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1.The Holy Empire of TursiariaPsychotic Dictatorship“Orantes ad Mare”
2.The Sovereign Community of DelvetiaCompulsory Consumerist State“In the age of ambition a man's mettle is proven”
3.The Second August Empire of ZoterikFather Knows Best State“Sol Omnibus Lucet”
4.The Nomadic Peoples of The MalamutesCorporate Police State“If you can't run Big Dogs, you'd better stay home. ”
5.The Queendom of Running RaccoonsIron Fist Consumerists“Ravishing, Repulsive, Redundant”
6.The United Empire of Earth Belle HadesIron Fist Socialists“Compromise. Compromise is the reason bad guys win.”
7.The Commonwealth of OnikuaLeft-Leaning College State“Dura lex, sed lex.”
8.The Noocracy of FontelianCivil Rights Lovefest“So much for pathos”
9.The Bramstonian Fatherland of ZircowieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Always Prepared”
10.The Art Vandelay of PygmyraptorLeft-Leaning College State“There goes the neighborhood”

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Sapientia Regional Message Board This is a good methaphor of American Politics for those who have seen the series. The candidates are the symbols of what's wrong with this country yet they get cheers from their supporters who seem blind to logic. That goes for both the RNC and DNC. The RNC at least didn't rig it in favor of Trump did like Clinton due to leaked emails. I am not going to vote for the lesser of two evils because its still a bad choice.

They're not (just) blind to logic; they actively and deliberately discourage and suppress logic.

That's a statement which, now more than ever, I need the context to understand which party you're referring to. But I think Trump has a series of advantages. Hillary is the candidate of neoconservatism and the elite, two elements of American political discourse that are being held in poor regard by the citizenry at large. Trump, for all his wealth, comes across as understanding the little guy. And remember: it hardly matters what the truth is in these elections; the more important thing is appearing to be right. Furthermore, events of this year are very strongly proTrump. It must become harder and harder to insist that these terrorist attacks are due to mental illness.

I wish that we could just defenestrate the lot and start over with a clean slate. But the herd mentality prevails. :(


I propose the world just detach itself from America. A Worldxit.

The Malamutes

I'm actually quite happy with Hillary Clinton, as are the majority of Democrats. The lot of you are a part of the vocal minority that buy into these conspiracy theories about her. True, she and Trump are together the least popular nominees in history, but that is a combination both of increased divisiveness in American politics in general as well as a unique factor for each of them. For Hillary, that factor is that she has been attacked by Republicans for decades with no actual substantive claims being made and proven. If you hear she's evil from enough people over a long enough period of time, you start to wonder why they're saying it. For Donald, his unique factor is that he is literally garbage. He has a terrible personality, terrible policies, and he exemplifies the sort of person buying political influence that he now supposedly rails against. Hillary Clinton is disliked because of a perpetual Republican smear campaign that you have all drank the Kool-Aid on. Donald Trump is disliked because of his own actions.

I don't normally comment here about politics because you all have gotten so toxic as of late, but more rational people have been referencing how upset they were by it so I figured I'd stop by.

Earth Belle Hades, Chuck Norris Haters, and Running Raccoons

Well, "the lot of us" are only the vocal minority if you stay quiet! If we claim to be a region of wisdom, that has nothing to do with everyone here standing around lost in stoic piety. That means we discuss, we share opinions, we respectfully disagree.

I don't believe either candidate is evil. Remember that Donald Trump is on the liberal end of the Republican Party, and Hillary Clinton is on the conservative end of the Democratic Party. It's merely a symptom of the times that such centrist candidates are being drawn to extremes. But of course, it's not an extreme if you believe it, right? Here's the thing, Roborussia. You have given us your opinion as a challenge to the opinions already stated. But you also insult those you are responding to. So what substantive facts can you bring to the discussion? If we are not rational, tell us the facts that support your position. What exactly has Hillary Clinton done as a First Lady, Secretary of State, and Senator? If we are so toxic, then take the time to understand how we see this election. Don't just criticise -- rise above the muck and lift up our dialogue.

[quote=zoterik;20547417]If we claim to be a region of wisdom, that has nothing to do with everyone here standing around lost in stoic piety... So what substantive facts can you bring to the discussion?/quote]

The other comments on this subject have already made it clear that facts and wisdom are no longer welcome on this board, so I'll abstain from forcing them upon you any more than others have already tried. I'm not going to go grab a ton of sources on her accomplishments just for you to discard them because they aren't enough for you or work in the wrong direction or whatever. You have access to Google just as much as I do. I don't care who you vote for anyway, I'm just sick of hearing about this echo chamber of pessimism you're all brewing over here. You have a binary choice for President between a bigoted fascist and a regular politician. Those are not equivalent. I don't really care if you feel insulted either. You've lowered the level of discourse to a circle jerk already, which I think is far more insulting than someone offering a differing perspective.

Earth Belle Hades and Running Raccoons

Play nice now, guys.

Earth Belle Hades

I have a very hard time accepting that Trump is a bigoted fascist. Bigoted, perhaps, but the events of our time may merit such a response. Barely three days can go by anymore without news of a shooting or terrorist attack, and even the Pope says that the world is at war. The forces of radical Islamic terrorism (and I've studied both Islam itself and Shari'a law) have declared war against the world, and whether we like it or not we can either pretend that everything is great and keep true to our ideals, or recognise that just maybe, those ideals no longer fit the world they have created. Tolerance is a great thing, but to be successful, it has to go both ways, and right now that's not the case. We can believe that black lives matter (and yes, they do matter) but recognise that the roughly seven percent of Americans who are black males between 18-30 commit about 40 percent of the crimes (it could be higher but I can't remember that exact statistic right now and I'll err on the side of the conservative estimate). So yes, of course the police are at greater dis-ease when responding to a call about a black male. It doesn't help that the line of "F*ck the Police" has been echoed through various circles for a few decades now. And then there's the matter of the economic recovery, which has been very slowly improving but not improving at anywhere near the pace that it did under either Kennedy or Reagan.

I don't believe that Hillary Clinton has the right ideas to solve these problems. I watched the convention, and I didn't hear a single real thing that she would do. Bill praised her as a "change-maker" but didn't actually say what change she has made or would make. But if you think that my opinion is a pessimistic echo chamber circle-jerk, then I feel sad, honestly, that you don't feel we would take your opinion seriously. It happened to Melinae many years ago, and he left, never to return. And we as a region are better than that. I don't want to lose anyone because they feel their opinions aren't welcomed here.

I don't care who you vote for, but for the record, I've promised to write in my friend's name and send him a framed photocopy of the ballot. My vote doesn't count; the State of Illinois will go Democrat anyway. What I do care about is that people here feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas, no matter what they are.

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