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South America contains 36 nations, the 354th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Unemployment Rates in South America

World Census experts studied the ratings of daytime television chat shows to determine which nations have the lowest rates of unemployment.

As a region, South America is ranked 4,876th in the world for Lowest Unemployment Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Federative State of QuintanillaIron Fist Consumerists“¡Todo para la patria!”
2.The Federal Republic of NeraguaAnarchy“Libertad y Unión”
3.The Confederation of LuchyenWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Patria est communis omnium parens”
4.The Federal Democratic Republic of AmwestheimWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Amer de Loesse, Amer de Vu, op Amer de Valor”
5.The Republic of TayronaCapitalist Paradise“Dios, patria y libertad!”
6.The Republic of Calimera IIWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“En Unión y Libertad”
7.The Republic of San EulogioLeft-wing Utopia“Ante Los Ojos de Dios y de la República”
8.The Republic of ChavanteCapitalist Paradise“A free nation is a nation on the rise constant”
9.The Banana Republic of Val-VerdeNew York Times Democracy“Independencia y Libertad!”
10.The Republic of TecanCorporate Police State“Libertad, Paz, Justicia”
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South America Regional Message Board

The Realm of Barrera wrote:Well, I would have to guess St. Lucia because of the flag. :P
Does the singer say "Guyana" during the song or am I mishearing the creole?

Yes he does.

The Empire of Rio Cana wrote:Yes he does.

Do you understand the song he sings? What does he say?

Post self-deleted by Rio Cana.

The Realm of Barrera wrote:Do you understand the song he sings? What does he say?

Do not understand all of it. It does seem like English type of Criole with a hidden meaning. Has far has I know when he mentions Cassava he is talking about Cassava beer.

[Quote]Kasiri (also known as "kaschiri" and "cassava beer") is an alcoholic beverage made from cassava by Amerindians in Suriname and Guyana. The roots of the cassava plant are grated, diluted in water, and pressed in a cylindrical basketwork press to extract the juice. The extracted juice is fermented to produce kasiri. In Brazil, the cassava roots are chewed and expectorated, a process which starts fermentation.[1][2][3][4]

The juice can also be boiled until it becomes a dark viscous syrup called kasripo (cassareep).[4] This syrup has antiseptic properties and is used for flavoring

The Federal Democratic Republic of Amwestheim wrote:You think PR would celebrate Columbus more than the pilgrims

Why would they want to celebrate a fraud like Columbus..? :S

The ballots are issued! :D So how many of us will vote next week?

Neragua: how was the order of parties decided?

The Empire of Aurea wrote:Neragua: how was the order of parties decided?

Candidate order was decided by parties (as you'll be aware); party order was decided by random draw.

The Federal Republic of Neragua wrote:Why would they want to celebrate a fraud like Columbus..? :S

Tourism. :lol: Some few cities/towns have a main plaza named after him with a statue of him. Of course, they also have statues of native chiefs in other parts of the city/town.

Some time ago, the mayor of the town of Cataño ordered a Russian built very tall statue of Columbus. It was kind of modern design. He was criticized for the cost. And they still had to spend money to put it together since it came from Russia in pieces. Cataño is part of the Metropolitan area of the Capital. So the statue sat on the docks rusting.

After a few years, they sold it at a deep discount to the city of Mayagüez (which is named after a native chief)and which is located on the Western side of PR. Mayaguez also never found the money to put it together. So once again, it sat in pieces rusting on the docks. So after a few more years, they then sold it to private interests from the Northern coastal city of Arecibo who put it together. Arecibo, which is also named after a native Chief, is currently among the cities of PR. with the worst deficit. Supposedly, the city will help build a hotel nearby so tourist can stay. The statue is suppose to bring in 300.000 tourist a year.

The statue is 91.4 meters (300 ft.) tall. Its higher then the Statue of Liberty. The Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli sculpted it in 1991
Photo of the statue in Russia before it was broken up into pieces for transport to PR.

The statue of Liberty is 302 feet tall and is raised on a pedestal...I hate it when people use it as a reference point.

It makes me so mad that people `celerate' Columbus! He created the transatlantic slave trade and began the imperalist conquests and european genocides of natives in the Americas. He basically got lost and accidentally `discovered' some new lands. It is so ironic that when the `marauding' vikings landed in Canada they made peaceful relations. The `gentile' Columbus arrived and began centuries of horror. He was a horrible person. The world should not celebrate Christofer Columbus.

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