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WA Delegate: The United Queendoms of Orzile (elected )

Founder: Varaya

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Serenity is a coalition of friends against the world.
"There's no place I'd rather be once I found Serenity"

Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Domestic Concerns: The United Queendoms of Orzile
Head Chairperson of The EverythingElse Committee: The Queendom of Keloid
Minster of knowledge and Head Librarian of the Regional Library: The Realm of Heramay

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Embassies: Tardis, Firefly, United Federation of Planets, Kingdom of Norway, The Ascendancy, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Goliath SpecOps inc, The Illuminati, Ivory Tower, Star Trek, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Star Frontiers, The Doctor Who Universe, Dill Country, The Utopian Freesocialists, The Dirt Alliance, and 4 others.OpenStudy, Equestria, Arconian Empire, and National Federation.

Tags: Small, Silly, Casual, Future Tech, Fandom, Password, Fantasy Tech, Multi-Species, Founderless, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Serenity contains 7 nations, the 2,102nd most in the world.

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Today's World Census Report

The Most Average in Serenity

World Census staff took time out to pay tribute to those most overlooked of nations: the determinedly average.

As a region, Serenity is ranked 5,832nd in the world for Most Average.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Queendoms of OrzileWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Ad Astra”
2.The Realm of HeramayWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“A Book A Day Brings you Worlds Away”
3.The Queendom of ShulandiaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword”
4.The Great Metropolis of The Empire of HavenWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“They are Coming”
5.The Kingdom of AchelraFather Knows Best State“Be nice, Stay armed”
6.The Queendom of PandaatropiaCorrupt Dictatorship“Once a Panda, always a Panda.”
7.The Queendom of KeloidWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Allons-y”

Last poll: “Does your nation embrace magic?”

Regional Happenings


Serenity Regional Message Board

The region of Serenity does not have any tradition festivities on the eve of All Souls Day. I for one see no reason why the honorable Heramay should be prevented from creating some form of celebration for the occasion

One of the top picks in The Realm of Heramay for Hollows Eve celebrations is a contest. Specifically a writing contest made to scare the readers. The writer with the most frightening work wins the contest and a prize. Perhaps serenity could host a similar competition for it's resident nations.


News headlines explode as rumors spread across Heramay. One such confirmed rumor is that the nation's Legendtary( the leader of The Legend of the Travelers religion)had a closed meeting with the Seer Una. Apparently it was about another seer whom was reviewing apart of the original "The Legend" manuscript and had a vivid vision of an apocalyptic future in the not so future. The monsters that cause this so called apocalypse are hoards of commonly called "Zombies". Families contacted long lost relatives and huddled up for their last. There is even and an unvirified rumor of Seer Una trying to contact her mother the Uniter Stella. Heads from everywhere in the nation, be it humanoid or elven have turned to the leaders of Orzile and Keloid for guidance in these troubling times in the region. Also they look for knowledge in what the delegate and vice-delegate plan to do for Serenity.

As in prior years, all nations within this glorious region should begin cure research as soon as the time comes. We have found that this action offers our region the best chance of survival. Since the effects of the outbreak differ every year, further action will have to be determined at a later date. If we all work together to find a cure for what is to come, we are certain to survive this incoming tragedy.


Heramay's department of mathematics has determined that the approximate arrival of the " Zombies" would be on Friday afternoon around 3:00p.m.


Remain calm


Alert: A repot just came in. Any nation with cure missiles please target them at any nation with zombies and the closest in population towards your nation. If their is no nation close to yours in people numbers than target your cure missiles at the least populated nation that still has infected. Good news, two nations in Serenity have been almost completely cured of the infected. Congrats to Shulandia and Pandaatropia.

Good news update: The Kingdom of Achelra has been cute as well! Three down, four to go!

Way to go team!


Hello, Serenity! We in the TARDIS are very happy to have reestablished our embassy with you! We are currently holding a party to celebrate our new embassies, and you are all invited.

Also, congratulations on your great success during the Zombie apocalypse! You were fantastic! I brought Halloween candy for everyone to celebrate. *places large bowls of candy all over the region*


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