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Sapphire contains 15 nations, the 768th most in the world.

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#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Atlans Union of The SarudinWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Heh Ar Yissernevyen Idnidela Ush Te Lam Noctunyeh”
2.The People's Snowy Republic of SamozaryadnyastanWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ja. That is me.”
3.The Matriarchal Crown of Nirvash Type TheENDLeft-Leaning College State“n lume este de dormit.”
4.The FN FAL of BajireynLeft-Leaning College State“Ave Nex Alea”
5.The Commonwealth of RegistugWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Land of the Southern Cross”
6.The The United Kingdom of Elan ValleysLiberal Democratic Socialists“Elan am byth”
7.The Island Fortress of FordorsiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Thundering hearts, shining shields”
8.The Empire of AequalasCorrupt Dictatorship“Callipolis aedificare in terra!”
9.The Kaizerreich of DeutschestagWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Deutschestag ber alles.”
10.The Ulfran Province of AethalCorrupt Dictatorship“Around Velks Watch Yourselves.”
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So I have come up with some 'non-sapphire' canon for Novorden: Alternative WW2 with a unified Scandinavia which is under attack by the USSR (winter war) and is being supported by the Allies (France/Britain). This leads to Operation Pike occurring, which which whilst slowing/stopping the blitzkrieg thus saving France, meant that the USSR and Germany joined forces against the allies.

Was Op Pike a real thing?

They got as close as flying the bombers to their staging points.

The Nazis and Commies working together is breaking my immersion bruh

Yeah, Hitler always wanted to smash the Soviets because resources, racism and ideology.

That will still happen, here is what i have planned (rushed and badly thought out ATM):
-USSR + Germany invade Poland, France and Britain declare war on Germany and "don't like" USSR.
-USSR invades Scandinavia (Novorden), Franco-British force supports Scandinavia whilst also securing oil/steel.
-France/Britain enact Operation Pike, cutting off a large % of USSR/German fuel supplies. USSR/Germany declare a pact against the allies.
-Blitzkrieg slows/fails/doesn't happen. making the western front a increasingly static war.
-Germany moves to invade USSR to claim oil fields + racism and all that.

Then some funky stuff with Japan invading the USSR from the east, Italy/Germany/USSR invasion of North Africa....

Hey RB did you do something with the Boeing Bird of Prey at some point or was that someone else?

I don't think that was me

honestly I could only see a USSR-German non-aggression pact continuing, with the russians using it as an excuse to continue to build up and modernise their forces so they can stab Germany in the back later.

They don't stay friends. The initial attack(s) put them on the back foot so they couldn't risk opening another front with Germany until more oil supplies had been found/repaired.

"Dependence on oil supplies from the Caucasus is the fundamental weakness of Russian economy. The Armed Forces were totally dependent on this source also for their motorized agriculture. More than 90 percent of oil extraction and 80 percent of refinement was located in the Caucasus (primarily Baku). Therefore, interruption of oil supplies on any large scale would have far-reaching consequences and could even result in the collapse of all the military, industrial and agricultural systems of Russia."

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