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Founder: The Crimean Republic of Natalia Poklonskaya

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Welcome to Slavija, the original Pan-Slavic region!

Slavija is a Slavic region open to anyone regardless of race, sex, gender, orientation, ethnicity, creed, ideology, nationality, or religion! It was forged out of the fire of Pan-Slavism, the idea of unity between the Slavic peoples, and so long as there are Pan-Slavists on NationStates, there will be Slavija! URA!


Embassies: The Cyrillic Empire of New Slavica, Noordija, Slavia, United Sovereign Socialist Republics, Serbian Krajina, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, and Federation of Serbian Soviet Union.

Tags: Democratic, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, Silly, Social, Neutral, Modern Tech, Independent, Map, Medium, and Regional Government.

Slavija contains 28 nations, the 389th most in the world.


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The Safest in Slavija

The World Census ranked nations on a variety of scales to produce an indication of how safe a country is to visit.

As a region, Slavija is ranked 2,379th in the world for Safest.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Communist Faerie Republic of LuksusowaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“⑨ I'm the strongest! ⑨”
2.The Socialist Republic of Central SlaviaFather Knows Best State“Plenty through knowledge, freedom through marxism”
3.The United Imperial Republic of ValentirWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith!”
4.The People's Republic of Sremski okrugWA MemberFather Knows Best State“People, Party, Youth, Army!”
5.The Constitutional Monarchy of ShoferciaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Let there be justice, faith and peace!”
6.The Corrupt Drunkard Federation of Glorious Boris YeltsinCorporate Police State“I'll shell you like I shelled parliament!”
7.The United Slavs of SlavskijaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ja, u zivotu imam sve”
8.The Republic of HerzegoviniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Јєдинстɣо и Брɖтстɣо.”
9.The Kebabless Realms of MarcuniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“All must kneel to glorious shemale mother Russia!”
10.The Holy Empire of PolandstanIron Fist Consumerists“0101000001101111011011000110000101101110011001000111001”
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Who are you?

I am an iwakian that helped build this nation to about 19 nations in it.

This is a question for the Russians here. According to you, is Belarus or Ukraine closer to Russia? (linguistically, culturally etc)

Linguistically, Belorussian is much closer to Russian then Ukrainian. Listening to Belorussian I actually have no troubles at all understanding it. In case of the Ukrainian - well, this year with all the stuff that happening I had to upgrade my knowlege of the ukrainian significantly. Trouble, for me at least, is that Ukrainian uses quite uniqe words for something mundane, so my Russian lexicon won't be a much help. E.g. - the ukrainian word for "to work" is "працювати", while russian is "работать". Don't even close.

Culturally, OTOH, Belarus is closer to USSR. then to Russia. Ukrainians may deny it, but they are still very close to us culturally (sans their svidomites, of course).

Robin Hood at large in Kiev's voencomats (military registration and enlistment office). He steals call-up papers from the rich and gives them to the poor.

The Grand Principality of Slavialand wrote:This is a question for the Russians here. According to you, is Belarus or Ukraine closer to Russia? (linguistically, culturally etc)

There's not much difference between them, but Belarus is closer to Russia, because they only had the Polonization effect, whereas Ukraine also had numerous other effects. Belarus also had much less of a Polonization effect than Ukraine. The other thing is that after independence, Ukraine's government tried to make them look as non-Russian as possible, whereas the Belorussians simply developed their own culture, not making it anti-anything. Ukraine's history's also just insane; for instance, because the Novgorod Republic predates Ukraine by 20 years, they simply excluded it, portraying the Novgorodians, who had/have a culture, verbal language, architecture, system of government, system of trade, system of taxation, social rights, etc, as simple raiders.

And another fund fact. Belorussian zamgari insists (and, partially, are right), that Ukrainian language evolved from their - Older Belorussian (or, as they say incorrectly in the West, Ruthenian), and they themselves were descendants of proto-Belorussians escaping to frontier.

And another one, do you count the two languages as original or offspring from two others? (kind of like Ukrainian which is mixed between Polish and Russian like the word which you just mentioned is practically the same in Polish)

Also here are some interpretations of traditional slavic music that i like:

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