to medium size businesses. A few are in partnerships with Rio Cana citizens in some major mining ventures. They know that if the warmongering Carlota Albareda of the Federalist party should win that there is a possibility that she could flex her military muscle at the Rio Cana government. Which means the Neraguan community in Rio Cana could face the fallout from all this. They do not want to risk it. So "Vote Progressive" for a stable South America.

The Republic of Taragui wrote:Costa Fierro, do you mean to have a map location allocated to Taragui?

Yes. The borders of Peru that have not been claimed by either Valverde (nearly called him Palivia there) or me. Have borders with whoever has Bolivia and Tecan, who has northern Chile.

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