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"Strobe lights beam create dreams
Walls move minds do to
On a warm San Francisco night
Old child young child feel alright
On a warm San Francisco night".
--- Eric Burdon and The Animals

For-profit health care is fascism

Without theft, capitalism doesn't work. Itís just not profitable.

Illegal Alien: A term used by the descendants of foreign colonizers to describe the descendants of indigenous peoples.

The United States of America is the Root of All Evil

Terroristas el estado y el sector privado

~Have a Grateful day~

Embassies: Angkor Wat, Kashmir, Machu Picchu, The Pentagon, Tel Aviv, Libcom, Sufism, Taoism, San Diego, Anti Zionist Alliance, Makhnovia, Autonomous Peoples, Rock and Roll, Allah, Oaxaca, Barcelona, and 14 others.Kehlsteinhaus, Cloud City, Synesthesia, Buddhist Region of Jambudvipan, The International, Grossdeutschland, The Himalayas, Port au Prince, DR Congo, Castle Wewelsburg, The International Communist Union, New Stormfront, Federation of God, and American Empire.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Communist, Puppet Storage, Anarchist, Eco-friendly, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist, and Minuscule.

San Francisco contains 5 nations, the 2,481st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in San Francisco

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, San Francisco is ranked 6,865th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

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1.The Global Epidemic of American TerrorismLeft-Leaning College State“Democracy: For propaganda purposes only”
2.The Goddess of The GodsLeft-Leaning College State“Don't blame me. They don't listen to a thing I say”
3.The Free Land of The Old and The NewInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We do it our way, in peace”
4.The Scurrilous Reprobacy of Concerned CitizensLeft-wing Utopia“In all our decadence people die”
5.The Death of The American DreamCompulsory Consumerist State“Because you gotta be asleep to believe it”

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The new age travellers

250 days ago

We saved up and flew on the trans love airways.
Where the nights are warm.
And we feel alright.

Alcatraz doesn't exist in our minds because no person is an island.
Every person is part of a continent that is the great mass of humanity and all living things.
All of us a brother to a sister or a sister to a brother and so on.

We don't talk about the weather because what storms there may be won't break us, for we welcome the rain and the sun that comes after it as but one of the same of the beauty that is nature.

On the trans love airways, we fly amongst the clouds and soar because it is love that sustains us.

And that is something that can never be shot down by hate-seeking missiles no matter how hard they scream.

I've been reading this one for a few days, my brother. Mil gracias.

The new age travellers

238 days ago

Mil gracias goes to you, my sister.

The new age travellers

163 days ago

It is said that without light there can be no shadows.
But it is equally true, that without shadows, there can be no light.

It is said too, that for as long as there is light in this world, there will be shadows.
But it is equally true also, that without shadows in this world, there is no light.

When the shadow is present, the light is lit.
When the light is lit, the shadow is with us.

Darkness descends when there is no shadow,
because without the shadow, there is no light,
without the light, there is only darkness,
with only memories as silhouettes,
who embrace as the shadow did in it's company,
memories illuminating like the light that has gone,
making the shadow and light missed more so.

The new age travellers

156 days ago

Like all amazing people that we encounter from time to time in our lives, she does not think she is amazing, and thinks herself truly no better than anyone else; that in itself is part of what makes them amazing; that they never would recognise themselves as such, even though the rest of us honored to know her would say they knew better.

When she laughs, concrete walls with barbed wire would seem to tumble to the ground,
when she embraces those she loved, it gives armour that no hail of ammunition could pierce,
when she fights alongside those she loves, it is akin to the strength of a thousand.
When we fell, she would be there to catch us and pick us up again.

With her warmth surrounding us, fears melted away.

If she ever reads this, she may well find this acutely embarrassing and may even politely wish for us to shut up, but we all know that truly, the amazing people in this world we encounter, the ones whose friendship and the richness of it is more valuable than any weight in gold, should be reminded how amazing they are, for such people don't seek recognition, and too often don't get it.

How many names throughout history were the equals of the recognised names of those who sought and fought for better things for all but who are forgotten, their names blown along in the wind? Too many.

This has to be written down because when that person is not around anymore, does not mean they are forgotten or should be forgotten. It has to be written, because I don't think the tides should wash away her footprints in the sand, or the smiles she drew in the sand, and the lines she drew in the sand.

They never will be forgotten, because their absence is felt everyday.

We who love her unconditionally as her brothers won't let her fall, and like all the times you caught us from falling, we won't let you fall, because we know that if any of us fall, we may not be able to get up again....we speak from experience.

In the meantime, we will not lose heart because she gave all of us a piece of her heart.

And such a heart is unconquerable, and full of the courage and strength to keep us going on.

And we will all wait for you until the end of time, and beyond.

Until that day, that beautiful and happy day, when we see you again.

Aw, cool, I've always wanted to go to San Francisco! It's cheap as hell, too!


They never learned the one thing that could save them: a warrior spirit is too valuable to waste on war.

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